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6 Jul

By Clayton Udoh.

Godswill Obot Akpabio

Nobody had the guts to oppose Akpabio, everything he said or did was law , so what is his reason for not building one single viable project in Abak?  The people of Abak are so scared that they will thank those that killed their loved ones , so let people like me ask,” WHAT DID AKPABIO BUILD IN ABAK?”Airport ? Seaport? Stadium ? University ? Federal Polytechnic ? Industry?
Now that 2014  has reached the half year mark and we are going to 2015 . Let Godswill Akpabio show me one solid project he did for Abak.
I am fucking pissed off and really really angry. Enugu boys here in Phoenix, Arizona are spending money like water and enjoying their life courtesy of Unoma Akpabio and my question is simple: minus Aniekan Umanah and Enoidem and a few crumb eaters who has Akpabio really empowered in the Abak axis ? By the way Enoidem is not from Abak!
We hear about Onofiok Luke and others he has empowered and lifted up and other numerous Ibibio boys ( interesting that Ibibio has nothing good to say about Akpabio after the fact).
Where are all the Abak boys who use to fight me over rice and crumbs they were given ? They formed fictitious stories about me , photoshopped my pictures and hacked into my email accounts and other private property .  Have they seen now that all I said was correct and Akpabio did nothing for Abak and rather came and took the Senate seat from slugs like you?
All that a tout from Abak understands is money that is given to them to put in their pockets while the rest of the state is being developed .
Some of you God forsaken Abak people even combined with Essien Ndueso and Anieite Ekong and others to try and destroy me . All I am asking  today is a simple question, what was created for Abak? Millennium Hospital?  The new Hilton which is to be built ? E-Library ? Ibom Power Plant?  Le Meridien ?
You thought that it was OK? to run Dr Ime Umanah into exile so show me what was built in Abak!!!!!!!!!!!.
At this point Abak is the laughing stock of Annang.
In a million years ABAK can never dream of taking a Senate seat from Ikot Ekpene-Obot Akara-Essien Udim axis .
When touts represent a place what do we think will happen ? You guys want money right?
Money finishes , project lasts for ages ,so what project did he do in Abak that can employ people like at least the Airport ?
Look my life is good enough , no matter what sycophants like most of you did to destroy me . In the end , I could have said , to hell with Abak” and enjoy my life in the USA. I cannot do that because Abak is my ancestral land and the roots of my origin . However when I think of Abak , it makes me real sad because no Governor has ever executed a Major project in Abak since the inception of Akwa Ibom State.
Nonetheless, how can any person take Abak serious when they will take lunch with the killer of their sons and daughters just for crumb money?
If there is a way , they should kill Idiongo Clayton Udoh for talking nonsense against Governor or kill Dr Ime Umanah and destroy all resistance against Governor, kill them all and then my reply would be,” After you sang and danced for him what major projects did he establish in Abak?”
You guys are ready to die for Akpabio and kill everybody on his behalf and I ask when you kill take that blood and sprinkle it on the major project Akpabio built for Abak.
Tell me it will be an Ibibio governor that will endorse a major project for Abak like the ones in the past have done ? Right?
The wisdom of collecting money to put in your pocket because of hunger is one thing , the wisdom of holding your dignity so that someone does not take you for granted is another!
The next governor who  will be Ibibio will be very busy but nobody will take Abak that is full of sycophancy with political praise and worship seriously.
Abak is yet to have a governor who brought something as close as Alscon that was built in Ikot Abasi to Abak.
In fact thank your God, I am not Akpabio because I would have taken the turn for House of Representative and given it to my Nephew since you guys are such cowards and full to the brim with stupidity.
I am speaking loudly to both the Witches  and wizards in Diaspora and the homefront . The uneducated baboons that have never taken time to study how governments work and therefore want a King or a one party system . After you destroyed all resistance to the present administration like in the proverb called Abak what were you left with?
A government that ignored you because it knew it could get support from you even if they killed all of your most valuable citizens ! They do not even need to lift a finger because you would kill them yourselves !

Clayton “Bane” Udoh
Mesa, Arizona

Udom Emmanuel will be a Puppet Master.

