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CRARN Lauds Governor Udom Emmanuel Over Support for Street Children

10 May

A charity organization in Eket, Nigeria, the Child’s Right and Rehabilitation Network (CRARN) has commended the Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, for donating food and other items to the street and abandoned Children taking refuge at CRARN Children Centre in Eket.


Gov. Udom of Akwa Ibom State.
The commendation is contained in a release, jointly signed by the CRARN’s president and founder, Mr. Sam Ikpe – Itauma and its attorney, Pastor/Barrister Pius Madaki. The charity group said the governor’s donation was a big relief to the organization as it will go a long way in enhancing the nutrition value, well-being, and education of the children.


Sam Itauma, President & Founder of CRARN
The release further said the children and the organization’s management were greatly delighted to see the delegation of the governor who came last week, offered prayers to the children, and delivered a message of hope from the governor.
“The governor’s gesture is no doubt a tremendous relief for the organization as we believe it will boost the children’s health, their feeding system, and education…” the charity group said.


Barrister Pius Madaki, CRARN’s Attorney
The group pledged its commitment to continue to partner with the Akwa Ibom State government in carrying out the educational campaign in the state to reduce the rate of children stigmatization and abandonments. It said enlightenment campaign, as well as advocacy, was a panacea to curtailing the menace.
The release acknowledged Governor Udom’s effort aimed at reducing poverty through industrialization, opening and tarring of new roads, and called on the governor not to relent his effort in this direction



Udom Emmanuel Still The Puppet Master

30 Jun
By Clayton Udoh
Dear Essien Ndueso,
                          A lot of people went through what I wrote . The fact of the matter is that I have received a lot of very positive reviews from people based on this. In the past I would become highly agitated by your failure to understand. However, we are familiar with you and we know how you interpret stuff. Those who got the point did. If you didn’t that’s just too bad. In your attempts to lash out you need to really review how you use words. Castigate?
You may be in denial but we know, minus greed,what the state of affair is for so many people out there. It is beyond you or me or big words like “Castigate”.
Not everybody is a big shot like you ” Personal Assistant to the King in Media” . A lot of us are hardworking people with a clear view of the condition in which the masses exist in.  

Clayton Udoh.

My friend, my views are not something we need to argue about . I am entitled to them . 
Just like your argument that the SSG is so qualified that there should be no elections and he should just be given the office of the Governor of Akwa Abasi Ibom State ,so do I also bring forward my ridiculous statement (in your opinion), that Albert Bassey suffered to get clean running water like the rest of us and others do, till this day in the state . I wrote stupid stuff like he understands how unemployment can be like, especially in times when there was no Internet to use and praise your way into a job (if you know what I mean) . I understand how ridiculous it is when I say that Udom cannot connect with the people like Albert Bassey. I understand how my admiration of Albert Bassey is ridiculous to you . I wrote stupid stuff like he didn’t have a generator once like most of you do to augment the failure of Ibom Power Plant to ever supply electric power to the masses . I also understand your argument that  anybody who is sane should follow “My Leader” and the SSG blindly. 
However ,Essien Ndueso in my ridiculous state of mind,there is a love for Akwa Abasi Ibom state that I have that transcends all possible scenarios you will ever imagine and that includes my distaste for the “leader” installing a Puppetmaster/Stooge for the benefits of the likes of you. 
I am rather interested in a clean democratic process being established that is devoid of any kind of dynasty like we see in highly retrogressive societies. The people of Akwa Ibom State in my opinion are greater than you and the SSG and “The Leader” combined and in my opinion their silence does not mean they are living to their full potential . 
Udom Emmanuel may be busy pushing forward the ” Machineries of government” but the masses will determine if that’s the truth or not  and not a man like you who lives in a bubble of praise and worship. 
Let’s get one thing right ,as an Akwa Ibom son (which you gladly identified me as) my primary duty is to ensure that all candidates will be vetted completely and that Udom Emmanuel will be thoroughly scrutinized before he is allowed to dance into the Hilltop mansion. This is very essential in this day and age,in which your friends (Godswill Akpabio) have assassinated,imprisoned and driven into exile all the people who would have something tangible to say about this candidate and the main populace cowers in fear of of following their conscience. That you identify such scrutiny and true analysis of this individual as bringing him down is regrettable.
We have enough time to bring more information about Albert Bassey,as you in subsequent days will have time to go after every person that will question the candidature of Udom Emmanuel. 
In the mean time remain blessed.
Clayton Udoh 

