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5 Nov

27th October 2011








Your Excellences, Mr. Senate President and The Hon. Speaker

House of Representatives


Let me crave your indulgence to address you on the above topic in my capacity as a tax payer and bonafide citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

In 2009 when our President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Alhaji Umaru Yar’dua became incapacitated by illness, the issue of vacuum was resolved through what is now known as the doctrine of necessity through which the Vice President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan became acting President and Commander in Chief of Armed Federal Republic of Nigeria.

May I also recall that the event that led to the manipulated impeachment of former Governor of Bayelsa State Dr. D. S. P Alagmehsia by the Obasanjo Presidency in addition to state of emergency declared in Plateau and Ektit States by that regime.

My belief is that those actions were taken to launder the national image at a time there was a need to do so. Right now, Nigeria is in more desperate position as it is deep in the mud water of corruption and other anti democratic tendencies.

I wish to draw your attention to what is happening in the 21st state of Nigeria, Akwa Ibom State, otherwise known as The Land of Promise. The present regime ruling the state came into existence by fraud and corruption and has no accountability to the people. This is manifested in the exhibition of total impunity and recklessness.

Governor Godswill O. Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State does not understand the Federal Government Procurement Act and to him the due process theory belongs to the winds. Bills of quantities used in construction in the state are probably copied from the astral world as 1 kilometer of road is estimated and fixed between N1b and N3b Naira.

When Mr. President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan in his maiden visit to Gombe state 2009 he observed and remarked that the Governor of that State Danjuma Goje was very prudent in management of resources of that state. He openly announced that Federal Procurement Officers may be sent to learn from the State. Mr. President was particularly excited by the cost effectiveness on projects like the Airport and the Banquet Hall of the Government House. The Airport project was put at …… while the Banquet Hall consumed N1.3 Billion Naira. Mr. President did not know that in Akwa Ibom State the Government House built at the cost of N7.4 Billion Naira in 2008 to 2009 also added a Banquet Hall in the 2010 Budget at cost of N10 Billion Naira. Today Akwa Ibom State Government House Complex is worth N17.4 Billion Naira and must be the only of its kind in Africa.

Your Excellences let me reproduce for your perusal a part of the corruption index I wrote and sent to the Presidency on the 6th Day of September 2010. It covers a period of January 2008 to June 2009 taken as a case study. A comprehensive review and auditing will reveal that most of the awards upon which mobilization of anything from 30 to 100% were mostly scams. They should be made to publish the status of those jobs that earned 100% in the last four and the half years. They should be made to identify all vehicles purchased during the period. It is noticeable that vehicles are not ordered in the terms of their makes, units and quantities.

All the contracts recorded against the Hon. Commissioner for Works and Transport should be made public in complete details including all those that were mobilized 100% at the first instant.

On Akwa Ibom International Airport Project, which was re-awarded to Alcon Ltd. by Governor Akpabio, there is need to explain the exact job the new outfit did for $150,000,000 in addition to the 80% contract value already paid for by immediate past administration in the State. More so, when the contractor on the runway has not been changed.

Who owns the following companies, PROD GLOBAL LIMITED, CHINTO TECHNOLGIES LIMITED and OAK MOTORS? Please check also the date and the frequencies against each contract award on the enclosed table. The mind bugling revelations therein will be difficult to comprehend.

The highlight shows that the Hon. Commissioner of Works and Transport awarded contract at alarming rate directly to himself and the operating companies are run by his elder brother. Information including bank accounts and the account officers in various banks have been made available to relevant agencies including the anti-graft agencies. Unfortunately, nothing came out of the exercise.

Please find enclosed table for total details.

Recently, association of quantity surveyors of Nigeria cried out at the outrageous contract costs in the country and called for actual valuation of roads and other constructions in the country. There is no doubt that Akwa Ibom in particular is their reference point.

Your Excellences, in Akwa Ibom State Project are mostly designed for the purpose of siphoning our resources to align the pocket of the Governor, his family members and cronies. Today, there is no Akpabio either by birth or marriage that has not joined the league of Billionaires. Media houses are heavily hired to sing the song of massive infrastructural development. Sycophancy is reaping the highest harvest in Akwa Ibom State. This is the picture of lootocracy and kleptocracy on exhibition in our State. It is more than a calamity.

Recently the House of Representatives rejected supplementary appropriation bill of N96 Billion Naira for the remaining part of the financial year from the Presidency. The reason for the rejection was for non inclusion of details regarding the actual implementation of the whole Budget.