28 Jun

By Clayton Bane Udoh

” Udom Emmanuel is a banker; he knows how to count money he doesn’t know how to connect with the people…”

Udom Emmanuel, Akwa Ibom State New SSG

It is said that Triopas, king of the Thessalians, was so determined to complete and roof his own house that he tore down the temple of the Gods, built by the men of old. Hence he was punished with a far more damning fate of insatiable hunger, than the people devoid of a temple.

Tearing down the social fabric of the society by creating man made artificial scarcity is anathema. In the name of building a greed laden future for oneself as a member of a highly corrupt administration in Uyo. Only to release crumbs for the masses in the election cycle that they may scramble and do the bidding of the corrupt and morally inert politicians.In the process tearing down the establish wellbeing of mankind as mandated by God.

We are beginning to see that there is a problem of ignoring the people and hoping that political and financial elitism will save the day. This is especially relevant in the case of Akwa Ibom State where the political and financial elite think that the masses are stupid and deserve no better, than to kneel and worship them all day long. However the people still matter and are more dangerous than any hit squad on earth. Yes they will dump you for a plate of rice.

Eh…, I mean literally. The danger of being the only cock to crow and making sure that only your family and wives and cronies see the money and the rest float in poverty is that rice will defeat you in the elections.

I mean oily Jollof rice without meat in it, being giving to the hungry masses. Go and ask about what happened in Ekiti State!


For how long does the present political class in Akwa Ibom State think that they can impoverish the society? Then cover your system with spin and propaganda?  Yeah there are fine roads but how many people will ever drive on them? The Banquet Hall will be accessible for what kind of people? How many people will ever enjoy Le Meridian or the new Hilton that is to be built? Myriads of people will never board a plane in the Airport in Uyo! How many people will ever have the cash for treatment in the Millennium Hospital?  How many people will be able to afford watching an International match in the stadium at Uyo? Then like true Neanderthals you turn on the people groaning about their lot in life. Living a life of disregard for those who supported the present administration with all their resources and insulting all and sundry who refuse to be intimidated or forced to view things myopically as most backward politicians do. Yeah because of the artificial scarcity you guys have created, There will be a tip in the balance and the election will not go the way your evil mechanizations are targeted.


For primitive individuals that become elite corrupt politicians, the perpetuation of poverty is good business because this determines and separates the commoner from the elite “Akamba Owo”.

You guys create artificial scarcity that financially punishes the masses, then you finally release funds during the election time for the hungry youths and masses and mark my words that system is tired and outdated. This time around most of the political elites will spend a fortune and fail.


The people are tired of Bigmanism and greedy politicians that are invested in milking the state like cows for all eternity.The next scene of political reanimation will be Akwa Ibom State with the victory of the Hon Albert Bassey at the polls. I predict this because of two reasons namely;


Firstly, Godswill Akpabio has become blinded by hubris. I talked about this when he ignored the USA to go to funny places seeking for investment, when the USA is the Headquarters of global investment. I talked about this when he blew smoke about his fabled 31 industries with the impoverished masses. I also talked about this extensively when he decided to employ AIDN as the political Slave Masters for Diaspora and their historic trip to Slovenia for investment in Nigeria. I talked about this when he made the House of Assembly his rubber stamp group and later got his odious pension law passed. I have talked about a lot of things for those who like to keep record and then finally he wants to create a dynasty. Victor Attah who tried it, should tell Akpabio over a glass of beer what happened to him when he tried it!


Secondly, the person being given the candidature is as stiff as it gets. I have not seen any attempt by this individual to flow with the people. No contact with the people and stiff like ice! I do not even remember seeing a picture of him smiling with people not related to government etc. I have not seen any of his interviews or forays into town hall meetings etc. It seems this individual in question as a SSG is too busy to interact with the electorate.

Thirdly, we curse to the pit of hell the attempt to create a dynasty for the greediest set of administrators we have seen in recent times. We reject Udom Emmanuel’s administration alias “Gov Akpabio extension”. Already the very fact that Udom Emmanuel is so desperate to become Governor that he is ready to become Akpabio’s stooge and lapdog is regrettable. No puppetmasters!!!!

