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2015 Election: Gov. Akpabio Promises To Kill Anyone Who Opposes His Succession Bid.

20 Jul

By Thompson Essien.

During the 2011 gubernatorial race in Akwa Ibom State, scores of people were assassinated, billions of naira worth of properties were destroyed, ballot boxes and other voting materials were carted away at gun points, many people were injured, maimed, and raped—all in the name of politics. Akwa Ibom people rightfully blamed Akpabio for the mayhem, though some of his supporters vouched for his innocence. Since then, many people, such as me, have labelled Akpabio as a man with a killing instinct, who has no regard for life.

Gov. Godswill Akpabio

As they are preparing for the 2015 election, it appears as if Akwa Ibom people are going to be saddled with the burden of what happened in 2011. So far, Akpabio has issued a warning—-which many have interpreted as a coded message for his killers.
Speaking in Uyo during the the foundation-laying ceremony for the construction of the People’s Democratic Party Secretariat in the State, Akpabio said those who want to contest against a candidate of his choice must bow down for him or face death.
Hear him: “Just as God threw Lucifer unto the Earth, those who have betrayed the governor of Akwa Ibom State will not enter the Government House. And because of impatience, Absalom (son to King David) wanted to take over by killing King David. And when David heard, he asked the people to leave him. This did not end up well with Absalom. He died before his father. Those who want to take power through the backdoor will die and the PDP will continue,” he said. (Source:http://www.punchng.com/politics/death-awaits-politicians-se http://www.punchng.com/politics/death-awaits-politicians-seeking-power-through-backdoor-akpabio/eking-power-through-backdoor-akpabio/.)
Those who are close to Akpabio unanimously agree that with mounting opposition, especially from those who once dined and wined with him, inside him, Akpabio knows that he is facing a humongous opposition to his plan towards imposing a successor of his choice.
Those close to him say Akpabio is fearful of the manifestations of a lame duck governor. They say unlike when he was an incumbent in 2011, this time around, he may find it more difficult than he anticipated to stand up to and defeat the voices of opposition against his sole ambition to impose a successor of his choice on the people.
Some observers agree that while it might be one thing for Akpabio to successfully bribe through and intimidate the hierarchy of PDP for the emergence of Udom Emmanuel as the PDP candidate in the State, it will be another task for Udom (or any choice of Akpabio) to win the governorship race——though some people have speculated that Udom may not, after all, be his final choice.
Also, his critics have observed that Akpabio is very scared of losing and that this fear is what is priming Akpabio into issuing irresponsible statements in public places, including the threats to kill his opponents, under the false assumption that such threats will deter potential candidates to withdraw their ambition to contest against his choice of a successor.
Another issue that is making Akpabio to tremble is the awareness that he may eventually lose the State to either another faction of PDP (such as Umana Okon Umana and Albert Bassey Unity Vanguard—just to mention one possibility) or to the opposition (such as the APC, under Senator John Udoedehe and Group Captain Sam Ewang Unity Vanguard.)
One analyst summed it up with these words; “Can you imagine the outcome if Umana, Albert, Udoedehe, Ewang, Okpolum, Bishop Akpan, and maybe Iyanam and Esuene decide to settle their differences and team up (together) to fight Akpabio? The politics in Akwa Ibom State will change—instantly! If such a scenario were to occur, all that speculations of President Jonathan being on the side of Akpabio will be nonsense. Akpabio himself would likely run into hiding and abandon the State before May 29, 2015.”
But no matter the outcome, the politics in Akwa Ibom State can be conducted without assassinations and kidnappings. It is very shameful that an individual, who is privileged to  occupy the position of Chief Executive Officer and Chief Security Officer of the State will issue statements in public that say he will kill those who are planning to exercise their civic rights and responsibilities.
Godswill Akpabio’s threats to kill his opponents must be condemned without any conditions attached. The attitude of Akpabio is primitive, which in the year of our Lord 2014, a leader who holds such killing instincts should not be allowed to occupy any political office in our society.
Say no to imposition. Akpabio must be probed!
Written by
Ikpafak Thompson Essien
The Voice of the Poor Masses
Defender of the Oppressed
Social Critic
A native of Ibibio nation of Ubium Republic extraction, now living in the safe and beautiful city of Portland, Oregon, where no AKPF, ADUMA, ADV, and Akwa Ibom State politicians can reach.


