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President #MargaretItauma, May God Bless You and Protect You From The Monkeys and Scorpions

21 Aug

By Clayton Udoh

Margaret Itauma, AKISAN President

It is time I addressed something and I say this without mincing words .

If you are not happy for a person when they do well and climb, God will close the road when your turn comes too !

I looked in the forums and the congratulations to the new President of AKISAN; Margaret Itauma,can be counted on my fingers. There are men of repute that are Doctors, Professors etc. There are women of repute. There are people who run their mouths in this forum all day long. They suddenly are found absent and do not feel that this woman deserves any congratulations.

With the eye of a scientist, I watch the old boys club unable to hide the sexism that has been the foundation of our society from the mist of time.

So, therefore, I step forward to congratulate this woman for her bravery and courage and fortitude.

I congratulate President Margaret Itauma for taking on this task with an Organization that is not in its best configuration. Anybody would think it wise to concentrate on their life and stay away from something that will add more stress to their life and maybe controversy to their name but she has decided to do something about it. A very courageous Lady.

I may be a bit elusive in my existence but I am passionate about Diaspora and the fact that when we do well we do not forget about home. Moreover, I believe that AKISAN is our thing on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

With the recent political monkey business of the likes of Senator Akpabio and the slew of highly corrupt politicians in either party, we cannot overemphasize the relevance of AKISAN.

It would be good to have AKISAN become as powerful as other any other Indigenous Lobby in the United States ! It would serve as a buffer and many other things I do not want to get into today .

Let’s not forget that it is not the politics of women that have run Akwa Ibom State and Nigeria into the ground but rather the politics of men!

That brings me to the next point. It could be expected and not strange to see the men act like the new President of AKISAN is beneath them because she is female. Nonetheless, the most stupid display of injudiciousness on earth is a fellow Akwa Ibom woman in Diaspora that brings down her counterpart in a world that women are questioned in positions of leadership.

There are some people by nature that if they are not in the limelight they will bury you alive because they feel they should be the only ones that matter!

The picture of President Margaret Itauma after her victory with the medallion on her neck could be interpreted as anybody’s daughter and she represents them all.

My advice to President Margaret Itauma is that with the madness of the upcoming Gubernatorial elections and manifestations of all the “recycled” politicians and their supporters in Diaspora that she remembers she has seen this movie before. That she stands firm and protect the dignity and integrity of Diaspora and that when the storm is over she will still have AK

ISAN to improve in a way that her name will be remembered.

I also pray that everybody will rally behind her and show her support and love and challenge her intellect in a good way to operate at a higher level than previous administrations.

Once again, congratulations President Margaret Itauma. May God bless you and may this be the beginning of a long and illustrious career of service to the people of Akwa Ibom State in the diaspora and beyond.

Clayton Udoh, San Antonio, Texas


Akwa Ibom isongo, iden isongo, iban ino uyo…o! #MargaretItaumaForAKISANPresident

8 Aug

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing

Akwa Ibom isongo, iden isongo, iban ino uyo…o!
My name is Margaret Itauma, I’m representing Akwa Ibom State Association of Nigeria, USA Inc. (AKISAN) Houston chapter in its forthcoming National Presidential election this Friday August the 10th, 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona.
AKISAN is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in the United States of America to promote the interests of the citizens of Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria both in the homeland and the diaspora.
Born and raised in Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria, I relocated to the United States of America about 27 years ago. I hold a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nursing. I’ve practiced as a Registered Nurse for the past 30 years. Currently employed by St Luke’s Hospital in its Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, I’ve worked there for about 13 years.
Albert Scheitzer said, “The purpose of human life is to serve, to show compassion and the will to help others. I am committed and always passionate to serve. I have been an active member of AKISAN since 2000, a servant leader; serving in various committees, building coalition for my community within the city of Houston and beyond.
Why am I running for this office? I want to bring back value and financial stability to AKISAN.
The problem of AKISAN borders on accountability and its inability to source for independent funding.
My plan is to restructure, refocus and reinvigorate AKISAN to provide its role as a non-profit organization to serve and to meet its goal of raising funds to support the underprivileged, both in the USA and homeland.
• If elected as the President of this great organization; will run an inclusive administration that will unite, strengthen and sustain AKISAN.
• Will create a Strategic Committee that will be empowered to work in collaboration with the Board of Trustees and council to follow through with projects not completed during my tenue.
• Will establish a Multiyear Strategic plan to guide our programs and operations.
Some of the Projects and Services my administration will embark on:
Medical Mission:
I’ve volunteered my time to serve on two Medical Missions in Akwa Ibom State (AKS), 2016 and 2018 respectively; I saw the desperation on the faces of our people. Medical Mission is a much needed initiative in our homeland. If elected as President, I pledge to lead a Medical Mission to AKS to alleviate some of the medical sufferings of our people. Will partner with other corporations to reduce the cost on AKISAN.
Create Affordable Convention for Families:
Will reduce registration fees for members, this will encourage more members to attend convention and at the same time, bring more revenue to AKISAN.
Corporate Funding:
Over 50 billion is awarded each year through foundations and grants. AKISAN will take advantage of this opportunity, meet the requirement of community outreach, have it posted on its website and also show one year of audited account.
Youth Empowerment Programs:
The voice of our youths should be raised and heightened; will support youth functional cabinet to ease transition into leadership, will promote their interests and give them active role to play at the convention
Constitution Amendment:
In order to maintain the election integrity of this organization, will propose constitution amendment for 1 chapter 1 vote.
In conclusion, AKISAN has three candidates running for the office of the Presidency, we are all qualified however; AKISAN needs a candidate that cares and connects with its community, a candidate that will listen, engage all and integrate their ideas in the planning and building of this great organization, I am that candidate.
Come Friday August 10, 2018, I humbly ask for your vote.
See you in Phoenix!
Margaret Itauma,
Houston Candidate
Website: margaretitauma.com

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