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6 Jul

By Clayton Udoh.

Godswill Obot Akpabio

Nobody had the guts to oppose Akpabio, everything he said or did was law , so what is his reason for not building one single viable project in Abak?  The people of Abak are so scared that they will thank those that killed their loved ones , so let people like me ask,” WHAT DID AKPABIO BUILD IN ABAK?”Airport ? Seaport? Stadium ? University ? Federal Polytechnic ? Industry?
Now that 2014  has reached the half year mark and we are going to 2015 . Let Godswill Akpabio show me one solid project he did for Abak.
I am fucking pissed off and really really angry. Enugu boys here in Phoenix, Arizona are spending money like water and enjoying their life courtesy of Unoma Akpabio and my question is simple: minus Aniekan Umanah and Enoidem and a few crumb eaters who has Akpabio really empowered in the Abak axis ? By the way Enoidem is not from Abak!
We hear about Onofiok Luke and others he has empowered and lifted up and other numerous Ibibio boys ( interesting that Ibibio has nothing good to say about Akpabio after the fact).
Where are all the Abak boys who use to fight me over rice and crumbs they were given ? They formed fictitious stories about me , photoshopped my pictures and hacked into my email accounts and other private property .  Have they seen now that all I said was correct and Akpabio did nothing for Abak and rather came and took the Senate seat from slugs like you?
All that a tout from Abak understands is money that is given to them to put in their pockets while the rest of the state is being developed .
Some of you God forsaken Abak people even combined with Essien Ndueso and Anieite Ekong and others to try and destroy me . All I am asking  today is a simple question, what was created for Abak? Millennium Hospital?  The new Hilton which is to be built ? E-Library ? Ibom Power Plant?  Le Meridien ?
You thought that it was OK? to run Dr Ime Umanah into exile so show me what was built in Abak!!!!!!!!!!!.
At this point Abak is the laughing stock of Annang.
In a million years ABAK can never dream of taking a Senate seat from Ikot Ekpene-Obot Akara-Essien Udim axis .
When touts represent a place what do we think will happen ? You guys want money right?
Money finishes , project lasts for ages ,so what project did he do in Abak that can employ people like at least the Airport ?
Look my life is good enough , no matter what sycophants like most of you did to destroy me . In the end , I could have said , to hell with Abak” and enjoy my life in the USA. I cannot do that because Abak is my ancestral land and the roots of my origin . However when I think of Abak , it makes me real sad because no Governor has ever executed a Major project in Abak since the inception of Akwa Ibom State.
Nonetheless, how can any person take Abak serious when they will take lunch with the killer of their sons and daughters just for crumb money?
If there is a way , they should kill Idiongo Clayton Udoh for talking nonsense against Governor or kill Dr Ime Umanah and destroy all resistance against Governor, kill them all and then my reply would be,” After you sang and danced for him what major projects did he establish in Abak?”
You guys are ready to die for Akpabio and kill everybody on his behalf and I ask when you kill take that blood and sprinkle it on the major project Akpabio built for Abak.
Tell me it will be an Ibibio governor that will endorse a major project for Abak like the ones in the past have done ? Right?
The wisdom of collecting money to put in your pocket because of hunger is one thing , the wisdom of holding your dignity so that someone does not take you for granted is another!
The next governor who  will be Ibibio will be very busy but nobody will take Abak that is full of sycophancy with political praise and worship seriously.
Abak is yet to have a governor who brought something as close as Alscon that was built in Ikot Abasi to Abak.
In fact thank your God, I am not Akpabio because I would have taken the turn for House of Representative and given it to my Nephew since you guys are such cowards and full to the brim with stupidity.
I am speaking loudly to both the Witches  and wizards in Diaspora and the homefront . The uneducated baboons that have never taken time to study how governments work and therefore want a King or a one party system . After you destroyed all resistance to the present administration like in the proverb called Abak what were you left with?
A government that ignored you because it knew it could get support from you even if they killed all of your most valuable citizens ! They do not even need to lift a finger because you would kill them yourselves !

Clayton “Bane” Udoh
Mesa, Arizona

Killing Accusations Trail Akpabio’s Town Hall Meeting In Abak.

21 Mar

Eyen Isong, PHC, Nig.

In continuation of his Town Hall meeting project, Gov Akpabio and his team were at Abak Federal Constituency yesterday 20th March, 2014.