Simple Question; how can you solve the problem of the masses, when you cannot interact with them? Is he going to work to win the hearts of the people or is he going to walk like a king handpicked for Hilltop Mansion? I repeat Udom Emmanuel is as cold as ice, stiff as ice. Udom Emmanuel is a banker; he knows how to count money he doesn’t know how to connect with the people. Akwa Ibom’s version of Mitt Romney.  Enough of the big man-that-puts-everybody-in-poverty movie. We need elections that are Free and Fair that makes candidates connect with the masses.


We have heard of the touch that Hon Albert Bassey has with the masses even on this side of the Atlantic. A touch that is strong enough for us to hear the report of his good deeds over here. Too many to numerate. It is of no surprise to us because he has been like this for years now. I am proud to say that Albert Bassey was my classmate in Uniuyo and a damn good footballer too! One thing I will never forget about him was that he always had a heart for the guys and he loved helping people and he still does that today. If you needed help from Hon Albert Bassey he would not turn you down and in really heart wrenching conditions he would surrender the last thing he had to you.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we need a Governor that understands the importance of human capital and is ready and dedicated to lifting people up and bringing them to a place of empowerment that will cascade to others. We do not need a Financial Mogul like Udom Emmanuel that has spent most of his life handling transactions for the rich and the mighty.  He is a financial elite and a nightmare in the making.


Hon Albert Bassey knows the hunger we felt in the boys dorm of Uniuyo because he was one of us. He knows what it means to have your school fees paid just at the nick of time because of financial struggles. He knows what it meant to finish playing soccer in the field and then struggle to find water to take a bath after that. He knows what it means for us to be straining our eyesight with lanterns when there was no light for reading in the night at Uniuyo. He knows as a Youth Corper what it means to manage with sums of money that is barely enough to survive on. He can connect with the plight of the people. Hon Albert Bassey is down to earth and his experience has been the experience of so many young men in the society today. He knows what it means to agonize for the lack of a job with a living wage. This guy can connect with the plight of the people.


Udom Emmanuel was a Manager at PriceWaterhouseCooper. The kind of place in which only the rich invest. Even here in the USA only the top 1% of the population invest in such places that rival other notables like Charles Schwab,Edward Jones,Goldman Sachs etc. He has been a director in Zenith Bank and I wonder how many people of Akwa Ibom extract have been able to get great incentives from this bank through Udom Emmanuel. I repeat he is as cold as ice and can easily be defeated by Jollof rice like in Ekiti State.


One of the characteristics of Democracy is that it was designed to bring in a breath of fresh air to the citizenry once tenure of a particular administration is over. Every good thing has an ending. Then we now see the desperation of the greedy megalomaniac politicians of this administration that want a dynasty for the sake of their Stomach Infrastructure politics. They forget the masses are part of the system. So we in Diaspora do not care if Team Akpabio takes it personal or wants to kill somebody. We will take the lead and demand for an open election process with lots of candidates. Udom Emmanuel,Umanah Okon Umanah, Hon Albert Bassey etc. A lot of people feel the way we do including the Presidency that Governor Godswill Akpabio takes money to.


Since we are not interested in collecting money from each candidate we meet, we shall take sides early and leave the monkeys to do that . My ideal candidate is Hon Albert Bassey. The rest are so disconnected from the masses that they can be defeated by Jollof rice and I mean it literally.


Clayton Udoh, a socio-political analyst based in Mesa, Arizona

Town Hall Meeting: IKOT ABASI On Rampage, Vandalizes Akpabio’s Convoy Over Udom’s Rants.

19 Mar

By Udeme Usen.

Akpabio: miffed by attck

Akpabio: miffed by attack

Another round of violence trailed today’s town hall meeting by Governor Godswill Akpabio. Vehicles and other properties were massively destroyed in Ikot Abasi as the constituency tour enters its third week. One person is believed to have been killed while several others sustained serious injuries. Today’s violence started after Emmanuel Udom ended his vote of thanks by saying that as one who is in government, he has every government document at his disposal and could manipulate this in his favor in 2015. He insinuated that with this singular edge, he was the candidate to beat in the 2015 election. The statement angered the already irked youths who immediately went on rampage against the governor and his envoy. The situation was worsened when members of the Crowd Control Unit (CCU) attempted to stop the angry youths. They were overcome by the hordes of Ikot Abasi Youths who chased and beat them mercilessly. The governor’s convoy was also attacked by the

Slain Ikot Abasi Youth during rampage on Akapbio Town Hall Meeting.

