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12 Jun

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Heated debate on an executive bill, which sought to give ownership and control of the water resources sector to the Federal Government, practically split the Senate along ethnic and regional lines yesterday.

The contentious bill titled: “A Bill for an Act to establish a regulatory framework for the water resources sector in Nigeria, provide for the equitable and sustainable development, management, use and conservation of Nigeria’s surface and groundwater resources and for related matters.”

It has already been processed by Senate Committee on Water Resources which chairman is Senator Mohammed Ubali Shitu (APC, Jigawa State) and was to be considered yesterday on the clause by clause basis before final approval.

But trouble started when Senate Minority leader, Godswill Akpabio, drew the attention of his colleagues to the fact that the bill could deprive people living along riverbanks of their basic livelihood.

Shitu, who had presented his committee’s report on the bill to the Senate earlier, insisted that the Federal Government should be empowered to have absolute control over water banks and resources in Nigeria.

Still opposing the bill, Akpabio who raised issues against Clause 3, warned against making a law that would lead to the Federal Government taking over the landed areas of riverine communities, especially communities where the water bodies dry off.

Akpabio made reference to Lake Chad which water he said used to cover 25,000 kilometres of land but had dried up to about 5,000 kilometres. He said it meant that the community now had 20,000 kilometres for farming and other activities, stressing that it would have been out of the reach of the people if the government had possessed the bank.

Senator Emmanuel Paulker (PDP, Bayelsa-Central) supported Akpabio, noting that there was a need to define what a bank is.

He also pointed out that the Federal Government was about to take over resources in the states at a time when Nigerians were calling for devolution of power.

The Majority Leader, Senator Ahmad Lawan (APC, Yobe-North), however, countered Akpabio, stating that the lawmaker was arguing in error.

Lawan noted that the clause was in reference to waters like River Benue and River Niger, which flow through several states. He urged the Senate to ignore the issues raised by those opposed to the bill.

Senator Gbenga Ashafa (Lagos East) supported Akpabio’s position declaring that the Nigeria Inland Water Ways Authority (NIWA) was already having an inroad into Lagos State waters.

Senator Ibrahim Gobir (Sokoto) said that the contentious provision was clear and should be adopted.

Senator Binta Masi Garba (Adamawa North) who also said that the clause should be adopted, added: “We should be more Nigerians when we are discussing national issues.”

Senator Solomon Adeola (Lagos West) cautioned that the entire Bill should be reconsidered since it has become controversial.

In a bid to prevent the debate from deteriorating and creating more trouble, Senate President, Abubakar Bukola Saraki, said that the bill should be referred to an adhoc committee made up of the Water Resources Committee Chairman, Shitu, Deputy Chairman, Bwacha, Chairman of the Senate committee Judiciary, David Umaru, director legal services and Senator Barnabas Gemade, to reconsider the clause and report back in one week.



Threat to Akpabio’s Life: Dr. Ime Umanah Wins Again.

6 Jul


The Akwa Ibom State Government found itself at a cross road in the ongoing trial of Dr. Ime Sampson Umanah as Hon. Justice Ifiok Ukana ruled to reject the statement of the first accused person in the trial within trial. This is the second time that the same statement has been ruled upon and marked “rejected” in a second trial within trial.

Akpabio and Ime Umanah.

The first was by the Honourable State Chief Judge, Hon. Justice Idongesit Ntem Isua, whose earlier ruling has now been vindicated. Hon. Justice Ukana in a detailed and very well considered ruling captured every argument, evidence led, cross examination and important issues relevant to arriving at the conclusion in the mini-trial. Much of what rendered the case of the state against Ime Umanah and Ikemesit Iyire in the trial within trial hopelessly doomed included evidence of what transpired at the place of arrest of DW 1 (Mr. Ikemesit Iyire) before the departure from Ikot Ekpene to Uyo and inside the bus, which were not challenged nor contradicted.

It is instructive to observe that throughout the trial within trial the state either failed or neglected to have any of the operatives who effected the arrest of the first accused testify as one of its witnesses.

