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Akpabio’s 2015 Shenanigans: Overrules His EXCO, Eliminates Effiong Abia from Endorsement.

28 Feb


*Dangles SSG Position on Bassey Albert 

By Weekly Insight Newspapers

Governor Godswill Akpabio has again dipped deep into his bag of tricks and shenanigans, overruling his executive council barely 24 hours after he had made them sign an unprecedented endorsement document on who should be governor in 2015. On Tuesday, February 25, 2014, Akpabio called another meeting of his Executive council, where he informed them that the three candidates they had endorsed were too many. 


He said it was important to further narrow the choice to two candidates to make room for a better choice and a more effective coordination. He told them that Effiong Abia should be delisted leaving the battle for Udom Emmanuel and Ekpenyong Ntekim. As would be expected, there was no challenge to the governor’s decision, though coming just a day after he had led the exco members to select the trio of Udom, Abia and Ntekim.

Our source, a commissioner who attended the meeting said the entire proceeding was dominated by the governor, who continuously boasted that no power anywhere in the world can stop him from having his way as far as the 2015 governorship election was concerned. He said that he had the magic wand to buy over supporters of other aspirants not favoured by the Exco arrangement. He told them that even if it means using the state’s six months allocation to achieve his purpose, he was willing and committed to doing it. He said he has so far commenced the process of buying other aspirants’ supporters with the number of PRADO Jeeps already distributed, adding that more jeeps and millions of naira would be dangled before some of the aggrieved party members.

“His Excellency boasted that with the amount of inroad he has made in Abuja; that not even the national chairman nor the president of the country could stop his choice and urged us not to entertain any fear of defeat”, the commissioner said.

He was said to have pressured his Finance commissioner to drop his governorship ambition and support the preferred candidates. He was promised the office of SSG after the election. This was as a result of the commissioner’s refusal to sign the Monday night endorsement document in a meeting coordinated by Mr. Don Etim, regarded as the “Dean of Commissioner”.

This will be a major blow to supporters of Barr Effiong Abia, who had been upbeat since the signing of the endorsement document that included his name. His upcoming thanksgiving service in Oron next week has received a wide boost following the said endorsement. But one of the supporters of the Mbo-born politician insists that whatever the governor or any person is doing cannot change what God has already kept for Abia.

The elimination of Abia from the list is a surprise move by Akpabio, prompting many to assume that the governor has not still made his final moves. One Edet Amba, who spoke to Weekend Insight, insists that Abia remained the governor’s choice, adding that all the necessary assurances have been extricated from the governor.

Weekly Insight Newspapers

The human giraffe! Contortionist bends and flexes and uses elaborate body paint to look like African animal

26 Feb

At first glance you might be forgiven for thinking this image shows an elegant sculpture depicting a giraffe.

But look closer and you’ll see it is a woman covered with elaborate body art.

Contortionist Beth Sykes, of Featherstone, West Yorkshire, has become an online phenomenon after the ‘double take’ picture went viral – with 100,000 hits across the world in just three days.

Look closer: Beth Sykes has been liked 100,000 times for this incredible picture of her posing as a giraffe


Look closer: Beth Sykes has been liked 100,000 times for this incredible picture of her posing as a giraffe


Miss Sykes, 20, started doing gymnastics aged just four and won her first major title aged 12.

The performer, who stands 5ft 5ins tall, revealed the inspiration for the giraffe pose came when her and artist friend Emma Fay attended a festival two years ago.

 The artist painted the head of the giraffe onto one of the contortionist’s feet, and hooves on the other foot and one hand.

She ‘whited out’ other bits of Beth’s body to complete the effect.

‘It was all done in an afternoon. My legs are quite long so it made sense for them to be the neck.

‘The only bit that wasn’t my body was the giraffe’s ears which we made out of a foam yoga mat.

‘It took six hours of painting, and I was in out of the giraffe shape every minute or so, but it was worth it.

‘I’m so glad it’s got recognition. It’s been liked over 100,000 times on the Facebook page of a Dutch biologist who must have seen it somehow.’

Talent: Beth Sykes started doing gymnastics aged just four and won her first major title aged 12

A giraffe in a similar pose to contortionist Beth Sykes

Talent: Beth Sykes started doing gymnastics aged just four and won her first major title aged 12


Other projects have seen Miss Sykes painted as a lizard, an alien character from the film ‘Avatar’, a tiger and other wild animals.

