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2015 Election: “We’ll resist imposition of governorship in Akwa Ibom” -Uyo Traditional Council

6 Jan



Also speaking at the occasion, the Clan Head of Offot Ukwa, Etebom Silvanus Okon, described Prof. King as a respectful son who deemed it necessary to visit his fathers first before embarking on his mission to become governor.
Etebom Okon who expressed happiness that Prof. King is an in-law of Uyo people urged him to go about his campaigns depending on God, saying only God gives power.
He said the Uyo Traditional Council support his aspiration while urging Prof King not to engage in blackmail and violence.
According to the traditional ruler, the people of Uyo will support a free and fair election warning that any attempt to impose a governorship candidate on the people of Uyo will fail.
He said: “We will not sit here and allow anybody impose a governor on us. We will look at all our sons and daughters from Ibibio land and then when we find and aspirant with the right qualities for the office of governor, we will support him.”
He explained that imposition of a governorship aspirant will lead to mortgaging the destinies of the people.
His words: “What this imposition means is that if governor puts his successor on the seat, the successor will take all matters of the state to him before anything is done.
“It means that before a commissioners’ list is approved, the beneficiary of the ex-governor’s so called kindness will take the list to him and only those who the ex-governor wants will be appointed. How will people’s rights be protected in this situation.”
Etebom Okon expressed dissatisfaction that the traditional institution has been badly treated and that monarchs were no longer willing to allow anyone shortchange the destinies of over four million Akwa Ibom people on the altar of selfishness.

Itauma Backs Mobil Oil Spill Protesters, Calls For Monarch Release

30 Oct

By Mark Joseph

Sam Itauma, Director, SAI

Sam Itauma, Director, SAI

The three days warning protest embarked upon by the oil bearing communities in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, namely, Eket, Esit Eket, Onna and Ibeno, against ExxonMobil refusal to pay the 2012 oil spill compensation has received a boost from a US based  human right activist, Mr. Sam Itauma.

In a press statement widely published in various human right blogs and websites, Itauma described the protest as a “very courageous and commendable” means by the oil bearing communities to ask for the oil spill compensation which was agreed upon by the multinational to pay since last year but suddenly reneged on it agreement.  

“The peaceful protest by oil bearing Communities –  Eket, Esit Eket, Onna and Ibeno against ExxonMobil refusal to pay the agreed oil spill compensation deal is a very courageous and commendable move to check the age long neglect, exploitation and deprivation. It’s indeed a genuine way to press home their legitimate demands” 

The statement strongly accused Mobil of playing a divide and rule tactics and urged the company to stop paying deaf ear to the plight of its host communities who bear the brunt of environmental degradation and pollution from its activities; while stating that the company’s working relationship has even gone worst and become badly insensitive to the community’s plight since it transformed from Mobil to ExxonMobil.


” We’re no strangers to the divide and conquer antics of ExxonMobil. It was even better when it was just Mobil: as they often listen at least with one ear – Community roads tarred, borehole water provided, scholarship issued when sometimes called to act. Since it became ExxonMobil, both eardrums have been perennially blocked. It’s a clear case of callous insensitivity to the plight of the people who have suffered long years of deprivation and untold hardship. The goose that lays the golden egg continues to be deprived, suffocated; harsh, toxic chemicals unleashed to depopulate the host community. What a good price to pay for laying the golden eggs!” The statement added.


The Eket born activist called on ExxonMobil not to wait until the protest results into casualties before deciding to pay the compensation it consented to over a year ago.

“ExxonMobil should not wait until lives are lost during the protests before it addresses the yearnings and demands of the protesting communities, as this will leave an unpardonable scar in minds of its hosts…” Itauma asserts.

Release Esit Eket Monarch:

The press statement by Mr Sam Itauma also passionately called for the release of the Paramount Ruler of Esit Eket, Chief Ubong Peter Assam who was kidnapped a day prior to the commencement the protest match by the ExxonMobil oil bearing communities of Eket. 

It described the the abduction of the monarch as “preposterous and regrettable” while maintaining that such culture was alien to the Eket communities at large.

“Please, release your own father from captivity! It’s not only preposterous to abduct an old sage but very regrettable. You can’t punish your own father for the sins of plunderers. This alien and abhorrent act is now becoming a way of life! Please, release HIs Royal Majesty, Chief Ubong Assam to get his medication.

He expressed worry that failure to release the royal father might lead to the deterioration of his already poor health condition or untimely death. 

He dismissed insinuation that Edidem Assam was in support of ExxonMobil’s refusal to pay the oil spill compensation.

“Any good sufferer of high blood pressure is bound to be stroked or die if his medication is not taken at the appropriate time…Can the abducted monarch stop the ExxonMobil from paying the communities their due compensation as it’s currently being peddled? The answer of course , can never be in the affirmative….” the statement queried 

Gun Men Abduct Esit Eket Paramount Ruler

22 Oct

By Dave EmmaImage

Akwa Ibom State: The Paramount ruler of Esit Eket, His Royal Majesty, Edidem Ubong Peter Assam has been kidnapped by unknown gun men who stormed his palace about 2: 00 am Nigerian time today, Tuesday.


The gun men who were about  seven  in number stormed the royal palace while shattering bullets into the air, dragged Edidem Assam out of his bed room into a waiting unidentified car and drove to Unyeghe, in Mbo Local Government Area, where he  was again picked up by a speed boat into the Oron high sea.


An eyewitness  told GlobalVille News that though, no casualty was recorded during the operation, but several people sustained injuries in varieddegrees while scampering for safety


“The gun men surrounded the chief’s compound shooting gun into the air. One of the gun shots sounded like a bomb blast. I thought it was a war. My daughter and I ran into the bush. She sustained some injuries while running. We saw them dragged the chief like a goat. I thought the came to kill him. But they put him into a waiting car that was steaming and sped off to the Unyighe area of Oron. The police came very late while they have already gone.” Mrs Ime Akpe, a  quivering  mother of three told this reporter.


The Esit Eket Police Divisional Officer was not available for comment as he was said to have travelled to Uyo since yesterday for police weekly briefing. But a senior police officer who merely gave his name as Inspector Ogar said he got distress calls from different sources around 2:00 am this morning but before they arrived the scene, the kidnappers have already gone with the royal father.

“There were a lot of  calls from different quarters informing us of the operation of the kidnappers, but before we could mobilize our men from Uquo to Akpa Utong, they had already fled the scene with the chief. But we are going to send our men to comb the community in search of the abducted chief.” Mr Orga said.

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