Thomas Thomas is One of Us. – By Inibehe Effiong.

14 Jul

Thomas Thomas is One of Us By Inibehe Effiong
When a state governor who falsely prides himself as an apostle of “uncommon transformation” decides to throw caution to the dogs and arrest, torture and detain an innocent journalist for his strong views against the atrocities of his government then there is a potent threat to Rule of Law, constitutionality and democracy.
No matter what your opinion is, the fact remains that Thomas Thomas was arrested on the orders of governor Godswill Akpabio, period. Thomas Thomas is not an animal, he is a human being just like Akpabio and members of his family. He has people to cater for. For days now, he has been kept incommunicado at the State Security Service office in Uyo without fair trial contrary to the provisions of Section 36 (4) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended).

If anyone deserves to be in jail; it is Godswill Akpabio and members of his government who are looting us dry. Those who fought for the creation of Akwa Ibom State will be crying in their graves because of the monstrosities of this government.
If Global Concord Newspaper publishes articles injurious to the reputation of anybody, the law of libel is there. Such aggrieved/injured person should seek redress in court. But to resort to this crude display and crass abuse of state power against a citizen because of his publications is totally reprehensible, dictatorial, opprobrious and completely unacceptable.
If we refuse to speak up today, we may all fall prey to the vicious and destructive attacks of this government. Nobody knows who the next target will be.
I get irritated when some monetised minds and shameless sycophants describe the incommensurate achievements of this government as dividends of democracy. This tokenism is nothing but an abuse of language. To reduce democracy to building of roads, bridges and other infrastructures constructed at highly inflated cost is to destroy the very meaning of democracy.
At the heart of democracy is the sacred fundamental right to freedom of expression which is guaranteed by Section 39 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended).
A government that despises and treats with utter disdain the right of her citizens to free speech does not deserve any modicum of accolade.
I will be the last person to beg the leaders of this nation to led us responsibly and respect our rights. All of us cannot condescend to being praise singers, all of us can never be on the side of the oppressors. Everybody cannot support the government, especially the kind of government we have in Akwa Ibom State. Some of us will always be on the side of justice, truth and the people. Whether Akpabio likes it or not, Thomas Thomas will be freed. This government lacks the capacity to silence us all. These are mere little tyrants.

Threat to Akpabio’s Life: Dr. Ime Umanah Wins Again.

6 Jul


The Akwa Ibom State Government found itself at a cross road in the ongoing trial of Dr. Ime Sampson Umanah as Hon. Justice Ifiok Ukana ruled to reject the statement of the first accused person in the trial within trial. This is the second time that the same statement has been ruled upon and marked “rejected” in a second trial within trial.

Akpabio and Ime Umanah.

The first was by the Honourable State Chief Judge, Hon. Justice Idongesit Ntem Isua, whose earlier ruling has now been vindicated. Hon. Justice Ukana in a detailed and very well considered ruling captured every argument, evidence led, cross examination and important issues relevant to arriving at the conclusion in the mini-trial. Much of what rendered the case of the state against Ime Umanah and Ikemesit Iyire in the trial within trial hopelessly doomed included evidence of what transpired at the place of arrest of DW 1 (Mr. Ikemesit Iyire) before the departure from Ikot Ekpene to Uyo and inside the bus, which were not challenged nor contradicted.

It is instructive to observe that throughout the trial within trial the state either failed or neglected to have any of the operatives who effected the arrest of the first accused testify as one of its witnesses.

Again, the Court noted that the only version of event which transpired before and after DW1 was taken before the state Director of SSS is that of DW1, concluding that the state failed to cross-examine DW1 in respect of his narration of the event, that is the meeting with the Director. “The prosecution is divided as to whether the two pages of the statement are in the same ink. There is no evidence from the prosecution particularly PW1 (Uche Nwokolo) who said he supervised the taking of the statement that as the statement was being written by DW1 he encountered problem with the writing material he was using.

