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6 Jul

By Clayton Udoh.

Godswill Obot Akpabio

Nobody had the guts to oppose Akpabio, everything he said or did was law , so what is his reason for not building one single viable project in Abak?  The people of Abak are so scared that they will thank those that killed their loved ones , so let people like me ask,” WHAT DID AKPABIO BUILD IN ABAK?”Airport ? Seaport? Stadium ? University ? Federal Polytechnic ? Industry?
Now that 2014  has reached the half year mark and we are going to 2015 . Let Godswill Akpabio show me one solid project he did for Abak.
I am fucking pissed off and really really angry. Enugu boys here in Phoenix, Arizona are spending money like water and enjoying their life courtesy of Unoma Akpabio and my question is simple: minus Aniekan Umanah and Enoidem and a few crumb eaters who has Akpabio really empowered in the Abak axis ? By the way Enoidem is not from Abak!
We hear about Onofiok Luke and others he has empowered and lifted up and other numerous Ibibio boys ( interesting that Ibibio has nothing good to say about Akpabio after the fact).
Where are all the Abak boys who use to fight me over rice and crumbs they were given ? They formed fictitious stories about me , photoshopped my pictures and hacked into my email accounts and other private property .  Have they seen now that all I said was correct and Akpabio did nothing for Abak and rather came and took the Senate seat from slugs like you?
All that a tout from Abak understands is money that is given to them to put in their pockets while the rest of the state is being developed .
Some of you God forsaken Abak people even combined with Essien Ndueso and Anieite Ekong and others to try and destroy me . All I am asking  today is a simple question, what was created for Abak? Millennium Hospital?  The new Hilton which is to be built ? E-Library ? Ibom Power Plant?  Le Meridien ?
You thought that it was OK? to run Dr Ime Umanah into exile so show me what was built in Abak!!!!!!!!!!!.
At this point Abak is the laughing stock of Annang.
In a million years ABAK can never dream of taking a Senate seat from Ikot Ekpene-Obot Akara-Essien Udim axis .
When touts represent a place what do we think will happen ? You guys want money right?
Money finishes , project lasts for ages ,so what project did he do in Abak that can employ people like at least the Airport ?
Look my life is good enough , no matter what sycophants like most of you did to destroy me . In the end , I could have said , to hell with Abak” and enjoy my life in the USA. I cannot do that because Abak is my ancestral land and the roots of my origin . However when I think of Abak , it makes me real sad because no Governor has ever executed a Major project in Abak since the inception of Akwa Ibom State.
Nonetheless, how can any person take Abak serious when they will take lunch with the killer of their sons and daughters just for crumb money?
If there is a way , they should kill Idiongo Clayton Udoh for talking nonsense against Governor or kill Dr Ime Umanah and destroy all resistance against Governor, kill them all and then my reply would be,” After you sang and danced for him what major projects did he establish in Abak?”
You guys are ready to die for Akpabio and kill everybody on his behalf and I ask when you kill take that blood and sprinkle it on the major project Akpabio built for Abak.
Tell me it will be an Ibibio governor that will endorse a major project for Abak like the ones in the past have done ? Right?
The wisdom of collecting money to put in your pocket because of hunger is one thing , the wisdom of holding your dignity so that someone does not take you for granted is another!
The next governor who  will be Ibibio will be very busy but nobody will take Abak that is full of sycophancy with political praise and worship seriously.
Abak is yet to have a governor who brought something as close as Alscon that was built in Ikot Abasi to Abak.
In fact thank your God, I am not Akpabio because I would have taken the turn for House of Representative and given it to my Nephew since you guys are such cowards and full to the brim with stupidity.
I am speaking loudly to both the Witches  and wizards in Diaspora and the homefront . The uneducated baboons that have never taken time to study how governments work and therefore want a King or a one party system . After you destroyed all resistance to the present administration like in the proverb called Abak what were you left with?
A government that ignored you because it knew it could get support from you even if they killed all of your most valuable citizens ! They do not even need to lift a finger because you would kill them yourselves !

Clayton “Bane” Udoh
Mesa, Arizona

Akwa Ibom Government House Crisis: Dep Gov Ebe Vesus Unoma Akpabio, Fight Dirty Over Funds.

21 Jan

Written by  Aniefiok MACAULEY , The Radar.

Crisis brews in Govt House: Dep Gov, Akpabio’s wife locked in cold war over funds

If the assertion of the wife of the governor, Mrs. Ekaette Unoma Akpabio that she does not have the kind of patience her husband has is anything to go by, it means she may soon explode following alleged complains by the Deputy Governor, Lady Valerie Maurice Ebe that she has taken over the powers of the deputy governor ‘s office.

