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Mr Vice President and the #RottenFlyingJet

6 Feb

By Sam Itauma

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In times like this, I appreciate God for saving the life of Nigeria’s Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo in a helicopter crash for the second. I mean the second time!
Needless trading barbs and allegation of any fetish enchantment or plot to eliminate Mr VP for this mishap. Honestly speaking, many love Mr VP including yours truly

Looking at past antecedents, one could genuinely conclude that an old, unserviced flying jet was used to fly the number 2 man in the country. We cannot continue to blame an illusory spirit for our failures, dooms and man-made disasters. Perhaps, we do so because of our mental poverty and delusional belief in magic wand by our handicapped leaders to transform our woes to Eldorado.

The rot in the system is unmitigated and remains unchallenged. We are seeing a country where lip-service is deployed to fighting corruption. It is corruption that would have eliminated Professor Osinbajo and not any spiritual power or a group of power-seeking individuals. The lack of maintenance culture and diversion of maintenance funds are just part of the indices that would continue to bring about such heart-wrenching scenarios.

This country enjoys the rot it is suffering from; glorifies and eulogizes the elitist thieves that handed down it worsening maladies but rush to hang flaming tires around the neck of the little thief who pilfers a thin of sardine or an old woman whose child is dying of HIV/AIDS after being accused of practising sorcery.

Former Governor Rotimi Amaechi now a serving minister had told us for the umpteenth time that we are the reason our leaders are stealing our money and hoist poverty on us. And because we are not taking action, the stealing, the mismanagement and our woes will continue. I strongly believe him.

Mr VP should wake up and see the need to correct the anomaly and save millions from dying, including himself.
Wishing you a quick recovery, Mr Vice President!



27 Aug

By Dr. Inyang Oduok

Margaret Itauma - AKISAN President

Margaret Itauma  – AKISAN President


Those of us familiar with her fighting spirit knew she wasn’t going to give up. She is not a quitter. Defeat may test us, but it needs not stop us. If at first we don’t succeed, we should try again. For every obstacle there is a solution. Nothing in the world can replace perseverance. There is no failure except in no longer trying. The greatest mistake is giving up. Margret Itauma’s victory is a living testimony.

Being around her you know she is for real. She is not a feminist you would say, but her take on the plight of Ibom women’s civil and political liberties is a serious business.   

Her support for the various organizations, visit to the sick members of Ibom families, funerals, driving miles for graduation ceremonies, weddings, writing checks and assisting in raising funds for various organizations in various states is fervent. She has never missed one medical mission to Ibom State since its founding. Where you are committed to a cause, you go where the need is.  

Yes, you did not vote for Margret Itauma’s Presidency. Fine. But join her in doing the right thing for the good of our people rather than staying back to find false and criticize.

I have learned, as the years have passed that there is nothing to be gained from regret. It changes nothing, leaves us melancholy and in perpetual pain.

Throughout her private and public life, she has recharged herself as much as others try to sideline her or take her down or create barriers on her way.

A night before the balloting,  the author could not figure out why Margret Itauma after grabbing the Presidency would not leap with joy as one could have expected,  but told the author in his dream that it was not just about wining AKISAN presidency, it was about the clean -up  job that was to follow.

She rode the clean-up truck, equipped with paints, brushes, dry leave wreck and her heart all by herself from Arizona to Texas.  Margret Itauma to AKISAN is a gift from God. Her Presidency is rooted in spirituality.

Margret Itauma, ladies and gentlemen, a critical healthcare provider, EDC President Emeritus  was not born to a sovereign who reigns over a vast kingdom or a political dynasty or a privileged background as the daughter of a renowned minister but to a father and mother with a simple and humble beginning.

Her election victory is a testament of her role in the lives of our people.

FOR OUR STATE, FOR OUR PEOPLE. FOR US ALL IN AKISAN USA. INDEED FOR OUR NATION, Congratulations to Margret Itauma. May the Good Lord pilot you on.


Dr. Inyang Oduok.

Atlanta Georgia.   

#Udom replies #Akpabio: You didn’t build a single company in 8 years but I have built 9 in three years.

