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20 Nov

By Dr Tom Mbeke-Ekanem
Los Angeles, California USA
Dear Mr. President,

On several occasions in the last few years, I have stressed repeatedly the fact that Nigeria is not practicing a true democracy. The only difference from military government is that the players involved in the current charade are mostly civilians with no military uniforms. Prime example of this is Akwa Ibom State which is one of the premier oil producing states in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria. It is an established fact that until May 2007 when Gov. Godswill Akpabio became the governor, Akwa Ibom was known as the most peaceful state in Nigeria. No sooner did Akpabio assume power than the state became the killing field, rife with kidnappings and assassinations. This is why tyranny with kleptocracy is the most appropriate description of what is going on in Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria presently.

This write-up becomes necessary following the recent revelation that the government of Akwa Ibom State and her paid agents in and outside Nigeria have now branded me and other innocent Akwa Ibomites residing in United States as terrorists. Led by the evil government, effort is also being intensified to shut down Ibom forum and Ibibionation forum, the two main email groups where Akwa Ibomites around the world are not afraid to voice their concerns on the corrupt and repressive nature of Godswill Akpabio. This write-up, takes a snap-shot of the tyrannical government of Gov. Akpabio to show why this writer believes he is neither fit nor deserve to be the governor of Akwa Ibom State.
To make sure he had no opposition for his second term bid and that no one dares to ask him of accountability, Gov. Akpabio from the outset devised schemes, from outright bribery, unprecedented election rigging to all kinds of illegality, much like in the days of Gen. Abacha, a military tyrant who wanted to succeed himself. As a result, Akpabio’s political opponents or those perceived to be a threat were either kidnapped, assassinated, or are now living in exile.

The following is just a tiny fraction of the ordeal Akwa Ibomites are facing since Gov. Akpabio assumed power in May 2007. Attached is, by no means exhaustive, a list of those kidnapped, assassinated or jailed during this reign of terror.

1) Repressive Regime:

a) Essien Ewoh and Fresh Facts Newspaper

No sooner did Gov. Akpabio assume the mantle of leadership in Akwa Ibom in May 2007 than he stepped on oppressive and repressive buttons. Barely one month in office, he ordered the arrest of a newspaper vendor, Mr. Essien Ewoh who was thrown into prison for distributing Fresh Facts newspaper that published a story critical of the governor.

The wave of arrests and sedition charges against the media in Akwa Ibom were reported in drove internationally per CPJ – New York publications of June 27, 2007. These were some of the citations by CPJ: “Newspaper Copies Seized in Southern Akwa Ibom State”, on October 17, 2007 “Nigerian Publisher Charged With Sedition Over Story Critical of Governor”; and on January 25, 2008, “Nigerian Newspaper Distributor Arrested, Charged”.

The publisher of Fresh Facts newspaper, Mr. Sam Asowata was arrested in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, and “tucked into the trunk/booth of a vehicle, and driven all night to Uyo – a distance of about 500 miles. Mr. Asowata’s young daughter, who happened to have been in her father’s office at the time of the arrest, was also arrested, presumably on the orders of Gov. Akpabio as well.”

b) AKPF – The Terror Network

From his early days in office, Gov. Akpabio began to act like someone who was possessed or a person with mental problem. Unknown to many was the fact that Gov. Akpabio before coming to office had secretly set up a group called AKPF (Akwa Ibom People Forum). Their primary goal was to kill, maim and destroy any potential opponent to the governor. All hell broke loose. Akwa Ibom became the killing field, and the kidnapping and assassination capital of Nigeria. AKPF was only disbanded following pressure by the federal government as a result of so much out-cries by the citizens. But its members continued with their terrorist activities nonetheless.

c) The Man Died – Ordeal of Chief Ononokpono

Chief Ononokpono a sick and frail Octogenarian, had in The Nation newspaper courageously asked Gov. Akpabio some cogent questions about his administration and financial accountability. Rather than respond to those questions, Gov. Akpabio ordered the arrest of Chief Ononokpono who was denied bail and “remanded in dehumanizing prison custody from March, 25, 2010 to May, 14, 2010.” Chief Ononokpono’s health condition worsened since then. On December 7, 2010, Chief Ononokpono died.

