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‘‘Gary Foxcroft Is A Fraudster, A Leech And A Scavenger…’’ – Barrister Ukutt Spits Fire.

10 Oct

By George Baldwin


Barrister Victor Ukutt

  In this interview, a Lagos based constitutional lawyer, Barrister Victor Ukutt talks to a USA  based journalist,  George Baldwin, about the activities of British national who fronts multiple organizations in the name of charity, whom he describes as ”a fraudster, a  leech and a scavenger”.



George: You have written several articles about Gary Foxcroft, in the past years, how do you know him?
… I know Gary Foxcroft as a man who has never worked in his live time except making a living in a fraudulent way while posing as a charity worker. He has never worked before throughout his lifetime. He came to Nigeria through a student link program of the University of Lancaster and the University of Uyo, for O I L and gas studies in Nigeria. My state, Akwa Ibom is an oil producing state in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. That study took him to some of the oil communities in Akwa Ibom, mainly, Eket, Esit Eket and Ibeno in the South East Nigeria. In the cause of that he was staying in one hotel Called, Royalty Hotel in Eket. He could not have money to pay for the bills and the hotel management asked him to leave the hotel. He was then roaming the streets of Eket. He met one Mr. Sam Ita-Uma who runs a school for the less privileged children because Mr.  Ita-Uma is a local teacher who owns a charity school in the area, basically, meant for orphans and some less privileged children.  For instance, if a conventional school was charging $1 Ita Uma will charge like charge 30cents to 40c or less, Foxcroft now came, grudgingly and say okay, I want to take your school for a business; and make it a witch children school, and by then there were isolated cases of child witchcraft in Nigeria. Coincidentally the British government had budgeted about our £500,000,000 for Congo DR, meant handle the persecution of child witch offenders and to support such children in the country. So Mr. Foxcroft wanted to tap into that fund of the British government. So before he can do that, there must be cases of child witchcraft. So if there is no such thing he will not be able to access the fund. So when he couldn’t do that.He now asked Mr. Ita Uma, to permit him to use the centre to tap into the British fund.


George: Have you met Foxcroft before?

Yes! You see Foxcroft over stayed in Nigeria and he had no money to pay back to the England. He now came to our church the Liberty Gospel Church, where we contributed money for him to pay back to England. He came through KLM flight, He went back to England he went and registers the organization called Stepping Stones Nigeria to enable him carry out his scam and defraud people of their hard-earned money around the world

He did not have money to register their organization, he had to contact one organization called, the Red Rebel in England owned by one film maker, Mags Gavan’s to help him registered organization. That is how he came about the fraudulent organisation to dupe a lot of people across the globe

George: Who is the head of the church?

Ukutt: Apostle/Mrs Helen Ukpabio. Foxcroft is even using her name to make money via the internet. Last time she was planning to travel to the US for a religious program, he took advantage of that to use her and make money in form of online protest which Foxcroft collected almost a million Dollars. Ask him, where he keeps the money after the lady cut short her travel. He takes advantage of every slight opportunity to hoodwink the public.

He even used that to call for a petition to be forwarded to the American Embassy in Nigeria to stop her. He went as far as organising some hit-men to kill Mrs Ukpabio as soon she gets to the USA. He has a group of some British fundamentalists to do the dirty job for him.

George: What of the allegations levelled against her that she killed children or encourage them to be tortured?

Ukutt: They are not true! How can a woman of God do that kind of thing? He came out with such allegation in order to deceive the public in order to defraud them. The state government under Mr Godswill Akpabio even commissioned a panel to investigate the child witchcraft activities but Gary and his accomplices did not show up. The Witchcraft commission came out with a report that they were using the witchcraft issue to collect money by false pretences. Truly Gary Foxcroft did show up in Nigeria. He claimed Nigeria was no longer safe for him to come. The Governor of Akwa Ibom State wrote an undertaking to the British government that they should release him that the government of Nigeria will provide security for him, he re refused. I have a copy of the letter written by the Akwa Ibom government asking him to come for questioning as there was security for him, he refused to show up.

George: What did Commission do as a result of his refusal?

Ukutt: Eventually, the government said ok, since you have refuse to come to Nigeria. The commission had to move to London just to interview him. He showed up for just one day and the commission had to return to Nigeria without completing their assignment. Foxcroft and his ally are running a documentary from one country to another. They been in New York, Colon in Germany, 
The government discovered that Gary Foxcroft is running a scam with his Nigerian accomplices declared him wanted! A man who could not pay his bill is now flying all over the world on business class and no longer economy class which he was used to, sleeping in 5 Star hotels

George: How will you describe Mr Foxcroft?

Ukutt: Gary Foxcroft is a crafty and a fraudulent man that is just looking for an opportunity to feed on. In short, Gary Foxcroft is a fraudster, a leech and a scavenger.