Governor Akpabio.

Governor Akpabio.

True to the unpredictable nature of the Town Hall meetngs since it kicked off, the people of Abak Federal Constituency probably got what they never bargained for as the Paramount Ruler of the area Edidem Christopher Ukpe caused tension and drama during his speech.

After heaping accolades on Akpabio for his “uncommon transformation”, the monarch started hitting targets that took everybody by surprise.

On a live television program beamed to the outside world, Edidem Ukpe complained of being bed-ridden for some time now, as a result of charms that have affected both of his legs, causing them to discharge liquid susbstance uncontrollably. He then appealed to the governor to asssist him get proper medical attention as all his efforts so far have yielded no significant improvement on the legs.

Just when everyone thought he had landed, he turned to declare: “this illness or charm was placed on me by the Clan Head of Abak (ObongFriday Uko), seated here right behind me. He had earlier killed the former Paramount Ruler of Abak through the same type of charm and now he is after me”.

Silence and tension enveloped the entire atmosphere of the meeting. He was not done yet. He continued: “I challenge him to come out and deny that he is responsible. If he does, the Annang nation would make him swear to an oath. If he accepts to take the oath, I will on that day resign from the stool of the Paramount Rulership. I challenge him to deny the accusation.” He went on and on, refusing to stop even when Akpabio had stood up to respond and perhaps calm tension.

Finally, Akpabio took the microphone and attempted to exonerate the Clan Head of Abak from the accusations. This only infuriated the Paramount Ruler the more as he continued to scream that he was sure of his facts and that the Clan Head of Abak should accept his challenge of swearing to an oath.

At this juncture, Akpabio turned to the thoroughly embarrssed Clan Head of Abak, asking him to respond to the allegations so levelled against him. Of course he denied being responsible, claiming that he is an Elder in Mount Zion church and cannot therefore indulge in fetish practices. He however promised to consult with his subjects back home after which he would respond appropriately.

Gov Akpabio then directed his Commisioners for Health and that of Local Government & Chieftaincy Affairs to process the Paramount Ruler’s papers for him to be flown to India for proper medical treatment.

But even after this, the monarch was not completely done yet. Next he tackled Abak Local Government Chairman whom he accused of not paying his monthly allowance. He complained he has only been paid three times since coming into office of the current Chairman. Governor Akpabio consequently invited the Chairman to respond on the allegation. Ruffled and completely taken off balance, all he could only stammer was: “Your Excellency & his wife, we have been paying but not very regularly; we have paid more than three times. The vouchers are there sir.”

Tension was to return again when former DIG Ekpoudom took to the floor. After praising Akpabio to high heavens, he said: “Your Excellency, I have an advice for you and it would be nice if you you can do something about it. Some of your aides are causing a lot of problems and creating bad image for you. Some of them openly boast to the people that what God cannot do and money cannot do, Gun can do. I am a security officer and I know what I am talking about. So please call them to order.”

Silence and tension again permeated the entire venue as everybody waited to hear what Akpabio would say. Trust him to dramatize serious issues. Akpabio simply dismissed Ekpoudom’s advice as blackmail. He proceeded to call out some of his Commissioners present. “Commissioner for Health, please stand up; Commissioner for Works, please stand up and Special Assistant to the Governor on Technical Matters, please stand up. They all did. Akpabio then asked the audience: “these are some of my aides, do they look like people who can shoot guns?”

And the crowd yelled…. You know the answer.

The drama continues.

Eyenisong PHC, Nig.

Akpabio’s beautiful problem, By Dimgba Igwe.

21 Jan

Godswill Akpabio, Akwa Ibom State Governor

Godswill Akpabio, Akwa Ibom State Governor

The Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Godswill Obot Akpabio, is a troubled man indeed. He is a man surrounded by enemies, powerful enemies. Those who hate his guts and those who love him. Those who hate him want him destroyed, but ironically, it seems that even those who love him are also working for the same goal. Somewhere, there is a wicked paradox at play.

In Nigeria, Akpabio easily fits among the top 10 performing governors. Even if you narrow the list to four, Akpabio’s name may not be missing. It is not just that he is possibly his own best salesman, a man anointed with a sleek tongue, waxing rhetoric of his own adulation at the slightest opportunity, it just happens, happily, that he indeed, has real achievements to sell—unlike so many governors who buy media space to advertise uncompleted projects.

