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Nigeria Asks America not to list Boko Haram as terror group

26 May

Nigeria has voiced its opposition at the US government’s plans to include Boko Haram on its terrorist watch list. Nigeria’s ambassador to Washington Ade Adefuye and the country’s National Security advisor, General Abdrew Azazi, formally requested that the

United States not include Islamist militant group Boko Haram in its watch list of foreign terrorist groups posing a threat to the US or its global interests.

They made their request at the end of a series of meetings with senior White House officials. Nigeria fears that including Boko Haram in the US watch list could make it more difficult for Nigerian citizens to travel to the US and further affect bilateral trade between the two countries. Nigerian authorities said they would manage to counter the threat posed by Boko Haram, as they did in the past with other terrorist or rebel groups operating in the country.


Nigeria’s top military official admitted in February that the radical Islamist group Boko Haram has ties to al Qaeda. Although the group has long been suspected of such links, it was the first public confirmation by Nigeria’s security chief.

“We have been able to link the activities of the Boko Haram sect to the support and training the sect received from AQIM (Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb),” Air Chief Marshal Oluseyi Petinrin said

Over the past few days, President Barack Obama has come under increased pressure from the US Congress to include Boko Haram in the terrorist watch list. A group of US Senators and House Representatives also wrote a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, criticising the Obama administration for acting “too slowly” on this issue and claiming that “ten years after 9/11, we cannot allow bureaucratic stovepipes and interagency turf battles to prevent us from protecting the US homeland and US global interests”.

The letter mentioned some recent attacks carried out by Boko Haram against Christian churches in Nigeria and against the UN headquarters in the capital Abuja (August 2011) in which 25 people were killed.

Early this morning, a group of Boko Haram militants attacked a police station in the town of Sokoto, in north-western Nigeria, killing a police officer and a civilian.

Italian engineer Franco Lamolinara was killed in a failed rescue attempt in Sokoto on March 8, after being held hostage by Boko Haram militants for 10 months

Scam Artist: Godswill Obot Akpabio – Still the Most Hated Man in Akwa Ibom State

25 May
 Akpabio: wasting Akwa Ibom State fund on purchasing Awards!

There are those who may be of the opinion that the word “hate” is too strong an emotion to evoke, but no matter how one feels, the truth is that Godswill Akpabio is the most hated person in Akwa Ibom State. Akwa Ibom people hate him so much that if they had any chance, they would tear him into pieces, sweep every remnants of him out of the state, and push him and all his remnants into the Atlantic Ocean.

The people see Akpabio as a wicked man who, since 2007 when he became a governor, has deliberately rendered them into a state of penury, hardships, and rancor. They see Akpabio as a man who has stolen, misused, and mismanaged their God-given resources. And they see him as a man who has transformed Akwa Ibom State into a den of kidnappers where political assassination, kidnapping, rape, and armed robbery have become routine activities. Before, and it wasn’t until Godswill Akpabio became a governor, none of these vices was a prevalence in Akwa Ibom State.

No one (other than Judge Karfarati) knows exactly what will be the outcome of the pending case between Frank Okon and Godswill Akpabio; the ruling may turn out to be in favor of either man. But because of the hatred for Godswill Akpabio, the indigenes of the State are already discreetly gearing up in preparation for celebration over a victory, which they assume will occur on July 12, 2012; it is the day the court in Abuja will decide if Akpabio committed any fraud by forging the signature of Dr. Nwodo (who had been forced out of office as the Chairman of PDP before the PDP Primary Election of 2011) on a Certificate of Clearance in order to qualify himself as a governorship candidate.

