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The Puke Of The Roguish Clement Ikpatt: An Interview By Franklin Isong On Thompson Essien.

23 Feb


By OduduAbasi N. Edet.
I am sure that you are aware of the khaki envelopes which many so-called journalists stuff in their coat pockets from corrupt men and women now running our governments at local, state and federal levels, in order to present the corrupt favorably to the public.
Franklyn Isong knows that Clement Ikpatt is a former police officer who absconded from his duties and fled to the United States. Franklin Isong has avoided interviewing Clement Ikpatt on first things first,  such as could help establish Clement Ikpatt’s credibility for the public. Franklin Isong cannot, NOW,  claim that he does not understand that his interviews border on journalistic in-etiquette, bias, and insincerity – this makes the second time that Franklin Isong has not sought reactions from the other party who has been consistently attacked by his interviewee.
Questions which Franklin Isong has deliberately avoided asking Clement Ikpatt; (since he has refused to seek the opinion of the other party,  ALWAYS attacked by his interviewee, Clement Ikpatt);   include Clement Ikpatt’s stint in the NPF, how  Clement  Ikpatt left that outfit; how Clement Ikpatt entered the United States; what Clement Ikpatt’s status in the United States was while he lived in the United States; and if Clement Ikpatt expects to return to the United States. Franklin Isong knows and understands that such questions will help to establish the credibility or non thereof of his interviewee.
Why has  journalist  Franklin Isong failed to lay a solid foundation for his client,  which could help the reading and hearing public to know if Clement Ikpatt  and what Clement Ikpatt says are credible, in the absence of any counter from the person being attacked by his interviewee? The simple answer to that question is that Franklin Isong is given to yellow and brown-envelop journalism, practiced by many of his colleagues in Nigeria!
However, Clement Ikpatt himself knows that his days are numbered and the time is fast approaching when he will be FORCED to render account for all he has said and done on behalf of his corrupt masters;  what he had ever done for or against his country as a police officer;  and what he has done for himself honestly or dishonestly.
Meanwhile the reading public can ask questions about Clement Ikpatt and what qualifies Clement Ikpatt  to obsessively attack other peoples’  reputations. Is Clement Ikpatt morally upright? Does Clement Ikpatt come from a morally well-adjusted family? Was Clement Ikpatt an upright police officer in the Nigeria Police Force? Is Clement Ikpatt married; if so is he a good father, a good husband ? Franklin Isong has left the reading public the choice and the interest to begin inquiring about Clement Ikpatt along these lines.
  Clement Ikpatt cannot escape his sins. Even if Clement Ikpatt  had refused  to learn from members of his immediate family on that score, he will learn from certain members of the corrupt government of Godswill Obot Akpabio in the coming weeks and months. Franklin Isong also knows that  the Akpabio administration is about to run out of time, out of options, out of power to push yellow journalists to write stories in their favor.
 The public will know then who Clement Ikpatt was; who Clement Ikpatt is; and if Clement Ikpatt is the type of person that can be trusted. Franklin Isong will of course plead the usual pledge often given by  insincere persons in the discharge of their duties – “I was only doing my job”; BUT the public would have by then known the type of journalist that Franklin Isong is!
  OduduAbasi  Nicholas Ndueso Edet



Poverty and Unemployment In Akwa Ibom State: The Case For Data Driven Policy.

21 Feb

By Clayton Udoh




Clayton Udoh

Clayton Udoh

Do The Math –President Barack Obama “44th President of the United States.


I would advise that this write up is for the thinker: a person ready to delve into certain levels of dialogue. Not for the caustic brown noser that must maintain the status quo for his daily bread. For it is no more logical for certain aspects of the future of Akwa Abasi Ibom State to be argued on the table of political zealousness. Rather we should be able to agree that there are factors that act as a prelude to the prevailing poverty in our society. We pause to examine one word that resonates like the cruel wind on our bones; Unemployment.


My intro then begs the question,”Has the true conditions of Unemployment become buried in a morass of unavailable or inaccessible data which comprises of  slowly decaying paper and wilting manila folders?”

Firstly, I tender as my personal opinion that Akwa Abasi Ibom State cannot operate in the era of manila folders anymore. Folders filled with “official pages” with “duplicates” too old to be discerned by the human eye as smudges of carbon paper. The unreadable Triplicate! The Prehistoric!

The limitations of this prehistoric system, that we inherited from our Colonial masters is now apparent on how far we can go as a people. Strange enough our Colonial Masters do not use this as the mainstay of their information recording/storage systems anymore.

Yes the data we have in our system today is based on the durability of the paper it was printed on. “Records”that are subjected to pressure (files piling on files), temperature (changes of the dry and wet season) humidity and all other factors that lead to the wear and tear of the environment at large.