21 Aug



Udom replies Akpabio: You didn’t build a single company in 8 years but I have built 9 in three years

Akwa Ibom State Governor Udom Emmanuel says his achievements in office shows that he is not a mistake.

He said this while responding to Godswill Akpabio, his predecessor, who described him as a mistake that must be rejected in 2019.

Akpabio who recently defected from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the All Progressives Congress (APC), said this at a rally in Ikot Ekpene.


Responding through Charles Udoh, his commissioner of information, the governor said Akpabio has mortgaged his conscience and is now attempting to deceive Akwa Ibom people.

“A governor that records the achievements despite the challenges of an epileptic national economy cannot be a mistake,” Udoh told TheCable.

“I doubt if there is any first term governor in Nigeria who has recorded this level of achievement.

Godswill Akpabio spent eight years as commissioner under Obong Attah; spent eight years as governor at the height of the state’s income receipts from the federal government yet he couldn’t complete Uyo-Ikot Ekpene road (the road to his village) despite appropriating almost all the sums budgeted for the project.

Four Points By Sheraton Ikot Ekpene: Akpabio Commissioned a Building Not a Hotel, We Need Over N2.5 Billion to make it a Hotel – Governor Udom Emmanuel

“Godswill also commissioned an uncompleted building with rented furniture and fitting and called it 4 Points Sheraton Hotel.


Udom has, as at today, facilitated the setting up of more than nine industries in just three years; Godswill spent eight years with zero industry

“It’s unfortunate that Akpabio has mortgaged his conscience and is now attempting to deceive Akwa Ibom people. Akwa Ibom people are wiser.”


President #MargaretItauma, May God Bless You and Protect You From The Monkeys and Scorpions

21 Aug

By Clayton Udoh

Margaret Itauma, AKISAN President

It is time I addressed something and I say this without mincing words .

If you are not happy for a person when they do well and climb, God will close the road when your turn comes too !

I looked in the forums and the congratulations to the new President of AKISAN; Margaret Itauma,can be counted on my fingers. There are men of repute that are Doctors, Professors etc. There are women of repute. There are people who run their mouths in this forum all day long. They suddenly are found absent and do not feel that this woman deserves any congratulations.

With the eye of a scientist, I watch the old boys club unable to hide the sexism that has been the foundation of our society from the mist of time.

So, therefore, I step forward to congratulate this woman for her bravery and courage and fortitude.

I congratulate President Margaret Itauma for taking on this task with an Organization that is not in its best configuration. Anybody would think it wise to concentrate on their life and stay away from something that will add more stress to their life and maybe controversy to their name but she has decided to do something about it. A very courageous Lady.

I may be a bit elusive in my existence but I am passionate about Diaspora and the fact that when we do well we do not forget about home. Moreover, I believe that AKISAN is our thing on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

With the recent political monkey business of the likes of Senator Akpabio and the slew of highly corrupt politicians in either party, we cannot overemphasize the relevance of AKISAN.

It would be good to have AKISAN become as powerful as other any other Indigenous Lobby in the United States ! It would serve as a buffer and many other things I do not want to get into today .

Let’s not forget that it is not the politics of women that have run Akwa Ibom State and Nigeria into the ground but rather the politics of men!

That brings me to the next point. It could be expected and not strange to see the men act like the new President of AKISAN is beneath them because she is female. Nonetheless, the most stupid display of injudiciousness on earth is a fellow Akwa Ibom woman in Diaspora that brings down her counterpart in a world that women are questioned in positions of leadership.

There are some people by nature that if they are not in the limelight they will bury you alive because they feel they should be the only ones that matter!

The picture of President Margaret Itauma after her victory with the medallion on her neck could be interpreted as anybody’s daughter and she represents them all.

My advice to President Margaret Itauma is that with the madness of the upcoming Gubernatorial elections and manifestations of all the “recycled” politicians and their supporters in Diaspora that she remembers she has seen this movie before. That she stands firm and protect the dignity and integrity of Diaspora and that when the storm is over she will still have AK

ISAN to improve in a way that her name will be remembered.

I also pray that everybody will rally behind her and show her support and love and challenge her intellect in a good way to operate at a higher level than previous administrations.