Miss Sykes is also a circus performer, acrobat, fire-eater and stilt-walker.

She recently performed at a celebrity-packed party in the Maldives featuring the Beckhams, Gordon Ramsay, Jimmy Carr and other big names.

She added: ‘My flexibility isn’t all natural, it comes from being trained and years of practice.

‘I used to train six days a week, before school and after school. I absolutely love it.’

She currently works with Britain’s Got Talent performers Area 51.

Miss Fay, 27, who painted her friend last week, said: ‘I was watching her perform at the Zoo Project Festival and said to her “I want to paint you as a giraffe” and we finally got round to it.

‘I gathered images of giraffes and of Beth so we had images to work from and we did it all in around six hours.

‘The reaction has been lovely. Obviously, body art is done a lot but the fact she is a contortionist makes it more interesting.’

Miss Sykes is also a circus performer, acrobat, fire-eater and stilt-walker


Miss Sykes is also a circus performer, acrobat, fire-eater and stilt-walker

She said: 'It took six hours of painting, and I was in out of the giraffe shape every minute or so, but it was worth it'

She said: ‘It took six hours of painting, and I was in out of the giraffe shape every minute or so, but it was worth it’



‘I’ll Jail You For Fraud’-Umana Tells Akpabio. ‘Your’re A Dreamer’ – Akpabio Retorts.

23 Feb

-The Guide News.

Akpabio & Umana Umana

Akpabio & Umana Umana

A major drama played out between the Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom state, Governor Godswill Obot Akpabio and his estranged secretary to the state Government Obong Umana Okon Umana in faraway United States of America.
Our source, a frontline Akwa Ibom son resident in the United States and a member of the Akwa Ibom community resident in the United States hinted that the face-off took place at an enlarged meeting of Akwa Ibom people resident in the United States.
The Guide newspaper gathered from this source that the former secretary to the state Government had learnt of the meeting and saw it as a platform for formally informing Akwa Ibom in the diaspora of his intention to contest the gubernatorial elections in Akwa Ibom state come 2015.
Our source disclosed that when the time had come, ousted secretary to the state Government Obong Umana Umana took to the stage to tell Akwa Ibom people that his decision to contest the election was to redeem Akwa Ibom from the abyss of economic misfortune the present administration has plunged it into, since the assumption of office of the present administration.
Umana said he regretted ever being a part of the administration that had created a history for itself in looting the resources of the state for personal gains. He said he was in the governorship race to seek for the forgiveness of Akwa Ibom people by making them have a taste of what they have not been privileged to enjoy since Governor Godswill Akpabio assumed office in 2007.
“While addressing us, Umana who was looking very sober told us that he had on several occasions persuaded Governor Godswill Akpabio to exercise some restraints in the way he misappropriate funds meant for the general wellbeing of Akwa Ibom people. He told us that he had lost count of the number of times he had persuaded Akpabio not inflate the figures of contracts of major projects to be embarked upon by his administration, as though he was not an indigene of Akwa Ibom state.” Our source explained.
The former SSG is quoted to have said that it was to make Akwa Ibom people have a taste of the state resources that he facilitated the coming of a construction company Nigerpet structures to help provide jobs for the teaming unemployed people in the state.
The Guide Newspaper gathered from our source that it was while the sacked secretary to the state Government, Obong Umana Umana was still speaking that Governor Godswill Akpabio walked into the venue.
When he mounted the podium to speak, Akpabio called on Akwa Ibom people not to be swayed by someone who was going around looking for sympathy after he had turned himself to a thin god and firing people from the Governors Cabinet and other political appointees at will.
Akpabio told Akwa Ibom sons and daughters at the gathering to embark on their personal investigation to discover for themselves the deep-seated havoc perpetrated by the sacked SSG.
“The Governor specifically told us to our utter amazement that 70% of the cabinet reshuffle in his administration happened when Umana has some personal misunderstanding with someone. The Governor said since he was bent in keeping the state united and not seen as someone who was trying to etch out prominent Ibibio sons from his Government, he had to contain the excesses of his estranged SSG.” Our source hinted.
He told the people to ask the former SSG since he was fortunate to be at the event, if he was not given the freehand to nominate people for some political appointment in the present administration.
The Guide Newspaper learnt that it was at this point that the ousted SSG stood up at the event and started shouting “You are a liar!” “You are a liar!” “I will jail you once I become Governor in 2015!”at the Governor while heading toward the podium that Governor Akpabio was standing to address the gathering.
It took the combined efforts of his aides and some prominent Akwa Ibomites at the event to restrain him from reaching the Governor.
Meanwhile, The Governor who appeared unruffled while the former SSG was approaching him was said to be smiling while he kept repeating the words “You are a dreamer!” “If you ever get 100 metres close to the position of the Governor, then know that my name is not Godswill Obot Akpabio!”
Our source said the meeting was hurriedly adjourned as the atmosphere was unfit for further serious deliberations.

