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Why Argentina Is One Of The Worst #RacistNations

21 Jun

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As I watched the Argentina and Iceland match today and wondered why there were no black players in the Argentinean team when other South American teams had black or biracial players, I remembered a conversation I had last year.

It was while I was on a cruise from Florida to the Grand Cayman Islands in the Caribbean.

Between an Argentinean doctor and myself, who had walked up to me during lunch one day and struck up a conversation with me.

There was no hiding the attraction.

We had bonded much to the chagrin of her three Argentinean friends.

On the deck of the ship that day, she kept going on about how she loves black men and looks forward to traveling so she can meet them.

I asked her.Image may contain: 1 person

“Don’t you have black people in Argentina?”

She said with a matter of fact candour.

“No. Long time ago, after slavery, we killed them all.”

I was taken aback.

She smiled.

And continued.

“Very bad. I am ashamed of my people. It was very systematic though. Very well thought out. First they forced most of the men to fight for Argentina against Paraguay. They knowingly sent them into battles that were poorly planned so that the Paraguay army will do for them what they couldn’t themselves do. Kill the blacks. Most of them died there. The remaining of them they forced to live in this province were there was a plague. A disease that the government refused to curb so that it can also do for them what they couldn’t do. Kill the blacks. The refused to set up hospitals, clinics, adequate shelter, food outlets, nothing. They created the best environment for the disease to thrive. It killed the rest of the men that had survived the war. The darker you are, the higher the chance they will send you to that place to live or to the war to die. The lighter skinned women they forced them to sleep with the white men, so that their children are biracial, then they forced the children when they grew older to sleep with white men, so that the blackness of the skin of the children became whiter and whiter until there was no longer any visibly black people seen. It was so bad that blacks fled to Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and even Paraquay where they were better treated even though not as well as they should be treated as human beings deserving full equality. Atleast those ones did not want to kill them and accepted to give them protection and a means of livelihood. As a matter of fact in Chile, there was a city called Arica where Black people were so accepted and respected that in the 1700s two black free man, one called Anzuréz were elected mayors. But the white colonial masters from Spain came six months later and nullified the elections, they were afraid of other cities giving black people too many rights. But the blacks who had found succour did not complain, they sent word for others to flee Argentina and come join them. Afterall what was cancelled elections compared to certain death?”

Then she went silent as though trying to replay the magnitude of the crime in her mind again. Then she said it in a sombre tone in order to drive it home to me.

“The ones the Argentineans did not kill through war or disease, and rape and impregnate, fled the country and ultimately we got rid of the blacks.”

I listened in rising sorrow.

She continued academically.

“So although they abolished slavery in 1815 in Argentina, it continued until 1853, after that the main preoccupation of the leaders was how to get rid of the black slaves and their descendants. Our president who ruled us from 1868 to 1874, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, wrote in his diary in 1848, this was long before he became president and slavery ended that – ‘In the United States… 4 million are black, and within 20 years will be 8 million…. What is to be done with such blacks, hated by the white race?’ – It shows that he was already thinking of how to eliminate black people before he became President and when he became President, he succeeded.”

“Didn’t the world say anything?”

“No. They ignored it. I am sure most of them wanted to do the same thing but failed. At that time, they admired them. I remember when I will go to Brazil as a child, my father’s friend will say in disgust as he looked at the black Brazilians – we should have had your guts and finished them off. All of them. Make Brazil white just like Argentina.”

“And the Europeans?”

She laughed.

“It is an open secret, just like King Leopold and his genocide in Congo. No one talks about it, but they know about it. Atleast the older ones do. The younger ones not so much. Why do you think all the Nazis ran to Argentina after World War 2?”

I was silent.

She continued.

“Because it was the perfect place for the most evil racists in history to live.”

Then she looked out to the infinitely blue sea around the ship and sighed audibly before she continued.

” Sadly, to some extent, it still is welcoming and accomodating of racial hatred. We took the Tango from the African slaves and made it our own. In Argentina, not one person will tell you the true history of that dance. They don’t want to associate it with Africa. In fact if you ask them about black people in Argentina they will tell you that there has never been black people in Argentina. They teach them in schools. They rewrite the history. They make it all white. And as I said it is all underneath the surface. They never come out and say we hate black people. Argentina is only for whites or anything like that. They have just fixed the country to only be for white people.”

I looked at her friends, Argentineans like her, who were lounging on the chairs on the deck, clad in their tiny bikinis, drinking pina coladas and smiling.

She followed my gaze and then turned to me.

“Don’t be fooled by all those smiles, scratch the surface and you will see that all they want is for you to disappear.”


I watched the Argentina and Iceland match today and wondered why there were no black players in the Argentinean team when other South American teams had black or biracial players, I remembered a conversation I had last year.

Dynamics of Domination: 6 Steps Arabs and Europeans Used to Establish Dominion Over Black People

12 Dec

White domination 1
To dominate a people requires the exercise of power over their consciousness and Europeans and Arabs who have sought to control African people have made the dominion over Black minds their major objective. It has been the successful path to prosperity and power for oppressive nations for several centuries, with no significant changes to date. The consequence has been the creative power of 1 billion people of African descent directed primarily toward advancing the interests of Caucasian people.