d) Destruction of AMAKPE Refinery

True to his repressive nature, on Saturday, October 27, 2007, Gov. Akpabio shut down a foundation laying ceremony of AMAKPE refinery project at Eket. Embarrassingly, this happened after dignitaries from around the world including American Embassy, had assembled at the venue. Unmindful of the millions of dollars the principals of AMAKPE, American residents, have sunk into the project. Gov. Akpabio blocked every effort made by the principals to raise funds by threatening the banks and potential investors. He never give a damn about some 1,000 direct and over 5,000 indirect employment the refinery would have generated in a state with over 80% unemployment.

e) Sealing off CRARN at Eket

The Good Samaritan, Sam Itauma, who established CRARN to cater for the abused children at Eket is presently in hiding from Gov. Akpabio’s fang for his dear life. Sam is being hunted down because he had the love and courage to cater for children accused of witchcraft and who have been brutalized, mutilated, abused, and some buried alive. Sam’s efforts attracted worldwide attention including CNN. Gov. Akpabio prefers such atrocities not be mentioned or publicized. This is Sam’s crime for saving these children.

f) Muzzling of the Citizens

In calling for Nigerian President’s intervention, Mr. Ime Mbatessien stated how as a result of the petitions he sent to the Chairmen of EFCC and ICPC dated September 16, 2010 cataloguing the high corruption index of the administration of Gov. Godswill Akpabio, he is being hunted like a common criminal. And to avoid being treated like late Chief Ononokpono or killed, he has resorted to sleeping from hotel to hotel in the capital city of Abuja.

g) Infamous Criminal Bill: Decree 2

Today, we see the return of the Gestapo, perhaps an innovation in democratic dictatorship! What next? It was Gen. Abacha who passed a similar bill in 1995 in order to justify the hanging of Ken Saro-Wiwa, the Ogoni environmentalist. Gov. Akpabio had, days before the April 2011 gubernatorial election done exactly the same to the chagrin of many around the country. With this decree, Gov. Akpabio arrogated to himself the power to detain his political enemy or opposition as long as it pleases him.

Prof. Itse Sagay, SAN, stated as follows: “By this monstrosity of a Decree 2 of 2011, Akpabio has joined the select group of infamous dictators like Sergeant Doe, Hastings Banda of Malawi, Mugabe, Gbagbo, Papa Doc of Haiti, the late Eyadema of Togo and a host of others who have turned their countries into horrific nightmares for their citizens and residents.”

2) Kleptocracy and Financial Irresponsibility

Just as the late Col. Ghadaffi practiced kleptocracy in Libya so is Gov. Akpabio in Akwa Ibom State. Gov. Akpabio runs Akwa Ibom as an estate rather than a state. In a kleptocracy, “a government is subject to control fraud that takes advantage of governmental corruption to extend the personal wealth and political power of government officials and the ruling class via the embezzlement of state funds at the expense of the wider population, sometimes without even the pretense of honest service…” The term in Greek means “Rule by thieves”.

a) Gov. Akpabio embarks on grandiose white elephant projects such as the Tropicana Entertainment center whose price tag more than triples a similar size project in Abuja. From the cost/benefit analysis standpoint, there is no justification for dumping over N40 billion (initial cost was put at N33 billion) into the Ibom Tropicana when nearly 90% of the population live under $2 a day. Whereas a similar project in Abuja is said to cost a mere N12 billion and his privately funded by the same contractor, Silver Bird entertainment group that is contracted by Akpabio.

b) How about the N13 billion bribe Gov. Akpabio gave to members of his political party in August 2010 to ensure his re-election in April 2011? How about countless donations of vehicles to friends, cronies, pastors, judges, lawyers, etc? Many contracts are awarded with excess kickbacks. Some contracts are awarded as many times as possible such as the Akwa Ibom Airport where the original contractor, Dyncorp from United States, was kicked out and contract re-awarded at inflated amount. All these monies are taken directly from the public treasury.

3) Ethnic Politics:

Owed to misguided belief that second term ought to be automatic, CAN opposition party’s event in Ikot Ekpene was violently disrupted. This action was followed by a pronouncement by the Annang leaders barring non- Annang candidates from campaigning in the Ikot Ekpene Senatorial district. Any discerning leader would have stepped in with alacrity to denounce such actions knowing that ethnic issue is very volatile, much like a minefield. But Gov. Akpabio kept mum in the face of such grievous missteps.