That evidence should have come from him but he did not offer any such explanation”, the Court pointed out on the issue of different shades of ink on the two pages of the alleged confessional. On the mutilated date on the confessional statement form signed by PW 3 (DSP Moses Eno), the Court had the following to say, “I have looked at the said confessional statement form. Directly after PW3 signature is his rank DSP next to it is the mutilated date. It shows a superimposition of 5 on 3 with 2 in front of 5 to achieve 25.

Thereafter you find a doctoring of 0 to 1 with another 1 in front obviously to change 11 to 10, all to present to this Court 25/10/2010 as against 3/11/2010. I have said that every document speaks for itself. What the confessional statement form has spoken with respect to the date written by PW3 is that it is mutilated, changed from 3/11/2010 to 25/10/2010”. And for the second time PW3 was said not to be a truthful witness. “Using this to assess the evidence of PW3 is without wasting words, is to say that PW3 is not a witness of truth. I cannot believe him”, the Court noted.

On the urge by lead defense counsel, Samuel Ikpo Esq. that the Court should expunge the evidence of Uche Nwokolo from the record of proceedings in the trial within trial, Justice Ukana ruled that “PW1 was listed as a witness in the main trial to that extent he could be accommodated in the trial within a trial. However given his reaction to the statement filed along with the notice of additional evidence on 12/7/2013 where PW1 distanced himself from the statement credited to him PW1 cannot be the person through whom any document considered fit can be admitted as exhibit in the main trial”. In the end the Court held that, “Arising from the totality of the foregoing I hold that the statement of the 1st accused person who is DW1 in this trial which statement is dated 25/10/2010 was not voluntary. It was a product of inducement. If the statement of 25/10/2010 is not voluntary, the confessional statement form cannot validate it and cloth it with a toga of voluntariness given its own problem.

Consequently the statement credited to the 1st accused and dated 25/10/2010 and the confessional statement form shall both be marked rejected”. The ruling has not only laid to rest the controversy which surrounded the statement but has additionally limited the options of the state to four. The state may proceed to appeal in what may certainly amount to an exercise in delay and waste of time or it may continue into the main trial without any exhibit to found a conviction.

The state may also wish, as a face saving measure, to enter a nully prosecui through the Attorney General, to discontinue the case or commence the trial afresh in another Court, but this option may be impossible to explain to Court why there should be no end to litigation. Speaking shortly after the ruling one Daniel Uko from Abak among the many consistent faces that had followed this trial who spoke with Weekly Insight praised the boldness and forthrightness of the Judge whom he described as “very intelligent and acting without fear or favour”. Uko also praised the defense team particularly Samuel Ikpo Esq. and wondered why the government should not read “the handwriting on the wall and save itself from the embarrassment of losing after this many years in court”, to withdraw. The state was represented by Mary Okobo (Mrs) while Samuel Ikpo Esq led a team of seven layers for the defense.


6 Jul

By Clayton Udoh.