Again, the Court noted that the only version of event which transpired before and after DW1 was taken before the state Director of SSS is that of DW1, concluding that the state failed to cross-examine DW1 in respect of his narration of the event, that is the meeting with the Director. “The prosecution is divided as to whether the two pages of the statement are in the same ink. There is no evidence from the prosecution particularly PW1 (Uche Nwokolo) who said he supervised the taking of the statement that as the statement was being written by DW1 he encountered problem with the writing material he was using.

That evidence should have come from him but he did not offer any such explanation”, the Court pointed out on the issue of different shades of ink on the two pages of the alleged confessional. On the mutilated date on the confessional statement form signed by PW 3 (DSP Moses Eno), the Court had the following to say, “I have looked at the said confessional statement form. Directly after PW3 signature is his rank DSP next to it is the mutilated date. It shows a superimposition of 5 on 3 with 2 in front of 5 to achieve 25.

Thereafter you find a doctoring of 0 to 1 with another 1 in front obviously to change 11 to 10, all to present to this Court 25/10/2010 as against 3/11/2010. I have said that every document speaks for itself. What the confessional statement form has spoken with respect to the date written by PW3 is that it is mutilated, changed from 3/11/2010 to 25/10/2010”. And for the second time PW3 was said not to be a truthful witness. “Using this to assess the evidence of PW3 is without wasting words, is to say that PW3 is not a witness of truth. I cannot believe him”, the Court noted.

On the urge by lead defense counsel, Samuel Ikpo Esq. that the Court should expunge the evidence of Uche Nwokolo from the record of proceedings in the trial within trial, Justice Ukana ruled that “PW1 was listed as a witness in the main trial to that extent he could be accommodated in the trial within a trial. However given his reaction to the statement filed along with the notice of additional evidence on 12/7/2013 where PW1 distanced himself from the statement credited to him PW1 cannot be the person through whom any document considered fit can be admitted as exhibit in the main trial”. In the end the Court held that, “Arising from the totality of the foregoing I hold that the statement of the 1st accused person who is DW1 in this trial which statement is dated 25/10/2010 was not voluntary. It was a product of inducement. If the statement of 25/10/2010 is not voluntary, the confessional statement form cannot validate it and cloth it with a toga of voluntariness given its own problem.

Consequently the statement credited to the 1st accused and dated 25/10/2010 and the confessional statement form shall both be marked rejected”. The ruling has not only laid to rest the controversy which surrounded the statement but has additionally limited the options of the state to four. The state may proceed to appeal in what may certainly amount to an exercise in delay and waste of time or it may continue into the main trial without any exhibit to found a conviction.

The state may also wish, as a face saving measure, to enter a nully prosecui through the Attorney General, to discontinue the case or commence the trial afresh in another Court, but this option may be impossible to explain to Court why there should be no end to litigation. Speaking shortly after the ruling one Daniel Uko from Abak among the many consistent faces that had followed this trial who spoke with Weekly Insight praised the boldness and forthrightness of the Judge whom he described as “very intelligent and acting without fear or favour”. Uko also praised the defense team particularly Samuel Ikpo Esq. and wondered why the government should not read “the handwriting on the wall and save itself from the embarrassment of losing after this many years in court”, to withdraw. The state was represented by Mary Okobo (Mrs) while Samuel Ikpo Esq led a team of seven layers for the defense.

Open Letter To Akwa Ibom Tribalists.

10 May

By Clayton “Bane” Udoh

Clayton Udoh

I am speaking to a large swath of people both in Akwa Abasi Ibom State and in Diaspora. A group of people, whose self-worth comes from discrimination of others based on tribe.

Their utterances distinguish them from the true thinkers and movers of the society. In my eyes they stand out like man-eating crocodiles. The stink more than elephants, that have not jumped into the river in a month. They are the ultimate “time criminals” because they prevent us from moving successfully into the future. They are everything but progressive or enterprising or dynamic.

These people have God’s mercy in that the bile in them is contained by a society weighed down by the worst level of economic inequality. A society that needs financial stimuli badly, for the common man.

The beauty of tribe is for the purpose of identity that really comprises who we are as a people. However when it is used for discrimination, it becomes odious and totally useless to mankind.