The Puke Of The Roguish Clement Ikpatt: An Interview By Franklin Isong On Thompson Essien.

23 Feb


By OduduAbasi N. Edet.
I am sure that you are aware of the khaki envelopes which many so-called journalists stuff in their coat pockets from corrupt men and women now running our governments at local, state and federal levels, in order to present the corrupt favorably to the public.
Franklyn Isong knows that Clement Ikpatt is a former police officer who absconded from his duties and fled to the United States. Franklin Isong has avoided interviewing Clement Ikpatt on first things first,  such as could help establish Clement Ikpatt’s credibility for the public. Franklin Isong cannot, NOW,  claim that he does not understand that his interviews border on journalistic in-etiquette, bias, and insincerity – this makes the second time that Franklin Isong has not sought reactions from the other party who has been consistently attacked by his interviewee.
Questions which Franklin Isong has deliberately avoided asking Clement Ikpatt; (since he has refused to seek the opinion of the other party,  ALWAYS attacked by his interviewee, Clement Ikpatt);   include Clement Ikpatt’s stint in the NPF, how  Clement  Ikpatt left that outfit; how Clement Ikpatt entered the United States; what Clement Ikpatt’s status in the United States was while he lived in the United States; and if Clement Ikpatt expects to return to the United States. Franklin Isong knows and understands that such questions will help to establish the credibility or non thereof of his interviewee.
Why has  journalist  Franklin Isong failed to lay a solid foundation for his client,  which could help the reading and hearing public to know if Clement Ikpatt  and what Clement Ikpatt says are credible, in the absence of any counter from the person being attacked by his interviewee? The simple answer to that question is that Franklin Isong is given to yellow and brown-envelop journalism, practiced by many of his colleagues in Nigeria!
However, Clement Ikpatt himself knows that his days are numbered and the time is fast approaching when he will be FORCED to render account for all he has said and done on behalf of his corrupt masters;  what he had ever done for or against his country as a police officer;  and what he has done for himself honestly or dishonestly.
Meanwhile the reading public can ask questions about Clement Ikpatt and what qualifies Clement Ikpatt  to obsessively attack other peoples’  reputations. Is Clement Ikpatt morally upright? Does Clement Ikpatt come from a morally well-adjusted family? Was Clement Ikpatt an upright police officer in the Nigeria Police Force? Is Clement Ikpatt married; if so is he a good father, a good husband ? Franklin Isong has left the reading public the choice and the interest to begin inquiring about Clement Ikpatt along these lines.
  Clement Ikpatt cannot escape his sins. Even if Clement Ikpatt  had refused  to learn from members of his immediate family on that score, he will learn from certain members of the corrupt government of Godswill Obot Akpabio in the coming weeks and months. Franklin Isong also knows that  the Akpabio administration is about to run out of time, out of options, out of power to push yellow journalists to write stories in their favor.
 The public will know then who Clement Ikpatt was; who Clement Ikpatt is; and if Clement Ikpatt is the type of person that can be trusted. Franklin Isong will of course plead the usual pledge often given by  insincere persons in the discharge of their duties – “I was only doing my job”; BUT the public would have by then known the type of journalist that Franklin Isong is!
  OduduAbasi  Nicholas Ndueso Edet


Gov. Akpabio’s Hit Man Freed From Prison: Heads Roll in Ministry of Justice.

22 Feb

-Tension as DPP is Replaced
-The Details, Intrigues and Connivance

By Weekly Insight Newspapers.