I’ve been to his state on several occasions. Indeed, about four years ago, I was in a team of senior journalists that were taken on a guided tour of numerous projects—many road projects some of them in uncharted terrains, a massive underground drainage to deflood the state capital, the construction of the Uyo Airport started by his predecessor who left it at rudimentary level, the near completion of Ibom Meridian Hotel, touted as a five star hotel, where we lodged then, among other things. At that time, the governor was already working on the new state house complex, which I saw in a state of completion much later. And, it was a massive complex with ultra modern facilities that seem better than the state houses of some African countries. At the Nigerian Guild of Editors conference at Uyo two years ago, Akpabio had boastfully thrown a challenge that if anyone saw any pothole in any road within Uyo, the state capital, he would fix it within 24 hours.

Well, it was the Senate President David Mark, who was at the same event, that claimed that he spotted a pothole somewhere within the metropolis! On investigation, Akpabio sleekly declared, it was found out to be mere optical illusion, not real pothole! It might have passed off as a fancy joke of an incestuous political elite, but the fact that the joke was proposed at all is an indication of how far Akpabio had gone in providing infrastructure in the state, including overhead bridges and much more. How many governors in Nigeria dare throw such a challenge? As a matter of fact, some governors are not even sure that the roads to their state house are pothole-free! But make no mistake about it. Akwa Ibom receives massive federal allocation, one of the highest in the federation. During the crisis over President Umaru Yar’Adua’s sickness, Mike Awoyinfa and I had asked Akpabio why he and some of the key Niger Delta State Governors seemed lukewarm then towards supporting the then Vice President Goodluck Jonathan becoming Acting President. “Switch off the tape,” Akpabio requested. Off the record, he made two points which with the passage of time, should no longer be so off the record. Some of the governors, not just the Niger Delta Governors, do not wish to push too hard and heat up the system to a breaking point which may invite the intervention of military adventurists. “Can you imagine what would happen if the military were to stage a come-back into power?” he asked, pointing out that such threat was not remote at all then.

He argued that the undue brinkmanship of the political class which Akpabio accused the media of fuelling over the Jonathan affair, could easily be exploited by military hawks hanging in the wings. If the military were to come, Akabio shuddered then, it was not only that the whole political class would be sacked, but also that the national and state revenue would be plundered without account. In a state like Akwa Ibom State, Akpabio noted as an example, that he had saved up N80 billion from the state’s accruals from excess crude account and others and this fund was to be dedicated for execution of special capital projects in the state. Because these savings came from outside the state’s regular allocations, all it would take for such fund to be siphoned is for a top military brass from Abuja to issue an order to the state’s military administrator to transfer the fund and that would be the end of the matter.

On the other hand, Akpabio and some of his colleagues from the Niger Delta region, wondered at Jonathan’s docile approach to power, arguing that you don’t just wait for power to drop into your laps. If he wanted power, what was he doing to get it besides leaving others to do the dirty job for him? We left the encounter sufficiently chastened and determined not to heat up the polity, if one of the collateral consequences includes even a remote possibility of a return of the military. But, of course, Akpabio had been accused of massive corruption and reckless waste of the state’s fund to the extent that some now nickname him as “Governor Donatus”. I’ve personally not read of any serious effort by Akpabio to put a lie to these allegations, probably because corruption in Nigeria has become such an endemic industry that the only person who really has a case to answer for corruption in Nigeria is anyone stupid enough to have his fingers caught in the cookie jar at the wrong time. As the sages might have said of Nigeria, “Thy name is corruption o Nigeria!” It can then not be gainsaid that despite Akpabio’s dark side, he certainly has done so well as a governor. Akpabio himself is his own greatest salesman and wastes no opportunity to advertise his achievements which truly are enormous and outstanding even for the blind to see. The last time I commended Akpabio, I had many attacks from folks in his state who suggested that the man had bought me over. I wish such “bribery” would magically transfer all those infrastructure from Akwa Ibom into my state, Abia State, while those of my state move to Akwa Ibom! Then the critics would understand what I am talking about. But that is the price you pay for public punditry in Nigeria. If then Akpabio has delivered, as we have noted and many objective commentators attest and Akpabio himself trumpets, is it not logical then that such good performance should be a stepping stone to a higher office? Given a slightly different setting or circumstance, even Akpabio would be the first to advertise his performance as a good qualification to a higher office in Nigeria. Instead, Akpabio is tamely and meekly seeking to contest a senate seat. Well, then, some people who may qualify for either friends or foe decided to put out the word that Akpabio is nursing a presidential dream—either as a presidential or a vice presidential candidate. In other climes, such aspiration, real or speculative, should have been no more than a logical progression.