The effect of that pronouncement manifested on March 22, 2011 when Akpanudoedehe, the ACN gubernatorial candidate went to Ikot Ekpene to campaign. His convoy was welcome with “…weapons, bricks, building blocks, sticks, machetes, and AK47 machine guns, etc. The protective escort of the convoy was surrounded in both ends and the stones began to rain on the cars, on the roofs and the windows, smashing cars like fallen trees. Those who tried to escape were gunned down and their heads smashed with five inches, six inches and nine inches blocks with blood and body parts strewn everywhere….”

This was followed by more destructive mayhem at Uyo, the state capital, where many more lives were lost. Gov. Akpabio, consequently, came up with the hasty criminal Decree 2 and trumped-up charges and arrest, after arrest, of Akpanudoedehe, the opposition candidate, without arresting those who started the mayhem at Ikot Ekpene. This action meant to deny Akpanudoedehe his fundamental human right became a hallmark of irrationality expected only from a dictatorial and kleptocratic governor like Akpabio.

4) Insecurity: Kidnappings and Assassinations

Unlike Col Ghadaffi, “Gov. Akpabio never came to power through a coup d’tat, that’s an open secret. But for the two to remain in power, violence became the readily available tool used with ease. Criticize and be kidnapped! Criticize and die.”

Dr. Ime Umana, the ACN deputy governor candidate re-affirmed this allegation when he mentioned that: “Mike Ejiofor, then SSS Director in the State openly told Akpabio that he was behind killings and assassinations in the state….”

a) On Sunday, January 31, 2010 while worshipping, a retired army officer, Gen. Edet Akpan was abducted from a sacred House of God and stuffed into the trunk of a car. Imagine the king of kings, the Oku Ibom Ibibio tribe being assassinated after returning from the funeral of a church pastor who was assassinated days before! Imagine countless other assassinated victims such as Madam Philomena Udonwa whose only crime was to have a son with ambition to run for the highest office in the state? The son, Engr. Udonwa only escaped with bullet wounds on May 12, 2010, a day the mother was abducted and later killed by her abductors. Imagine the state of fear and insecurity that dominates the citizens who become afraid of sleeping even in their houses, afraid of going to church, afraid of so many unknowns.

b) Barrister Imo Udonwa was a former member of the State House of Assembly who was slated to be the next PDP (ruling party) chair in the State. He became an active contributor to Ibom forum group-mail and a fierce critic of Gov. Akpabio. As a lawyer, he supported his allegations against the government with certified documents. Consequently, he was gunned down for daring to speak out against evil government.

c) Chief Paul Inyang, a known member of Gov. Akpabio’s political party and was also slated to be the Chair of the ruling party in the State. It was reported that he shifted allegiance to an another governorship candidate, an opposition to Gov. Akpabio. While worshipping in the church on Sunday, June 20, 2010, he was gunned down.

d) Never before in the history of Nigeria has a Paramount Ruler been assassinated. HRH, Edidem James Robert Obot, the Oku Ibom III, the Paramount ruler of Ubium Clan and the leader of the Ibibio ethnic group was assassinated in his Palace on January 30, 2011 for his “anti-establishment” stance.

e) Until her death, Christy-Essien Igbokwe, a reknown entertainer was hounded and persecuted by Akpabio’s government. In a press statement released on June 3, 2011, shortly before her death on June 30, 2011, Christiana Ibokwe Essien wrote:

“I have been called and informed … how Akpabio’s government has continued in the plan of eliminating members of my family through planned kidnapping and deployment of cover-staff whose assignment probably was to poison us… Governor Akpabio must have renewed (though he never ceased) this attack on my family because of my insistence that the evil that is presently in Akwa Ibom must be removed so that the respected peace that existed amongst our people returned.”

f) On December 21, 2010, Miss Faith Udo, a 26-year old student was brutally murdered by one Yusuf Salihu believed to be a member of Governor Akpabio’s killer squad. As in previous cases, immediately after Salihu was arrested, he was summarily released and set free following pressure from the above.