2015: Akpabio’s Exco Endorsement: The Humiliation of Udom Emmanuel

3 Mar

2015: Akpabio’s Exco Endorsement: The Humiliation of Udom Emmanuel

The much hyped Akpabio’s support for his SSG, Mr. Udom Emmanuel suffered a major setback on Monday, February 24, 2015 when Akpabio’s bid to rubber stamp his anointing in the State Exco hit the rock. A very dependable source in the state executive council told Weekend Insight that the governor had in a well rehearsed action plan, prompted Mr. Don Etim, his commissioner for Works to arrange for the cabinet to make a formal endorsement of Udom as the sole candidate of his government for the position.
The state Executive Council after their deliberations settled for three, instead of the preferred wholesale endorsement for Udom. The three that scaled the huddle include Udom Emmanuel, Effiong Abia and Ekpenyong Ntekim. All the commissioners and Special Advisers to the Governor signed the endorsement document, with the exception of Mr. Bassey Albert, the commissioner for Finance, said to be also interested in the governorship position. Our source said that Mr. Bassey Albert Akpan failed to make it to the venue of the meeting, thus ensuring that he withstood the likely pressure on him to endorse the document.
Soon after the idea of endorsement leaked to members, those not in support of the SSG were said to have gone to work to scuttle the arrangement. Cashing in on the rift between Akpabio’s relation, Mr. Emem Akpabio and the SSG, those opposed to Udom made a frantic effort to align with Emem Akpabio, who moved swiftly.
Major Annang leaders, especially the traditional institutions were contacted and they came up with the reason why an Ibibio would not be the right choice at the moment. The leadership of Ati-Annang, Nto Afe Annang, were mobilized to pile pressure on the governor to ensure that an Oron Man emerges. They cautioned Akpabio on the need to ensure that the Annang ethnic group moves as a block to support an Oron in the collective interest of the minorities in the state. They insisted that an Ibibio would not ensure the type of equity that is being propagated at the moment, adding that their best interest would be served by an Oron candidature, which would ensure that all the major ethnic groups in the state had tasted power. They reasoned further that a minority rule would further ensure that ethnic equality is maintained in the state, which would in turn ensure that when next power moves back to Ikot Ekpene, there would be no agitation for the Ibibios of Ikono/Ini to upstage them.
Their argument sounded good to an Akpabio that was already confused on the growing discontent about the marketability of Udom Emmanuel, whom many consider as an outsider in the political scene.
Our source pointed out that the resolve of the governor on Udom had been weakened over time. He noted that despite the attempt of the SSG to put words into the mouth of Akpabio at his thanksgiving service at ONNA when the governor was about to make his speech, the governor took his time to evade the prompt. He said that Akpabio was merely reacting to the unfavourable repot coming from the field among those already appointed to sell the SSG in the various local government areas.
Our source, who craved for anonymity equally drew Weekend Insight’s attention to the recent PDP award ceremony in Ukana, where it took the crowd shouting for Udom to make his speech, before the SSG was recognized to speak. He said that the Akpabio Family had already lost interest in Udom, and that accounted for the cold war between the man and Sir Emem Akpabio. He further revealed that Udom himself was already getting fed up with the whole political play. He was said to have complained to close associates of the amount of money already being spent on the project, without the promised assistance from the state.
Akpabio’s latest move has continued to generate interest in the polity. Some question the propriety of cabinet members signing endorsement for people still serving in government, when last year the governor told the world that he sacked his former SSG because “he was defending the constitution” against declaration by serving cabinet members.

E.X.P.O.S.ED! 2015 Election: Udom Takes Fetish Oath (Mbiam) To Protect Akpabio After Exit

15 Feb

By Usen Anietie.

