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16 Nov

By Michael Ukanga Ekpo
Samsung launches solar powered computers & laptops, Nissan launches Nissan Leaf (a car that can run for years without fuel – electric car sold for less than (N4 million), Airtel & other telecom companies to launch solar powered base stations worldwide, Nigerian banks and many more Nigerians clinch to solar & power inverters too. From the foregoing, very soon, our oil will be needless & useless. Now is the time we need to quickly fix Nigeria’s big challenges fast & then start shopping for alternative means of livelihood & source of income b4 it’s too late.

We must not continue to tolerate our figureheads & watch this great nation fall flat because ONLY we the masses will suffer it as they have all stolen monies enough to cater for even their generations unborn. We have to take after Egypt & Libya on peaceful demonstration but if they continue waging war against us, we might have to take the bull by the horn & begin to respond violently. Enough is enough. Boko Haram, Fuel Subsidy Removal, No Light, No Roads, ASUU on Strike, No Water, No Health Care, No Education, No freedom of Speech, Bad Governors, Bad Senators, Bad Rep. Members, No Government Airlines, Even Police & Army are used against the poor alone. Innocent boys & girls have turned Kidnappers, Scammers, Fraudsters, Armed Robbers, Prostitute & other alternative means of survival! How long must we continue 2 suffer in abject poverty even when we are naturally blessed by God from origin?

Time to act is now!! Even the kingdom of God suffereth violence & violence taketh it by force. We need to do it at least for our children & grand children. 28th JANUARY 2012 IS THE BIG DAY. Make plans 2 join other Nigerians in Abuja as we storm d FCT to demand our rights. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan & his CLUELESS team have to work or GO! Please support this move by keeping this message circulating till every Nigerian has read/gets it. Signed by all Nigerian youths! Kill that fear & pass this on.

Michael Ukanga Ekpo
Accra, Ghana

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