It is not unusual that in our setting, a politician who nurses such an ambition starts by testing waters through flying a kite. In the case of Akpabio, such a kite has been flown, either by his friends or his enemies. But it seems flying such a kite by whosoever, has put Akpabio in deep trouble with President Goodluck Jonathan’s camp. Today, Akpabio seems to be fighting the battle of his life trying to foreswear any presidential dream. Looking over from Cross Rivers to River State, Akpabio could see how such dream—or the mere speculation of it—could turn into a murderous nightmare. Rivers State is now a testament to how deeply backwards our political evolution had remained. In democracy everywhere else, anybody could challenge the incumbent in any electoral political office. In Nigeria, such a challenge, real or imagined, is a heresy that must be exterminated. It is seen as a declaration of war that evokes fire and brimstone with bullets flying around. Rivers State is now a theatre of war with the bombing of two courts the other day and shooting of people at political rally, including Senator Magnus Abe who now lies critically injured in a London hospital. Since Akpabio was confronted at the presidency with the sin of presidential/vice presidential dream, Akpabio reading the handwriting on the wall, has decided that tepid denial was not enough. Instead, he opted to wage a full campaign of denial. He has put out several newspaper adverts denying such ambition in the strongest of terms. But the more he does so, the more he advertises our nation’s political absurdity. How can a simple matter of undeclared ambition for a political office generate so much drama and waste of public funds? One of Akpabio’s powerful statements of denial signed, not merely by media advisers or the regular information commissioner, but by the secretary to the state government, apparently to underscore the seriousness of the matter, could not have been stronger if he was accused of murder.

But, in this case, we are dealing with a case of thought-crime which reminds you of George Orwell’s famous book, 1984. The statement came down heavily on the “invidious campaign of calumny and blackmail” that Akpabio “has presidential or vice presidential ambition.” Pray, what is “invidious campaign of calumny and blackmail” in speculation of a mere ambition for a political office? I mean, it’s not like saying that Pope Francis is planning to marry a teenage wife! The statement added, rather comically, “This campaign of falsehood and blackmail by unscrupulous politicians who have no respect for truth underpins a conspiracy to misrepresent Governor Godswill Akpabio and overheat the polity.” Ironically for a man who has just been so unscrupulously blackmailed with an ambition, the statement didn’t forget to advertise Akpabio’s “uncommon transformation” before, for the “umpteenth time” wishing to “STATE AGAIN that Governor Godswill Akpabio has no PRESIDENTIAL or VICE PRESIDENTIAL AMBITION”. The President, First Lady, Governors Forum, the PDP Governors Forum, the PDP and Nigerians (note the order of importance, for instance!) were duly notified to “discountenance this evil conspiracy and campaign of lies and falsehood.” This is about the limit that any man can go in denying evil and we (the “people” who came last in Akpabio’s pecking order) are taking note.

It seems that Akpabio is afflicted with a beautiful problem that many people would rather pray for, so why is Akpabio so scared of the presidency?

No Cause for Alarm Over Lagos Court Ruling – New PDP

12 Oct

ImageThe Alhaji Abubakar Kawu Baraje-led faction of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has noted the ruling by a Lagos High Court, presided over by Justice Oludotun Adefope-Okojie, who on October 10, 2013, threw out the suit instituted against what it describes as “the illegal party regime of Alhaji Bamanga Tukur and his National Working Committee (NWC)”.




The faction in a statement by its factional Publicity Secretary Eze Chukwuemeka Eze assured their teeming members and Nigerians in general that “there is no cause to worry”.



The faction noted that the ruling has nothing to do with the merit of the case but the place of filing, adding that it shall hasten to re-file the suit, in Abuja, given what it describes as “the merit of our case”.