Once again, congratulations President Margaret Itauma. May God bless you and may this be the beginning of a long and illustrious career of service to the people of Akwa Ibom State in the diaspora and beyond.

Clayton Udoh, San Antonio, Texas


21 Aug


                    Part II

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Godswill Akpabio’s betrayal of Ibibio parallels that of his uncle Ibanga Udo Akpabio’s betrayal of Ibibio Union in 1950s. This series looks into the betrayals, the deceits, and ethnic politics perpetrated by the Akpabios.



In 1927, Ibibio Union was born at Calabar. It wasn’t until 1928 that it was amalgamated with Ibibio Mainland Association in Uyo. In 1935, arrangement was put in motion to offer scholarships to 6 students selected from six Administrative Districts comprising of Abak, Eket, Ikot Ekpene, Ikot Abasi, Itu, and Uyo. The final selection of the students took place in June 1938. These were the students and their Districts:

1.     Bassey U. A. Attah    –    Agriculture –  Uyo

2.    Obot E. Antia Obong  –    Medicine    –  Itu

3.    Ibanga Udo Akpabio   –    Education   –  Ikot Ekpene

4.    Asuquo U. Idiong    –     Medicine    –  Abak

5.    Egbert Udo Udoma    –     Law    –      Ikot Abasi

6.    James L. Nsima     –      Education   –   Eket

During the selection process there were disputes in two Districts. One was at Ikot Ekpene where Mr. Ibanga U. Akpabio was opposed by Mr. U. U. Ekam who was then the Secretary of Ibibio Union, Ikot Ekpene. At the end, Ibanga U. Akpabio was preferred. The other dispute took place at Eket where the Oron group opposed the candidature of Mr. James L. Nsima, but without providing an alternative candidate except to insist that any candidate chosen should be from Oron group.

The Oron group led by Mr. Isong, then a Native Administration Treasurer at Oron appealed to the Central Union for intervention. Owed to non-intervention policy, the Central Union declined to intervene. As a result of this, Mr. Isong decided to withdraw his group from the membership of Ibibio Union with a view to creating separate scholarship for the Oron segment.

The occasion of the successful selection of the candidates for the scholarship was especially celebrated. Religious services were held in churches. Prior to the departure of the students to schools abroad, Thanksgiving Service officiated by Revd. Grover was held at Methodist Church at Ikot Ekpene. On August 1, 1938, the students departed from Port Harcourt through MV Calabar to Lagos, from where they sailed off the shores of Nigeria on August 3, 1938 in MV Apapa.  In that way the first phase of Ibibio Union scheme was concluded.

In 1941, Mr. Bassey Udo Adiaha Attah having graduated in Agriculture in United States of America became the first Ibibio Union scholar to return to Nigeria. In the meantime, and unfortunately, the death of one of the scholars, Mr. Asuquo Udo Idiong from Abak was announced from Canada where he went to study medicine.

In 1943, Mr. Ibanga Udo Akpabio and Mr. James Lawson Nsima who went to United States to study Education returned to Nigeria. Both were given rousing reception organized by Ibibio Union at Lagos. After both had settled down, they awaited Government approval for them to commence the organization and administration of a Secondary Grammar School at a site already selected and appropriated for the purpose by the Ibibio Union.

In the meantime, both Ibanga U. Akpabio and James L. Nsima were appointed Joint Secretaries of Ibibio Union. The site selected for the grammar school was at Ikot Ekpene. Arrangement for the acquisition of a piece of land on which a school building was already erected had been completed at Ukana along Ikot Ekpene – Abak road. In anticipation of the arrival of both Ibanga U. Akpabio and James L. Nsima, application for approval for commencement of the operation of the Secondary Grammar School to be known as Ibibio State College at Ikot Ekpene was submitted to government. While waiting for Government approval, Ibanga U. Akpabio and James L. Nsima were made Principal and Vice Principal, respectively.

The Government approval did not come as quickly as thought. About this time in August 1945, news reached Nigeria that another scholar, Egbert Udo Udoma who read law in Britain had been called to the Bar in London and that in addition, he had been awarded Doctor of Philosophy. This meant that Egbert Udo Udoma was both Barrister-at-Law and a Doctor of Philosophy. This feat was first of its kind in Nigeria.