George: Has there been any action against him from you?

Ukutt: Yes! We took him to court, he ran away. We asked him to come and prove the allegation. In fact there were allegations against him that he was trying to bribe the government officials who went to interview him with about Fifteen Million Naira. A government official confirmed to me that the bribery allegations were true; as they even asked him to come and stand trial for that he refused. He ran away. As I speak with, the Nigerian security agents are looking for him. He is a wanted person as we speak with you. His co-accomplice is also wanted by the police. He is hiding in New York. When the truth now became open, ita-uma has now come out to say the money Gacy Foxcroft was collecting from for the children sake, was not being remitted to them. yes said, look, Gary Foxcroft also undercut them. He never remitted the money as they agreed upon in their agreement. That Foxcroft was not faithful in remitting the money. The government wanted to put Ita-ma too on trial. He ran away. He hiding with his sister called Elizabeth in US who is either a doctor or a nurse. 

 George: How is getting the money?

Ukutt: He uses his fraudulent organization called Stepping Stones Nigeria and other multiple organizations like to solicit for fund. 
By the time people start donating hundred pounds, 50 pounds 20 pounds; around the world and money start sending to millions and the money busy smiling to the bank, and he doesn’t mind some people are crying some where’s they cannot come to Nigeria in the water and you.

Ok, why do you say Foxcroft is wanted person?

Foxcroft is a wanted person, for this he cannot come to Nigeria. If he wants to come to Nigeria he will either take the bush track or bribe his way through some winding parts. All he will do so by using   pseudo names or disguise himself with false name and that is the only way he can come to Nigeria.

George: Why is he so interested in Nigeria?

That is a good question! That is the same question many people are asking. He is taking advantage of the situation he saw in Nigeria. There are many cases of witchcraft in UK and other countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria but he cannot go and make his fraudulent money because he knows he will be caught; and they will cut off his hands. Here some criminals like him are hiding him. But I promise you that once he sets foot here, he will be arrested. There are multiple cases against him in court in Nigeria. We took them to court like I said earlier. So he is a wanted person

George: If he comes tonight what will you do?

Ukutt: He will be arrested at the airport, at the point of entry; except is coming you will be under a false name false identity, using false passports. He could be  using a passport with a different name, or trying to take the black market root or coming illegally like people using the Mexico border to enter into US illegally. That’s what I mean by this man entering illegally. If he enters the country, legitimately, he will be arrested at a point of entry. That’s all. I can assure you of this. As I’m talking to you now, the international police is looking for 
Gary Foxcroft; he is hiding; he has changed all his numbers but I have one that I’m going to forward to you.  I got it from one of his friends in Nigeria here.


George: As I’m talking you now, there available record here shows that Foxcroft is coming this week or he is in Nigeria; and Nigeria don’t have many roots…?

Ukutt: (cuts in) I know! We’re waiting for him. The EFCC is waiting for him. I and other groups who had early written a petition to that effect; have I recently sent another petition. Look let me tell you, that man called Gary is a notorious criminal and a practicing fraudster, that’s why he can’t come here and advertise himself anymore. We’ve been monitoring him. If he thinks he is not a criminal or a fraudster, let him come here and run any program; he will be arrested immediately. 

George: What’s EFCC again?
Ukutt: Economic and Financial Crime Commission. It’s a special government commission monitor, arrest and prosecutes fraudsters, Internet scam, and money launderers. It’s a commission that deals with fiscal issue that’s gone wrong!

George: About two years, Foxcroft was in Nigeria, why didn’t you arrest him?

Ukutt: Look, George, let me tell you, that man had been hiding when ever comes to Nigeria this time. No body knew he’s around then because he used pseudo names. So this time round, there’s a case against him on fraud related issue in court as I’m talking to you.
George: Can you give detail?
Ukutt: no no! Not at this time.

Has Ita Uma said anything regarding all this scam deal of Mr. Foxcroft?


Of course! He has made series of press statements about this but since that Gary is always hiding in United Kingdom; I don’t know what action he is taking.  .

What is mindboggling is that despite the fact that the duo were working in unison supposedly for the interest of the so called stigmatised witch children, investigations had revealed that Foxcroft was not only swindling unsuspecting donors world wide but was also undercutting Ita-uma. Ita uma has come out recently to openly confess that Gary Foxcroft was working hard only run away with the money of the witch children. I will forward some of the links to you. It’s published in different newspapers and internet. Ita-uma said that he didn’t know that Gary Foxcroft was a fraudster. He’s regretting now because Foxcroft went away with three millions pounds (£3 m) meant for the witch children.


George: Thank you so much. Nice talking to you.

Ukutt: You are welcome! Call me anytime you need any more information.


Gary Foxcroft of Stepping Stones Nigeria & WHRIN



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