Godswill Obot Akpabio

Nobody had the guts to oppose Akpabio, everything he said or did was law , so what is his reason for not building one single viable project in Abak?  The people of Abak are so scared that they will thank those that killed their loved ones , so let people like me ask,” WHAT DID AKPABIO BUILD IN ABAK?”Airport ? Seaport? Stadium ? University ? Federal Polytechnic ? Industry?
Now that 2014  has reached the half year mark and we are going to 2015 . Let Godswill Akpabio show me one solid project he did for Abak.
I am fucking pissed off and really really angry. Enugu boys here in Phoenix, Arizona are spending money like water and enjoying their life courtesy of Unoma Akpabio and my question is simple: minus Aniekan Umanah and Enoidem and a few crumb eaters who has Akpabio really empowered in the Abak axis ? By the way Enoidem is not from Abak!
We hear about Onofiok Luke and others he has empowered and lifted up and other numerous Ibibio boys ( interesting that Ibibio has nothing good to say about Akpabio after the fact).
Where are all the Abak boys who use to fight me over rice and crumbs they were given ? They formed fictitious stories about me , photoshopped my pictures and hacked into my email accounts and other private property .  Have they seen now that all I said was correct and Akpabio did nothing for Abak and rather came and took the Senate seat from slugs like you?
All that a tout from Abak understands is money that is given to them to put in their pockets while the rest of the state is being developed .
Some of you God forsaken Abak people even combined with Essien Ndueso and Anieite Ekong and others to try and destroy me . All I am asking  today is a simple question, what was created for Abak? Millennium Hospital?  The new Hilton which is to be built ? E-Library ? Ibom Power Plant?  Le Meridien ?
You thought that it was OK? to run Dr Ime Umanah into exile so show me what was built in Abak!!!!!!!!!!!.
At this point Abak is the laughing stock of Annang.
In a million years ABAK can never dream of taking a Senate seat from Ikot Ekpene-Obot Akara-Essien Udim axis .
When touts represent a place what do we think will happen ? You guys want money right?
Money finishes , project lasts for ages ,so what project did he do in Abak that can employ people like at least the Airport ?
Look my life is good enough , no matter what sycophants like most of you did to destroy me . In the end , I could have said , to hell with Abak” and enjoy my life in the USA. I cannot do that because Abak is my ancestral land and the roots of my origin . However when I think of Abak , it makes me real sad because no Governor has ever executed a Major project in Abak since the inception of Akwa Ibom State.
Nonetheless, how can any person take Abak serious when they will take lunch with the killer of their sons and daughters just for crumb money?
If there is a way , they should kill Idiongo Clayton Udoh for talking nonsense against Governor or kill Dr Ime Umanah and destroy all resistance against Governor, kill them all and then my reply would be,” After you sang and danced for him what major projects did he establish in Abak?”
You guys are ready to die for Akpabio and kill everybody on his behalf and I ask when you kill take that blood and sprinkle it on the major project Akpabio built for Abak.
Tell me it will be an Ibibio governor that will endorse a major project for Abak like the ones in the past have done ? Right?
The wisdom of collecting money to put in your pocket because of hunger is one thing , the wisdom of holding your dignity so that someone does not take you for granted is another!
The next governor who  will be Ibibio will be very busy but nobody will take Abak that is full of sycophancy with political praise and worship seriously.
Abak is yet to have a governor who brought something as close as Alscon that was built in Ikot Abasi to Abak.
In fact thank your God, I am not Akpabio because I would have taken the turn for House of Representative and given it to my Nephew since you guys are such cowards and full to the brim with stupidity.
I am speaking loudly to both the Witches  and wizards in Diaspora and the homefront . The uneducated baboons that have never taken time to study how governments work and therefore want a King or a one party system . After you destroyed all resistance to the present administration like in the proverb called Abak what were you left with?
A government that ignored you because it knew it could get support from you even if they killed all of your most valuable citizens ! They do not even need to lift a finger because you would kill them yourselves !

Clayton “Bane” Udoh
Mesa, Arizona

Open Letter To Akwa Ibom Tribalists.

10 May

By Clayton “Bane” Udoh

Clayton Udoh

I am speaking to a large swath of people both in Akwa Abasi Ibom State and in Diaspora. A group of people, whose self-worth comes from discrimination of others based on tribe.

Their utterances distinguish them from the true thinkers and movers of the society. In my eyes they stand out like man-eating crocodiles. The stink more than elephants, that have not jumped into the river in a month. They are the ultimate “time criminals” because they prevent us from moving successfully into the future. They are everything but progressive or enterprising or dynamic.

These people have God’s mercy in that the bile in them is contained by a society weighed down by the worst level of economic inequality. A society that needs financial stimuli badly, for the common man.

The beauty of tribe is for the purpose of identity that really comprises who we are as a people. However when it is used for discrimination, it becomes odious and totally useless to mankind.

So I cannot live my life with the knowledge that I may not comprise of the major tribes in Nigeria or that Annang in the minds of the imbeciles is inferior to Ibibio or that I am the last in a Hierarchy in the USA (White man then White woman then Black women then the Hispanic question and last is the Black man). Does no good, to my welfare, or that of the people of Akwa Abasi Ibom State at large.

One thing that is interesting is the evolution we are seeing in the political theater of AKS. An Ibibio man/woman has no problem sending assassins to another Ibibio man he thinks has politically gotten in his way. Same goes for Annang. Same goes for interaction of Ibibio with Annang and vice versa. So where is the stability in your stupid tribal platform? The tribal rants you blow from your mouth, in which you have not brushed your teeth for three days, may not even save your life in certain scenarios among your own so why are you heaving bile in the name of reasoning?