Our storage system of information creates an impenetrable “static” in which trends and patterns in data is lost in dank, musty, dusty “record offices”.


Why Data? The power of the modern world is Data. Data provides answers to questions that must be answered to drive policy. How many people are unemployed? How many people get employed monthly (An indicator of the strength of the economy)? How many people lost their jobs monthly (An indicator of a dwindling economy)? What is causing the spike in job lost and how can we stem the tide? How many people who are unemployed graduated in the last 10 years, 5 years, 3 years, 2 years? How many of the employed are women beneath the age of 40 that are liberal art majors that graduated between 2010 to 2014? How many of the unemployed are women in the Tech sector from out of state? How many of the unemployed are men who graduated in the Medical sciences but are now pursuing an MBA that are from Eket Senatorial district? There are millions of questions that can be answered when data is stored accurately at the push of a button.

Without such granular data, how do you drive policy? This is far beyond a politician cleaning his mouth after eating his fufu and screaming that he or she will build 31 industries!

Which industries do you bring in if you do not know the nature of your unemployed?

The modern world with a distinct thunderclap is hammering down the science of Information Technology by using Data Warehousing with efficiency. In the modern industry, this leads to Data Mining. Data accumulated over a period of time begins to expose trends and patterns that show that the society is organic in nature (Can respond to stimuli or the lack of it thereof). This data can be “mined” that leads to societies even creating forecast for themselves and predicting events based on trends observed.

Why do we think that the NSA went to such pains to acquire data that far superseded its bounds as exposed by Edward Snowden?

The importance of Facebook is not its one billion users but the fact that as a data mining site, it is studying the behavior of one billion people and creating algorithms that predict everything from our eating habits to market strategies directed on the society. Same goes for Google and other sites that create profiles of us based on our use of their utilities.

So the big question remains how many people are unemployed in Akwa Abasi Ibom State? How do we define employment?

In the United States the debate has begun that the living wage should be moved from $7.25 an hour to $10.25 an hour. Based on Naira’s exchange rate would it be correct for us to say that the average living wage of a worker in Akwa Abasi Ibom State should be from 2,429,000—–3,434,097 Naira yearly? This would be for the person sweeping the airport terminal, then how much more for the graduate from Akwa Abasi Ibom State?

If not so, is there a debate on this to determine what kind of industries, will pay the youth what they truly deserve?

On the other hand, would we rather say that our youth deserve the little fleeting micro-finance projects they did that transformed them into de facto brick layers and construction men/women for a few days of their lifetime?

Studies have shown that the cold grip of poverty is slowly but surely loosened across generations by a constant frequency of quality work and careers in one’s life that leads to the accumulation of assets for generations to come. Little Micro-finance jobs (flash-in-the-pan money) could be actually counter-productive to the true acquisition of wealth!


It is a distraction to believe that the development of Akwa Abasi Ibom State will be dependent on infrastructure. Afterall the beauty of infrastructure is that it must serve the greater good of the populace and not the privileged few. However how can infrastructure be effective, as a resource, when created without logistics and how efficiently will it serve the populace?

We need a leader that has true compassion for the youth of Akwa Abasi Ibom State. A leader, who actually realizes that the global standard, for a thriving economy is not its infrastructure but the quality of life of its citizenry.


Clayton “Bane” Udoh, Mesa, Arizona

Re – Go to Akwa Ibom, weep for Abia State!

21 Feb


“Ebere Wagbara is just a puppet playing the paid tune of the puppeteer, Aniekan Umanah and his government. He is a shameless writer who does not understand that the four years budget of Abia is just one year budget of Akpabio. For him to describe Obong Attah as the worst governor begs for further explanation. What objective criteria did he use to arrive at his assertion. And he thinks himself a great writer. Shame on him. Akpabio will pay him all he can, but he should not patronize us.” -Udeme Usen, Uyo
“This is a befitting reply to such idiots who now believe using pseudo names in the social media to black mail decent people in Akwa Ibom, is fast becoming their stock in trade. 

We are aware that these men, who are now megaphones of public falsehood survives only by such means and will die by it except they repent…” – Den Udo, Uyo.

 Akwa Ibom State Map

The best place to practice yellow journalism, is Akwa Ibom State. It is a place where all kinds frauds go to make uncanny sort of sycophancy and return with Ghana-must-go sacks or brown envelop with Swiss checks since 2007.

