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How Can Akpabio Blame Unemployment in Akwa Ibom On Thompson Essien?

16 Apr

“…he chose to talk about Thompson Essien, as if Thompson Essien is the problem of Akwa Ibom State.”


Governor Akpabio.

I saw your remark above and I chuckled. At least, Clement Ikpatt reportedly travelled from United States to Akwa Ibom to talk about you. Compare that to his boss, Gov. Akpabio traveling to UK to talk about you and you still believe that you are not the problem of Akwa Ibom! Are you kidding?

Listen to this, the date was Saturday, July 31, 2010 and the venue was somewhere in London, where the Mboho Akwa Ibom in UK and Ireland held its first ever Convention. I was invited and I delivered the Keynote Speech. I needed to mention this because sometime ago, I read where one of those Akpabio sycophants mentioned in his post the reason for my being at that event.

However, of the gang who came with Gov. Akpabio to attend the event, most of them who mounted the podium were preoccupied with “Ibom forum” because they had nothing better to say.  Back then Ibom forum was, indeed, seen as Akpabio’s problem. By implication, I was the problem because I created the “monster”. So they needed to give it to me right on my face. I thought I was going to be lynched. Then I realized that we were in Great Britain, not Akwa Ibom State!

However, following these epilogues by the “disciples”, Akpabio himself mounted the podium. He talked about his meeting with Gov. Lyel Imoke of Cross River the previous two weeks. He said their discussion centered on the creation of Akwa Ibom State out of the former Cross River. And that they went into the assets and liabilities that were split between the two states following the state creation. That they talked about the immovable assets such as the Calabar Stadium, College of Technology, etc. Then they went into the moveable assets that were relocated or sent to Akwa Ibom. He said he told Gov. Imoke that he would like to return some of the moveable assets like Thompson Essien who had become a liability back to Cross River State! Of course he received a deafening applause from the audience for this comical speech as usual. I would never imagine that a state governor would travel thousands of miles away in overseas to talk about a citizen of his state in this manner, even if it was intended to be a joke. There is time and space (or time and a place) for everything. Do you still believe you are not Akwa Ibom’s problem.

Akpabio has had numerous occasions he could have used to better the lot of Akwa Ibomites. He squandered them all. I might not have been a fan of Gov. Attah. But here is what most of you might not have known. On his first visit to USA in August 2000, Gov. Attah in Houston, Texas had a closed door meeting with few Akwa Ibom top business men. He charged them to come up with business to be cited in Akwa Ibom State. Following this meeting, two industries were to be established in Akwa ibom, one was Amakpe Refinery and the other was Long Span Roofing Sheet to be set up by another individual who attended that closed door meeting. We know what happened to Amakpe Refinery. The other was not even as lucky as Amakpe.

Now back to job creation, how about those Akpabio’s PAs? Are those not jobs? The fact is that Akpabio and his gang came in to scam the citizens. And they are very good at it. It is well documented that Akwa Ibom is among the states with the highest unemployment and yet it receives the highest revenue allocation in the country. Its allocation cannot even be compared to that of Cross River State. Here in USA, there are zillions of “Mom and Pop” industries that can be set up UNDER $1 million dollars. Dozen or scores of these could’ve littered the state, thereby putting food on the table for hundreds of thousands of indigenes.

About four years ago, in addition to the promise of setting up 31 industries in all the local governments, Gov. Akpabio perhaps in a move to calm the tamper at Eket following his bravado on Amakpe refinery, made one of those empty promises to establish a bigger refinery at Eket. I’m sure someone can dig up the press publication of this speech that took place at the QIC Prim. School ground at Usung Inyang, Eket. Talking about jobs? What jobs?

It was during last year’s omega floods at Uyo that we read of Akpabio accusing his political enemies of sabotage. Sabotage of causing the rain, or the flood, or the “1st Ever Drainage system” not functioning? How low can someone go? This was perhaps a desperate move to divert attention from billions squandered in this project in what he continues to boast as the most modern underground drainage system in Africa! Akpabio fails to let the people know that this was just another in the endless list of scams the people have been subjected to throughout his tenure. Has anyone seen the report of the investigating Committee he sets up on the flood sabotage? May be the Committee will also investigate this year’s flood as well. Hopefully, another investigating committee will be set up to see why the E-library is not performing as intended or the billions squandered in Tropicana.

Steps to Safeguard Our Future


Here is the point I need to stress. It has been made before and should be made again. It is extremely difficult to wrestle a gun from the hand of an armed robber who invades your house in the midnight. It is not an advisable thing to do. Rather, do the following: Install surveillance cameras in and out of your house (at least, the one that can operate with stored dry cell batteries). Install high fence and heavy duty doors and gate. Set up alarm system or siren in your house to alert your neighbors and possibly the entire city.

Above scenario is what is needed for the future government. Too many things are lacking in the current political system. As at this moment, Gov. Akpabio is like an armed robber who is already in the house. He is armed to the teeth. There is nothing the occupants can do. If you doubt me, try it. He knows he has barely a year left. But he also knows that he is not home free. This is why he is becoming very frantic. The recent so-called Town Hall Meeting is one of his moves. Akwa Ibomites coming together to put SAFEGUARDS and CONSEQUENCE in place is the PARAMOUNT, not a gubernatorial candidate who could come from Jericho!


Dr. Tom Mbeke-Ekanem, REA
Author, Beyond the Execution –
Understanding the Ethnic and Military Politics in Nigeria
Los Angeles, California
Tel: (951) 640-0737

Call To Ban Helen Ukpabio Escalates in UK

16 Apr

Popular woman of God and movie actress cum producer, Lady Apostle Helen Ukpabio, has been described as being a danger to children and may be banned from entering the United Kingdom if their media have their way.

Apostle Helen Ukpabio may be banned from entering Britain

The Founder and General Overseer of Liberty Gospel Church who is renowned witch hunter has been at logger heads with the Akwa Ibom State government since she began her campaign of catching alleged child witches.

The government had accused her of torturing, maiming and even causing the death of some children in the event of forcing them to confess to being witches and wizards.

 She was once reported as saying;

If a child under the age of two screams in the night, cries and is always feverish with deteriorating health, he or she is a servant of Satan.

This statement of hers has made many to see her as an enemy of children and the British press are against her negative believes about children which they see as being detrimental to them.

The Independent newspaper in the UK wrote this about her:

The Home Secretary Theresa May, is being urged to step in to prevent a Nigerian “witch hunter” returning to the UK after she flew in to preach to congregations in London.

Lady Apostle Helen Ukpabio, founder of the controversial Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries, is believed to still be in the capital after addressing three gatherings last week.

The Pentecostal preacher claims to have been betrothed to Satan as a teenager before being rescued from a cult at the age of 17. She now specialises in liberating captives in “deliverance sessions” that critics claim are little more than crude exorcisms.

Among her advice to parents is the suggestion: “If a child under the age of two screams in the night, cries and is always feverish with deteriorating health, he or she is a servant of Satan.”

Campaigners say such beliefs, prevalent in some parts of the developing world, can put children’s safety at risk. They have written to Ms May to urge that the pastor be banned from the UK after the current tour.

It is important that the UK authorities send a message to the world that branding children, or anyone, as a witch, is beyond the pale.

Lady Apostle Ukpabio has been in the forefront of hunting for witches in her native Akwa Ibom and her target happens to belittle children and sometime, frail old men and women.

She has also been fingered in the torturing of these helpless kids so as to make them confess to being witches.

Most of her movies have been on the activities of witches and wizards operating and causing limitations in people’s lives.

Do you think the British press is justified in wanting her banned from entering their country?

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