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Larry Esin Replies Thompson Essien: Mrs. Amawo Innocently Misquoted Me.

19 Jan

                                                    Written by Mr. Larry Esin
Ete Thompson,
Larry Esin

Larry Esin

Happy New Year and best wishes. Ete, this is Larry Esin, your friend; I hope you still consider me a friend. Because of my respect for you, I have chosen to write you this personal explanation vis – a – vis the controversy that has arisen over my interview with Mrs. Amawo last year.”

Ete, I assure you that I was misquoted, albeit innocently by Mrs. Amawo. I have known Mrs. Amawo from my days as National Chairman of the PPA, and I never doubted and still do not doubt her professional competency.
When Mrs. Amawo met me that morning of the interview, it was our first meeting in almost three years, and she came that morning not to interview me but to inform me of the birth of her first child after many years of marriage. It was a joyous occasion as you can imagine.
Mrs. Amawo, having spent the last two years as she put it, trying to track me down, decided to seize the opportunity that morning and secure an interview even though she was ill prepared. She did not even have a recorder with her. I pleaded unsuccessfully to reschedule, but Mrs. Amawo would have none of that. Such is the relationship I have with her. At the end, she decided to use the recorder of her small Nokia phone for the interview.
As you would imagine, the interview was interrupted frequently by incoming calls, and each time a call came through Mrs. Amawo had to apologize, pause, answer her call and reset the recorder to continue the interview. It was during one of such interruptions that I was explaining the reason and consequences of my late entry into the 2006/7 governorship race. I said then, that because I entered the race so late “I was accused of running to help my friend Akpabio “, because most people could not understand why anyone in “their right Mind” would enter such a contest barely 30 days to the elections.
I believe that during the recording, and Mrs. Amawo confessed that there were gaps in the recording due to the poor quality of the recording and the intermittent calls that came through during the interview. Unfortunately, I was out of the country in Asia (I flew out the same day of the interview) when Mrs. Amawo was transcribing and she could not reach me to fill in the gaps. She made an innocent but costly mistake in trying to fill in the gaps herself.
You may then want to know what I have done since the story broke. I did contact Mrs. Amawo to express my concern over the consequences of the misrepresentation. We also discussed a cause of action including a press/media statement on the issue. I decided to wait a bit on any cause of action because I did not want to heat up the already tense ethnic squabble in our State. In retrospect that may have been the wrong decision.
As one who seeks to govern Akwa Ibom, I am under no illusion that I will have 100% support of the electorate; neither will I be judged always by the content of my character or my commitment to the cause of a free and just Akwa Ibom, where we all will be treated as equals under the law. I lean my hopes therefore on God almighty who knows the content of each of our hearts and my commitment to the truth.
I would have felt better if all the outburst and attacks I have endured since the story broke had all to do with my capabilities or lack thereof and less to do with a friendship with a fellow Akwaibomites in 2006/7. I have not been part of the administration since its inception and cannot therefore take responsibility for its actions.
My response to Barrister Iyanam’s publication was to inform the world that the majority of us Akwa Ibom people are not ethnic minded, especially when it comes to our politics. I used my personal experience as an example, and the fact that Barrister Iyanam, an Oro man, will not vote for an Oro man simply because they share an ethnic identity.
Ete, you are a man of balanced thinking and void of sentiments, let your conscience guide you. My warm regards to your family Sir and best wishes for the New Year.
Larry Esin
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Akwa Ibom State Child Kidnapping Horror: Community Appeals for Government Action

11 Dec

By Joe Eno

Akwa Ibom State: A community leader in Eket and Village chairman of Ikot Odiong village, Mr. Ita Friday Ita, has called on Akwa Ibom State government and the security operatives to step up action aimed at cracking down the child kidnapping ring that has been terrorizing different communities in state and kidnapping children of about eight years down to five months.

Mrs Sarah Unday Isaiah being consoled by a neigbhor hours after her child was kidnapped.

Mrs Sarah Unday Isaiah being consoled by a neigbhor hours after her child was kidnapped.

Mr. Ita made the appeal yesterday while addressing newsmen after  unidentified gunmen numbering about four invaded the house of one Mr. Solomon Prince Assam adjacent  to the Eket Central Market, Ikot Odiong, Eket local Government Area, and abducted a two year old, boy, Master Idara-Obong  Sunday Isaiah. The gunmen arrives the compound   about 5:00 am, claimed they were a combined team of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) and the Nigerian Police, and were there on an order to investigate alleged marijuana sales in the house. But while trying to argue with them that there were no such business in the compound, the gunmen beamed their torchlights in different rooms, temporarily blinding occupants of the house, when they spotted Idara  lying on the bed with  his mother, Mrs. Sarah Sunday Isaiah. They forcefully took him away with threat to shoot anyone who dared to interfere.

“There must be an urgent action by the government and police to stop these miscreants who are terrorizing the communities and kidnapping little children almost on a daily basis. How can such act continue without any action to stop it? Some powerful men are behind these child kidnapping business. It is a big business.  We can no longer keep silent. Where are they taking these children to?  None of the children has returned back alive or dead!’’ the angry community leader cried out.

Also speaking, a youth leader from  Effoi , in Eket, Mr. Joe Bassey disclosed that more than 15 children have been kidnapped the neighborhood alone the past two months, and that there were similar reports in other parts of Eket, Nsit Ibium, Onna , Esit Eket and Oron of which when added could amount to 50 children . He further stated that, that very night, the gunmen came to his house but were unable to penetrate because of the steal protectors and iron doors of his house. This compelled him to call the police, but the police told him on phone that their vehicles were not in good working condition.

Effort to speak to the inconsolable mother of the kidnapped child, who originally hails from Odoro Nkit in Esit Eket,  proved abortive as she continued to weep and roll on the muddy floor with a heart throbbing  Nunc Diminttis : “Oh God what crime did I commit? I want my child back! What will I tell the father? Somebody help me bring my child back! I will kill myself, I will kill myself…” Sarah continued to wail.

The Divisional Police officer of Eket, did not pick his calls at time of going to the press. But a senior police officer in the crime department who preferred anonymity said the police were aware of the child kidnapping upsurge and were doing   investigation on the issue. He disclosed that a suspect has been arrested by a vigilante group in one of  the communities;  brought to the Eket the station and was under intense investigation

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