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19 Aug

By Emmanuel Nicholas

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Only a fool tests the depth of a river with both feet and Knowledge is like a garden: If it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested.

The reproach of Akwa rumblesIbom All Progressive Congress, APC is a breathtaking ovum, when you see unfriendly witches forming a common coven. Expect the unthinkable.

As they were trying to manage their deep hate for one another, suddenly an alien demon appeared in their midst from the opposite force, having undue negative antecedent against each of them. What a situation of confusion??

The confusion rumbles their minds and leaves them with so many mind-blowing questions. should we accept him? Should we celebrate him? who knows his mission ? is it to build us or to destroy us? The witches are into lamentations.

In the wake of this confusion, they all keep a smiling face, they began to dance. Their lord says, Bring It On, So You Think You Can Dance, and You Got Served? Well, the dance troops are back, but this time, it’s with witches of APC.

The coloration of their dance steps was too artificial, it xrays the State of their minds. because the dance was not flowing. They tried hard to hide the State of their minds behind dark goggles but their thought is buried with anger which was the modulator of their steps.

The witches celebrate him to obey the Abuja shrine so that they will not be booted out of their various appointed positions.
This confirms the holy words from the Bible that says, when the children of God were gathering, suddenly Satan appeared in their midst, the leprous hand of the witchdoctor is the agony of the witches and the poison of this viperous intruder gives them a sleepless night.

Everyone in this coven is in shock, their media hirelings are most hit , before they were attacking the intruder, calling him looter, Murderer, kidnapper, and assassin.
But just in minutes their National Coven, out of desperation, to continue to dominate their victim, Nigeria, made their accuser a saint.

How will Global Concord be able to tell the allien again that you are the killer of the two Ewet brothers? How would Global post be able to tell him you have looted three trillion from Udom’s Government? How will Guide Newspapers be able to tell his wife, you are a ritualist?,

Solomon Johnny your hands are now tied to the back, by the witches of your own coven, how will you be a dog that will eat his own vomits, I’m waiting to witness that sacrilegious act. Owo Ibibio esinama Ndudue .

I want to see my friend Thomas Tomas writing one full page of an article, recording the uncommon transformation, now he is the New leader of his Party. My dear Thomas, I dont envy your contradictory thoughts.

Men who underestimate the evil of a prostitute, sleep with their two eyes closed on the same bed, but a man of wisdom tarries till morning to save his life and belongings . Get wisdom.

When you are driving a car with a known enemy you will break most times, even when there is no prevailing obstruction ahead. what causes that is the fear of the unknown.

When you’re on your way to sacrifice your brother and you meet him about to sacrifice you. Nsima Ekere and co was planing how they going to probe their allien , now the allien is a member of their coven . who will probe who?

Witch 1 – Nsima Ekere after the rally in Ikot Ekpene met with his group in Ewet housing and told them openly ,the war we were fighting from far, have been brought into our house .

We must brace up , from the Intel from ASO Rock I’m not his favorite , we have to reject him as our leader , we must use a third party in sending Abuja this messages, to ensure we weaken his influence and we are not known to be the one behind it .

Witch 2 Obong Umana OKon Umana gathered his followers, and said , the cobra has found his ways into our waters ,a green snake operating under the disguise of green grass is within our coven.
Oh Umana , Akpan Okon Mmekid ifot essien ,akapa ifot Ufok . how do we fight this battle?

Instead of us to destroy Udom, let us work to destroy our common enemy within us . They say vengeance belongs to God, but let’s retaliate the small ones on earth , when we get to heaven let God judge us all.

The truth of hell is known from the voices of tormented and the prayers of the diviners are known from crookedness of it evil contents.The voices of the witches are true contents of their fears.

One can read the agonies of the witches from their meetings . and the presence of the alien in APC ,. this is a clear case of when men slept, Satan came to sow tears .

Witch 3,.. John Udoedehe, gathers his elects and said, few months ago I told you that all the killers have left PDP to APC in Akwa Ibom State. .You know I’m a member of mountain of fire Church , I saw that vision when I was in my 40 days fasting on the mountain .
Can you people believe me ? Are the killers not in APC now ?

These men whom I was fighting from afar are now with me , se Ekong Mkpatian Ukot ndito-ekammi ?

Witch 4, Ita Awak , I wonder what will be his operandi , a man whom he has tagged so many evil names ,is now his gaurdian Angel . Ita who is a known sorcerer and mystic , could not see this abomination approaching his plane , he could not gather divinities to block the allien from having access without premissive code .
Obong Ita Awak I doubt your crystal balls clarity .

The tusk of an elephant feeds the mouth ,but if is cut off how will an elephant survive? The elephant assumes it has the bigest penis but when it sees what dangles between the legs of a horse, he will know , impotence trails his ancestors .

APC witches thought they have seen it all , little did they know , that tusanmi is coming, a negative force that will break them apart was at the door .

Some say the Allien wants to install someone from Esit Ekid , some say he is coming with Oro Agenda and some even say ,his mission is to destroy APC and secure Udom sucesss in 2019.

The divination of a witch doctor is seen as a black magic but the conjurations of the ocult is captured as celestial masturbation. the witches and the allien are in melodrama , a dilema ,so complicated ,an equation a man of mere eyes cannot resolve .

When men are intentional wicked , and hunt for power without CONCIENCE, they mortgage their integrity because of greed .

People blames Satan for their evil greed , let me tell you a paedophile isn’t one because he has no access to women to have sex with, One is a pedophile because they’re attracted to children. Greedy leaders are men of evil assumptions and they want to be worship as demigod.

While we are watching this movie, will evil overcome evil ?

Governor Udom Emmanuel second term is sacrosant .

No man is greater than God.


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