Slain Ikot Abasi Youth during rampage on Akapbio Town Hall Meeting.

angry youths.
The youths were angry that Udom Emmanuel was not only undermining their collective role which they will play in the 2015 governorship election, but had also gone too far to insult their sensibilities.
As at this evening, smokes from burnt tires and vehicles were everywhere around the town hall meeting venue and it’s environs.
It would be recalled that only on the first day of the briefing in Eket, elders of Eket Senatorial district had warned Akpabio not to go ahead with his plans of singling out a candidate from the senatorial district for the people of Eket as they are capable of selecting their own candidate in an open and level playing field. Former Miniater, Essien Nduese had particularly called on all aspirants from Eket to contest in the election and not think that Akpabio was going to select anyone at the detriment of other qualified candidates from the area.
This evening’s violence is the worst in the series of opposition which Akpabio has had since the beginning of the briefing. During the briefing of Ikono/Ini, the head of the CCU, Emmanuel Ukoette was ruthlessly beaten by some angry youths who said Emman had come to tear their No-Zoning placards which they carried at the venue of the town all.

Udeme Usen.
Mkpat Enin.

Akpabio’s 2015 Shenanigans: Overrules His EXCO, Eliminates Effiong Abia from Endorsement.

28 Feb


*Dangles SSG Position on Bassey Albert 

By Weekly Insight Newspapers

Governor Godswill Akpabio has again dipped deep into his bag of tricks and shenanigans, overruling his executive council barely 24 hours after he had made them sign an unprecedented endorsement document on who should be governor in 2015. On Tuesday, February 25, 2014, Akpabio called another meeting of his Executive council, where he informed them that the three candidates they had endorsed were too many. 


He said it was important to further narrow the choice to two candidates to make room for a better choice and a more effective coordination. He told them that Effiong Abia should be delisted leaving the battle for Udom Emmanuel and Ekpenyong Ntekim. As would be expected, there was no challenge to the governor’s decision, though coming just a day after he had led the exco members to select the trio of Udom, Abia and Ntekim.

Our source, a commissioner who attended the meeting said the entire proceeding was dominated by the governor, who continuously boasted that no power anywhere in the world can stop him from having his way as far as the 2015 governorship election was concerned. He said that he had the magic wand to buy over supporters of other aspirants not favoured by the Exco arrangement. He told them that even if it means using the state’s six months allocation to achieve his purpose, he was willing and committed to doing it. He said he has so far commenced the process of buying other aspirants’ supporters with the number of PRADO Jeeps already distributed, adding that more jeeps and millions of naira would be dangled before some of the aggrieved party members.

“His Excellency boasted that with the amount of inroad he has made in Abuja; that not even the national chairman nor the president of the country could stop his choice and urged us not to entertain any fear of defeat”, the commissioner said.

He was said to have pressured his Finance commissioner to drop his governorship ambition and support the preferred candidates. He was promised the office of SSG after the election. This was as a result of the commissioner’s refusal to sign the Monday night endorsement document in a meeting coordinated by Mr. Don Etim, regarded as the “Dean of Commissioner”.

This will be a major blow to supporters of Barr Effiong Abia, who had been upbeat since the signing of the endorsement document that included his name. His upcoming thanksgiving service in Oron next week has received a wide boost following the said endorsement. But one of the supporters of the Mbo-born politician insists that whatever the governor or any person is doing cannot change what God has already kept for Abia.

The elimination of Abia from the list is a surprise move by Akpabio, prompting many to assume that the governor has not still made his final moves. One Edet Amba, who spoke to Weekend Insight, insists that Abia remained the governor’s choice, adding that all the necessary assurances have been extricated from the governor.

Weekly Insight Newspapers

A’Ibom Info Commissioner-Aniekan Umanah, Akpabio’s Diaspora Spin-doctors in Massive Financial Scam.