There is a lot of competition out there as hungry journalists have taken over the state like swarms. They falling among themselves.  But the good news is that, there are honest and credible ones too. But not the like of  Ebere. I don’t know who will bail my state of these daylight robbers in the name of journalists. There is one Osundu Ehirika playing this same ignoble  role too there
They all know themselves, the trade works better there, they take advantage of the most poorest hungry people on earth. people who see only painting and lush grasses adorning the streets, with hunger and diseases stampeding the entire state. A state where people sleep only with one eye closed and  scared of armed bandits, kidnappers, assassins, ritualists and child traffickers. A state where children are now targets of kidnapping for juju and ritual for politicians. A state with no functional industries, and all the existing ones have gone entirely moribund. Do you have these kind of indices in Abia State Mr. Ebere?
Is this where you, Ebere Wabara wants to belong?
There is nothing bad about that, come and join us, but know that killers have taken over the strategic and vantage points so that your state will not accuse us of killing their own son. It is one thing to curry favor from any government, but  another is to eulogize killers, to mock the dead. Don’t try to pour encomium on high profile kidnappers, political robbers and at the same time trying to kill your own state which is not known for hacking to death political opponents, killing young men or giving them arms to kill their relatives in order to make it to the government house.
Ebere Wabara, I have a lot of friends in my school days from Ndi-Igbo (even today).
They were very honest, dependable,  entrepreneurial. But for you to come out with such mountain of lies, I doubt if you are truly a blood of the Ndi-Igbo DNA test should be conducted on you. I’m ready to pay for that. But honestly,  you have not shaken my view and belief about the Ndi-Igbo with your new found gold mine. Go and get your fat check from Governor Godswill Akpabio, but never again should you try to come out with such mountain of lies. He who wears the show knows where it pinches. In your next voyage for praise-singing and gold mining, please, take a trip to Eket, Ibeno, Eastern Opolo, Mbo, Uruan Ini Local Government Areas to see the decay there. Don’t stop at Uyo circus or round-about.
 Sin no more; big thief!
Essien Ubong
Anyin  Akwa Ibom
On the galloping road of Etinan to honor an IV for a friend’s wedding

2015: Nobody Can Impose Governor On Akwa Ibom – Amb Assam Assam.

17 Feb

Ambassador Assam E. Assam.

Ambassador Assam E. Assam.

Chief Assam Ekanem Assam (SAN) is Nigeria’s Ambassador to Russia and the Republic of Belarus. Before his diplomatic job, he was Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice in Akwa Ibom State. Assam, now eyeing the governorship seat in 2015, in this interview with BASSEY ANTHONY, speaks on diverse state, national and international issues including the politics of 2015. He insists that nobody, not even the incumbent Governor Godswill Akpabio or President Goodluck Jonathan can impose or install a governor in the state come 2015. Excerpts:

The Nigerian Embassy in Russia, under your administration, last November organised a trade and investment forum in conjunction with the Russian trade and investment community to boost the investment relationship between the two countries. So far, what can you say have been the benefits of that forum to Nigeria in particular?

We are looking forward to the benefits. And it is most likely we are going to have more of such fora. Nigeria has never really had a serious trading relationship with Russia. So, to commence the process of a serious engagement with the Russian trading and investment community both parties have to cultivate it and that is what we are trying to do – to bring both parties to the table and discuss and know each other, not on Facebook or the internet. And we have started seeing a lot of results.

Never in the history of our relationship has there been so much human and investment traffic into the two countries like now and this is as a result of that event.

I know that despite your appointment as Nigeria’s envoy in Russia, you are still much in touch with the unfolding political activities in the country as they have to do with 2015. What is your take on the defection of five Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governors and scores of lawmakers to the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC)? Do you think it could scuttle PDP’s victory at the polls?

Well, I don’t know whether they (defections) will work against the interest of the PDP or not. That is not for me to say because that is in the future. What I know is that the new national chairman of the PDP is working hard to reconcile various diverse groups and he is also trying to encourage those who defected from the party to return.

The APC has criticised the election timetable recently released by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), alleging it was deliberately structured to give the PDP an advantage and that the presidential election should not come before others. What is your opinion?

My take on it is that even if INEC had put the House of Assembly election first, the APC will still complain. They will say that the presidential election should have come first. There is nothing you can do about the opposition. The essence of the opposition is to oppose and that is what it is doing; so don’t worry about it. Everybody is going to contest the election. You have a presidential candidate that is going to contest against my presidential candidate. You have to choose yours and I too will choose mine; everything is even. So, my take on the matter is that I do not want to do the job of INEC. I don’t know what informed its decision and I am not ready to criticise on the basis of emotions and sentiments. INEC has the statutory duty of conducting elections and it has said it is going to conduct the presidential election on a particular day, so be it. All of us should go and get ready for it. It is like students wanting the examiner to set exams for them on a preferred day, contrary to the day the examiner wants the exams taken. It does not make sense.