g) On July 16, 2011, Abasiema Sunday Peters, a 23-year old man was shot on both legs by the Gov. Akpabio’s wife security detail. Instead of providing medical treatment, the man was handcuffed and taken to the police station for detention. His only crime was that he did not move off the road fast enough for the governor’s wife motor convoy passing by.

h) A national publication, TELL magazine No. 45 of 15th November 2010 titled it succinctly: “Reign of Terror in Akwa Ibom State”. It described a case in August 2010: The State Vs Dr. Chris Ekong; who was framed-up, arrested, detained and eventually charged to court on phantom murder charges. It quoted Andem E. Ndem, attorney for Dr. Ekong saying, “When the matter (case) came up in court, the Attorney General (AG) did not even want the charge read to the accused Dagogo Minayo, alias Puff Daddy who admitted killing the Ekpenyong brothers in the open court. AG quickly informed the court that he had entered a nolle prosequi (stop prosecution order) in the said charge. Consequently he applied that the charge be struck out.”

“We recall with disgust, a similar case involving one Mr. Nathaniel Uyoh, (accused in the first kidnapping incident during administration of Governor Akpabio). Here, the AG deliberately stayed away from court on several occasions until the court was constrained to strike out the charge for want of diligent prosecution. Today the accused person is moving around freely in government vehicle campaigning for the return of Governor Akpabio in 2011.”

Attorney Andem also states that there are a number of cases like the above involving known state sponsored killer squads walking freely in the street today because the state makes sure they mount pressure or bribe those in judicial and the police to stop prosecution.

i) Prince Ikim and the Killer Squad called Peace House

In January 2011, Attorney U. Frank-Igwe representing Mr. Prince Akpan Ikim filed a petition with the Inspector General of Police (IGP) alerting that Ikim’s life was in danger. Prince Ikim, a former SSS officer, was a known member of Akpabio’s killer squad called Peace House. According to Atty. Frank-Igwe, Peace House is “a conglomeration of the K.K.K Cult members, armed robbers and kidnappers who get financial rewards from the Governor of Akwa-Ibom State, Dr. Godswill Obot Akpabio for a job well done…”

After falling out with Gov. Akpabio, Prince Ikim defected from Peace House with the inside secrets. Gov. Akpabio and Peace House members went after him and he ran into hiding in Abuja from where his lawyer petitioned the IGP. Two members of the Peace House, Uyoh Nathaniel and Godswill Friday Nkamiang also mentioned above by Lawyer Andem Ndem, were those paraded by the then commissioner of Police, Mr Mike Zuokumor at the police headquarters at Ikot Akpan Abia for kidnapping one Mr. Sassive Khali, a Lebanese Engineer with Stemco Construction Company based in Ikot Ekpene (see Weekly Insight newspaper of Wednesday 25th June Tuesday – 1st July 2008, page 12. Titled IKOT-EKPENE KIDNAP SAGA, KIDNAPPERS IN POLICE NET).

Atty. Frank-Igwe stated, “It is amazing to note with dismay that it was Mr. Don Etim, the Commissioner for Works, that facilitated the release of these celebrated kidnappers using his position in Government’. This re-confirms what Atty. Andem said in (h) above.


A governor is supposed to be a LEAD SERVANT of the people and should be endowed with Responsibility, Objectivity, Open-Mindedness, Flexibility, Inspiration, Respect, Connectedness, etc. On the contrary, Governor Akpabio’s government prides itself of lack of accountability, inefficiency, and ineffectiveness just as it is devoid of legitimacy and due process because these can never be expected in a despotic and kleptocratic government.

Gov. Akpabio wastes no time clamping down on his critics as cited above. He has made several attempts in the past to shut down Ibom forum and other fora, even threatening litigations against the Moderators.

In Nigeria, a lot of the journalists are in the payroll of the Akwa Ibom government so that they cannot report any news deemed negative by the government. No news on corruption or incident of kidnapping and assassination is ever reported by the state media and those media on government payroll.

Therefore, the only sources of information the indigenes of the state have access to and can express their feelings are the Ibom forum and Ibibio Nation forum which Gov. Akpabio now directs his attacks. Ironically, most members of his cabinets led by the Commissioner for Information are also members of the forum and periodically get sound advice from this forum. It is also not uncommon for Akpabio’s agents to use the forum to threaten critics of his government.