It may be boring for the indigenes of the state if I waste my time here to list all the travesties of Godswill Akpabio. But for the interest of non-indigenes, let me just site three recent instances of how Akpabio is wasting the people’s money.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA
In July, a group, which is celebrating its “7th Annual Atlanta Gospel Fest Music, Health & Wellness Festival coming back to the beautiful Georgia World Congress Center located at 285 Andrew Young Boulevard on July 27,28, & 29 2012,” has invited Godswill Akpabio for Award. According to the citation to justify his invitation, “Governor Godswill Obot Akpabio, is the honorary recipient to receive the Man of the Year Lifetime Achievement Humanitarian Award. He has distinguished himself as a disciplined, hardworking and humble person. A devout Christian imbued with true greatness wrapped in simplicity and a strong, unshakable faith in the will of God.”

It is should be noted that Pat Akpabio has also been invited to perform at the show. And who is Pat Akpabio? This is how she is described by the group; “Pat Akpabio an Atlanta – Georgia based gospel singer – the only African inducted into the Grammy’s Record Academy as a voting member, a trained financial analyst with a bachelors degree, a proud mother of three and the worthy wife to attorney Ibanga Akpabio – the Akwa Ibom State Secretary of the ruling party in Nigeria – the People Democratic Party (PDP) operates outside of the box or is not governed by the dictates of conventional wisdom is to state the obvious.” For more information about this group, please (click on “Who’s Coming” at the top of the page and go to items #2 and #6 at the bottom).

It is not clear if Godswill Akpabio has made any donation to the group. But there are speculations that it would be an unusual situation for Godswill Akpabio to be given an Award by groups or by persons without any financial contributions.

Chief Akuma of Kuje
I am told that Kuje is a Council Area around or near Abuja. A couple of months ago some youths of the area contacted Godswill Akpabio and told him that the kingdom of Kuje intended to issue an award to Akpabio during the celebration of their Silver Jubilee. And they asked for a donation of N25 million, which Godswill Akpabio gladly paid. What Akpabio did not know at the time, until it was too late, was that the youths lied to him. As soon as Akpabio made the donation, his bunch of Personal Assistants found out that the entire thing was a hoax, but the N25 million was gone. Akpabio reported the incident to the SSS; there was nothing the agency could do to recover the money: talk of fleecing Akwa Ibom State.

The Silver Bird Award
It was recently announced in the media of how Akpabio was given an award at the recent ocassion hosted by Silver Bird Company. Reliable sources have confirmed that Godswill Akpabio actually gave the owners of Silver Bird the sum of N500 million to host the ceremony. When Chief Dangotte, one of the richest men in Nigeria, was invited to the ocassion, upon hearing that Akpabio gave so much money for the event, he turned down the invitation and complained about the way Akpabio was wasting the people’s money. But out of courtesy, he sent down one of his clerks as a representative.

It may be of interest to mention that about two or three years into the governorship of Godswill Akpabio, he had awarded a contract of N30 billion to Ben Bruce for the construction of an entertainment center which is popularly referred to in Akwa Ibom State as the Tropicana. Mr. Ben Bruce is the owner of Silver Bird Company. The sum of N20 billion was paid up-front to Mr. Ben Bruce, but as of this writing, the Tropicana is yet to get off the ground, even though more money (some say as much as additional N20 billion) has been paid to Ben Bruce’s Silver Bird Company. It may also be of interest to know that in 2011, Mr. Ben Bruce contested for the governorship of his home state; he lost woefully.

Written by
Ikpafak Thompson Essien
The Voice of the Poor Masses
Defender of the Oppressed
Social Critic
A native of Ibibio nation of Ubium Republic extraction, now living in the safe and beautiful city of Portland, Oregon, where no AKPF, ADUMA, ADV, and Akwa Ibom State politician can reach.