Governor Godswill Akpabio recently led a delegation of PDP bigwigs in the state to the new national chairman of the PDP where he was quoted to have advised the PDP national chairman, Adamu Mu’azu to disregard some Abuja-based politicians from Akwa Ibom State who claimed they could deliver the state to the PDP. Do you too believe we have Abuja and home-based members of the party or factions of that sort?

If you want to know if we still have Abuja front and Akwa Ibom front, it is better you go and ask the governor who truly said there are metropolitan politicians. I don’t know where the governor got his information because I am not in the country. I am in Moscow. I don’t know who is living in Abuja now or who is living at home. But each

time I come into the country, I look for the governor and they tell me he is in Abuja. So, I don’t know who is living more in Abuja than the governor himself. If there are metropolitan politicians, I think the governor is part of that group because he is not living at home; that I can tell you.

Recently, at a well attended thanksgiving service organised by the Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Governor Akpabio spoke glowingly about the SSG, thereby confirming rumours that he may be his successor in 2015. Do subscribe to the politics of imposition?

But you know my view on this. I have told everybody again and again that nobody will impose a candidate on the people of Akwa Ibom State. We are too republican for that kind of nonsense. Nobody, not the governor, not even the President will impose any candidate on our people. The people of state will choose their candidate when the time comes. That is why we are saying whether you are metropolitan, village or local politician, let the governor give everybody a level-playing field so that we can determine whether, indeed, there are metropolitan or local politicians. Let the governor not campaign for a candidate because he is not contesting the election. But if he wants to contest let him come out and contest because he cannot be pretending that he is giving everybody a level-playing field when he campaigns for a candidate, and according to you, his body language means the endorsement of a particular aspirant. We should, however, not worry because that is how he has always spoke glowingly about people he has kicked out already.

The governorship seat has been zoned to the Eket Senatorial District for the 2015 election; but there is internal wrangling in the district over which constituency should produce the governor (cuts in…)

The governorship seat has not been zoned to the Eket Senatorial District. The governorship seat has simply rotated to that district. Nobody zoned the governorship seat to that district. There is no internal wrangling. You people are creating artificial politics when there is none. The senatorial district exists; the politics of that senatorial district also exists. If you have a senatorial district that also has its own internal politics then if you say the governorship has rotated to Eket, then the Eket senatorial district has a right now to present candidates for the election. It is not only the Eket senatorial district that will determine who the governor will be. The whole state will vote for the governor. So, what internal wrangling do you think exists?

But, I spoke with a prominent politician from Oron federal constituency who said if Oron does not produce the governor in 2015, he would prefer the governorship seat to go back to the Uyo senatorial district instead of Eket or Ikot Abasi in the Eket senatorial district. What is your opinion on this?

When you spoke with the politician from Oron federal constituency, did you expect him to say somebody from Eket must become governor? Where did they do that plebiscite? When did the Oron people meet to mandate that man you spoke to, whoever he is, to declare that rather than Oron people voting for anybody from the Eket senatorial district they should vote for somebody from Uyo? Where did they meet to say that? Did the man tell you he held the mandate of Oron people to say that? You see, the Eket senatorial district is going to produce the next governor. There are people within the district who have taken native oaths with some people outside the district. They will support those people whether you like it or not. The question is not whether the man in Oron is saying the same as the man in Eket or Ikot Abasi, the issue is, it depends on the political interest. What interest do you have? Do you think that an Eket, Ikot Abasi man whose sister is married to a governorship aspirant in Uyo will not support that aspirant? No, he will. I know the so-called prominent people from the various constituencies in Eket Senatorial District, including my own who are supporting the governorship aspirants from Uyo, But do those people speak for the senatorial district? That is the question. So when they say instead of Oron it should be Uyo, I mean that does not make sense.

What is your economic blueprint for Akwa Ibom State if elected as governor in 2015?

When I launch my campaign I will publish my manifesto to show the approach of the government I will lead in the areas of industry, agriculture, education, health and all that. So, taking one bit of it at this moment will not make much impact because as against what obtains now, I am not likely to come to government with the anger Governor Akpabio came with.

I am likely to come very well prepared and more organised with a proper programme for implementation so that if I build a road that road will achieve a particular purpose – not for the purpose of self-aggrandisement. My programme will be well explained in the manifesto. But I want to say that the trade and investment forum in Moscow is not a one-stop shop. It is a well planned thing. We are undertaking another one in June this year. I may not be there but it is all planned out that every year we must have an investment forum until we are able to actualise a marginal response to the entreaties of Nigeria to Russian investments. So, it is not going to be a thing that will be done one time and it is finished. We are doing it regularly in Moscow.

There is this impression that since you relocated to Russia as an ambassador, you have lost touch with your people and that you don’t relate with the grassroots. Won’t this affect your governorship ambition?