Ebe, The Radar learnt made the allegations when she hosted at the lodge some ward chairmen from Mkpat Enin Local Government Area who the paper gathered she allegedly coerced to append their signatures in a communiqué which was published in the edition of Tuesday, 31st December, 2013 to Monday, 6th December, 2014 of page 10 of The Ink Newspaper in support of her performance, against the publication of Mkpat Enin Youths Assembly (MEYA) which seemingly passed a vote of no confidence on her.

Our two weeks investigations have revealed that Ebe at the meeting had allegedly threatened the six ward chairmen namely: Elder Usoro Benedict, Ikpa Ibom 3; Mr. Ikanke, Ukpum Minya 1; Chief Cardinal Essien, Ukpum Minya 2; Mr. Equere Udo-inyang, Ukpum Minya 3; Mr. Monday Isong, Ibiaku 1; and Mr. Unyime Clement, Ibiaku 2, that if they refuse to sign the document, she will personally request the state leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to remove them from office for alleged anti-party activities during the March 2014 Congresses of the party.

Our findings also showed that she later induced the 14 ward chairmen with N100, 000 each after spending N60, 000 on the aggrieved six ward chairmen who had much earlier at Mkpat Enin refused to sign the document.

The number two citizen of the state in her frantic efforts to make them sign the document, we learnt, promised each of the 14 Mkpat Enin Ward Chairmen a brand new car.

The Radar gathered that Ebe while explaining the reasons of her inability to empower Mkpat Enin people as earlier alleged by the umbrella organization of youths from the area (MEYA) who had called for her sack, allegedly said that it was caused by the fact that allocations meant for her office as deputy governor is usually collected by the wife of the state governor, Mrs. Unoma Akpabio, thereby rendering her financially incapacitated.

Ebe, we learnt, had taken time to narrate to them at the meeting, how embarrassing it is for her as deputy governor to always apply for approval of funds from the state’s first lady before carrying out any assignment.

Sources at the meeting who pleaded strictest anonymity, hinted that Ebe further confided in them that she was not in talking terms with Mrs. Akpabio for sometimes now and this has led to her (first lady) starving her (deputy governor’s) office of funds.

Our sources who were part of the meeting also disclosed that Ebe lamented her position as the Deputy Governor, noting that she said; “the worst position in government is for someone to deputise anybody whose wife is in control.”

Ebe, it was gathered allegedly informed her guests that the governor has bugged her telephone lines and had placed her on security watch list which has made it impossible for her to call or convene meetings of Mkpat Enin people let alone provide empowerment for them.

Explaining further she was said to have told the people that the governor was suspecting that she may be nursing governorship ambition in 2015 or gang up with those against his succession plan, thus the close watch on all her activities.

This paper has made several efforts to get either the deputy governor or her media managers or the first lady to react to these issues before press time but all proved abortive.


22 Dec

Ekaete Unoma Akpabio

Ekaete Unoma Akpabio

Her Excellency, Unoma Akpabio was recently reported in one of the local tabloids to have attended the Child Dedication Ceremony of one of her husband’s aides. At the event which held at Insight Bible Church, Uyo, she is claimed to have made certain statements which are as undemocratic as they are inane. Apparently taking a swipe at critics of her husband’s administration, she reportedly said:  “… I don’t have that kind of patience like my husband to take insults and abuse. Patience is something you cannot toy with, because it will explode. If you don’t like my face or his (the Governor’s face), manage us until we go… If you don’t like Akpabio or his style of ruling, have patience; he will soon go, so that you can come and rule. When you finish, we can compare notes…”