28 Jan

*Clement Ikpatt, Uduak Ukpe, Ata Ikkideh, others fingered.

Hon Aniekan Umanah

Hon Aniekan Umanah

The botched Germany Expo organized by Akpabio’s men in America and Europe, is causing ripples in the state. Following an expose by a US based Akwa Ibomite, Uwem Sam, the state is abuzz with what a commentator called the scam of the new year.

It has been alleged that people who acted under the impression that the Akwa Ibom state government was going to bankroll the event are now counting their losses as money allegedly released to cover their expenses has vamoose into deep pockets in Uyo. It was further alleged that N10m meant to offset out of pocket expenses never got to those who spent their money. In a response, Aniekan Umana the commissioner fingered in the scam said that the said N10m has not been released, but that £10,000 had been sent to one Uduak Ukpe in London to cover printing expenses. But another source put the money spent on printing at a little over £4,000, adding that printing was not done in London as claimed but in Slovenia. We are still working on this interesting scam as it unfolds.


24 Dec

By Assam Abia.

Mr. Iniobong Albert Udofia of 16 Eniong Street, Uyo as of December 6, 2013 never dreamt that his beloved wife, Mrs. Helen Iniobong, an expectant mother who latter delivered of a baby, will disappear from a maternity hospital located along Idoro Road, Uyo, for two weeks running without trace.

Abubakar, Police I.G

Abubakar, Police I.G

The young expectant mother, nine months heavy with a child was on Friday, December 6, 2013 arrested by heavy pangs of child birth. She was rushed to Dan Abia specialist maternity & surgery hospitals, Itam in Uyo to be delivered of her baby but two weeks after that fateful day, Mrs Iniobong and her baby cannot be found. Speaking to our correspondent in Uyo over the weekend, Iniobong wearing a miasma of depression, pain and anger, said “the hospital authority have not been able to tell me where my wife and baby is after I paid a deposit of One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Naira (N120,000), I suspect that my child and mother has been sold for ritual purpose”.

Mr. Albert, a native of Obio Ndot in Oruk Anam Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State has petitioned the Commissioner of Police and the Zonal Commandant of National Agency on the Prohibition and Trade in Persons (NAPTIP) through his Legal Adviser, Enefiok Efi of Fidelity Chambers, Uyo, calling on the Law Enforcement Agencies to investigate the whereabouts of his wife and baby. He revealed further that when his wife, a native of Abak, was in labour pains; he was introduced to the wife of Dr. Dan Abia who is also a nurse at the Maternity & Surgery Hospital by one Mrs. Emem Atangabanga,(Nne) Emem Otu.

“Emem asked me if I could sell my baby if delivered and I bluntly refused. The doctor’s wife told me that my wife’s health is in danger and that my wife will need some pints of blood to undergo caesarian surgery for the child to be delivered” Mr. Albert said. “She said I should hurry and give her money to buy blood, if not, the baby will die in the womb. She demanded for One Hundred and fifty thousand naira (150,000) but I could only afford one hundred and twenty thousand naira (N120,000) only, having sold a landed property in the village, he said.

“I paid them N150,000 as deposit on Friday, December 6, 2013 and when I went back on Monday to collect my child and mother, behold I could not find them. Its more than two weeks now but no trace of my wife and baby”, I am calling on the wife of the Governor of Akwa Ibom state, Mrs. Ekaette Unoma Akpabio, the Commissioner of Police, the State Security Service (SSS), NAPTIP and the general public to come to his aid. “Please help, my wife and child are gone missing in a private hospital in Uyo, and I suspect that they have been sold for ritual purposes”

. Mr. Iniobong cried out. He called on the police to arrest management of the hospital for questioning. When contacted, the Police Public Relation Officer for Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Etim Dickson said that he is not aware of the incident and that if a petition has been written to the commissioner of police, it must have been forwarded to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). It would be recalled that rampant child theft and kidnapping has taken a prime position in criminal activities in Akwa Ibom State of recent.