“Our determination to sack the usurper, Alhaji Tukur, and rescue our great party from his misrule has never been stronger”, Eze said.



While egging on its supporters and members not to despair or exercise any atom of fear, the Alhaji Baraje led-PDP urged its loyalists to continue to support the faction now it is getting closer to freeing PDP from what the faction calls “the enclave of undemocratic elements currently holding us to ransom and doing everything within their powers to ruin all that our founding fathers struggled to build”.



According to splinter PDP, “With today’s court ruling, we are now very determined to restore PDP to the path of honour particularly now that we have lost our great first National Chairman, Dr Solomon Lar to the cold hands of death. Let us reiterate that nothing and we repeat nothing will stop us from implementing the visions of both Dr Solomon Lar and all the founding fathers of our great party to the letter and keeping all undemocratic elements at bar from leadership of our great party”.


New PDP Demands Immediate Recall of Emordi

25 Sep

By Nwaorgu Faustinus

ImageThe Alhaji Baraje led-PDP has called on the presidency to recall Senator Joy Emordi who was sacked as Special Adviser to the President on National Assembly Matters because of her candid advice that inducing members of the National Assembly financially to impeach their principal officers would be counter-productive.

The party in statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze stated this on Sunday, 22 September 2013.

 “If this is true, we hereby demand her immediate reinstatement. For Senator Emordi to be bold enough to tell Mr. President the implication of such a corrupt inducement of the lawmakers should earn her commendation rather than a sack. Instead of sacking such a forthright and patriotic Amazon, the President should sack those hawks around him planning to ridicule him by encouraging him to embark on acts capable of making him very unpopular amongst his supporters and followers”. 

The statement also called for the sack of Princess Stella Odua.

 “Mr. President, if it is true that the Aviation Minister, Princess Stella Odua, has abandoned the remodeling of the Port Harcourt International Airport while completing those started at the same time because of the assumed conflict between you and your brother, Governor Chibuike Amaechi of Rivers State, we demand her immediate sack before she causes further damage to your administration.

“We plead with you, Mr. President, not to embark upon any further act or impunity that will endanger the peace and unity of our troubled nation”, the nPDP appealed.


2015 – DON’T RUN, Abubakar Baraje led NEW PDP tells Jonathan

25 Sep


The Abubakar Baraje led Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has called on President Goodluck Jonathan not to seek re-election in 2015.

The faction said it decided to advise Jonathan after reviewing the state of the nation and the pulse of Nigerians on his ambition to contest the poll, saying doing so would be against the interest of the country and its people.


In a statement issued on Tuesday by its National Publicity Secretary, Chukwuemeka Eze, the party noted that the President has given enough clue of his intention to run, even although he has not declared it openly.


“The latest of such clues came on Sunday in New York, United States. Speaking at a luncheon with Nigerian professionals in the U.S, President Jonathan insisted that he is eligible to contest in 2015 as we have a constitution that makes a provision for a maximum of eight years for anyone who wants to become a president or a governor,” the faction said.


Baraje observed that the President had made a similar statement in April 2012, in an affidavit in response to a suit instituted at an Abuja High Court by a PDP chieftain, Cyriacus Njoku, seeking to stop him from contesting the 2015 presidential election.


“We are worried that Mr. President is intent on running despite his earlier promise not to do so and in spite of the wise counsel of well-meaning Nigerians, including respected elder statesmen.

The faction reminded Jonathan of a statement he made in Ankara, Turkey in February 2011, during an interactive session with Nigerians and diplomats working in the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and the African Union (AU).


The statement quoted Jonathan thus: “I would have loved that the Nigerians in Diaspora vote this year (2011) but to be frank with you, that is going to be difficult now. Presently, the law does not allow the voting outside Nigeria and so this year Nigerians in Diaspora will not vote but I will work towards it by 2015 even though I will not be running for election.”

It also quoted the President to have said further, “Four years is enough for anyone in power to make significant improvement and if I can’t improve on power within this period, it then means I cannot do anything even if I am there for the next four years.”


The faction said there was no way the President could deny his own statements at this point in time, since he failed to deny the statements over the past two years.


“How does Mr. President want Nigerians and the entire world to see him for this volte face? Why can’t he keep his words as a man of honour instead of allowing himself to be misled by selfish advisers to go back on his words, thereby overheating the polity,” the statement added.

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