So I cannot live my life with the knowledge that I may not comprise of the major tribes in Nigeria or that Annang in the minds of the imbeciles is inferior to Ibibio or that I am the last in a Hierarchy in the USA (White man then White woman then Black women then the Hispanic question and last is the Black man). Does no good, to my welfare, or that of the people of Akwa Abasi Ibom State at large.

One thing that is interesting is the evolution we are seeing in the political theater of AKS. An Ibibio man/woman has no problem sending assassins to another Ibibio man he thinks has politically gotten in his way. Same goes for Annang. Same goes for interaction of Ibibio with Annang and vice versa. So where is the stability in your stupid tribal platform? The tribal rants you blow from your mouth, in which you have not brushed your teeth for three days, may not even save your life in certain scenarios among your own so why are you heaving bile in the name of reasoning?

Let’s get one thing right ,for all the tribalist, out there, Godswill Akpabio is the worst thing that could have happened to most of you .An Annang man attempting to bring in development ? An Annang governor who made some of you realize that there is something greater than your selfish desires to always use government money to buy undies for your wives? Even though I am not a great fan of the Governor myself ,I can see why some of youdegenerates andperverts with Doctorate degrees and Professorships would say things that make kids look brilliant just to bring down someone based on tribe.

With all your education for how long can Akwa Abasi Ibom State exist on the count of tribe? Hasn’t it finally been proven to you class of degenerates that what matters is the content of a man’s character and not his tribe which nowadays is just a name? Tribe does not assure one of financial success, educational acumen or spiritual morality or ability to administer to a people.

So now that we are going into the twilight of this present administration and the evident installation of a new one, let the schizophrenic tribalists both home and abroad understand that the next administration cannot waste its time with the stupid “revenge of Ibibio agenda”! Too many of our people, are suffering and wasting a lifetime trying to figure out their survival while the morons are blowing the tribe trumpet.

The present system is unsustainable because we cannot have a governor who tries to pay out all of the state and has an army of praise singers behind him for the sake of his survival. So we need the structures in place that will bring prosperity to our people. For the amenities are useless if the people do not possess the spending power to use them. I do not care how grand the idea is; the people must patronize the industries and all forms of infrastructure and pay for the supplies of goods and services. How on earth does tribalism contribute to this?

For example, at this very period, any candidate who wants to ride into the hilltop mansion on a wave of Tribalism is a Hedgehog to me. Do not give a damn about his/her tribal affiliations.

However I am betting on the bush men to create Ubom Enyong Ibibio Association or Ikwa Annang Organisation for a political candidate. Meanwhile we will never see a Facebook or YouTube video file of this person introducing their manifesto to the Akwa Abasi Ibom people. Minus their money can they even speak English? How do we expect a candidate not to act like Caesar when they were never required to address the people whom they are trying to become lords over?

The greatest resistance of change nowadays comes from bush men in Diaspora. They will never insist in the candidates releasing manifestos or video files or persuasive speeches on why they are the right candidate.

People will come over to me and say vote Assam Assam and I ask why? Well he is Ibibio and he is dynamic. How? (Silence).

Vote for Albert Bassey or whatever his name is! Why? Well he served in the last government and is Ibibio. And?

People will write ,vote for Udom Emmanuel ! Why? He is the SSG and from Eket! And ? (Silence). Meanwhile the last thing I saw this individual do is go after the press!

I repeat that it does not matter where tribalist reside. tribalist slime stands out in Diaspora or the Home front like a sore thumb. For those of us who really care about Akwa Abasi Ibom State we are sending out a clear message that even if others approve of such down low thinking. We who are enlightened truly believe that you are scum !!

Note:    Akwa Ibom State is for every one and no particular tribe !!!!!