Well, I don’t know what losing touch means. That was the thought and essence of recommending me for ambassadorial appointment by the governor – that I should go there so that I could lose touch with the grassroots. But, unfortunately for him, I have not lost touch with the grassroots. I am rather closer to the grassroots. This insinuation frightens the people who thought I would lose touch. You are talking to me now in Nigeria, not in Moscow. I am here. And I do come home once in a while when it is necessary for the purpose of my job. And when I come to Nigeria I have the opportunity of visiting my home and I do meet with politicians. I am in touch with them. And when I can’t meet with them I ask them to come to Moscow and they come and listen to me and I talk to them. So, I am in touch. I read literally all the 85 newspapers published in Akwa Ibom State and I know what is happening. I do also contribute my thoughts on the state and nation issues. I recently granted an interview which was quite well read according to the sources I have spoken to. So I am in touch with the grassroots. I am a politician who is interested in contesting the

governorship election. So, I won’t tell you everything I do.

There is also the belief in many quarters that you are not youth-friendly and that the youths will not be accommodated in your administration if you become governor. How true is this?

Well, it depends on what youth-friendliness means. I have looked at the dictionary and I have not seen a phrase called ‘youth-friendly.’ So, I don’t know what they mean by it. But I have met some of the people who made the statement and they said what they mean is that I do not patronise secret cults and that I am not a member of the secret cults. Well, at my age I don’t need to be a member of a secret cult and I would not be a member of a secret cult and I will not patronise cultism.

Whoever is making that allegation is doing me a favour. But, if it is been friendly with young people, I can say I am very friendly with young people. I married at when I was 24 years old, and I had my first daughter when I was 25 years old. So, when I was 50 my daughter was already 25. And, I have been growing up with them. I am not like some people who married at 40 and they have a 10-year old first child at 50. I have grown up with my children and their friends. Anybody who knows me knows that my house is always filled up with young people at any particular time because of my children. So, if being ‘youth-friendly’ means cultism, they may be right because I don’t patronise cultism and I will never patronise it.

But if they mean being friendly with young people, then I can say I am very friendly with young people. The accusation that I am not youth-friendly came from my governor. He said the reason he couldn’t support me is because I am not youth-friendly. The question I will like to ask my governor is: Is he youth-friendly? How can the governor be youth-friendly and the youths are not employed? How can the governor be youth-friendly when literally 10 per cent of our youths are involved in crime, abducting people; armed robbery and all sorts of crime and then the governor is youth-friendly. And these children are there involved in all these crimes? How is he ensuring that these children are re-integrated into the society? So, I am not happy that anybody can make that kind of statement. If you have to make a comment about me, it is better you make a comment that sounds reasonable and intelligent.

What is your vision for a new Akwa Ibom State?

I don’t know whether there will be a new Akwa Ibom State or an old one. But I know that I have a document from which I intend to publish my views on how I would like to leave the state when I complete my tenure. Perhaps, that will be my vision. I don’t like all these catch-phrases like ‘Vision for a new Akwa Ibom.’ What is wrong with the old one? It is just a matter of telling stories to allow the system remain the same. But there are three issues that bother me. We have no health programme in Akwa Ibom State. We have no educational programme in the state, and we have no youth employment scheme. These are the things that bother me and these are the things I want to face. How do I ensure that children who have gone to school and have no employment are employed? And they must have quality education and

quality health. Our children are dying on the streets. Our women are delivering children on the vestries of churches because of lack of confidence in our medical sector. Our people are going to native doctors because there is no healthcare in the state. Not even the uncommon healthcare can solve the problem. We don’t have uncommon healthcare; uncommon education we don’t have.

But, what of the free and compulsory education programme of the Governor Akpabio’s administration?

When you have a teacher to 2,000 students? I don’t know how free and compulsory that type of education is.

What footprints do you want to leave behind as a politician?

I don’t have footprints for now.  I am still outside. When I step into the office of governor I would know the footprints I will leave behind.

-Daily Newswatch


17 Feb


Since last month, unexpected revelation of the above HEADLINE and We informed you that our investigators were in Europe trying to piece together information regarding the dubious activities of Akwa Ibom diaspora Network and its leaders Mr Clement Ikpatt, Barr. Uduak Ukpe and the errand boy Hon. Aniekan Umanah – Commissioner of Information in Akwa Ibom State government.
Here are some of the disturbing information we have discovered through the help of some of Akwa Ibom Citizens in Europe and beyond, especially the main players.

(1)  Akwa Ibom Diaspora Network (AIDN) is not a registered organization in any of the six (6) continents of the world, and as such we consider it an illegal organization being used to siphon money from the state treasury.