For the physical enslavement and domination of African people by Arabs and Europeans to last as long as it did, there had to be a correlating enslavement of the minds of Black people, according to the late Asa G. Hilliard III (August 22, 1933 – August 13, 2007), an African-American professor of educational psychology who worked on indigenous ancient African history (ancient Egyptian), culture, education and society.

Hilliard argued that to establish mental slavery, the oppressors used a six-step process that he called “the dynamics of domination.” These are the practices that Europeans and Arabs engaged to conquer the continent of Africa and enslave and colonize African people for several centuries.

Hilliard further argues that to liberate ourselves from foreign domination, Black people must recapture, re-institute and practice our native culture prior to the Arab and European invasion of Africa as the basis for creating a new reality.

The following are the six steps in the dynamics of domination.
White domination 2

1. Erase the Historical Narrative of African People

The act of erasing the historical memory of African people, according to Hilliard, was a psychological military operation that when completed disabled Black people psychologically as a group. This disabling act prevented African people from being able to properly filter, interpret and respond to social, political and cultural stimuli in the interests of their own culture . After this step in the process is completed, African people are effectively dispossessed of their own cultural narrative.

As was reported previously on Atlanta Black Star: “Without a coherent personal narrative, it is hard to find our footing in the world. Maryland psychologist May Benatar, Ph.D., says a surprising number of people actually don’t have a coherent story, something that hangs together, makes sense and has some internal consistency to it. The story may have large, important chunks missing or the narrative is fragmented and chaotic.”

2. Suppress the Practice of African Culture – Destroy group unity
White domination 3
By suppressing the practice of African culture, Europeans and Arabs prevented Africans from building and maintaining cultural institutions that would enable group unity, which then engenders economic and political power.

As a result of the discontinuation of the practice of African culture, despite having trillions of dollars in buying power and raw material resources, Black people around the world have been unable to unify and wield the necessary economic and political power to shape the world toward their natural benefit as a group.
3. Teach White Supremacy – Install the oppressors’ narrative

After the historical memory of the African population has been erased and replaced with a white supremacy narrative, the African population is placed in a position where it begins to reject its own image and becomes less African in conscious behavior.
White domination 4
African people who have been victimized by these processes tend to identify themselves primarily with European and Arab cultural institutions in religion, language, nation state, etc. These behaviors are passed down to their descendants, even though they may not have experienced actual physical oppression.

Amos Wilson (1941 – 1995) author and professor of psychology, said white supremacy myths continue to alter the consciousness of Black people today by giving us fabricated data: false history, false knowledge and false narratives. Therefore, our ability to think and act in our own interests has been impaired because we have become confused about what knowledge is, who it belongs to, and how it should be used.
White domination 5
4. Control the Institutions of Socialization – preventing African people from re-learning, teaching and practicing their own culture and cultural narrative

Since culture plays the role of gluing a group of people together, for the oppressors to maintain control over Black people they had to separate them from their own culture, Hilliard said.

In doing so, the European and the Arab were able to prevent group unity among enslaved or colonized Africans. This act weakened the African population and made them more controllable.

Chinweizu , author of “The West and the Rest of Us: White Predators, Black Slavers, and the African Elite,” wrote: “The central objective in decolonizing the African mind is to overthrow the authority that alien traditions exercise over the African. This demands the dismantling of white supremacist beliefs, and the structures which uphold them, in every area of African life. It must be stressed, however, that decolonization does not mean ignorance of foreign traditions; it simply means denial of their authority and withdrawal of allegiance from them.”
White domination 6

5. Control of Wealth – Prevent Black people from controlling the economic resources necessary to finance their own development

By controlling the natural resources and means of production, Europeans, Arabs and now Chinese are able extract the benefits of what would naturally be African people’s wealth. Black people are therefore unable to use their resources to build institutions and organizations that would develop and protect their interests at home and abroad. This relationship with non-Africans keeps the African population in a perpetual dependent role of beggar and borrower.

Today a new scramble for Africa marks the beginning of the latest chapter in the plunder of the continent. The United States, Europe, China and others are seeking to consolidate their grip on Africa’s oil, its minerals, and other resources, all worth more every day because of a massive boom in the price of oil and raw materials. Like earlier ventures, the new rush for Africa is not only about profits, but also control of strategic resources.

6.Physical Segregation – Prevent Black people from gaining access to developmental resources otherwise made available to the oppressors’ group

In societies where the oppressor lived in relatively close proximity with the African population, strategies were created to prevent the Black population from gaining access to the same quality of institutional benefits.

Racial segregation is generally outlawed today in most nations, however the practice still exists through social norms, even when there is no strong individual preference for it. Segregation is maintained today by means ranging from discrimination in school zoning and hiring, in the rental and sale of housing to certain races, to vigilante violence.

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