Muslim soldier convicted of bomb plot in US

25 May

Muslim soldier convicted of bomb plot in USA

Abdo was arrested July 27 at a discount hotel in the nearby Texas town of Killeen

A serving Muslim soldier Naser Jason Abdo, 22, of the United States army has been convicted of developing a bomb and planning to blow up a restaurant near the Fort Hood Army post in Texas. The jury convicted the soldier on Thursday after examining all the available forensic and circumstantial evidences against the soldier and the culprit now faces life imprisonment for the crime. The security agencies arrested Abdo last July following a tip from a gun store owner. The owner provided all the details about the culprit and his designs. Abdo wanted to buy smokeless gun powder and weapons from the shop but was denied for certain reasons.
According to the officials of security agencies and evidences served to the court suggested that Abdo was planning to blow up the Fort Hood Army post in Texas as he wanted to avenge killing of fellow Muslims in the Middle East. In his views, Muslims of the Middle East are suffering at the hands of the US army and its stooges based in these countries. The court has now convicted the soldier of attempted murder of the United States army officers or other employees. He has also been convicted on four counts for possessing a weapon to commit a crime. The sentence to the convict would be awarded on July 20 when the court would resume hearing of the case.
The security agencies of the United States have definitely averted a big disaster to take place by arresting the culprit. We should also applaud the citizen who tipped the security agencies about the suspicious soldier that ultimately led to his arrest. As terrorists linked to al-Qaeda and other militant outfits have failed to enter the US despite their repeated attempts; they have been trying to recruit misguided youth from the United States for potential terror activities. The security and intelligence agencies of the US should remain extra vigilant about their citizens and soldiers; so that they could not land in hands of the terrorist outfits.
The Congress of the US should also legislate for awards to the citizens who tip off the security agencies about suspicious bags, luggage and men. The security agencies claimed in the court of law that they recovered bomb making items from Abdo when he was arrested at a motel room in Killeen, Texas. They also claimed to have recovered an article from the culprit that he had taken from an al-Qaeda publication, entitled: “How to Build a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom.” It is alarming indeed not only for the US citizens but also for the international community.
Following arrest of Abdo, it is strongly recommended the US security agencies should make a thorough scrutiny of all the Muslim soldiers in the army and make sure they don’t have their links with terrorist outfits like al-Qaeda.

Christian universiti​es in Nigeria and their worship of Mammon

25 May

‘BOWEN UNIVERSITY charges N650,000 per session. ‘

Evils pervade Nigerian society with impunity. These churches still collect money from the poor and dejected, deceiving them into believing that “heaven” is awaiting them when they die. For the time being, the owners of these churches and their preachers enjoy the heaven here on earth. Fortunately for them, the society is so ignorant that while they are being cheated and used, they keep praying for salvation!

How long it will take before the average Nigerian will wake up from this dream and mental incapacitation to challenge these abuses from those they look up no no one knows. Confounding is that most of the diaspora Nigerians who should be educating the people on the evils of these churches and related institutions are as corrupt and ignorant. So Nigeria remains a country that could have been with Nigerians are scattered all over the globe languishing while waiting for miracle to happen. Where such miracle has occurred no one can say but somehow, Nigerians believe that this their God will soon answer their prayers. Talking to even college educated person in Nigeria now is so hard because every statement is full of God this and God that. A very entrenched belief system that further
destroys the country and the people……but one that makes lots of money for preachers (of all faith!), church leaders and leaders of other institutions who nurture such belief from a business perspective. This is sad. But what these fools fail to understand is that as long as the people and the country are suppressed as they are, everyone therein, rich and poor, is suffering. After all, the richest Nigerian cannot get good medical treatmentwithin the country; cannot drive on a dust-free road, is not assured that medicine, food, and related items made within the country or made for Nigerian market and brought into the country is safe. Sure, he may get these services when he travels outside Nigeria but that is only when he travels