(2)  AIDN has no established BANK ACCOUNT in any of the continents of the world except PAYPAL system that could not be traced to a particular account holder. Yet the state government and Gov. Akpabio keep sponsoring event that the account could not be rendered.

(3) The meeting that became the straw that broke the camel’s back and brought everything to public was held in Uyo, the State capital of Akwa Ibom State in the presence of the Gov. Godswill Akpabio. They were preparing grounds for another mandatory scheme to siphon more resource control funds of the state and the following people were in attendance:

A) Mr Clement Ikpatt – AIDN President & P/A to Gov. Akpabio
b) Barr. Uduak Ukpe – AIDN Secretary
c) Prof Ekere Essien – Treasure/Financial Director
d) Prof. Felix Edoho
E) Mr Chris Eyobio
F) Ms Idongesit Awiilo Ntuen
G) Barr. Ata Ikkide
H) Mr Joe Etukudo
I) Dr Victor Udo
J) Hon. Comm. Aniekan Umanah – (The Errand Boy)
It is confirmed that Akwa Ibom State government have donated sixty million naira  ( #60,000.000:00 )to sponsor AIDN so-called Economic Summit in Houston, Texas, USA including the last ten million ( 10, 000.000:00) for proposed/cancelled  Germany summit. Inspite of this amount of money nothing could accomplished from it that the people of Akwa Ibom State could benefit from it and no proper account could also be presented by Mr Aniekan Umanah, Clement Ikpatt and Barr. Uduak Ukpe.. The account is being kept secret by these three Musketeers and confidential to the extent that no other person knows the details excerpt Prof Ekere Essien. There’s a high level CODE OF SILENCE among them.

No account has ever being rendered to the general membership of AIDN. In 2011 fifteen members received cash donation ten thousand dollars ($10,000:00) each from Gov Akpabio and each of them turned over one thousand dollars ($1,000:00) to AIDN PAYPALL account control by Clement Ikpatt, Prof Ekere Essien and Barr. Uduak Ukpe and yet still members don’t know the whereabouts of that money. We are following the trail of this money until we get to the bottom of it. Also 2012 summit debt have not being exhausted and those women who cooked our traditional food are still being owed from the information we have gathered.

(4) The two women owed for Germany summit are:
A) Ms. Mary Umoh – England   (Equivalent of US ($15,000.00) Payment still pending since last year.
B) Ms. Christy Mkpouto Egwenye  – Los Angeles ($10,000.00) Payment still pending since last year.
C) Saturday Jackson presented see the information below:
On Friday, January 24, 2014 7:36 AM, saturday jackson   wrote:
Gentlemen & Ladies
Mr. Jackson,
Please see the attachment above as a part of item (4c)
We hereby serve this warning to Prof. Ekere Essien that our investigators will soon arrive in his State of residency to carry out investigation on this matter, unless you cooperates with LVIT, IRS may also be involved here.
 Mr. Moses Edem you can invoke/plead as many 5th amendment as you want. When we involve the IRS and possibly court  you will know the limit of your right. Anyway you are used to court in financial matters – Aiding and Abetting is not new to you. We are told that you are the right hand man of Mr. Clement Ikpatt and also Southern California’s AIDN coordinator. Our investigator tried to contact you many time but you avoided speaking with our agent. We are told that you are supposed to be a smart guy, but for you to be such a dummy for Clement Ikpatt to used you this is way is rather unfortunate. Again, our investigator may decide to meet with you in your area any time in the near future. Last time you narrowly escape the fight our commissioner brought to your step, this time you may not be that lucky. Remember, you can run but can not hide.
N/B: Please open the attachment.
Liberty Voice Investigative Team is commissioned by:
uwem sam
los angeles
Liberty is always dangerous, but it is the safest thing we have.  ~Harry Emerson Fosdick

DISCLAIMER: AIDN Canada Disassociates & Disowns AIDN Global For Deception.

4 Feb


Aniekan Umanah, Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for Information.

Aniekan Umanah, Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for Information.