Let’s get one thing right ,for all the tribalist, out there, Godswill Akpabio is the worst thing that could have happened to most of you .An Annang man attempting to bring in development ? An Annang governor who made some of you realize that there is something greater than your selfish desires to always use government money to buy undies for your wives? Even though I am not a great fan of the Governor myself ,I can see why some of youdegenerates andperverts with Doctorate degrees and Professorships would say things that make kids look brilliant just to bring down someone based on tribe.

With all your education for how long can Akwa Abasi Ibom State exist on the count of tribe? Hasn’t it finally been proven to you class of degenerates that what matters is the content of a man’s character and not his tribe which nowadays is just a name? Tribe does not assure one of financial success, educational acumen or spiritual morality or ability to administer to a people.

So now that we are going into the twilight of this present administration and the evident installation of a new one, let the schizophrenic tribalists both home and abroad understand that the next administration cannot waste its time with the stupid “revenge of Ibibio agenda”! Too many of our people, are suffering and wasting a lifetime trying to figure out their survival while the morons are blowing the tribe trumpet.

The present system is unsustainable because we cannot have a governor who tries to pay out all of the state and has an army of praise singers behind him for the sake of his survival. So we need the structures in place that will bring prosperity to our people. For the amenities are useless if the people do not possess the spending power to use them. I do not care how grand the idea is; the people must patronize the industries and all forms of infrastructure and pay for the supplies of goods and services. How on earth does tribalism contribute to this?

For example, at this very period, any candidate who wants to ride into the hilltop mansion on a wave of Tribalism is a Hedgehog to me. Do not give a damn about his/her tribal affiliations.

However I am betting on the bush men to create Ubom Enyong Ibibio Association or Ikwa Annang Organisation for a political candidate. Meanwhile we will never see a Facebook or YouTube video file of this person introducing their manifesto to the Akwa Abasi Ibom people. Minus their money can they even speak English? How do we expect a candidate not to act like Caesar when they were never required to address the people whom they are trying to become lords over?

The greatest resistance of change nowadays comes from bush men in Diaspora. They will never insist in the candidates releasing manifestos or video files or persuasive speeches on why they are the right candidate.

People will come over to me and say vote Assam Assam and I ask why? Well he is Ibibio and he is dynamic. How? (Silence).

Vote for Albert Bassey or whatever his name is! Why? Well he served in the last government and is Ibibio. And?

People will write ,vote for Udom Emmanuel ! Why? He is the SSG and from Eket! And ? (Silence). Meanwhile the last thing I saw this individual do is go after the press!

I repeat that it does not matter where tribalist reside. tribalist slime stands out in Diaspora or the Home front like a sore thumb. For those of us who really care about Akwa Abasi Ibom State we are sending out a clear message that even if others approve of such down low thinking. We who are enlightened truly believe that you are scum !!

Note:    Akwa Ibom State is for every one and no particular tribe !!!!!

Clayton  Udoh writes from Mesa, Arizona

Paramount Ruler of Eket, Chief Oduonyi, Passes On.

1 May

The Paramount Ruler of Eket, and Clan Head of Ekid Afaha, His Royal Majesty, Edidem Nathaniel J. Oduonyi is dead. A family source who preferred anonymity said yesterday.

Chief Nathaniel Oduonyi, The Late Paramount Ruler of Eket

Edidem Oduonyi, the source said, died early April in an undisclosed hospital in Eket after he suffered a major stroke and brain aneurysm.
“I am categorically confirming to you that His Royal Majesty, Edidem Nathaniel Oduonyi had passed away.” Said the  source.
On whether Chief Oduonyi was laid to rest according to traditional rite or not, the source persistently declined to make a categorical statement.
“It’s not my place to tell you that. You can only hear that from the council of chiefs. I don’t want get into that.”
Speculations are common that the Eket monarch was already laid to rest according to traditional rites.
Chief Oduonyi ascended the throne as a paramount ruler of Eket in 2011 after the demise of Edidem Timkingiko Papaudo Enodien who was the former Eket traditional helmsman.
Meanwhile, consultation has already begun for the selection of the new Paramount Ruler of Eket. So far two contenders have emerged for the highest traditional stool.
The Clan Head of Idua Ekid , Chief Etim  Charles D Abia and Chief Sunday Otu Assam-Udo, the Clan of Ekid Offiong, are already earmarked by the core leaders of Eket Council of Chiefs, where one of them will finally emerged through an election. But speculations are already rife that Chief E. C. D Abia would be the likely winner giving that he is the most senior clan head alive in Eket Local Government, Akwa Ibom State.
Source: GlobalVillenews.com


22 Mar


By Elder Enefiok Ekefre.