The visit of the state Chief Judge, Hon. Justice Idongesit Ntem Isua, to Ikot Ikpene prison on January30, 2014 was part of her yearly routine inspection of prison formations in Akwa Ibom State.
On such visits, the Chief Judge usually extends prerogative of mercy to inmates based on the advice of the state Directorate for Public Prosecution (DPP). The Attorney General, through the DPP determines who should be prosecuted, and also who and when to discontinue prosecution based on the assessment of each case. Incidentally, this year’s release has raised serious questions begging for answers.
At Ikot Ekpene Prison on the said date, alongside other inmates who benefited from the prerogative of mercy, were six policemen awaiting trial for alleged murder of one Mr. Efremfon Abel Sunday in the early hours of August 30, 2013 (at about 2am).

Insp Sunny Tigidam, Sgt Ofonmbuk Okon, CPL Ephraim Joel, PC John Odoh, PC Idubor Osagie and PC Kufre Thomas were released because the PDP had declared on their advice papers endorsed by the Chief Judge, that they had no case to answer.
As soon as they stepped out of the confines of the beautiful prison the news went wild, the father of the deceased, Mr. Abel Sunday, got wind of it and raised alarm over the now controversial circumstances which led to their freedom.
Miffed by the turn of events, Mr. Abel Sunday Akpan, a civil servant who had before now been crying for justice, ran back to his counsel, Samuel Ikpo Esq. whose initial petition led to the arrest of the suspects by the state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Umar Gwadabe, on the orders of the Inspector General of Police.
When confronted, Samuel Ikpo lamented that something must have gone wrong if the state can order the release of suspects whose primary constituency, the Nigeria Police Force, did not hesitate to deal with.
While commending the state commissioner of Police, the I. G Mr. M. D. Abubakar and the entire Nigeria police for dealing with the issue swiftly without attempting to protect the policemen, Ikpo explained that whoever is responsible for their release must explain how he or she arrived at the verdict of ‘no case to answer’ after the Police had tried and dismissed the suspects from the force.
The background story to the murder of Mr. Efremfon Abel Sunday, a driver and the first son in a family of ten children (7girls and 3boys) is as intriguing as it is interesting.
On the eve of August 29, 2013, Mr. Efremfon who was married with a son before his violent death, retired for the night, perhaps without premonition about the death lurking in his house.
This paper was informed that a team of policemen from Abak Division led by Insp. Sunday Tigidam invaded the victim’s residence in Ata Ediene Community at about 2am and forcefully gained entry into Efremfon’s rooms.
Claiming to act on an informant’s tip-off, tough struggle ensued as they attempted to arrest the deceased. At that point, neighbours who spoke to this paper on condition that their names should not be disclosed, alleged that the policemen use anything available including the butt of their guns to hit him all over the body consequent upon which he sustained internal injuries as contained in the autopsy report. They also confirmed that the victim’s manhood was pulled, a claim the pathologist who witnessed the autopsy later corroborated in a lengthy conversation with Weekend Insight.