Being a fool, he forgets that although he may have access to a private plane, heart attack and many other acute health conditions require only about 5 minutes of immediate medical treatment for one to survive. (And there is no such plane that can get to Europe from any Nigerian city in 5 minutes!) Being a fool, he believes that such emergency will not be needed because “his God” will not allow that to happen. But being a fool and ignorant, he forgets that one just happened a day before (of course it was blamed on “voodoo”, “attack” sent by someone who probably was murdered or made an outcast for doing nothing!) This fool fails to understand what is meant about the average life span in Nigeria in the 21st Century being below 50 years! Being a fool, he quickly reminds you that he knows of this man and that woman in his town who lived to be 100s (of course he has no proof of that; Nigerians rarely have proof of what they state!) forgetting that even if such were true (IF), one or two in the midst of many who die young is nothing. But being a fool, he does not care after all, he is rich amidst many who are poor so his view of the world is that narrow and already severely distorted! In his foolish delusion, he believes that since at his funeral, there will be many ignorant mourners, pastors, priests, bishops, etc, his place in heaven is assured. That is this heaven that Nigerians and other Africans foolishly believe await them when they die! Mind you those who actually came up with the concept of heaven, built their own heaven here on earth, knowing, as their forebears knew, that heaven is just a concept. Too bad most Africans find this fairly simple concept hard to understand! As a result, the pastors, priests, etc continue to collect money, goat, etc from the poor and the hungry who cannot afford to send their children to the schools built with same money.

If this is not an injustice, I wonder what is!

BOWEN UNIVERSITY N650,000 per session. COVENANT UNIVERSITY N640,000 per session. BENSON IDAHOSA N500,000 per session. BABCOCK UNIVERSITY N450,000 per session. REDEEMERS UNIVERSITY N450,000 per session. AJAYI CROWDER UNIVERSITY N350,000 per session. MADONNA UNIVERSITY 350,000 per session


Where is the morals of the church gone? These schools were all built by the sweats of their church members who kept sowing seeds, special offering seeds, first fruit seed, redemption seed, thanks giving seed, harvest seed, tithes, pastors birthday seed, church building seed, evangelism seed, fathers day seed, mothers day seed, children day seed,pastors cake seed,olive oil seed, etc. These schools are now elite schools, only for the rich politician children. The gainers then use the proceeds to buy private plane and jets to fly up high in luxury while their members sleep hungry and the next Sunday, they will read Malachi 3:6-12. If you think this is unfair, like me, please pass on this message…

Man, 32, has 30 kids with 11 Women in Tens State

21 May


Desmond Hatchett of Tennessee is pleading with the state to help him pay for child support he simply cannot afford. Hatchett,32has 11 different “baby mamas” and the state of Tennessee says there is nothing that they can do to limit him from having more children. WGCI has the story:

“I had four kids in the same year. Twice.” Desmond Hatchett said in an interview. He’s been begging for help from the state of Tennessee because he can’t afford the child support for all these kids! The children range in age from toddlers to 14 years old. There are at least 11 baby mamas; probably several more. Constitutionally, there is nothing the state of Tennessee can do to limit him from having more kids.


The last time he was in court he had 21 kids and his name appeared on the docket 11 times, this was back in 2009. If my math is correct, that means he’s had at least 9 MORE kids in the last 3 years!

Hatchett spent some time in jail back in 2009 while a child support referee decided how to split up the $400 he brought to court. $400! lol At the time, if he didn’t pay what he owed, he would go back to jail because he’s on an automatic jail order. SMDH!

