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In Defence of Oshiomole

30 Nov

BY Ani Michael

Image“Go and die” as said by Comrade Gov.Adams Oshiomole to a ‘widow’ is now an anthem.The righteous are demanding and wishing the Comrade Governor be stoned to death. 
As a fan of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole,having seen him as a man with a simple heart who realizes the gravity of his provoked annoyance and has the will-power to say sorry and apologized after a perceived wrong,shows that he is human. Personally,I see no wrong on the part of the Governor.Citizens need to be responsible and adhered to all laws made by government.Roadside trading do caused accident and many resulted in untimely death.
Being a widow isn’t a license to lawlessness.In decent and organized societies,law breakers domicle is prison.Sentiment and unnecessary political glory can’t score points in justice.What killed her husband in the first place?She might be the one,who knows?The greed of women killing their husbands to become ‘landladies’ are very rampant in recent times.And what ‘ll happen if millions of widows in Nigeria decide to trade on our roads?
However,I am happy that she didn’t ‘go and die’.I am happy our party gave her #250,000.But the authorities has obligation to stop wanton killing of innocent Nigerians in the northern part of Nigeria and many other places in the country,as hundreds of Nigerians are dying everyday even without the marching order to ‘go and die’.
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