After a long struggle, which alerted neighbours and relatives, they reportedly succeeded in taking him out of his house alive.
They left with Efremfon in the Toyota Hi-lux pick up van with registration number NPF 5123c driven by PC Kufre Thomas.
The brother to the deceased, Mr. Uwakmfon Abel Sunday shadowed the pick up on a Qlink motorcycle with one of the sister, Ikakke Sunday Abel, on the back. To avoid being noticed, they kept a safe distance while turning off the motorcycle’s headlamp.
On the way to Abak Police Station they allegedly stopped to further vent their anger on him, it was at this point that the brother and sister heard the shout of “they have pulled my manhood” many times before silence.
At Abak Police Station, the corpse of Efremfon was left in the back of the pick up outside, while the policemen who went on the operation entered the office, possibly to confer with superior(s) on how to handle the bad situation. Uwakmfon who had parked his motorcycle away from the station then sneaked in, only to feel his brother was now a lifeless body in the police vehicle outside.
At the mercy hospital Morge, the officers made frantic calls to the person in charge (name withheld) who was not around but assured that his apprentice will be sent to attend to them.
Our findings at Mercy Hospital Mortuary revealed a deliberate attempt by the suspects to cover their tract as they claimed on arrival that the victim was involved in an accident, and that they were merely assisting in evacuating his corpse.
When the morgue attendant demanded the identity of the policemen, Sgt Ofonmbuk Okon demoted himself and gave his name as CPL Okon Akpan which he wrote on a piece of paper to the attendant along with his real phone number[withheld]. It was the number which later gave him and his true identity away.
Again, this paper learnt that they claimed to have come from the state police headquarters, Ikot Akpan Abia.
On the strength of the petition dated September 3, 2013 directed to the Inspector General of Police-Mr. M.D. Abubakar, and signed by on Barr. Inimfon Edie in the chambers of Samuel Ikpo and company, Mr. Abubakar had seven days later, in a reply dated Sept. 10, 2013 and signed by one DCP Murtala U. Mani, Principal Staff Officer to the IG, directed the Akwa Ibom State commissioner of police, Mr. U. Gwadabe, to treat the matter.
The policemen were promptly arrested and detained at the state command headquarters as the incident was swiftly investigated. An orderly room trial was conducted and according to several sources at the police headquarters their men were dismissed while their case file was tidied and sent to the DPP for possible prosecution.
By November 11, 2013, the six accused appeared at the Abak magistrate court from where their remand was ordered. However, due to the demolition of the Abak prison building to make way for the new Bridge Constructed by Julius Berger PLC, the inmates including the six accused were transferred to the new Ikot Ekpene prison pending the constitution of a new prison for Abak.
At the AKS Judiciary headquarters, Wellington Bassey Way Uyo, a highly placed source explained that nobody can lay the blame of the suspect’s release on the State Chief Judge Since she lacks the power, on her own, to free anybody from prison custody. The procedure, according to our source who pleaded that his name should not be mentioned, is that the Attorney General as the Chief state prosecutor, through the DPP advices in writing, as in the instant case, about who should be freed and who should not.
Weekend Insight met the Hon. Attorney General, Barr. Ekpenyong Ntekim at the Ministry of Justice headquarters, Idongesit Nkanga secretariat, on Monday February 10, 2014. The Attorney General had promised to speak on the issue the following day at noon.
By the time the whole week ran out without locating the AG, it became clear that the seeming harmless demand on Monday to know if he (the AG) has granted press interview before, may have been a subtle way to point out that he intends to continue the tradition of not responding to enquiries on important state issues, no matter how topical it is.
But our investigations in the ministry of justice uncovered the fact that the embarrassing incident has jolted the top echelon of the ministry. A very dependable source who demanded and extracted assurance that his name will not be disclosed said authoritatively that the Attorney General had on Tuesday February 11, 2014 called for the file and canceled the release advice, ordering the re-arrest of the suspects and their subsequent arraignment within 24 hours, a tall order indeed.
As at the time of filing this report, Weekend Insight could not confirm the arrest or arraignment of any of the suspects. Somehow, recent events in the Ministry of Justice tended to indicate that the issue may claim victims, however remotely connected to the embarrassing incident, they may be.
In fact, as at last Tuesday, there was a minor shake up in the department handling public prosecution as the acting director, was replaced by one Usen.
These changes, our source confided, may not be unconnected to the advice which resulted in freedom for the six accused. The most worrisome aspect of the entire saga is the allegation by Mr. Abel Sunday, who claimed to have reliable information that the wife of one of the suspects sold a parcel of land which proceeds was used in an alleged bribery to secure their freedom.
Counsel to Mr. Abel Sunday, it was learnt, had petitioned the Attorney General on the behavior of the state counsel.
Meanwhile, the village head of Atta Ediene Abak where the Abel’s family hails from Eteidung Okon Thompson Akpan and members of his village council, had harrowing experiences to narrate when this paper visited the Ata Ediene village on Sunday February 16, 2014 as part of the investigation into the murder.
Eteidung Okon Thompson Akpan, who is more than 70 years was arrested alongside other members of his council and detained for more than six days at the state police command headquarters in Uyo.
At Ikot Ikpan Abia, they were brought before the 6 suspects who did not mention any of the arrested members of the village as the source of information which led to the arrest and death of Mr. Efremfon Abel, yet according to them, they were only released on bail after a strongly worded petition addressed to Compol Gwadabe from Nwoko and company, demanding that the police disclose their informant to which they refused.
Apparently their freedom despite the petition, they narrated, was allegedly secured after parting with thousands of naira. The fall out is that the police will now contend with a multimillion naira fundamental rights suit at Abak High Court. The Suit, as stated in the petition signed by one Barr. Utibe Nwoko, also seeks to compel the police to disclose their informant, to save their clients from the wrath of the community. Although the incident which brought the police into the picture was said to have arisen from the community’s electrification project, many respondents to our finding say they did not know him to be a robber, but a very stubborn person.
As the entire situation stands now, even the attempt by the state Ministry of Justice to undo what has already be done may create more legal huddles to surmount.