The Office of the Executive Governor of the Akwa Ibom State
The Akwa Ibom State Government Ministries & Parastatals
The Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly
The Akwa Ibom State public
The Peoples Democratic Party – Akwa Ibom State Branch
All Print and Electronic Media and Houses in Akwa Ibom and in Diaspora
All true sons and daughters of Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria and Diaspora
We the undersigned members of the executive of AIDN, Canada Chapter, have hereby come together to issue the following declarations on behalf of ourselves and the entire members of AIDN, Canada Chapter thus:
We the sons and daughters of Akwa Ibom State were very happy when we were contacted to join AIDN and to establish a chapter here in Canada. We were informed that AIDN is an organization registered with the government of The United States of America as a non-profit organization whose mandate was to promote the well-being of all Akwa Ibom citizens both in Nigeria and abroad through political and economic strategies; work with the incumbent and future governments of the state.
It was a highly welcome idea in that we considered that it was high time we stood up and be counted among equals worldwide and that it would afford us the chance to contribute, time, efforts, financially and, in any ways possible toward the development of our home land. With that in mind we did not hesitate in forming the Canada chapter of AIDN. We did not only form the chapter but, contrary to the advice of the global secretariat, we opened an account for the purpose ensuring that all financial activities are recorded for transparency and accountability. Since then, we repeatedly requested the global secretariat to send us seed money to enable us set up an office, and telephone line so that we could do the AIDN jobs effectively, all to no avail.
We were steadily experiencing disappointments from AIDN leadership, but we were not deterred; we went ahead and taxed ourselves financially, and other resources to keep up service. We collected annual fees from members and informed global secretariat. When global secretariat heard that we had some money in our chapter account, they demanded that we send them 60% of our dues and to keep 40%, however we delayed action in that regard as a result of the then  unfolding debacle in Germany.
The global secretariat promised to reimburse us when we send ten members from our branch to the 2011 Houston Texas first expo. Our members left their work, duties and families to attend the expo and some of us had to borrow money to pay hotel and transportation costs, yet we left Houston with no money for hotel accommodation and transport that we were promised, until date. The same deceit happened in 2012 and none of our members was reimbursed as was promised.
In 2013 many of our members were tricked and promised financial compensation for those who would attend the Germany industrial and job expo. So many people bought return trip tickets only to be informed that the expo hit a road block and had to be postponed and would be rescheduled on a later date. This year, 2014 we were awaiting to use our flight tickets that could not be refunded, to attend the rescheduled expo. Instead of that we were saddened to receive information about the financial indiscretion of the President and Secretary and the commissioner of information to which no rebuttal by the trio has been issued.
We hereby state, that we members of the AIDN Canada chapter have been made victims of the financial trickeries of the global secretariat. Up till date we have paid all financial costs demanded from us by the global secretariat including our names, telephone numbers, residential addresses and other vital and personal information to the global secretariat for the purpose of registration as members of PDP and issuance of membership cards which have not been given us to date. Our chapter representative was invited to attend the 2012 Akwa Ibom Sate Silver Jubilee celebration with a promise of reimbursement of transport and costs to attendees. Our representatives came back with disappointment up till date.
We are very troubled that the AIDN leadership has betrayed our confidence. We have been deceived, raped, and betrayed. Our privacy and our lives are an open book to the world based on the publication of our personal information in the global media forum. We have received no money whatsoever from any entity as proceeds from AIDN, instead we have been falsely accused of wrong doings instead of the president and secretary of the global secretariat.
We hereby ask that our names be removed forthwith from the AIDN list of crooks and that those found guilty of financial embezzlement be made to refund all that they have stolen and that all that is owed to us be reimbursed immediately and save us from debts and all financial embarrassments.
We are responsible, respectable and law-abiding sons of Akwa Ibom State, Canada and indeed, the world. We made no mistake to support renaissance efforts for our people and we ask that our names be not associated with dishonest people and fake leadership.
 John J. Edem- Vice president
Bassey Ekong- Zonal co-ordinator
Edet Umoafia– Zonal Mobilization Officer
Ms Truddie Edem – Chapter Secretary
Dated the 3rd Day February, 2014


28 Jan


…As Enoidem feigns ignorance of whereabouts of missing fund.
By Sam Emmanuel

Godswill Akpabio, Akwa Ibom State Governor

Godswill Akpabio, Akwa Ibom State Governor

The battle line has been drawn between the members of the Akwa Ibom state House of Assembly committee on Finance and appropriation headed by Barr. Onofiok Luke and the Ministry of Special duties overseen by Emmanuel Enoidem as well as the office of the Akwa Ibom state Accountant-General,

