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Chris Oduok

Talking about emotions, you are the one who just got carried away by emotions. Several persons on this forum had asked lots of questions including being shown pictures of fabricated refinery, all Dr. Ikpe-Ekpo did was to provide links where some of those answers can be found, and here you are , very upset and claiming that the company wants to influence public opinion. What was the intent of the governments position in that smear campaign inflorida, was it not to influence public opinion against Amakpe? Why get upset with Amakpe’s rebuttal via the Press Release? My brother Mike asked a couple of great questions, if Amakpe knew the answers, trust me, it would have made it known to the general public. Amakpe folks are equally perplexed at the governments position. So Bro Mike/Prof. Ette, like I advise last time, although you ask great questions, the answers are with the government ofAkwaIbomState, and Bro Mike promised to demand answers.



It is surprising Prof. Ette that the only thing you got out of the Press release is that Amakpe requires additional funding, you failed however, to notice that the government is not necessarily needed as a funding source if it chose not to. You equally failed to see the options presented by Amakpe which included “releasing” the corporation in good faith so that it can pursue other funding sources. ( The bottom line is, “don’t be a dog in a manger). Prof., I have great respect for academicians but to stray into an area where you have little knowledge can expose one to ridicule, and I wouldn’t want my comments to imply that.


Sir, you stated “Has the government a responsibility to protect the public and investors from individuals and companies likely to fail? If you feel your right as a Nigerian has been violated by the state government why have you not sought redress in a court of law?” , although I haven’t heard nor read anywhere that the government believes the above to be true, how did you arrive at this statement? Are you implying that any business that source funding is not a viable business? Somebody else stated that because people park $15million aircrafts “near their houses” (my take) it means they have enough funds to finance a refinery. Well, that is what we get when folks abandon their fields of expertise and dabble into areas for which they have little clues.


Think of it this way, even governments, federal (who can print money), state, local and millionaires all source for funds for their projects, ask Donald Trump, only none business minds use all their personal funds to build multi-million dollar corporations without seeking outside funds. You ask why Amakpe hasn’t gone to court, haba! Prof, who will bear the cost of litigation if the government looses?, did you ever think of that possibility, or is winning a forgone conclusion? Who looses?, the Governor?, Heck no!, it is the Akwa Ibom people, because that money would have been used for other things which will benefit our state. It reminds me of the story in the Bible where a lady wanted a living child divided into two, while the real mother rejected that idea. Amakpe will rather resolve the issue with the government amicably without going to court. If I may ask, have you asked the other party the same question? What answer did you get? Prof., we are all Akwa Ibomites and we want the same things (Growth and Prosperity) for our dear state, just by different means, Amakpe’s by building a refinery where thousands of Akwa Ibomites can fulfill their dreams and provide for their families, that is not too much to ask, is it?


Prof. Ette, I must confess that I was actually responding to yours as I read along, but when I came to the last paragraph, I realized that the Prof. is a new comer to this whole saga, to understand sir. you need to have followed the “story”, but since you didn’t (judging by your comments) and I can’t make you read through hundreds of documents, there is absolutely no need to continue this “conversation”. However, there is something I need to bring to your attention, the fact that documents were brought to Houston, who informed you that it was a requirement that the Governor make a decision there inHouston. Did you make that up, or was it so stated somewhere? If you can’t meet with the Governor inNigeria, and you can’t meet him outsideNigeria, where in the whole wide world can the principals of Amakpe meet with His Excellency, their “partner” with 25% equity share in Amakpe refinery?


Finally, Amakpe is not interested in discussing this issue in the forum, but at the same time cannot sit idly while the reputation of the corporation is muddled by those who go around making up their own set of facts. Amakpe will not address any issue except those that already exist in the public domain, but will aggressively challenge any falsehood against the company.





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  1. ezekielbassey April 1, 2012 at 1:47 am #

    As we have good president and governor such as his excellency doctor Googluck Ebele Jonathan and Obong Godwill O.Akpabio.we shoulden lack anything in life,but my prayers is that may God almight helps you people to finish build up are refinary in jesus name.But i really thank God for a good Governor he gives to us freely right in Akwa Ibom state of Nigeria who shows us a road to airport that we made fly so easily today,thing we only imagin.indeed you are a true Governor thank God Akwa Ibom State get Governor today.Our excellency carryon God is with you.


    • pottergrind May 17, 2012 at 11:23 pm #

      If you had good president and governor, why the Boko Haram and AKS kidnapping and killing?


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