Poverty and Unemployment In Akwa Ibom State: The Case For Data Driven Policy.

21 Feb

By Clayton Udoh




Clayton Udoh

Clayton Udoh

Do The Math –President Barack Obama “44th President of the United States.


I would advise that this write up is for the thinker: a person ready to delve into certain levels of dialogue. Not for the caustic brown noser that must maintain the status quo for his daily bread. For it is no more logical for certain aspects of the future of Akwa Abasi Ibom State to be argued on the table of political zealousness. Rather we should be able to agree that there are factors that act as a prelude to the prevailing poverty in our society. We pause to examine one word that resonates like the cruel wind on our bones; Unemployment.


My intro then begs the question,”Has the true conditions of Unemployment become buried in a morass of unavailable or inaccessible data which comprises of  slowly decaying paper and wilting manila folders?”

Firstly, I tender as my personal opinion that Akwa Abasi Ibom State cannot operate in the era of manila folders anymore. Folders filled with “official pages” with “duplicates” too old to be discerned by the human eye as smudges of carbon paper. The unreadable Triplicate! The Prehistoric!

The limitations of this prehistoric system, that we inherited from our Colonial masters is now apparent on how far we can go as a people. Strange enough our Colonial Masters do not use this as the mainstay of their information recording/storage systems anymore.

Yes the data we have in our system today is based on the durability of the paper it was printed on. “Records”that are subjected to pressure (files piling on files), temperature (changes of the dry and wet season) humidity and all other factors that lead to the wear and tear of the environment at large.

Our storage system of information creates an impenetrable “static” in which trends and patterns in data is lost in dank, musty, dusty “record offices”.


Why Data? The power of the modern world is Data. Data provides answers to questions that must be answered to drive policy. How many people are unemployed? How many people get employed monthly (An indicator of the strength of the economy)? How many people lost their jobs monthly (An indicator of a dwindling economy)? What is causing the spike in job lost and how can we stem the tide? How many people who are unemployed graduated in the last 10 years, 5 years, 3 years, 2 years? How many of the employed are women beneath the age of 40 that are liberal art majors that graduated between 2010 to 2014? How many of the unemployed are women in the Tech sector from out of state? How many of the unemployed are men who graduated in the Medical sciences but are now pursuing an MBA that are from Eket Senatorial district? There are millions of questions that can be answered when data is stored accurately at the push of a button.

Without such granular data, how do you drive policy? This is far beyond a politician cleaning his mouth after eating his fufu and screaming that he or she will build 31 industries!

Which industries do you bring in if you do not know the nature of your unemployed?

The modern world with a distinct thunderclap is hammering down the science of Information Technology by using Data Warehousing with efficiency. In the modern industry, this leads to Data Mining. Data accumulated over a period of time begins to expose trends and patterns that show that the society is organic in nature (Can respond to stimuli or the lack of it thereof). This data can be “mined” that leads to societies even creating forecast for themselves and predicting events based on trends observed.

Why do we think that the NSA went to such pains to acquire data that far superseded its bounds as exposed by Edward Snowden?

The importance of Facebook is not its one billion users but the fact that as a data mining site, it is studying the behavior of one billion people and creating algorithms that predict everything from our eating habits to market strategies directed on the society. Same goes for Google and other sites that create profiles of us based on our use of their utilities.

So the big question remains how many people are unemployed in Akwa Abasi Ibom State? How do we define employment?

In the United States the debate has begun that the living wage should be moved from $7.25 an hour to $10.25 an hour. Based on Naira’s exchange rate would it be correct for us to say that the average living wage of a worker in Akwa Abasi Ibom State should be from 2,429,000—–3,434,097 Naira yearly? This would be for the person sweeping the airport terminal, then how much more for the graduate from Akwa Abasi Ibom State?