Udom Emmanuel in a cult regalia ready to take a fetish oath (mbiam)

Udom Emmanuel in a cult regalia ready to take a fetish oath (mbiam)

Report has emerged that the Secretary to the Akwa Ibom State Government, Mr Udom Emmanuel was last week forced to take a local fetish oath known as mbiam to protect the Akwa Ibom State governor Chief Godswill Akpabio  from  prosecution, ranging from money laundry, political murders and abduction after his exit in May 29, 2015. The oath which was allegedly administered in Akpabio’s country home, Ukana in Essien Udom Local Government Area.

One of the witnesses who preferred anonymity said the ritual which took place in night inside Akpabio’s compound was witnessed by few members of the governor’s loyalist. “Of course, you know that the governor is hell-bent on installing someone whom he can trust and such trust must come from oath-taking. It is not a new issue. It is common with politicians not only in this state; such should not surprise you.” The witness said.

He revealed that the chief priest who administered the oath was brought from another state and his face was painted with charcoal and wore red garment may be to conceal his identity to avoid anyone to contact him thereafter.   He added that not only the SSG alone was given the oath; other five cabinet members equally took the oath with pledge of allegiance to support the SSG for gubernatorial seat. And that there was a concoction which went round for all who pledged the loyalty of working to ensure that the SSG becomes the governor. The concoction was a mixture of human blood, olive oil, raw animal parts and other things that do not worth for print.

The source maintained the main reason for administering the oath was based on the premise that Akpabio is scared of any judicial commission which might be set up to investigate the high scale of fraud, political assassination and kidnapping which Akpabio’s government has gained notoriety for. He expressed fear that the political killings and kidnapping which preceded the Akwa Ibom State general election in 2011 might be re-enacted to scare any opposing force against Akpabio wish.

“You see, the governor is concerned that after his departure, some of his for aids may turn to work against his interest. He therefore, wants to ensure that, he keeps someone whom he can trust, control and possibly gives the hands to govern the state by proxy for at least three to four years after his exit. Of course, you know he is desperate about that. That’s why he kicks out any body that he suspects might work strongly against his wish or interest. And don’t be surprised to see the resurgence of political kidnapping and killing taking place in the state again…” The informant ventured.

An Open Letter to the Akwa Ibom SSG, Udom Emmanuel

4 Dec


New Akwa Ibom SSG,  Udom Emmanuel
New Akwa Ibom SSG, Udom Emmanuel

Dear Mr. Secretary: Udom Emmanuel,

This letter could have been sent to you in private, but because issues in this letter matter so much to the people of Akwa Ibom State, I decided to share it with them through the public media.

Before others come to tell you all sorts of stories about me, let me tell you how I feel about Godswill Obot Akpabio. I don’t like Akpabio. I don’t like his attitude and I don’t like his behaviors. A few days ago when I made the mistake to click on a YouTube video and heard the voice of Akpabio delivering a speech, I almost destroyed my computer screen in disgust; that is how much I hate Akpabio.

It is on record that Godswill Akpabio wants you as his successor. Have you ever wondered why Akpabio will forgo all those who have stood by him, work for him, and do all his evil biddings since 2007, to come and settle on you as his choice for the Hilltop Mansion? For years, Bassey Albert Akpan, Barrister Ntekim and many others have helped sustain the criminal activities of Akpabio. Have you stopped one day to ponder why Akpabio does not trust any of such inner members of his cabinet to be his successor?

I am aware that several acquaintances of yours have contacted and pleaded with you to tell Akpabio that you are not interested in succeeding him. But you have waived aside the good advice of those people because it is very likely that you are just as power-hungry as Godswill Akpabio. That may be the reason you fail to read the handwriting on the wall which indicates that Akpabio is trying to use you to accomplish his heinous goals and objectives.

Let me tell you something; Godswill Akpabio does not give a damn about you. He wants to exploit you to his advantage and after he knows that you are no longer useful to him, he will discard you like sacks of potatoes and will definitely make sure that your career is ruined and your future destroyed, because that is who Akpabio is.

Akpabio may pat you on the back and call you “my brother” in front of everyone. In reality, he is laying down the invisible bombs that will, sooner or later, detonate on your face. There is nothing you will do for Akpabio that other well-intentioned Akwa people did not do.