Ibom forum was first created in 2002 and re-established in 2003 and has continued to serve the people of Akwa Ibom well. Unfortunately, the forces of darkness would love to wish it away. A member writes recently, “His Excellency and his men are now frustrated that the Diaspora critics can neither be contained nor silenced with intimidation and arrests. His attack dogs have been unleashed with instructions to do all that has to be done to rein in those who cannot keep silence in the face of tyranny. Dissenting voices must be gagged. Opposing views must be eliminated…”

Finally, the terrorism experienced in Akwa Ibom today is the handiwork and a hallmark of Gov. Godswill Akpabio. He knows how and when it was introduced to Akwa Ibom State and it is only him who can turn it off.

Dr. Tom Mbeke-Ekanem, REA

About the Author:
Dr. Tom Mbeke-Ekanem is a Regulatory Engineer with the California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal-EPA). He holds B.S. degree in Petroleum Engineering and M.S. degree in Industrial Engineering, both from the University of Oklahoma and a doctorate degree in Public Administration from the University of La Verne. Mbeke-Ekanem is the author of the book “Beyond the Execution – Understanding the Ethnic and Military Politics in Nigeria”.

He is the founder and President of Ibom Peoples Congress (IPC) USA Inc; an advocacy group committed to charting a roadmap for the socio-economic development of Akwa Ibom people. He involved in the organizing the first televised gubernatorial debate in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria in September 2006. He is the Moderator of Ibom Forum, a group email that has given the oppressed people of Akwa Ibom State a medium to exchange ideas and voice their concerns.

Recently, Mbeke-Ekanem was appointed into the 26th Senate District African Trade and Investment Commission set up by Senator Curren D. Price, Jr. of California State Senate. He is presently a member of the Committee for CONSTITUENCY FOR AFRICA established by Western Union in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to give grants to Africans in USA to establish business in Africa.

1. Alhaji Hafiz Ringim: Inspector General of Police, Abuja, Nigeria
2. Mr. Ita Ekpenyong, Director: State Security Services, Abuja, Nigeria
3. Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Akwa Ibom State
4. Hon. David Mark, President of the Senate, Abuja
5. Mr. Barack Obama, President, United States of America
6. Secretary Janet Napolitano, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
7. Secretary Hillary Clinton, U.S. State Department
8. Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver, Chairman, Congressional Black Caucus
9. Director, United States Federal Bureau of Investigations
10. Ambassador Robin Renee, United States Embassy, Abuja
11. Hon. Sam Ikon, Speaker, Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Uyo
12. Ambassador Adebowale Adefuye: Nigeria Embassy, Washington DC, USA