If not so, is there a debate on this to determine what kind of industries, will pay the youth what they truly deserve?

On the other hand, would we rather say that our youth deserve the little fleeting micro-finance projects they did that transformed them into de facto brick layers and construction men/women for a few days of their lifetime?

Studies have shown that the cold grip of poverty is slowly but surely loosened across generations by a constant frequency of quality work and careers in one’s life that leads to the accumulation of assets for generations to come. Little Micro-finance jobs (flash-in-the-pan money) could be actually counter-productive to the true acquisition of wealth!


It is a distraction to believe that the development of Akwa Abasi Ibom State will be dependent on infrastructure. Afterall the beauty of infrastructure is that it must serve the greater good of the populace and not the privileged few. However how can infrastructure be effective, as a resource, when created without logistics and how efficiently will it serve the populace?

We need a leader that has true compassion for the youth of Akwa Abasi Ibom State. A leader, who actually realizes that the global standard, for a thriving economy is not its infrastructure but the quality of life of its citizenry.


Clayton “Bane” Udoh, Mesa, Arizona

Re – Go to Akwa Ibom, weep for Abia State!

21 Feb


“Ebere Wagbara is just a puppet playing the paid tune of the puppeteer, Aniekan Umanah and his government. He is a shameless writer who does not understand that the four years budget of Abia is just one year budget of Akpabio. For him to describe Obong Attah as the worst governor begs for further explanation. What objective criteria did he use to arrive at his assertion. And he thinks himself a great writer. Shame on him. Akpabio will pay him all he can, but he should not patronize us.” -Udeme Usen, Uyo
“This is a befitting reply to such idiots who now believe using pseudo names in the social media to black mail decent people in Akwa Ibom, is fast becoming their stock in trade. 

We are aware that these men, who are now megaphones of public falsehood survives only by such means and will die by it except they repent…” – Den Udo, Uyo.

 Akwa Ibom State Map

The best place to practice yellow journalism, is Akwa Ibom State. It is a place where all kinds frauds go to make uncanny sort of sycophancy and return with Ghana-must-go sacks or brown envelop with Swiss checks since 2007.

There is a lot of competition out there as hungry journalists have taken over the state like swarms. They falling among themselves.  But the good news is that, there are honest and credible ones too. But not the like of  Ebere. I don’t know who will bail my state of these daylight robbers in the name of journalists. There is one Osundu Ehirika playing this same ignoble  role too there
They all know themselves, the trade works better there, they take advantage of the most poorest hungry people on earth. people who see only painting and lush grasses adorning the streets, with hunger and diseases stampeding the entire state. A state where people sleep only with one eye closed and  scared of armed bandits, kidnappers, assassins, ritualists and child traffickers. A state where children are now targets of kidnapping for juju and ritual for politicians. A state with no functional industries, and all the existing ones have gone entirely moribund. Do you have these kind of indices in Abia State Mr. Ebere?
Is this where you, Ebere Wabara wants to belong?
There is nothing bad about that, come and join us, but know that killers have taken over the strategic and vantage points so that your state will not accuse us of killing their own son. It is one thing to curry favor from any government, but  another is to eulogize killers, to mock the dead. Don’t try to pour encomium on high profile kidnappers, political robbers and at the same time trying to kill your own state which is not known for hacking to death political opponents, killing young men or giving them arms to kill their relatives in order to make it to the government house.
Ebere Wabara, I have a lot of friends in my school days from Ndi-Igbo (even today).
They were very honest, dependable,  entrepreneurial. But for you to come out with such mountain of lies, I doubt if you are truly a blood of the Ndi-Igbo DNA test should be conducted on you. I’m ready to pay for that. But honestly,  you have not shaken my view and belief about the Ndi-Igbo with your new found gold mine. Go and get your fat check from Governor Godswill Akpabio, but never again should you try to come out with such mountain of lies. He who wears the show knows where it pinches. In your next voyage for praise-singing and gold mining, please, take a trip to Eket, Ibeno, Eastern Opolo, Mbo, Uruan Ini Local Government Areas to see the decay there. Don’t stop at Uyo circus or round-about.
 Sin no more; big thief!
Essien Ubong
Anyin  Akwa Ibom
On the galloping road of Etinan to honor an IV for a friend’s wedding
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