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Town Hall Meeting: IKOT ABASI On Rampage, Vandalizes Akpabio’s Convoy Over Udom’s Rants.

19 Mar

By Udeme Usen.

Akpabio: miffed by attck

Akpabio: miffed by attack

Another round of violence trailed today’s town hall meeting by Governor Godswill Akpabio. Vehicles and other properties were massively destroyed in Ikot Abasi as the constituency tour enters its third week. One person is believed to have been killed while several others sustained serious injuries. Today’s violence started after Emmanuel Udom ended his vote of thanks by saying that as one who is in government, he has every government document at his disposal and could manipulate this in his favor in 2015. He insinuated that with this singular edge, he was the candidate to beat in the 2015 election. The statement angered the already irked youths who immediately went on rampage against the governor and his envoy. The situation was worsened when members of the Crowd Control Unit (CCU) attempted to stop the angry youths. They were overcome by the hordes of Ikot Abasi Youths who chased and beat them mercilessly. The governor’s convoy was also attacked by the

Slain Ikot Abasi Youth during rampage on Akapbio Town Hall Meeting.

Slain Ikot Abasi Youth during rampage on Akapbio Town Hall Meeting.

angry youths.
The youths were angry that Udom Emmanuel was not only undermining their collective role which they will play in the 2015 governorship election, but had also gone too far to insult their sensibilities.
As at this evening, smokes from burnt tires and vehicles were everywhere around the town hall meeting venue and it’s environs.
It would be recalled that only on the first day of the briefing in Eket, elders of Eket Senatorial district had warned Akpabio not to go ahead with his plans of singling out a candidate from the senatorial district for the people of Eket as they are capable of selecting their own candidate in an open and level playing field. Former Miniater, Essien Nduese had particularly called on all aspirants from Eket to contest in the election and not think that Akpabio was going to select anyone at the detriment of other qualified candidates from the area.
This evening’s violence is the worst in the series of opposition which Akpabio has had since the beginning of the briefing. During the briefing of Ikono/Ini, the head of the CCU, Emmanuel Ukoette was ruthlessly beaten by some angry youths who said Emman had come to tear their No-Zoning placards which they carried at the venue of the town all.

Udeme Usen.
Mkpat Enin.

Re-Akpabio’s N25m bribe fails to convince Abak 5

2 Dec
Chief Godswill Akpabio

Chief Godswill Akpabio

“While the people saw the N500,000.00 bribe as a mockery and attempt to twist their conscience, according to our source, they nevertheless said they would still have collected whatever millions he offered since it is not his personal funds after all…”- insight weekly

Honestly,  I really don’t think Akoabio meant business when he tries to parade the  banker, Udom Emmanuel as his coming Mesiah, to take over from him as governor of Akwa Ibom State.

Akpabio might be looking for a subtle way to land or best to deceive Udom to believe that he actually wanted him as governor. This perhaps is just to ensure that Udom Emmanuel never opens up regarding Akpabio’s mega and multi loots.
Udom, for one, is not a politician; Akpabio will not stand any chance of getting any visible supporters anymore as he’s going to be out of office! His political brinkmanship is waning off. He will no loner have the uniform and straight cloth thugs, assassins, and snipers around him anymore.. So what aparatus will he use to fortify himsel for the all-coming fight that will not only submerge him but expose his past criminal records.
Those who know Udom should tell him that Akpabio is a gambler, a pathological liar and a serpent that can never be trusted.
Udom should know that if Akpabio meant well and remains sincere about his love for Eket Senatorial District, he could have supported one of those who’d worked with for longer period  and supported him all this while. Rather, he’s tactically and strategically booted them out or forced them to some sorts of oblivion. Are the following not from ESD: Assam Assam, Ekpenyong Ntekim, Udoma, Bishop Akpan, Mrs Esuene, Dan Abia…you name them?
People are sick and tired of Akpabio’s continued burgeoning interest in governorship position after he’d left. Why is he spending mouthwatery sum to bribe people just to give a nod to his desired or  anointed would-be successor? History has not thought Ahkpabio any lesson; otherwise he could have learned that the beloved ‘Sense of Geography’ Governor Attah, tried this, but the people of Akwa Ibom resisted; and it didn’t work out for Attah. Those who know Akpabio well should advise him to concentrate on his greedy and egocentric senatorial ambition; as that too  might not be in his favour! I’ve have a strong belief in the adage that “no one carries load with both hands while climbing a tree.” Definitely he will not make it with loads in both hands.
I think the good people of Akwa Ibom state should now be weary of Governor Akpabio’s double standard and deliberate deceit scorecard.
 80% of the people of Akwa Ibom state have no food to eat and are wailing loudly about starvation and diseases. Death rate continues to plummet in geometry, even as death announcement takes over airwaves of AKBC Radio and TV while a few beneficiaries of the unpopular administration continue to duplicate an outdated cliché: “Akwa Ibom Ado Ok” in the media. But if you ask them privately if Akwa Ibom state is really okay, they tell you that it’s just a promotion of the name of our state and governor Akpabio. Can such promotion bring about any good thing to the state?
Ailing industries continued to be inhabited by rodents, reptiles and other wild animals in the state. Recently, Akpabio took billions of the people’s money to buy 50 bullet-proof cars for the distribution of his family members while hunger and disease continues to send the people of the Akwa Ibom to their early graves. When shall you differentiate between a devil’s incarnate and man with a large of heart? What is happening to Peacock Paint?
Sorry I forgot to ask you about Qua River Hotel and Qua Steal Limited in Eket. These are part of the industries and busses that glow smiles in the face of our dear dear state. The much touted Ibom Power Plant has gone to sleep. This, Akpabio’s stooges can never mention  again but are now reverting to an unfunctioning Pipe Jacking Drainage system in Uyo which recently created an unprecedented flood, submerging houses beyond the roofs with destruction of property worth billions of Naira about two weeks ago.
Yes, Ibom Power Plant is no longer a singsong. It’s forgotten issue. Last month I was at home, I never had electricity for 14 days that I slept for a project in the village I embarked upon. I’d to move to a hotel. But when I hear some foolhardy individuals telling me that there’s “uncommon transformation” in Akwa Ibom State,  I could not blame them because they all enjoy and are used to  uncommon poverty, uncommon diseases, uncommon prostitution, uncommon flood, uncommon hunger, uncommon school dropouts, uncommon child trafficking, uncommon child ‘witches’, uncommon child kidnapping, uncommon ritual killings, uncommon failed education policies, uncommon criminal activities, uncommon unemployment, uncommon political thuggery, uncommon lies of Akpabio!
Essien Ubong
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