I don’t need to go into details here; what will you do for Akpabio that Senator John Udoedehe did not do? What will you do for Akpabio that Obong Victor Attah did not do? What are you going to do for Akpabio that Ime Umana did not do? And how much money are you going to give Akpabio that Umana Okon Umana (aka Bullion Van) did not donate towards his gubernatorial election in 2007?

Here is the question; where are all these men now and what are their relationships with Akpabio today?

The purpose of this letter is to recommend that you reject the offer made to you by Akpabio to succeed him. First of all, you will never win the election and Akpabio knows it. There is opposition against you, much more than you know or are willing to admit. No member of Akpabio’s inner circle will support you. You may not know that behind you, members of his inner circles are putting pressure on Akpabio to drop you. Chief amongst those that are wedging a stiff opposition and pressuring Akpabio to let go of you is Bassey Albert Akpan because he feels grossed that Akpabio has gone out to bring in an outsider to fill the office in which people like Bassey Albert believes strongly that it belongs to them. It will not take long before Akpabio succumbs to the pressure being exerted on him by his advisers.

I do not know you, other than what I have read on the media. But nearly everyone I have spoken with tends to say good things about you. No matter how nice they say you are, Akwa Ibom people do not want you as their governor. Perhaps if you had come out to contest on your own, there might have been a possibility for you to win, but because you are being fronted by Akpabio, the people will definitely reject you. They will reject you because Akpabio is the most hated man in Akwa Ibom State; therefore, anything from him, of him, by him, and about him will be rejected by the people.

Ibibio people don’t want you. Ekid people don’t want you. Oro nation don’t want you. The Annangs don’t want you. No interest group in Akwa Ibom State is willing to support you as their next governor. They are asking where you were hiding when Akpabio was busy killing their fathers, their brothers, sisters, cousins, and uncles. They are asking where you hid your voice of condemnation against the assassination of Edidem James Obot, Mamma Udonwa, Chief Paul Inyang, and Barrister Udonwa—to name only a few.

Sir, at your convenience, please scroll down to the bottom of this letter and at least casually scan through the list of some of the victims of Godswill Akpabio since he was (s)elected as the governor of Akwa Ibom State in 2007.

By looking at the list, you may be able to understand why Akwa Ibom people do not want you or anyone who will be fronted by Akpabio. By selecting you to succeed him, many people are afraid that you will do to them exactly what Akpabio did, especially when, in one of your recent speeches, you mentioned that if elected, you will continue the “good work” of Akpabio; the thought of only those two words alone is in itself very scary!

I could have written more, but I did not want to belabor my readers with a lengthy letter. But let me reiterate what I wrote above; do not accept the offer to you by Akpabio to succeed him. It will never happen and Akpabio will end up destroying you.

Finally, here are some words of wisdom (not religion); “
The way of a fool seems right to him, but a wise man listens to advice. A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult.” Proverbs 12:15-16 (NIV).