Your Excellences, as I write this letter the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly are busy rubberstamping a whooping N94,000,000,000.00 supplementary estimate for road construction and payment of salaries for the remaining 2 months of the year 2011. The roads in question are mostly Federal roads including the dualization of Uyo – Ekot Ekpene – Ekot Umoessin to Aba in Abia State, covering a distance about 50 kilometers, Oron Ibaka, Ini to Ikono road among others.

It is doubtful whether any information to warrant such an extravagant spending when the financial year is almost ending is available. This represents the level of inferiority and ineptitude the State House of Assembly.

Currently, the Federal Government and Lagos State Government are having serious friction over who should rehabilitate/construct the Lagos Ibadan Express way.

If Nigeria is not a country of double standard, is it possible an act of this nature could be tolerated? Thus the misapplication of public fund not amount to financial indiscipline and abuse of office?

Form the mouths of Mr. President and Senior Federal Government Officials have clearly stated that any State Government who undertakes building of Federal roads shall be compensated at the standard rate for a single lane whenever they are ready to make such refunds. In other words, dualizations and expansions shall be deemed illegal. If this is the position, is the Federal Government not encouraging fraud and corruption as well as guilty of complicity against the people of Akwa Ibom State? The much publicized war against corruption, where is it being fought from? How does the International Community see this Giant of Africa when people like Godswill Akpabio are given the free hand to destroy and loot away the collective destiny of Akwa Ibom people through massive fraud and corruption?

Your Excellences, personally, the recent statement by our President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan to the effect that he was not a General, Lion, or a Pharaoh, to say the least, was not only disappointing, but very embarrassing.

Please Sirs, when next you meet our President tell him that apart from the fact that we need much more, we expecting him to be a Moses. A leader, who was trained in the best tradition and education of the Egyptian Empire, remained a mould and decoy of God and eventually manifested supremely in the emancipation of Israelites from the land of bondage. We certainly need a Moses.

Your Excellences, in addition to the issue of corruption we cannot ignore the case of terrorism and insecurity created in the State by Governor Godswill Akpabio and his government. The recent landmark judgment from two separate High Court of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State in respect of State sponsored crimes and subsequent frame up of innocent persons for the same crime. Rivers and Bayelsa State have been exposed to be their breeding ground for terrorist, murders, assassins and kidnappers. This is perhaps why Akpabio as a con man has been accusing neighboring state of harboring the bandits.

May I refer you to two judgment mentioned above;











I enclosed here with certified true copies of the two judgments for your perusal.

In the recent report on the Federal Government Administrative panel on pre and after election violence headed by Hon. Justice N. Aremu, Akwa Ibom State has been indicted. The report, inter alia commented on the sophisticated weapons used in the Akwa Ibom for the violence, whereas those used in the North were mere local items such as knife, machetes, bottles and other minor weapons, the Akwa Ibom action involved weapons such as Ak 47, Machine guns and Grenades among others.

The judgment mentioned above has already showed that the Honorable Commissioner for Works and Transport is the State arms and ammunitions coordinator for the Governor. He is the head of “the Peace House”, the killer squad of the Governor.

Finally Your Excellences I see the National Assembly as the supreme authority with relevant oversight functions to properly fix this Nation for us, our children and posterity. You cannot afford to be indifferent when people like Godswill Akpabio are with impunity making nonsense of the rule of Law and Order as well as general recklessness. To do otherwise will see you as Emperor Nero of Rome sleeping while Rome was burning. The Auditor General of the Federation has already indicted the National Assembly for encouraging corruption in Nigeria.

Do something.

Thank you

Ime T. Mbatessien

How Godswill Akpabio is Pledging the Treasury of Akwa Ibom State.

27 Oct

In Akwa Ibom State, reports say tertiary institutions are on strike due to non-payment of salaries to workers and other financially related dissatisfactions. A couple of weeks ago, leaders of Labor Unions issued ultimatum to the State that unless State workers are paid salaries owed to them in addition to the minimum wage of N18,000 a month, workers would have no alternative but to indulge on a strike. Akwa Ibom State, it appears, is swamped with financial woes. Anyone who hears this may think the State Government has plundered into a state of penury. But that is not the case. In fact, Akwa Ibom is now the richest State in Nigeria, followed by River State. So what is the problem?

The reason Akwa Ibom State is now in a state of pecuniary embarrassment is due to the way Godswill Akpabio is looting the treasury to pay-off people in the country—from the judiciary, the presidency, all the way to the legislative sector—in order to stay in power as a State Governor, a position in which he bamboozled his way through at the last gubernatorial election. Emerging reports say Akpabio is now crossing the party line to bribe his political opponents. In order to be granted the favor he is courting from his political opponents, Akpabio is said to be ready to entrust the treasury of Akwa Ibom State as a pledge to those he has contacted.