Clayton  Udoh writes from Mesa, Arizona

In Defence of Oshiomole

30 Nov

BY Ani Michael

Image“Go and die” as said by Comrade Gov.Adams Oshiomole to a ‘widow’ is now an anthem.The righteous are demanding and wishing the Comrade Governor be stoned to death. 
As a fan of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole,having seen him as a man with a simple heart who realizes the gravity of his provoked annoyance and has the will-power to say sorry and apologized after a perceived wrong,shows that he is human. Personally,I see no wrong on the part of the Governor.Citizens need to be responsible and adhered to all laws made by government.Roadside trading do caused accident and many resulted in untimely death.
Being a widow isn’t a license to lawlessness.In decent and organized societies,law breakers domicle is prison.Sentiment and unnecessary political glory can’t score points in justice.What killed her husband in the first place?She might be the one,who knows?The greed of women killing their husbands to become ‘landladies’ are very rampant in recent times.And what ‘ll happen if millions of widows in Nigeria decide to trade on our roads?
However,I am happy that she didn’t ‘go and die’.I am happy our party gave her #250,000.But the authorities has obligation to stop wanton killing of innocent Nigerians in the northern part of Nigeria and many other places in the country,as hundreds of Nigerians are dying everyday even without the marching order to ‘go and die’.

Press Release: NPDP Gives reason Baraje, Oyinlola, others won’t Appear before Disciplinary Committee

21 Nov


We have read from some of the national dailies of the alleged summoning of the PDP National Secretary, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola, New PDP National Chairman, Alhaji Abubakar Kawu Baraje, National Deputy Chairman, Dr. Sam Sam Jaja, and the National Vice-Chairman, North West, Ambassador Ibrahim Kazaure, by the PDP Disciplinary Committee said to be headed by Second Republic Minister, Alhaji Umaru Dikko.


Our initial reaction was to ignore these reports since the PDP Constitution does not recognize the existence of the so-called Dikko Committee as due process was not followed in its establishment. Besides, the fact that the committee – if at all it exists – did not have the courtesy to directly invite the accused to appear before it strips it of any atom of seriousness.


Even so, we have decided to react to the reports dust to enquiries by the media. For the avoidance of doubt, the New PDP wishes to state unequivocally that neither the aforesaid leaders nor any other nPDP member for that matter will appear before the Dikko Committee either next week Wednesday, November 27, or at any other date for that matter. The committee is an illegality and alien to PDP and its members. It is not our intention to confer legitimacy on such an illegal contraption by self-serving politicians intent on destroying a house the building of which they were not a part.


As clearly spelt out in the PDP Constitution, the Disciplinary Committee can only be operational when the National Executive Committee (NEC) of PDP sits and approves it. In the absence of any such approval by the PDP NEC, whatever function the committee is deemed to be performing is null and void. In other words, asking great personalities such as Alhaji Baraje, Prince Oyinlola, Dr. Jaja and Ambassador Kazaure to appear before the Dikko Committee is an insult and an attempt to past through the back door to confer undeserved creditability on this illegal contraption.


It is unfortunate that factional PDP Chairman, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, has succeeded in reducing the party to such a lowly level where due process is now alien to the party’s operations. Otherwise, how could these great men whose contributions towards the growth of PDP cannot be questioned be invited through the pages of the newspapers?


We have a lot of respect for Alhaji Umaru Dikko as a person. That notwithstanding, we must observe that it is sad that Dikko should accept such an unholy task just because Alhaji Bamanga Tukur feels like using the appointment to thank him for helping him secure the gubernatorial ticket of the defunct Gongola State during their days in the defunct NPN. As the National Chairman of United Democratic Party UDP, Dikko should have known that he cannot jump ship to chair an illegal body in PDP as if we lack credible people that can perform this task without creating problems for the party.


We challenge the Dikko Committee to prove its seriousness by starting with the trial on Tukur and his cohorts for anti-party activities, specifically as displayed during last weekend’s gubernatorial election in Anambara State, instead of supporting the PDP, they aligned with the APGA candidate, Chief Willie Obiano, thereby making mockery of the efforts of Comrade Tony Nwoye.


To achieve its objective of ensuring that the APGA candidate wins the election, Tukur and his strategists employed divisive politics to ensure that PDP did not have a candidate until a few days to the election and went into the crucial poll heavily factionalised. To further strengthen the unholy plot, Tukur imposed Comrade Tony Nwoye as the party’s candidate over and above better qualified candidates and in defiance of the Independent National Electoral Commission, which did not recognize Nwoye until the Supreme Court forced the Commission to put his name on the ballot.