-Names (Not in Alphabetical Order), and Year

1) Russian Employees (6) June 3, 2007)
2) Abel Daminas children (2) 2008
3) Mr. Ubong Obot , 2008 (Ibibio)
4) Awak Treasurer, Ikot Akara , 2008 (Ibibio)
5) Mr. Ikpe Ukpe , 2008 (Ibibio)
6) Stemco Staff (6) 2008 (Expatriate)
7) Mr. Mustag Obot , 2009 (Ibibio)
8) Senator Aloysius’ wife , 2009 (Ibibio)
9) Chief Nelson Effiong , feb. 2009 (okobo)
10) Ita Enyong- Entaco , 2009 (ibibio)
11) Apostle Uwa , 2009 (ibibio)
12) Nse Ntuen , 2009 (Ibibio)
13) Aniefon Aniedi Abasi , feb. 2009 (Annang)
14) Mrs. Iniobong Ekpenyong , 2009 (Ibibio)
15) Pa. Kevin Edet , 2009 (Ibibio)
16) Mrs. Michael Bush , 2009 (Ibibio)
17) HOP, Nsit Ubium , 2009 (Ibibio)
18) Opulopm Ettes’ Wife , 2009 (Ibibio)
19) Russians (2) 2009 (Expatriate)
20) Uwemedimo Archibong , feb.2009 (Ibibio
21) Mrs. Adrina Uko , 2009 (Ibibio
22) Mrs. Jumbo , June 2009 (Ibibio)
23) Pastor Akan Weeks , 2009 (Ibibio)
24) Mrs. Anne Enoidem , 2009 (Ibibio)
25) Dr. Owen R. Owen , June 2009
26) Mr. Clement Uwemedimo , July, 2009 (Ibibio)
27) Mr. Fiokedu Okorie , July 2009
28) Miss Edikan Okon Ufot , July, 2009 (Ibibio)
29) Daughter of Okon Usoro , July, 2009 (Ibibio)
30) Expatraites’Wife(abducted to Nturukpum) , Mar. 2009
31) Mr. Eseme Essien , Sept. 2009 (Ibibio)
32) Eld. Nse Ikpe , Sept. 2009 (Ibibio)
33) Jackie Jay , Sept. 2009 (Annang)
34) Ediomo Udoko , Sept. 2009 (Ibibio)
35) Iniobong Sunny Jackson , Sept. 2009 (Ibibio)
36) Adiaha Eka Sunny IBANGA , Sept. 2009 (Ibibio)
37) Pst. Jonah Solomon Akpan , Oct. 2009 (Ibibio)
38) Mrs. Eshiet –Etinan , Nov. 2009 (Ibibio)
39) Mrs. Sunny Daniel , Nov. 2009 (Ibibio)
40) Bishop C.O Akpan , Dec. 2,2009\ (Ibibio)
41) Mr. Usen –manager, UBA , Dec. 2009 (Ibibio)
42) Hon. Hogan Ita , 2009 (Ibibio)
43) Mr. Michael Nkono , Oct. 2009 (Ibibio)
44) Mrs. Michael Nkono , Oct. 2009 (Ibibio)
45) Dr. Uwem Umoh , Nov. 2009 (Ibibio)
46) Chief Inyang Eno , 2009 (Ibibio)
47) Gen. Edet Akpan , Jan.31,2010 (Ibibio)
48) Hon. Mike Dan (Itu) , Jan.2010 (Ibibio)
49) Miss. Edikan Udo , 2009 (Ibibio)
50) Mr. Ita Onyong , 2010 (Ibibio)
51) Mr. John Akpan , 2010 (Ibibio)
52) Mr. Okon Mkpong , 2010 (Ibibio)
53) Paramount Ruler –Okobo , 2010 (okobo)
54) Prof. Akaninyene Mendie , 2010
55) Chief Obosi- clan head InI LGA , 2010 (Ibibio)
56) Prophtess Mercey Inyang , 2010 (Ibibio)
57) Prophetess Mercey Effiong , 2010 (Ibibio)
58) Mrs. Elizabeth Philip , 2010 (Ibibio)
59) Mrs. Godwin Udoaka 1st Bank , 2010 (Ibibio)
60) Mrs. Godwin Bassey Eton , 2010 (Ibibio)
61) Prof. Imo Ukpong , 2010 (Ibibio)
62) Dr. Austin Edet , 2010 ( Ibibio)
63) Chief Emmanuel Ntukidem , 2010 (Ibibio)
64) Mr. Samuel Inyang-PDP Ini LGA , 2010 (Ibibio)
65) 83 yr. old retired civil servant, mbiabong ikpe Annang , 2010 (Annang)
66) Mrs. Rosey Jack Udota , 2010 (Ibibio)
67) Joel Francis- Governors’ driver , 2010
68) Anthony Akpanobong , 2010 (Ibibio)
69) Barr. Archibong’s wife , 2010 (Ibibio)
70) Stemco employees (4) May 5 2010
71) Rev. Ntia I Ntia , 2010 (Ibibio)
72) Deacon Sandy NtuenUbok , 2010 (Ibibio)
73) Rev. Ime Iyire , 2010 (Ibibio)
74) A female church member of Imeh Uyire , 2010 (Ibibio)
75) Mrs. Iwakeowo Bassey Essien , 2010 (Ibibio)
76) Obong Mike Ene , 2009 (Ibibio)
77) Dr. Francis Okon (Oron) — 2009
78) Late Ntia’s Children (2) 2010 (Ibibio)
79) Dr. Uwah , July 2010 (Ibibio)
80) Mrs Comfort Enwang—Sept.2010 (Ibibio)
81) Mrs. Lydia Tom Bush –SEPT.2010
82) Mr Enwang’s Personal Assistant— Oct.2010
83) Mr Enwang’s Driver—Oct.2010
84) Mr Mike Eduok —Sept.2010 (Ibibio)
85) Imeh Ekpo (July 2010) (Ibibio)
86) Nsifre Andrew (August 2010)
87) Bishop (Pa) Okon Enyong (Ibibio)
88) Dr. Inyang Ukot (Ibeno) – 2010
89) Rev. Inno Idiong (Annang)-questionable-Jan.3, 2011(may be staged).
90) Elizabeth Jerry Emah (Ibibio)
91) Udo Mma Obot (Ibibio)
92) Chairlady of Onna LGA (Ibibio)
93) Proprietor of Eket Polytechnics
94) John Nta (Onwer of Treasury Island) Feb.11 2011 (Ibibio)
95) Pa Etukudo (Ibibio)
96) Dr Memfin Ekpo (Ibibio) – JAN.16, 2011
97) Sammy of Nsit Atai (Ibibio)
98) Dr. Ofonime Johnson — February 2011
99) Professor Amanam A. Uko — (Vice Chancellor of Obong University)–March 2011
100. Chief Mathias Okonta –Chairman Effiat Council of Chiefs— February 2011
101) Felix Ukpe (Ibibio)