To be continued

Part III

Ibanga Udo Akpabio Defied Ibibio Union Resolution


With the newly formed NCNC, Ibibio Union opted to join the party at Eastern Regional House of Assembly at Enugu. This was seen as a wise move as it paid a handsome dividend. By joining NCNC in early 1950, Calabar Province became prominent in the Eastern Regional House of Assembly. This let to Professor Eyo Ita, becoming the Leader of Government Business, a forerunner of the post of Regional Premier.

In defiance of the Order by Resolution of the Ibibio National Conference,  lbanga Udo Akpabio, Principal of Ibibio State College, Ikot Ekpene, had voluntarily put his name forward at the electoral college at Enugu and was elected as a member of the House of Representatives at Lagos. With that win,  Ibanga U. Akpabio became a member of not only of the Eastern Regional House of Assembly at Enugu but also of the House of Representatives at Lagos.

Having elected to become a member of the two Houses of Legislature in the country, it became quite clear that  Ibanga Udo Akpabio had chosen for himself an entirely new career as a full-time politician, hence a full-time member of Parliament. His new status was incompatible with his continuation in his previous office as Principal, lbibio State College, Ikot Ekpene – an office requiring full time employment, complete dedication and devotion. The situation was so embarrassing to the lbibio Union people as a whole that curiously enough, it was the people of lkot Ekpene District of the lbibio State Union who were the first to register a protest with the lbibio State Union as to the anomaly thus created.

Following this new status, in September 1950  Ibanga Udo Akpabio was rumored to have threatened to resign as Principal, lbibio State College, lkot Ekpene on the ground that he had prepared himself to go into full time politics in Nigeria. Owed to persistent rumor, Obong S. U. Etuk, a newly appointed manager of the College visited the school. It was reported that on the order of Ibanga Udo Akpabio, some undesirable elements as hirelings threatened to lynch Obong S. U. Etuk who managed to escape unhurt. Ibanga Udo Akpabio would neither confirm nor deny the rumor of his resignation.

On January 19, 1952, to avoid being blindsided and in absence of the Principal Ibanga Udo Akpabio who had been away in Enugu for the Session of the Eastern House of Assembly, the Ibibio State Union directed Chief S. U. Etuk to go to the College and help in the administrative aspects while  E. S. Etukudo was asked to act as the Headmaster of the College. On February 7, 1952, Chief E. S. Etuk appointment was made permanent. The dual role of Ibanga Udo Akpabio seriously affected his ability to function effectively as the Principal of Ibibio State College since he also had to attend to his constituency duties. Complaints began to pour galore into the Ibibio National Secretariat, Uyo.

His prolonged absence also became a source of great anxiety to the Ibibio State Union. It was becoming clearer that the activities of Ibanga U. Akpabio in connection with his membership of both Legislatures were deliberate. It then seemed apparent that he was no longer interested in continuing in office as Principal, lbibio State College, lkot Ekpene. This might have been the reason he refused or failed to obtain for the College recognition and approval for the Post Primary School Leaving Certificate Examinations and grants-in-aid by the Government, despite enormous sums of money spent on the College by the lbibio State Union for over six years since the College was founded in 1946.

To be continued
Dr. Tom Mbeke-Ekanem, REA
Author, Beyond the Execution –
Understanding the Ethnic and Military Politics in Nigeria
Los Angeles, California


19 Aug

By Emmanuel Nicholas

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Only a fool tests the depth of a river with both feet and Knowledge is like a garden: If it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested.

The reproach of Akwa rumblesIbom All Progressive Congress, APC is a breathtaking ovum, when you see unfriendly witches forming a common coven. Expect the unthinkable.

As they were trying to manage their deep hate for one another, suddenly an alien demon appeared in their midst from the opposite force, having undue negative antecedent against each of them. What a situation of confusion??

The confusion rumbles their minds and leaves them with so many mind-blowing questions. should we accept him? Should we celebrate him? who knows his mission ? is it to build us or to destroy us? The witches are into lamentations.