GODSWILL OBOT AKPABIO: Governor of Akwa Ibom State
NAMES OF KIDNAPPED VICTIMS IN AKWA IBOM STATE: Names No. Year/ month–Not in Alphabetical Order:
1) Abel Daminas children (2) 2008
2) Mr. Ubong Obot (1) 2008 (Ibibio)
3) Mr. Mustag Obot (1) 2009 (Ibibio)
4)Senator Aloysius’ wife (1) 2009 (Ibibio)
5)Chief Nelson Effiong (1) feb. 2009 (okobo)
6)Ita Enyong- Entaco (1) 2009 (ibibio)
7) Apostle Uwa (1) 2009 (ibibio)
8)Nse Ntuen (1) 2009 (Ibibio)
9)Aniefon Aniedi Abasi (1) feb. 2009 (Annang)
10)Mrs. Iniobong Ekpenyong (1) 2009 (Ibibio)
11) Pa. Kevin Edet (1) 2009 (Ibibio)
12)Mrs. Michael Bush (1) 2009 (Ibibio)
13)HOP, Nsit Ubium (1) 2009 (Ibibio)
14)Opulopm Ettes’ Wife (1) 2009 (Ibibio)
15)Russians (2) 2009 (Expatriate)
16)Russian Employees (6) June 3,2007
17)Stemco Staff (6) 2008 (Expatriate)
18)Uwemedimo Archibong (1) feb.2009 (Ibibio)
19)Mrs. Adrina Uko (1) 2009 (Ibibio)
20) Mrs. Anne Enoidem (1) 2009 (Ibibio)
21)Dr. Owen R. Owen (1) June 2009
22)Mrs. Jumbo (1) June 2009 (Ibibio)
23)Pastor Akan Weeks (1) 2009 (Ibibio)
24)Awak Treasurer, o/Akara (1) 2008 (Ibibio)
25)Mr. Ikpe Ukpe (1) 2008 (Ibibio)
26)Mr. Clement Uwemedimo (1) July, 2009 (Ibibio)
27)Mr. Fiokedu Okorie (1) July 2009
28)Miss Edikan Okon Ufot (1) July, 2009 (Ibibio)
29)Daughter of Okon Usoro (1) July, 2009 (Ibibio)
30)Expatraites’Wife(abducted toNturukpum) (1) Mar. 2009
31)Mr. Eseme Essien (1) Sept. 2009 (Ibibio)
32)Eld. Nse Ikpe (1) Sept. 2009 (Ibibio)
33)Jackie Jay (1) Sept. 2009 (Annang)
34)Ediomo Udoko (1) Sept. 2009 (Ibibio)
35)Iniobong Sunny Jackson (1) Sept. 2009 (Ibibio)
36)Adiaha Eka Sunny IBANGA (1) Sept. 2009 (Ibibio)
37)Pst. Jonah Solomon Akpan (1) Oct. 2009 (Ibibio)
38) Mrs. Eshiet –Etinan (1) Nov. 2009 (Ibibio)
39)Mrs. Sunny Daniel (1) Nov. 2009 (Ibibio)
40) Bishop C.O Akpan (1)Dec. 2,2009\ (Ibibio)
41)Mr. Usen –manager, UBA (1) Dec. 2009 (Ibibio)
42)Hon. Hogan Ita (1) 2009 (Ibibio)
43)Mr. Michael Nkono (1) Oct. 2009 (Ibibio)
44)Mrs. Michael Nkono (1) Oct. 2009 (Ibibio)
45)Dr. Uwem Umoh (1) Nov. 2009 (Ibibio)
46)Chief Inyang Eno (1) 2009 (Ibibio)
47)Gen. Edet Akpan (1) Jan.31,2010 (Ibibio)
48) Hon. Mike Dan (Itu) (1) Jan.2010 (Ibibio)
49)Miss. Edikan Udo (1) 2009 (Ibibio)
50) Mr. Ita Onyong (1) 2010 (Ibibio)
51)Mr. John Akpan (1) 2010 (Ibibio)
52)Mr. Okon Mkpong (1)2010 (Ibibio)
53)Paramount Ruler –Okobo (1) 2010 (okobo)
54)Prof. Akaninyene Mendie (1) 2010
55)Chief Obosi- clan head InI LGA (1) 2010 (Ibibio)
56)Prophetess Mercy Inyang (1) 2010 (Ibibio)
57)Prophetess Mercy Effiong (1) 2010 (Ibibio)
58) Mrs. Elizabeth Philip (1) 2010 (Ibibio)
59)Mrs. Godwin Udoaka 1st Bank (1) 2010 (Ibibio)
60) Mrs. Godwin Bassey Eton (1) 2010 (Ibibio)
61)Prof. Imo Ukpong (1) 2010 (Ibibio)
62)Dr. Austin Edet (1) 2010 ( Ibibio)
63)Chief Emmanuel Ntukidem (1) 2010 (Ibibio)
64)Mr. Samuel Inyang-PDP Ini LGA (1) 2010 (Ibibio)
65)83 yr. old retired civil servant, Mbiabong Ikpe Annang (1) 2010 (Annang)
66)Mrs. Rosey Jack Udota (1) 2010 (Ibibio)
67)Joel Francis- Governors’ driver (1) 2010
68) Anthony Akpanobong (1) 2010 (Ibibio)
69)Barr. Archibong’s wife (1) 2010 (Ibibio)
70) Stemco employees (4) May 5 2010
71)Rev. Ntia I Ntia (1) 2010 (Ibibio)
72)Deacon Sandy NtuenUbok (1) 2010 (Ibibio)
73)Rev. Ime Iyire (1) 2010 (Ibibio)
74)A female church member of Imeh Uyire (1) 2010 (Ibibio)
75)Mrs. Iwakeowo Bassey Essien (1) 2010 (Ibibio)
76)Obong Mike Ene (1) 2009 (Ibibio)
77)Mr. Essien Ewoh (1) 2008 (Ibibio)
78) Late Ntia’s Children (2) 2010 (Ibibio)
79)Dr. Uwah (1) July 2010 (Ibibio)
80) Mrs Comfort Enwang—Sept.2010 (Ibibio)
81)Mrs. Lydia Tom Bush –SEPT.2010
82) Mr Enwang’s Personal Assistant— Oct.2010
83) Mr Enwang’s Driver—Oct.2010
84) Mr Mike Eduok —Sept.2010 (Ibibio)
85) Imeh Ekpo (July 2010) (Ibibio)
86) Nsifre Andrew (August 2010)
87) Bishop (Pa) Okon Enyong (Ibibio)
88) Rev. Inno Idiong (Annang)-questionable-Jan.3, 2011(may be staged).
89) Dr Memfin Ekpo (Ibibio) – JAN.16, 2011
90) Elizabeth Jerry Emah (Ibibio)
91)Udo Mma Obot (Ibibio)
92)Chairlady of Onna LGA (Ibibio)
93)Proprietor of Eket Polytechnics
94)John Nta (Onwer of Treasury Island) Feb.11 2011 (Ibibio)
95) Pa Etukudo (Ibibio)
96) Dr. Francis Okon (Oron) — 2009
97) Dr. Inyang Ukot (Ibeno) – 2010
98) Dr. Ofonime Johnson — February 2011
99) Professor Amanam A. Uko — (Vice Chancellor of Obong University)–March 2011
100. Chief Mathias Okonta –Chairman Effiat Council of Chiefs— February 2011
101) Felix Ukpe (Ibibio)
102) Sammy of Nsit Atai (Ibibio)