Governor Akpabio.

Governor Akpabio.

Most Nigerians have come to to know the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Chief Godswill Akpabio as one individual who will stop at nothing to seek public approval and validation. Chief Akpabio’s penchant to indulge in endless and crude self glorification has become offensive to most Nigerians. There are many governors in Nigeria who with less resources than Akpabio have performed creditably well. These governors can be found in all the geo political zones in Nigeria. Some of these governors have built brand new universities, brand new modern primary and secondary schools, new airports, new hospitals, expansive road networks. Many of these governors are providing free and compulsory education at primary and secondary school levels and have been commended by world financial institutions for their prudent management of their financial resources and their ability to attract investments to their states.These governors include  Ibrahim Shema of Katsina, Babatunde Fashola of Lagos, Adams Oshimole of  Edo, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta and Sen. Liel Imoke of Cross River and Peter Obi, the immediate past governor of Anambra. It is instructive that these governors have been outstanding even when some of their states earn less than twenty percent of the revenues available to Governor Akpabio of Akwa Ibom. It is instructive that these performing governors have shown humility, modesty and decorum in their speeches and general conduct. Unlike Chief Akpabio, these other governors have not spent billions of naira to promote and advertise their  achievements on AIT, BEN TV etc. Unlike Akpabio, these other governors have not asked their colleagues or even Mr. President to come and learn from their examples of “uncommon transformation”.
 Governor Akpabio is currently touring the federal constituencies in Akwa Ibom to hold town hall meetings. According to Chief Akpabio, the town hall meetings will afford him the opportunity to present his score card to the people. The people of the State will also present their problems and suggestions to the Governor. It is a good idea to hold a town hall meeting but for many discerning Nigerians the timing is suspect. The motive for Governor Akpabio’s town hall meetings at this time is also suspect. Why is Akpabio holding town hall meetings at this time when he has barely one year to complete his tenure? Why were these meetings not held before the preparation of the 2014 Budget(the last full budget of the Akpabio administration)? Why is Akpabio the only outgoing second term  governor who is renting crowds to sing his praises on live television under the guise of town hall meetings? Why is Akpabio the only governor who desperately wants approval and validation from Nigerians? Why is Akpabio so insecure?
 The achievements advertised by Akpabio at the town hall meetings are already well known to the people of Akwa Ibom State and indeed all Nigerians. In the last 3 years, billions of naira have been spent on AIT and BEN TV to promote every week without fail the achievements of Governor Akpabio. Based on average expenditure of twenty million Naira a week, Akpabio has so far spent close to four billion  Naira to promote his achievements under the Uncommon Transformation series on AIT and BEN TV. Nigerians therefore already know that Akpabio completed the airport, Ibom Power Plant, a gas plant, four flyovers, some roads and the so called e-Library. They also know that the Ibom Tropicana, the Specialist Hospital and the new Stadium are under construction. They also know about Akpabio’s claims to have completed over 6000 “projects” based on a bogus definition of projects. To deceive Nigerians, for Akpabio every transformer installed anywhere in Akwa Ibom is a “project”, every borehole is a “project”; in a typical school, the gatehouse is a project, the fence is a “project” and every classroom bock in the same school is a separate “project”! Akpabio can therefore boast of 6000 “projects” and he is telling Nigerians how tired he is in going round to commission a transformers, fences and  classroom blocks. Nigerians also know that there are governors in Nigeria with less resources who built brand new universities and secondary schools  and an entire university campus with with structures and road network was commissioned as one project. If Akpabio had built something similar, he would have counted every structure in the campus as a project and would claim he completed 2000 projects.