1) Paramount Ruler Etinan, HRM Edidem Ime D. Umoette (Ibibio)
2) Madam Grace James Akpanudoedehe (Ibibio)
3) Mrs. Mfon Kenneth (wife of Etinan council Chairman). (Ibibio)
4) Engrs. Obinna and Bobby, staff of Vich Resources Nig. LTD. (Ibibio)
5) Proprietor, Life care clinic. (Ibibio)
6) Chief Donald Etiebet (Annang)
7) Engr.Iniekong Udonwa (Governorship Aspirant) (Ibibio)


1) Barr. Imo Udonwa (Ibibio)
2 ) Miss Aniefon Aniediabasi
3) Engr. Emmanuel Ekpenyong (Submarine) (Ibibio)
4) Mr Mathias Ekpenyong (Ibibio)
5) Barr. Benjamin Udoekpo (Ibibio)
6) Two women at Qua Iboe Church, Iwok (Ibibio)
7) Dr Austin Edet (Ibibio)
8) Daughter of Paramount Ruler Abak (Annang)
9) Mrs. Marie Ikpe
10) Ezekiel Peter Ebere (Episco) (Ibibio)
11) Chief Paul Inyang (Ibibio)
12) Mrs Philomena Udonwa (Ibibio)
13) Anthony Akpanobong (Ibibio)
14) Mr Daniel John Ekanem- (Ibibio)
15) Mr. Mathew Inyang – driver of Mrs. Tom bush (Ibibio)
16) Police orderly to Mrs. Lydia Bush
17) Dr Akpanudo Feb.2, 2011 (Ibibio)
18) Pastor David Ieunuoluwa (pastor of living faith church ikot ebido )
19) OKU IBOM III, Edidem Robert James Obot Jan.30, 2011 (Ibibio)


1) Mr. Essien Ewoh, 2008 (Ibibio)
2) Hon. Fabian Ekpenyong (only surviving Ekpenyong brothers) incarcerated for refusing to testify falsely for the government. (Ibibio)
3) Dr. Chris Ekong, accused of killing the Ekpenyong brothers. (Record shows he was in South Africa when the murder took place) (Ibibio)
4) Mr. Davidson Uboh substituted for the real killers of Ekpenyong brothers who were let out of jail. (Ibibio)
5) Mr. Otu Ekong substituted for the real killers of Ekpenyong brothers.
6) Mr. Itoro William substituted for the real killers of the Ekpenyong brothers
7) Chief Ononokpono incarcerated for asking questions of the governor in the media (Oron)
8) Dr. Chris nyong charged with treason but released on bail (Ibibio)
9) Amb.Sam Edem falsely accused of stealing and charming the governor- acquitted by a judge (Ibibio)
10) Chief Imeh Umanah—Oct. 2010 (Annang)

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