1)Paramount Ruler Etinan, HRM Edidem Ime D. Umoette (Ibibio)
2)Madam Grace James Akpanudoedehe (Ibibio)
3)Mrs. Mfon Kenneth (wife of Etinan council Chairman). (Ibibio)
4)Engrs. Obinna and Bobby, staff of Vich Resources Nig. LTD. (Ibibio)
5)Proprietor, Life care clinic. (Ibibio)
6)Chief Donald Etiebet (Annang)
7)Engr.Iniekong Udonwa (Governorship Aspirant) (Ibibio)


1)Barr. Imo Udonwa (Ibibio)
2 ) Miss Aniefon Aniediabasi
3)Engr. Emmanuel Ekpenyong (Submarine) (Ibibio)
4)Mr Mathias Ekpenyong (Ibibio)
5) Barr. Benjamin Udoekpo (Ibibio)
6)Two women at Qua Iboe Church, Iwok (Ibibio)
7)Dr Austin Edet (Ibibio)
8)Daughter of Paramount Ruler Abak (Annang)
9)Mrs. Marie Ikpe
10) Ezekiel Peter Ebere (Episco) (Ibibio)
11) Chief Paul Inyang (Ibibio)
12) Mrs Philomena Udonwa (Ibibio)
13) Anthony Akpanobong (Ibibio)
14) Mr Daniel John Ekanem- (Ibibio)
15) Mr. Mathew Inyang – driver of Mrs. Tom bush (Ibibio)
16) Police orderly to Mrs. Lydia Bush
17) Dr Akpanudo Feb.2, 2011 (Ibibio)
18) Pastor David Ieunuoluwa (pastor of living faith church ikot ebido )
19) OKU IBOM III, Edidem Robert James Obot Jan.30, 2011 (Ibibio)
20) Miss Faith Asuquo Udo, December 22, 2010