-Insight Weekly

Glory Itauma Says “I Do, I Do” To Samuel Coffie @ Latter Day Saint Church, Uyo

30 Nov

ImageAll roads lead to the Church of Jesus Christ of The Latter Day Saints headquarters, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State as former Ms. Glory ‘Ronke’ Itauma  from Eket drops her spinster’s garment to kiss “I do, I do” to Samuel Coffie of Nung Obong, Nsit Ubium Local Government Area.

The wedding is billed for Saturday, 30th November, 2013 by 10:00 A.M  at the church regional headquarters Uyo. Speaking to news men, Ms. Itauma said she’s very much delighted to meet Mr. Coffee whom she described as a young entrepreneurial, loving and caring friend. She said, though they have not known each other for a long time, she was confident that Samuel who has already shown her excellent traits of  a good husband and God fearing young man will definitely live to the bidding of the holy matrimony.

“I count myself lucky to meet Mr. Samuel Coffie and I will cuddle him into my arm as one. As a young man with rare traits of men of his class and age, I can imagine that our home will be a peaceful one and more of God’s love filled with blessings…” Ms. Itauma assured.

Also speaking, the man whose face will be beamed by a cream of jealous spinsters on that Saturday morning, Mr. Samuel Coffie, did not hide his joy for meeting a young lady whom he called ‘my honey-comb and the joy of my heart.’ He maintained that his meeting with Glory Itauma was one the Lord’s greatest doings in his life.

“When you are humble before the Lord and pray for your heart’s desire, God will always be kind enough to shower you with flood of His blessings.  It is not about riches or your understanding; it is about the Lord’s goodness. The Lord has been so kind to me; that’s why I am thrilled to tell you that for giving me Glory Itauma, He has done it again in my life.” Coffie brags

Akpabio Calls for Privatization of Ibom Airport

23 Nov
Akwa Ibom International Airport

Akwa Ibom International Airport

Governor Godswill Akpabio has called for the privatization of Akwa Ibom International Airport in partnership with Federal aviation authority for greater result and productivity.

Chief Akpabio made the call Friday when a 13-member committee on the “Production of Scheme and Conditions of Service for Akwa Ibom Airport Development Authority” headed by Mrs Cecilia Udoessien, state Head of Civil Service presented the report to him at Governor’s Office, Uyo said “My suggestion is that in future, the airport needs to be privatalised in serious partnership with the aviation sector”.

He remarked “The Ibom airport is a state-owned organization, but airport business belongs to the Federal Government where all aviation agencies of the Federal Government are involved. We would have waited for the airport to be completed before we talk about the the final scheme of service for the airport. We would have completed building the airport before employing staff, but the last administration needed to engage a lot of staff because that administration was thinking of getting a work force ready that would be employed in the diffrent arms of the airport. So, we had to train our children in the technical unit abroad to acquire skills to work at the Maintenance, Repairs and Overhaul (MRO) facility so that we can have a ready market when we have an operator.

“So, due to the excess number of staff at the airport, we must agree to the scheme of service and give a brand new appointment letter, which would specify that the letter is subject to the the state government being in charge of the Ibom airport. And if a federal aviation operator comes in, the staff have to abide by the federal scheme of service and since our children were employed for a long time and are rebellious, we then wanted to ensure their career growth”.

“The State Government is giving the airport staff confidence that you won’t be left behind and would make sure your interest is protected. And while we are struggling to build the airport, we would not want you to grow old before promotion as you had already waited for five years now.

“For now, we have frozen further employment at the airport until the staff are properly placed, which some of the staff would be sent to the state civil service depending on their disciplines and some who are professionals in their field could be sent to Akwa Ibom State University”, the Governor hinted.

Governor Akpabio said with the implementation of the scheme of service, all the illegal strike actions at the airport would come to an end, disclosing that an implementation committee would be set up to start the process immediately.

Speaking earlier, the Chairman of the Committee, Mrs. Udoessien had disclosed that one of the reasons for the scheme of service was the incessant strike action and other management conflicts at the airport, which saw the need for the state government to prepare the scheme of service which she said include conditions of service, salary structure and conduct of staff.

Udoessien explained that the scheme of service consists of eight sections that are arranged according to departments, professions and work groups to guide the management of the Ibom airport.