 So far at the town hall meetings Akpabio has not told Nigerians or the people of Akwa Ibom anything new about his achievements that they have not heard or seen every week on AIT and BEN TV. The truth is that while some Nigerians have appreciated Akpabio’s efforts, his penchant for continuous self praise and self glorification have become offensive to Nigerians.  Why is Akpabio spending sixty million Naira a day (ten million Naira per hour) to further offend the sensibilities of Nigerians by using the platform of the town hall meetings to indulge in further self glorification. At the end of the town hall meetings Akpabio would have spent over one billion Naira. We ask again why is Chief Akpabio the only outgoing governor who desperately wants the validation and approval of Nigerians? What does Akpabio want? Why is Akpabio so insecure? Why is he doing too much to promote himself using rented crowds if he is truly popular and loved by his people? Nigerians have heard enough of Akpabio’s story of uncommon transformation. The story is stale. Akpabio’s achievements can only be evaluated within the context of the State’s revenue profile. It is curious that at these town hall meetings Akpabio has been silent about the fact that Akwa Ibom in the last 7 years has so far received over 3 trillion Naira or 17.6 billion dollars. In the last 7 years the average  budget of Akwa Ibom State has been over 450 billion Naira a year. There are many countries in Africa who do not earn up to 17.6 billion dollars in 7 years. Why is Akpabio silent about the debt profile of the State which has been put at at over 400 billion Naira. Are the debt profile, revenue profile and cost of projects not the salient issues an outgoing governor should have dealt with in the so called town hall meetings.
 Nigerians now know that Akpabio is using the town hall meetings to pursue his political agenda to impose his preferred governorship candidate on the state. The town hall meetings are stage managed and only those who support Governor Akpabio’s agenda are allowed to speak. According to Governor Akpabio, the Governorship position should be zoned to Eket Senatorial District because that district is yet to produce a governor. But Akpabio is insincere in his claims for the following reasons. First all senatorial districts in Akwa Ibom have produced Governors in the past either in Akwa Ibom State or in the much larger territory of old Cross River State. Mr. Nsima Ekere, former deputy governor, confirmed at the Ikot Abasi town hall meeting  that Eket Senatorial District produced Governors Udoakaha Esuene and Clement Isong who served for a total of 13 years in the larger territory of old Cross River State. Second, Akwa Ibom State has always had a tradition for open contest and in the 2006 Governorship primaries, Akpabio contested against 56 other aspirants from all parts of the state. Third, Governor Akpabio is not talking about zoning for the Ikot Ekpene Senatorial district since that will not favor him. Fourth, why is Governor Akpabio going against the declaration of the The National Chairman of the PDP that primaries at all levels will be free, open and fair and that the party will present the most popular candidates. Fifth, why is Governor Akpabio  preempting and subverting the will of the people by declaring that the next governor must come from Eket Senatorial District whereas other leaders in the state including the leadership of the Ibibios have called for open contest. It was the same Akpabio who last year on live television during the Good Governance Tour town hall meeting that he was not a product of zoning and that the contest to produce the next governor of the state will be open to all. The question today is what has changed.
 As many Nigerians have noted, Governor Akpabio has been boasting that because he is the chairman of PDP Governor’s Forum, member of the Caucus of the PDP, member of the BOT of the PDP, that whether the people like it or not, he will impose his preferred candidate on the state as governor.  Akpabio’s paid agents, appointees and sycophants have also argued that because of Akpabio’s “performance” it is his right and entitlement to impose anybody he likes on the state as governor. But Akpabio was elected to build infrastructure. He was not elected to nominate or appoint his successor in the same way he appoints his commissioners or nominates persons for appointment as ministers. Akpabio should allow the people of Akwa Ibom State to exercise their right to choose the person they want as governor no matter where there person comes from. Those who want the next Governor to come from Eket Senatorial District will reflect their choice in the way the they would vote. Those who want to vote on the basis of other considerations should also be allowed to do so. The people do not need Akpabio to teach them how to vote. Governor is threatening and harassing all those who do not support his plan to manipulate the political process through the exclusion of popular candidates under the guise of zoning. No other governor in Nigeria is doing what Governor Akpabio is doing. His actions constitute an affront to the authority of the National Chairman of the PDP who directed that that primaries at all levee should be open, free and fair.
Elder Enefiok Ekefre, Founding Chairman, PDP,
Uyo Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State.

Culled From Nation Newspaper

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