In the wake of this confusion, they all keep a smiling face, they began to dance. Their lord says, Bring It On, So You Think You Can Dance, and You Got Served? Well, the dance troops are back, but this time, it’s with witches of APC.

The coloration of their dance steps was too artificial, it xrays the State of their minds. because the dance was not flowing. They tried hard to hide the State of their minds behind dark goggles but their thought is buried with anger which was the modulator of their steps.

The witches celebrate him to obey the Abuja shrine so that they will not be booted out of their various appointed positions.
This confirms the holy words from the Bible that says, when the children of God were gathering, suddenly Satan appeared in their midst, the leprous hand of the witchdoctor is the agony of the witches and the poison of this viperous intruder gives them a sleepless night.

Everyone in this coven is in shock, their media hirelings are most hit , before they were attacking the intruder, calling him looter, Murderer, kidnapper, and assassin.
But just in minutes their National Coven, out of desperation, to continue to dominate their victim, Nigeria, made their accuser a saint.

How will Global Concord be able to tell the allien again that you are the killer of the two Ewet brothers? How would Global post be able to tell him you have looted three trillion from Udom’s Government? How will Guide Newspapers be able to tell his wife, you are a ritualist?,

Solomon Johnny your hands are now tied to the back, by the witches of your own coven, how will you be a dog that will eat his own vomits, I’m waiting to witness that sacrilegious act. Owo Ibibio esinama Ndudue .

I want to see my friend Thomas Tomas writing one full page of an article, recording the uncommon transformation, now he is the New leader of his Party. My dear Thomas, I dont envy your contradictory thoughts.

Men who underestimate the evil of a prostitute, sleep with their two eyes closed on the same bed, but a man of wisdom tarries till morning to save his life and belongings . Get wisdom.

When you are driving a car with a known enemy you will break most times, even when there is no prevailing obstruction ahead. what causes that is the fear of the unknown.

When you’re on your way to sacrifice your brother and you meet him about to sacrifice you. Nsima Ekere and co was planing how they going to probe their allien , now the allien is a member of their coven . who will probe who?

Witch 1 – Nsima Ekere after the rally in Ikot Ekpene met with his group in Ewet housing and told them openly ,the war we were fighting from far, have been brought into our house .

We must brace up , from the Intel from ASO Rock I’m not his favorite , we have to reject him as our leader , we must use a third party in sending Abuja this messages, to ensure we weaken his influence and we are not known to be the one behind it .

Witch 2 Obong Umana OKon Umana gathered his followers, and said , the cobra has found his ways into our waters ,a green snake operating under the disguise of green grass is within our coven.
Oh Umana , Akpan Okon Mmekid ifot essien ,akapa ifot Ufok . how do we fight this battle?

Instead of us to destroy Udom, let us work to destroy our common enemy within us . They say vengeance belongs to God, but let’s retaliate the small ones on earth , when we get to heaven let God judge us all.

The truth of hell is known from the voices of tormented and the prayers of the diviners are known from crookedness of it evil contents.The voices of the witches are true contents of their fears.

One can read the agonies of the witches from their meetings . and the presence of the alien in APC ,. this is a clear case of when men slept, Satan came to sow tears .

Witch 3,.. John Udoedehe, gathers his elects and said, few months ago I told you that all the killers have left PDP to APC in Akwa Ibom State. .You know I’m a member of mountain of fire Church , I saw that vision when I was in my 40 days fasting on the mountain .
Can you people believe me ? Are the killers not in APC now ?

These men whom I was fighting from afar are now with me , se Ekong Mkpatian Ukot ndito-ekammi ?

Witch 4, Ita Awak , I wonder what will be his operandi , a man whom he has tagged so many evil names ,is now his gaurdian Angel . Ita who is a known sorcerer and mystic , could not see this abomination approaching his plane , he could not gather divinities to block the allien from having access without premissive code .
Obong Ita Awak I doubt your crystal balls clarity .

The tusk of an elephant feeds the mouth ,but if is cut off how will an elephant survive? The elephant assumes it has the bigest penis but when it sees what dangles between the legs of a horse, he will know , impotence trails his ancestors .