She explained that the report on the conditions of service is an approved guidelines pertaining to workers benefits, rights, privileges and methods of appointment, and said the committee had to review the salary structure, which had an estimate of N31.3 million monthly with additional N5.8 million or 15 per cent.

Insight News

Godswill Akpabio’s Style of Creating Jobs in Akwa Ibom State

10 Oct

By Thompson Essien

ImageThere is a serious unemployment in Akwa Ibom State; everyone knows this. I have family members, who graduated from various higher institutions of learning, some as far back as seven years ago, that are still unemployed and are still dependents. What makes it annoying is that this lack of employment opportunities is happening at a time when Akwa Ibom State has earned (earned?) a position as the richest state in Nigeria.

Once in a while when the pressure mounts on him to create jobs, rather than say that his policies (if any, other than looting the treasury) does not include job-creating, Akpabio will make promises he knows very well that he will never be able to attain. A typical example is when he promised that he would build at least one industry in all the local government areas. And when he was asked what type of industries he intended to build, Akpabio had no answer.

However, to the credit of Mr. Akpabio, once-in-awhile an opportunity would occur which would demand workers to be hired to fill up some positions. One such incident is the recent demand for teachers to teach in various capacities in schools owned and operated by Akwa Ibom State Government. As in the past, the problem that often surface in a situation such as this is either the wrong sets of people get hired, or the hiring practices are so skewed-up that it would defy any sense of logic, or both.

Few minutes ago, I received the following text-message from a concerned citizen in Akwa Ibom (I am quoting it here as is, un-edited):
“Ette Thompson, I have just received a report that out of the 100 teachers to be recruited into the state’s civil service, 600 are Igbos from Emperor’s (Akpabio—in brackets mine) wife’s state. These Igbo teachers have been given fake certificates of origin as a proof that they are indigenes of Akwa Ibom State. The other 400 teachers are from Essien Udim, the Emperor’s area of origin. None of the teachers is of Ibibio, not to talk of Oron, Eket, and Abak area. Is this one of the ways of crushing the majority tribe?”

In fairness to Godswill Akpabio, I doubt that he would go this low to directly involve himself in this type of discriminatory practices. For one thing, he lives in Lagos and Abuja and flies to Uyo only when he wants to sign a check or loot the treasury. But because he is in charge, Akpabio should be and will continue to be held responsible for this type of behaviors.

Recruiting teachers should be done equitably with all dialectical groups properly represented. It is not fair to manipulate the system where only one group of people are at a higher advantage than others, not to mention crossing the line to recruit non-indigenes, while the indigenes are suffering.

This type of attitude and behavior need to be condemned in the strongest of terms.

Written by
Ikpafak Thompson Essien

Profile: Prof. Richard King Usoro

28 Aug

“Putatively, they said esd has no credible contestants, now that the brides of esd are beginning to come out with intimidating credentials, the innuendoes now being churned out, are trying to besmirch on the paternity of prof.richard king. we will see more” – Chris Abasi-Eyo

“If Prof King Usoro is an Igbo man, that means the whole ESD is in Igbo land”- Mark Joe