Dear God May Godswill Akpabio Never Retire in Peace

21 May


                                  Dear God May Godswill Akpabio Never Retire in Peace
I am resigning from the Executive Council as Honourable Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs to create more time for my family and business” Former Commissioner Paul Ekpo—as reasons for resigning from the government of Akpabio. Three days later, he was selected as the Chairman of Akwa Ibom State version of PDP.
He said he would, from 2015, prefer to play an advisory role in political circles in addition to spending more time with his family, particularly to be more involved nurturing the growth of his children.”  Godswill Akpabio, blabbing his mouth about his retirement.
These are a bunch of liars, who think, no, who strongly believe, that they can mock God and get away without repercussions. After being responsible for the deaths of tens of Akwa Ibom people, initiated and presided over the incarcerations of many, not to talk of countless cases of kidnappings, rape, and assassinations, Godswill Akpabio really believes that he will retire from politics to become a king-maker of his cultists in Akwa Ibom State without paying the price for his sins.
He does not know what is awaiting him. He does not know that various spy agencies around the world are building cases against him for money laundering and other crimes; he needs to telephone James Ibori as soon as possible.
 Just because he is now free to travel around Nigeria paying millions to buy useless and meaningless awards, Akpabio does not know that his only savior is the Immunity Clause— a portion of the Nigerian Constitution, which he is now spending billions of the people’s money to block from being removed from the Constitution.
Maybe someone needs to tell Akpabio the truth. When he leaves the office in which he is now occupying through usurpation, God will give him only two options;
1.      He will die for his sins because the Bible states that the wages of sin is death.
2.      He will remain in prison as a consequence for all his sins.
The choice will be left for Akpabio to decide by either confessing to his sins and spend time in prison, or be in denial and go to hell by the route of death.
Meanwhile, let him continue to plan for his false hope of visualizing how he will have time to spend with his family. When the time comes, God will ask Akpabio if Philomena Udonwa did not wish to spend time with her family. God will ask him if Barrister Udonwa did not wish to spend time with his family. God will ask Akpabio if Chief Paul Inyang and Edidem James Obot did not wish to spend time with their families.
Every day, hungry children in Akwa Ibom State cry for food, but in vain because Akpabio has refused to pay salaries to their parents. Every day the youths of Akwa Ibom State roam the streets in search of work, but in vain because Akpabio has turned the State into a place where investors, who would create jobs, are afraid to come in to do business. The list of Akpabio’s failures, as a leader, goes on and on. Still, Akpabio thinks at the end, the tears of the hungry children and the cries of helpless youths will never come to haunt him?
Oh yes, he wants to be a king-maker. Right! He wants to be with his family. Right! Jimmy Cliff, the famous Jamaican musician said in a lyric from one of his albums; “Time will tell—time always tell.” Akpabio needs to listen to that song again, before he begins hallucinating about his future. Meanwhile, my prayer is; Oh God, may Godswill Obot Akpabio never retire in peace.
Written by
Ikpafak Thompson Essien
The Voice of the Poor Masses
Defender of the Oppressed
Social Critic
A native of Ibibio nation of Ubium Republic extraction, now living in the safe and beautiful city of Portland, Oregon,. Where no AKPF, ADUMA, ADV, and Akwa Ibom State politicians can reach

Prostitutes Engage Akwa Ibom State Information Commissioner In A Brawl.

17 May

Written By
Mecky I. Peter

Two Ladies believed to be professional hookers were yesterday allegedly engaged the Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for Information, Hon. Aniekan Umanah in a serious scuffle. The incident which took place about 10:00pm in a Hotel in Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo Akwa Ibom State was suddenly quelled by security personnel who were either working there or protecting the commissioner.

A waitress in the hotel, who simply gave her name as Iniobong said argument broke out between the two ladies when they clashed in the hotel room hired by the commissioner. She stated that based on their argument, one of the hookers who was earlier booked did not show up on time which made the sex tasty commissioner to immediately call in the other one to enable him leave the hotel and go for one of their nocturnal meetings.

“One of the girls was crying allowed saying ‘you called me to come and I told you to give me one hour and because I was very far, you now call in this prostitute and allow her to hit my head with her shoe’ she while she wiped the blood on head. She said her taxi was waiting for her outside and needed money to pay him off.” Iniobong volunteered.

It was gathered that Mr Umanah whose shirt was torn as a result of the squabble, was whisked away from the back of the hotel into his waiting car by security men believed to be his body guards. The two ladies were detained momentarily by the hotel mobile police and later shown the way out. But the one with injury on the head was called back by one of the hotel managers and taken to an unknown clinic for first aid and treatment.

A staff who pleaded anonymity told this reporter that it was very common to see politicians inviting to or more ladies in the hotel to disturb the peace of the place.

“They have been doing things a lot of time. I don’t know if they don’t always think of the consequence of bringing two women in a hotel or they are not ashamed of themselves’’ the hotel employee maintained.

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