Godswill Akpabio’s Style of Creating Jobs in Akwa Ibom State

10 Oct

By Thompson Essien

ImageThere is a serious unemployment in Akwa Ibom State; everyone knows this. I have family members, who graduated from various higher institutions of learning, some as far back as seven years ago, that are still unemployed and are still dependents. What makes it annoying is that this lack of employment opportunities is happening at a time when Akwa Ibom State has earned (earned?) a position as the richest state in Nigeria.

Once in a while when the pressure mounts on him to create jobs, rather than say that his policies (if any, other than looting the treasury) does not include job-creating, Akpabio will make promises he knows very well that he will never be able to attain. A typical example is when he promised that he would build at least one industry in all the local government areas. And when he was asked what type of industries he intended to build, Akpabio had no answer.

However, to the credit of Mr. Akpabio, once-in-awhile an opportunity would occur which would demand workers to be hired to fill up some positions. One such incident is the recent demand for teachers to teach in various capacities in schools owned and operated by Akwa Ibom State Government. As in the past, the problem that often surface in a situation such as this is either the wrong sets of people get hired, or the hiring practices are so skewed-up that it would defy any sense of logic, or both.

Few minutes ago, I received the following text-message from a concerned citizen in Akwa Ibom (I am quoting it here as is, un-edited):
“Ette Thompson, I have just received a report that out of the 100 teachers to be recruited into the state’s civil service, 600 are Igbos from Emperor’s (Akpabio—in brackets mine) wife’s state. These Igbo teachers have been given fake certificates of origin as a proof that they are indigenes of Akwa Ibom State. The other 400 teachers are from Essien Udim, the Emperor’s area of origin. None of the teachers is of Ibibio, not to talk of Oron, Eket, and Abak area. Is this one of the ways of crushing the majority tribe?”

In fairness to Godswill Akpabio, I doubt that he would go this low to directly involve himself in this type of discriminatory practices. For one thing, he lives in Lagos and Abuja and flies to Uyo only when he wants to sign a check or loot the treasury. But because he is in charge, Akpabio should be and will continue to be held responsible for this type of behaviors.

Recruiting teachers should be done equitably with all dialectical groups properly represented. It is not fair to manipulate the system where only one group of people are at a higher advantage than others, not to mention crossing the line to recruit non-indigenes, while the indigenes are suffering.

This type of attitude and behavior need to be condemned in the strongest of terms.

Written by
Ikpafak Thompson Essien


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