APC witches thought they have seen it all , little did they know , that tusanmi is coming, a negative force that will break them apart was at the door .

Some say the Allien wants to install someone from Esit Ekid , some say he is coming with Oro Agenda and some even say ,his mission is to destroy APC and secure Udom sucesss in 2019.

The divination of a witch doctor is seen as a black magic but the conjurations of the ocult is captured as celestial masturbation. the witches and the allien are in melodrama , a dilema ,so complicated ,an equation a man of mere eyes cannot resolve .

When men are intentional wicked , and hunt for power without CONCIENCE, they mortgage their integrity because of greed .

People blames Satan for their evil greed , let me tell you a paedophile isn’t one because he has no access to women to have sex with, One is a pedophile because they’re attracted to children. Greedy leaders are men of evil assumptions and they want to be worship as demigod.

While we are watching this movie, will evil overcome evil ?

Governor Udom Emmanuel second term is sacrosant .

No man is greater than God.


Akwa Ibom isongo, iden isongo, iban ino uyo…o! #MargaretItaumaForAKISANPresident

8 Aug

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Akwa Ibom isongo, iden isongo, iban ino uyo…o!
My name is Margaret Itauma, I’m representing Akwa Ibom State Association of Nigeria, USA Inc. (AKISAN) Houston chapter in its forthcoming National Presidential election this Friday August the 10th, 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona.
AKISAN is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in the United States of America to promote the interests of the citizens of Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria both in the homeland and the diaspora.
Born and raised in Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria, I relocated to the United States of America about 27 years ago. I hold a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nursing. I’ve practiced as a Registered Nurse for the past 30 years. Currently employed by St Luke’s Hospital in its Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, I’ve worked there for about 13 years.
Albert Scheitzer said, “The purpose of human life is to serve, to show compassion and the will to help others. I am committed and always passionate to serve. I have been an active member of AKISAN since 2000, a servant leader; serving in various committees, building coalition for my community within the city of Houston and beyond.
Why am I running for this office? I want to bring back value and financial stability to AKISAN.
The problem of AKISAN borders on accountability and its inability to source for independent funding.
My plan is to restructure, refocus and reinvigorate AKISAN to provide its role as a non-profit organization to serve and to meet its goal of raising funds to support the underprivileged, both in the USA and homeland.
• If elected as the President of this great organization; will run an inclusive administration that will unite, strengthen and sustain AKISAN.
• Will create a Strategic Committee that will be empowered to work in collaboration with the Board of Trustees and council to follow through with projects not completed during my tenue.
• Will establish a Multiyear Strategic plan to guide our programs and operations.
Some of the Projects and Services my administration will embark on:
Medical Mission:
I’ve volunteered my time to serve on two Medical Missions in Akwa Ibom State (AKS), 2016 and 2018 respectively; I saw the desperation on the faces of our people. Medical Mission is a much needed initiative in our homeland. If elected as President, I pledge to lead a Medical Mission to AKS to alleviate some of the medical sufferings of our people. Will partner with other corporations to reduce the cost on AKISAN.
Create Affordable Convention for Families:
Will reduce registration fees for members, this will encourage more members to attend convention and at the same time, bring more revenue to AKISAN.
Corporate Funding:
Over 50 billion is awarded each year through foundations and grants. AKISAN will take advantage of this opportunity, meet the requirement of community outreach, have it posted on its website and also show one year of audited account.
Youth Empowerment Programs:
The voice of our youths should be raised and heightened; will support youth functional cabinet to ease transition into leadership, will promote their interests and give them active role to play at the convention
Constitution Amendment:
In order to maintain the election integrity of this organization, will propose constitution amendment for 1 chapter 1 vote.
In conclusion, AKISAN has three candidates running for the office of the Presidency, we are all qualified however; AKISAN needs a candidate that cares and connects with its community, a candidate that will listen, engage all and integrate their ideas in the planning and building of this great organization, I am that candidate.
Come Friday August 10, 2018, I humbly ask for your vote.
See you in Phoenix!
Margaret Itauma,
Houston Candidate

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