The issue under contention is the missing sum of 1billion naira provided for in the 2013 budget which was allotted for the purchase of a commercial airline to be christened “IBOM AIRLINE” and meant to be used for commercial purposes as a means of revenue generation for the government.
Trouble began immediately after the Commissioner for Special Duties, the ministry overseeing the Ibom International Airport, presented their budget performance before the Akwa Ibom State House Committee on Finance and Appropriation for the 2013 fiscal year. Apparently curious over the discrepancy noticed in the document forwarded to the Finance and Appropriation committee by the Budget Office, as obtained from the office of the state Accountant-General on its expenditure for the said airline and the omission of the information relating to the purchase of the airline during the presentation of the budget performance for the Ministry of Special Duties by Barr. Emmanuel Eniodem, the chairman of the Akwa Ibom state House of Assembly Committee on Finance and Appropriation, Barr. Onofiok Luke demanded explanation as to why no mention was made of the purchase of Ibom Airline, even when records at the disposal of the committee show that such fund was released.
In response to the question, the commissioner for Special Duties, Barr. Enoidem insisted that he had no knowledge of the disbursement of the sum of 1 billion naira meant for the purchase of Ibom airlines to the ministry. He maintained that such money would have been lost in transit or still in the custody of the office of the Akwa Ibom state Accountant General.
Barr Enoidem remarked before the committee “When I took over as commissioner in the Ministry of Special Duties, while reviewing the documents of the ministry, I did not see any document to the effect that a whooping sum of 1billion naira was released to this ministry for the purpose of purchasing the purported Ibom Airline. So if such money is said to have been released by the office of the state Accountant-General, then it must have been lost in transit or perhaps still in the custody of the Accountant-General who claims he had released the said funds because to the best of my knowledge, the money is not in the Ministry of Special duties”
Irked by the inability of the parties involved to offer adequate explanation as to the whereabouts of the 1billion naira meant for the purchase of the aircraft, the chairman of the Akwa Ibom state House of Assembly committee on Finance and Appropriation, Barr Onofiok Luke said the committee was disappointed over the inability of the office of Accountant-General and the ministry of Special Duties to account for the as large a sum as 1billion naira which was clearly provided for and purportedly remitted to the ministry of special duties by the office of the Akwa Ibom state Accountant-General.
The lawmaker who maintained that the inability of the parties involved to offer cogent explanation on the missing 1billion Ibom airline shows that those at the helm of affairs in the different ministries were not capable of manning the ministries, stressing that no funds will be allotted to the ministries having anything to do with the missing 1billion naira.
In his words Barr. Onofiok Luke warned: “I sympathize with the parties involved in the disappearance of the 1billion naira meant for the purchase of Ibom Airline as this committee is going to ensure that those ministries do not, I repeat do not get a dime in the 2014 budget that will be passed by this honourable assembly. Let me warn that it is not going to be business as usual as we will follow every dime said to have been released by the accountant-general office to ensure that they were spent on the exact items they were provided for in the budget. Let this also serve as a warning to other Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) of Government that we will ensure that they account for every sum they receive in the 2014 budget to be passed by this assembly”
But the budget office has however insisted that the document it forwarded to the Akwa Ibom state House assembly committee on Finance and Appropriation was the same document it received from the office of the Akwa Ibom state Accountant-General and the document which the budget office insists has not been tampered with, shows the sum of 1 billion naira for the purchase of Ibom Airline had been released by the office to the Accountant-General. 

Hon Sam Ikon, Speaker,  Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly.

Hon Sam Ikon, Speaker, Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly.

Investigation by the Guide Newspaper has however revealed that the said amount had been released on the orders of the state chief executive, Governor Godswill Akpabio in the name of the Ministry of Special Duties.
An impeccable  source in the account office of the Accountant-General office confided in the Guide Newspaper that the controversial 1 billion naira was released on the orders of Governor Godswill Akpabio last year by the accountant General to a private account that he was sure had no relationship with  the Ministry of Special duties.
Our source explained the document relating to the disbursed funds was in the custody of the Office of the state Accountant-General, disclosing that that was the reason behind the cabinet reshuffle that led to the emergence of Barr. Emmanuel Enoidem as Commissioner in the ministry of Special Duties.
He wondered why the commissioner for Special duties should feign ignorance over the said sum of money, even when he must have been told that his job specification included working with the relevant authorities to ensuring that  no discrepancy exist in the account of the ministry, especially as it had to do with the now controversial sum of 1billion naira.
  In the exact words of our source: “ My own brother, it is unfortunate that the issue of the missing 1billion naira meant for the purchase of Ibom Airline has come to public attention. And as usual, a lot of people might lose their jobs as a result of this. When I came to office in the morning that the money was disbursed, I remember that I saw one of my colleagues preparing the document for the disbursement of the 1billion naira to the ministry of special Duties for the purchase of Ibom airline. I was shocked to find out the amount was forwarded into a private account instead of the Ministry of Special Duties as was reflected in the document prepared requesting the release of the said sum. But the I tell you that I am more surprised that the commissioner (referring to Barr. Enoidem) says he does not have knowledge of the whereabouts of the missing ibom airline fund.  Even when he does not know isn’t it in his place to protect the interest of his boss? What does he think he was brought to that ministry in the first place?  To loaf around and laugh at the top of his voice? I am disappointed in his utterance.”
Efforts to get the explanation of the state Accountant-General, Mr Hillary Isobara on the controversial sum were unfruitful as he refused to pick his calls and did not also respond to the eight SMS sent to his mobile phones.
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