In the first place, the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria does not provide for (and has never provided for) the office of ‘First Lady’ at any level of government (Federal, State or Local). The office is a mere creation of privileged ‘First Citizens’ who aim to invest the credit for some humanitarian, charitable or other endeavor on their spouses; and ultimately bring them in to the public spotlight. We never heard of Mrs. Tafawa Balewa, Mrs. Murtala Muhammed, Mrs. Shehu Shagari, Mrs. Ernest Shonekan, or Mrs Abdulsalam Abubakar, at least within the context of government, (or in a public capacity); yet they existed. Mrs Akpabio’s patience or lack of it therefore, is of no lawful and legal consequence to the people of a State she is not serving in any constitutionally recognized office. She is neither an elected nor appointed public official; and does not represent any constituents. Even if she was either, she would be advertising a gross ignorance of the workings of a democracy, by berating critics and opponents, when democracy requires that elected or appointed officials be accountable to their constituents; as well as be ready to face opposition and challenge. Even President Barrack Obama of the US faces scathing sustained criticism, racially motivated abuse, insults, slurs, even outright blackmail from his opponents (largely within the Republican fold). Because Obama knows that opposition is an integral aspect of any democracy, without which there would be No Democracy, he counters them with rational defense of his policies, or other subject under dispute. He never resorts to threats of ill consequences, which would earn him summary impeachment.
The question of whether or not Akwa Ibom people liked Akpabio’s face (to vote for or against him in the 2011 Elections), is still the subject of litigation in the many suits filed to challenge his valid candidature in the said elections. The salient point to note is that: In a proper democracy, no elected or appointed official should query any member of the electorate for action suggestive of misgivings towards the government. Power in a democracy after-all resides with the electorate (the people); and they give it to a representative to exercise on their behalf. It is therefore the people’s right to question, criticize or oppose a government which they feel is not fulfilling its obligations towards them. If notes are also to be compared, it is only the people, who can determine the performance levels of an administration, and not members of the administration.
Mrs. Akpabio reportedly went further to say: “…You cannot get to Akpabio without getting to me. If you don’t praise us, we will praise ourselves. We will praise ourselves, whether Akwa Ibom people like it or not…” The last sentence smacks of insensitivity; while the general meaning conveys nothing new. What else the administration has been doing since 2007 apart from its exclusive characteristic of self adulation (or self praise)? Nobody will forget in a hurry the horde of sycophants who were employed to establish leprous fingers (like ‘Akpabioism’; ‘Akwa Ibom Ado Ok’; ‘Etang Ekak’; etc), for the catch-phrase ‘Uncommon Transformation’. So self-praise at various for a at home and abroad has been an integral aspect of the administration.
She was also reported to have made this query“… Is the Government House your birthright? You have ruled the State; another person will soon finish and another will take over. Are you the owners of Akwa Ibom State? This query was however directed to the wrong quarters. It shouldn’t have been directed at critics and opponents; but would have better been directed to those who, while still in office, pre-determine who occupies political office after them; and are hell bent on installing their successors, completely unmindful of the wishes of the masses. Only a person who thinks he or she owns Akwa Ibom State would ignore the wishes of the masses, and defy the operation of democracy in a bid to select and impose on a State of about 4 million people, a successor (or candidate) of his or her choice. In other words, the person credits Akwa Ibom people with the incapacity to elect credible leaders on their own. When she reportedly also added: “… I don’t know where it (the Governorship) is going to, but I know it is going to Eket Senatorial District. All the women are following me and I am following the Governor…” she made a laughable assertion. Which women are following her? By the assertion, it is clearly evident that Her Excellency has not gone into the markets, streets and homes to interact with women and hear what they say about the government and it’s Uncommon Transformation. Her final warning also: “… Be at peace with yourself; be at peace with your neighbor and with the Governor, and all will be well…” could be interpreted as a veiled threat indicating that “If you are not at peace with the Governor, then all will not be well”. Is this an order to be obeyed at the cost of some unsavory future consequence for the opposition? How would any rational human being expect family members, relatives, friends and associates of the many who have been abused, kidnapped, wrongfully detained, murdered, and otherwise persecuted to be at peace? No way, Ma’am. Persecuted people anywhere will pray for respite from persecution and punishment for their persecutor. They will be ready to queue at the polls and vote against the interests of whoever they consider their persecutor. They will join hands to consign the legacy of their persecutor to perpetual infamy. This is an incontestable fact.
Mma, ukemeke idoro ke onyong ekom nta ekom. You cannot speak in such disrespectful light to the people of Akwa Ibom State; a people whose money you have benefitted more from, than from that of your own State. If you consider the fact that you have no constitutional office, no constituents, and that you are neither elected nor appointed, then you would not crisscross borders and step into turf which belongs exclusively to your husband. It is him we have business with (because he governs us), and not you. If you also consider that you are only an Akwa Ibomite by virtue of marriage to a First Citizen, then common sense would advise you to accord the citizens of the State the dignity they deserve. Your statements above serve to advertise the corrupting influence of power and the absolutely corrupting influence of absolute power. As for who succeeds your husband in 2015; this is the exclusive preserve of Akwa Ibomites and their God. This time around God’s decision and not Godswill, will produce a Governor for the State. This time around also, God’s will, will work counter to Godswill’s.
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