1) Hon. Fabian Ekpenyong (only surviving Ekpenyong brothers) incarcerated for refusing to testify falsely for the government. (Ibibio)
2) Dr. Chris Ekong, accused of killing the Ekpenyong brothers. (Record shows he was in South Africa when the murder took place) (Ibibio)
3) Mr. Davidson Uboh substituted for the real killers of Ekpenyong brothers who were let out of jail. (Ibibio)
4) Mr. Otu Ekong substituted for the real killers of Ekpenyong brothers.
5) Mr. Itoro William substituted for the real killers of the Ekpenyong brothers
6) Chief Ononokpon incarcerated for asking questions of the governor in the media (Oron)
7) Dr. Chris nyong charged with treason but released on bail (Ibibio)
Amb.Sam Edem falsely accused of stealing and charming the governor- acquit¬ted by a judge (Ibibio)
9) Chief Imeh Umanah—Oct.2010 (Annang)
10) Senator John James Udoedehe (Ibibio)


AKWA Ibom Bishops Refuse to Pray For Udom

14 Oct
SSG Udom Emmanuel

SSG Udom Emmanuel

Akwa Ibom Bishops, who were invited to the government house shortly after the solemn assembly organized by Christian Association of Nigeria and the Akwa Ibom state government, during the Akwa Ibom state creation anniversary, turned down a request by the Akwa Ibom state governor, Chief Godswill Obot Akpabio, to pray for the Secretary to the Government of Akwa Ibom state, Mr. Udom Emmanuel as his successor.
One of the Clergy men present at the meeting hinted Weekend Insight that the governor had invited the clergy to the Hiltop Mansion for an after prayer luncheon. He stated that after entertaining the clergy men, the governor invited the SSG, who was present at the lunch to the center of the gathering. He was said to have introduced the SSG to his guests and extolled his qualities and his exploits at the banking sector. He told the men of God that he had “searched far and wide for a worthy successor and have fortunately seen a man that would be able to continue with what God is doing in Akwa Ibom State”.
The governor told the clergy men that he had to listen to the voice of justice and equity against the aspiration of his former SSG and was directed “by God to do justice for God to continue to bless our state”. The governor, we learnt said he had to seek for ways of stopping Umana in a most beneficial manner by nominating him for the position of the Managing Director of the NDDC. He said that after introducing him to the presidency, Umana simply declined and went ahead to declare for the governorship race. He said that at that point, he asked him to resign.
After a long and winding time on the desirability of a man like Udom Emmanuel, the governor was said to have requested the CAN chairman in the state, Bishop Cletus Bassey to pray for the aspiration of Mr. Udom, as that “was the will of God for the state”.
Weekend Insight learnt that Bishop Bassey and other clergy men in attendance were taken unawares by the governor’s request. Our source noted that Bishop Bassey, who in 2011, anointed Chief Akpabio as the one God had chosen to win that year’s election, composed himself and looked directly at the governor and told him that that was not the reason they were there for. He told the governor that he had not heard from God and therefore, he could not do what God has not directed him to do.
Bishop Bassey’s answer elicited wide acceptance among those present. The clergy men, however, agreed to pray for Akwa Ibom state, which they did, calling on God to continue to bless the state and make the state steadily experience peace.
Meanwhile the Akwa Ibom state governor, worried by the spate of negative prophecies against him had in a marriage ceremony of Prelate Isaiah Issong of The Believers Assembly Church at Mbiabong Etoi, Uyo, cautioned against believing such prophecies that God had already chosen a successor for him.
“Akwa Ibom people should make sure that they are not misled by fake prophecies from some clergy men who claim that God has anointed this person or that other person as Governor in 2015, rather we should all seek the face of God through prayers and allow God to take charge of the affairs of the state”, he observed.
There have been an increasing number of prophecies alleging that the governor’s anointed successor would be defeated.
It will be recalled, however, that Akpabio was the beneficiary of Bishop Cletus Bassey’s prophetic utterance, to the effect that he had been chosen to win the 2011 election, a prophecy that Akpabio believed and was to later come to pass.


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