Sources have confirmed how Akpabio has been having secret meetings with national leaders of the Action Congress of Nigeria, or ACN, including a meeting with ACN’s heavy weights, such as Tinubu, former governor Segun Osoba, and Chief Akande, who is the National Chairman of ACN. A source has confirmed that at Lagos and Abuja airports, several people witnessed how Akpabio prostrated before Akande, asking for his support. The question is what type of support is Akpabio seeking from the leaders of ACN?

Reliable sources have confirmed how they heard Akpabio told Akande; “I need your support. I will be a better boy than Akpan Udoedehe. Akpan Udoedehe is not a boy you can trust. He is a liar, who will betray you before you know it. Oga, I will pay you anything. I have money. Money, you know is not the problem. Help me withdraw the appeal in the Supreme Court. Oga, I will do everything for you. Akwa Ibom has money. I have money. Just tell me how you want me to pay you, if you want it in dollars, I will pay, if you want in Euro, I will pay. I beg, Oga, you don’t have to give me your answer now, but think about it.”

Reports have confirmed that after Chief Akande had his ears full of Akpabio, he calmly told him; “Governor, stand up. I have heard you. But I am sorry to tell you this; ACN is not for sale. Please forget the offer and let’s pretend that you never discussed the matter with me. But let me tell you one thing; ACN stands on the principle of justice and equity. Our party (ACN) will pursue the case in the Supreme Court. If the Court says that what was decided at the Tribunal in Uyo and at the Appeal Court in Calabar is what should stand as the law of the land, then ACN will have no choice but to obey the ruling of the highest court in the land. If on the other hand the Supreme Court rules otherwise, I also expect you to abide by, show respect for, and obey the law. That is all I can tell you now.”

Senator Akpan Udoedehe’s reaction

After I heard the story, I contacted Senator Akpan Udoedehe by telephone at his home in Abuja for its veracity. The following is his response;

“Yes, I have heard the story and even much more than what you are telling me. Let me begin by saying; shame on Godswill Akpabio!! I wonder why you doubt the story. You know that Akpabio is a bastard and the way he behaves is the way all bastards behave. You also know that all bastards are liars. Let me tell you why I say he is a bastard. All his brothers are fathered by four different men. What makes this strange is that all four men are from the same (Akpabio) family. For instance, Nsentip’s father is the same man who fathered Aniedi (Akpabio?), who is the General Manager of Akwa Ibom Property Development. Now, just imagine a man, whose mother was known to keep it “all in the family” talking about my father, who was a well-known business and political leader in his days. If I were Godswill Akpabio, and had the type of wayward mother he had, I never would dare say anything against the parents of others.”

“His bastardized sense of belonging is the reason he gives himself up to people and always refers to himself as a “boy.” Just imagine a whole State Governor, prostrating before another man and calling himself a “boy.” Of course he is a boy, and that is why he behaves, lies, and talk in a careless manner as he always does. I am a “man,” not a “boy.” Maybe that is why Chief Akande, Tinubu, Osoba, and others were quick to send him out of their faces. When he told them that he will be a better “boy” than Akpan Udoedehe, they probably said to themselves “oh, no, who wants to make a deal with a boy?”

“And let me tell you one other thing; Mr. Ben Bruce (of the N40 billion contract to build the Tropicana) told President Jonathan that Akpabio said to him (Bruce) that Akpan Udoedehe is a devil who bathes himself every day with human blood using the male private parts as his shampoo. Just imagine that kind of lies! Well, only a bastard would lie that way. I am happy that all the prominent people in the country—people that he used to tell lies on me—have finally realized that Akpabio has a mental issue to deal with. People are now beginning to understand that the man is not only a pathological liar, but sick in the head”

“Regarding the story you heard as to whether Akpabio has been begging the leaders of ACN to rescue him and withdraw the appeal I and ACN filed against him at the Supreme Court, all I can tell you is yes, it is true; you can also quote me on this. He promised those gentlemen and others in similar positions, billions of naira if they would block the course of justice on his behalf. If those people were greedy enough to accept his offer, where do you think the money would come from? Of course, the money would be removed from the treasury of Akwa Ibom State. People are suffering and in abject poverty, no employment, starvation is everywhere, the State is in a state of stagnation, yet Akpabio is going from one end of the country to another, donating the money, which could be used in helping the people. Can you imagine that kind of insanity?”

Written by
Thompson Essien

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