Professor Richard King for AKS Governorship 2015
Prof. Richard King was born on 17th May, 1958 to the family of Chief John Usoro (late) of the Otonita/Nung Awo family nucleus of Ikot Ebok in the present Eket Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Chief John King Usoro was a one time Head of Idua Clan. Prof. King attended St. Gregory Primary School, Ikot Ebok, Eket where he obtained the First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC) in 1972. He proceeded to the Nigerian Christian Secondary School, Ukpom, Abak L.G.A. where he took and passed the O’ Level General Certificate of Education (GCE) examination in 1976 while still in class 4. He served his Secondary School in various capacities including: Class Prefect, Student Laboratory Attendant and Senior Prefect. He was a fine football player and an outstanding athlete. Prior to leaving Secondary School in 1977, Prof. King was honoured with the following:
1. Award for Excellence as the Most Disciplined Student 91976-1977)
2. Award for Excellence in Science (1976-1977)
3. Award for Excellence in Schools Challenge (1976)
4. Award for Excellence as Senior Prefect (1976-1977)
Prof. King attended the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) as a pioneer student where he graduated with a B.Sc (Second Class Honours, Upper Division) Degree in Zoology (1981), M.Sc. Degree in Hydrobiology and Fisheries Biology (1985) and Ph.D Degree in Zoology (with major in Fisheries Biology) in 1994. During his undergraduate days, Prof. King was the President of the UNIPORT Chapter of the National Association of Cross River State Students (NACRISS) from 1978 till 1979 and President of the National Association of Zoology Students (NAZOOS) from 1978 till 1979. He was the Welfare Officer of the Postgraduate Students’ Union (1982-1983).
Prof. King devotedly served as a Youth Tutor in Science School, Hong in the present Adamawa State during the mandatory National Service Corps programme in 1981/82. He joined the services of the University of Cross River State as a Lecturer and Research Scientist in 1984. He later transferred his services to University of Uyo where he held several posts of responsibilities including: Head, Department of Zoology; Pioneer Head, Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture; Acting Dean, Faculty of Agriculture; Pioneer Director, Center for Wetlands and Waste Management Studies; Director, Remedial Directorate and Chairman and Member of Sundry Committees and Panels.
Prof. King is the first Professor of Fisheries and Aquaculture of the University of Uyo and the first Professor product of the University of Port Harcourt. He has served as an environmental Consultant on several Baseline Environmental Studies (BES), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Post Impact Assessment (EPIA) projects in the Niger Delta. Prof. King has been an EIA Review Panelist for the Federal Ministry of Environment for a time frame of over seven (7) years. Prof. King has attended over thirty (30) major National and International Scientific Forum including workshops, conferences and symposia. He has authored and/or coauthored over 70 publications including Journal, Articles, Technical Reports, Monographs, Books and two chapters of an International Encyclopedia.
Prof. King is a member of Member and Vice President for Africa – International Society for Environmental Geotechnology(ISEG); Member, Network of Tropical Aquaculture & Fisheries Professionals (NTAFP); Member, Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF); Member, Nigerian Society for Biological Conservation (NSBC); Member, Nigerian Environmental Society of Nigeria (ECSON); Member, Fisheries Society of Nigeria (FISON); and Fellow, Institute of Industrial Administration (FIIA) of Nigeria.
At the national level, Prof. King has served in the following capacities: Member, 2007 Presidential Campaign Team; Member, 2011 Presidential Campaign Team; Member, Niger Delta Technical Committee; Member, Vision 20: 20 20 National Technical Working Group (Environmental Thematic Area); Member, The National Parks Steering Committee of the National Council on Privatization (NCP); Chairman, University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH) and Member, Presidential Monitoring Committee on NDDC.
Prof. King is an active member of the People Democratic Party (PDP) and belongs to Ward 3, Eket. He served as the only male indigene of Akwa Ibom State in the 2007 and 2011 Presidential Campaign Teams. Prof. King is the author of authorized Presidential Campaign materials viz: (1) The Dr. Goodluck Jonathan That I Know (2007); and (2) Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan: A Personality Profile (2011). Commentator and Script preparation for the Electronic Media Publication, Democracy at Work: Goodluck Working for Nigeria, Vol.3 National Orientation Agency, 2011. Script Preparation for the Electronic Media Publication, Democracy at Work: Goodluck Transforming Nigeria II, National Orientation Agency, 2011.
Prof. King is a holder of the befitting titles of the Okuku of Idua Clan in Eket and Obong Ikkike of Uyo. He is a sound Christian and Deacon of the Living Faith Church Worldwide (aka Winners Chapel).
Prof. King is happily married to a loving and caring wife, Lady Laurel King (MSc, B. Pharm, RN, RM, RNT). Lady King is an Environmental Health Scientist, Pharmacist, Registered Nurse and Registered Midwife. Lady King is also a holder of the Chieftaincy title of Obonganwan Ikkike of Uyo. The Union is blessed with five (5) children.
From the foregoing, Prof. Richard King can be aptly described as a highly Distinguished Scholar, an Educationist, Resourceful and Dedicated Worker, a Seasoned Administrator, an Indefatigable Achiever and an unassuming gentleman.
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