Tukur and his promoters of the Anambra election have demonstrated enough disdain and hatred for the progress of PDP as a party and this is very unfortunate and sad. According to facts, this was done in order for APGA to adopt President Jonathan as its presidential standard-bearer come 2015. The committee should investigate this show of shame and discipline Tukur and all those involved in this wicked act against a party which they are in a hurry to destroy even when they cannot tell the story of how it was formed. 


Sadly, the loss of Anambra adds to the woes of the PDP under Tukur’s watch. Before now, the party had also lost Edo and five out of the six South-West states as well as some states in the North.  


It does not require a soothsayer to see that PDP, which is bleeding to death under Tukur’s unpopular leadership, is doomed if it continues to antagonise the G7 Governors and their followers in the nPDP. This will inevitably climax with the loss of the 2015 presidential election, by which time it would be too late to remedy the damage which Tukur has already done to a party which before his imposition used to be the pride of African politics.


We once more wish to appeal to the PDP National Leader, President Goodluck Jonathan, the Party Elders and other Leaders of the party to rise to the occasion and ease out Tukur and his National Working Committee so as to pave the way for the enthronement of a competent and focused leadership. This is the only way to rescue the PDP from imminent death. As the adage rightly says: A stitch in time saves nine!



Long live NPDP!

Long live Nigeria!!!

Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze

National Publicity Secretary, NPDP


Allege Plot to Kiddnap Gov. Amaechi is an Invitation to Anarchy – nPDP

19 Oct

By Nwaorgu Faustinus

ImageThe Alhaji Abubakar Kawu Baraje faction of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) says it is alarmed by the report in the Vanguardnewspaper of 18th October, 2013 entitled “Alleged plot to kidnap Amaechi uncovered”.

The breakaway PDP in an online statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Eze Chukwuemeka Eze said the story which is yet to be denied since its publication, detailed an alleged plot by some unnamed Abuja-based politicians of Rivers State origin to organise the abduction of the Governor of Rivers State, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, with a view to compelling him to sign his resignation letter.

According to Eze, “This is one allegation which should not be waved aside because there already is a precedent, which is why it is referred to as “the Ngige treatment” – a similar strategy having been used by the political enemies of Dr. Chris Ngige to get him out of the way during his days as Governor of Anambra State.

“Besides, Gov. Amaechi has in the past few months come under such relentless onslaught from his traducers that it would be foolish and too risky to rule out the possibility of their resorting to more dramatic measures in their desperation to illegally and unconstitutionally remove him from office.

“We, however, wish to warn that ‘kidnapping’ His Excellency, Gov. Amaechi, and orchestrating his purported resignation would be an invitation to anarchy. Rt. Hon. Amaechi has the mandate of the good people of Rivers State to govern them until May 29, 2015 and nothing must be done to truncate that sacred mandate.

“We appeal to all Nigerians to condemn this insidious plot and advise those hatching it to have a rethink for the sake of our hard-earned democracy. 

“We also urge the Federal Government to as a matter of urgency direct relevant security agencies to investigate this evil plot and bring those behind it to book. Enough of this impunity by selfish and misguided politicians who would go to any length to feather their nest even if it would mean plunging the entire nation into avoidable chaos”!

On the high court ruling of today recognising Tukur’s faction

Meanwhile the splinter PDP has reiterated that “it will see this issue to a logical conclusion, including going to the Supreme Court, if necessary, to ensure that a non-member of our party does not continue to lord it over us as our National Chairman. Alhaji Bamanga Tukur and his loyalists should, therefore, not celebrate yet as any such celebration would be short-lived as we are more than ever determined to show him the way out of the exalted position he is illegally occupying”.

The nPDP insisted that they have every right to continue using the PDP flag, symbol and colours, as they are bonafide members of the party and thus entitled to use them.



Solomon Lar Is Dead

9 Oct

ImageFormer governor of Plateau State and pioneer chairman of the Peoples  Democratic Party (PDP), Solomon Lar died in the early hours of today in the  United States after lapsing into coma in the last 48 hours.

A spokesperson for the family,  Major Adeyi, confirmed Mr. Lar’s passing  to Saharareporters.


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