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Gov. Akpabio: In Search Of Scapegoats in the United State.

25 Apr

Akpbio hunting innocent people in US

Written By Eno Adams

In the last few days, several headlines in Nigerian newspapers have
reported on a grant of application by a US federal court in the state of
Georgia instituted by Gov. Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State against
two US based
indigenes of the Akwa Ibom state, Messrs Thompson Essien and Nicholas
Edet and their
organization, Ibibio People’s Union (IPU). According to an Uyo based Weekly
Insight newspaper published last Sunday, the two gentlemen are asked
to “produce
documents and information, and to provide sworn testimonies, relating to
criminal investigations into their activities in the United States and Akwa
Ibom State” regarding March 22, 2011 violence that claimed twelve lives and
caused “extensive” damage to property in the state including the state
campaign headquarters of President Jonathan. The motivation of the state
governor is clear as summarized in this report’s headline: Akpabio Tackles
Opposition Forces Abroad… For him it is worth spending millions of dollars
of the people’s money to chase shadows instead of investing in
people-oriented programs.

The event of March 22, 2011 was a disaster waiting to happen. The public
was aware of it, names were named and some of them are still on the
Akwa Ibom state government
payroll. The state Director of State Security Service (SSS) was notified of
it ahead of it eight days earlier yet he did nothing to abort the disaster.

In a letter dated March 14, 2011, Bar. Francis EFanga, had predicted just
eight days before then. in the letter to the State Director of State
Security Service (SSS) based on instructions of his clients, [Our
instructions are that] “the Peoples Democratic Party (hereinafter called,
“the PDP”) led government of Governor Godswill Akpabio in AKWA IBOM STATE
has turned mere political campaigns into a harvest of bloodshed.
Until the
flag off of the ACN Campaigns on Wednesday the 9th of March 2011, there was
relative peace in Akwa Ibom State, save for the sporadic incidents of
kidnappings, assassinations and armed robberies which have been the feature
of the State since 2008. That condition enabled the PDP to launch her
campaigns freely and without molestation in several Local Government Areas
of the State.” He added, “The PDP and the government suddenly turned
violent and accentuated the worsened state of insecurity in Akwa Ibom State,
once the ACN joined the race.”

That letter directly implicated the former military administration to the
state, retired Air Commodore Indongesit Nkanga who was the director general
of Akpabio’s re-election campaign. “Following the unprecedented crowd that
showed support to the ACN at the flag off, a jittery Governor Godswill
Akpabio telephoned the Director General of his re-election campaign, the
former military Administrator of the State, Air CommodoreIdongesit Nkanga and
chided him for misleading the PDP and the Governor himself that the ACN had
no support in the State…

At the end, they both reasoned that they had lost
the forthcoming election and that the only way to stem off defeat was to
kill the ACN Governorship candidate, Senator John James Akpanudoedehe.”

When Sen. Akpanudoedehe and ACN campaign train arrived Ikot Ekpene to
address supporters they were ambushed. With ACN and Sen. Akpanudoedehe
were killed, a chain re-action followed. That started what the state
governor now crosses the Ocean several thousands of miles away to chase
down his number one critics to “depose” them in the United States in a
matter they had nothing to do with it. The letter to the state director of
SSS warned of many hotspots including Ikot Ekpene where the violent ambush s

Posted below is a copy of the letter posted on different fora
including the Ibom_Forum on
Tuesday March 15, 2011. Please pay particular attention to the outline

When you are done with reading this letter, make your own conclusion as to
who really masterminded the event of March 22, 2011 and who should have
been investigated and prosecuted long time ago.

Eno Adams


Chancery Solicitors


London Office: Camberwell Church St. London Se5 8tr Mobile:0956440706.
Office: 01714805516.Fax: 01717080770

London Office: Bungalow `B’ Crest Garden, 11 BolodekuCresent. Dideolu
Court, Ogba – Ikeja. Phone: 01-8536571,08023001711

14th March 2011

Our Ref: ACN. FEC. O1. 03. 2011





Dear Sir,


We are Solicitors to the ACTION CONGRESS OF NIGERIA inAkwa Ibom State
hereinafter called “The ACN” a party registered with the INDEPENDENT

Our instructions are that the Peoples Democratic Party (hereinafter called,
“the PDP”) led government of GovernorGodswill Akpabio in AKWA IBOM STATE
has turned mere political campaigns into a harvest of bloodshed.

Until the flag off of the ACN Campaigns on Wednesday the 9th of March 2011,
there was relative peace in Akwa Ibom State, save for the sporadic
incidents of kidnappings, assassinations and armed robberies which have
been the feature of the State since 2008.

That condition enabled the PDP to launch her campaigns freely and without
molestation in several Local Government Areas of the State.

The PDP and the government suddenly turned violent and accentuated the
worsened state of insecurity in Akwa IbomState, once the ACN joined the

Following the unprecedented crowd that showed support to the ACN at the
flag off, a jittery Governor Godswill Akpabiotelephoned the Director
General of his re-election campaign, the former military Administrator of
the State, Air CommodoreIdongesit Nkanga and chided him for misleading the
PDP and the Governor himself that the ACN had no support in the State.

At the end, they both reasoned that they had lost the forthcoming election
and that the only way to stem off defeat was to kill the ACN Governorship
candidate, Senator John JamesAkpanudoedehe.

This they did, in spite of the unambiguous warning of President Jonathan to
them that he did not want to become President on the blood of Nigerians.

We are instructed further that, so much blood of Akwa Ibompeople have been
spilled by the government in the State already.

This is the satanic plan that must not be trivialized on the altar of proof.

The two conspirators would deny this in public but we are instructed to
inform you that this plan must not be allowed to blossom. It must be nibbed in
the bud.

We are further instructed that unless this is done, anarchy and a bloody
revolution would be inevitable.

Indeed, the Government refused the ACN the use of the UYO township stadium,
the venue of PRESIDENT Jonathan’s campaign less than 48 hours before. Only
the firm intervention of the State Director of the State Security Services
convinced Governor Akpabio to allow the use of the stadium. But in all
other campaigns of the ACN in the Local Government Areas in the State, the
party is denied designated State venues as would be shown hereunder.

So far the party would avoid confrontation and opt for less advertising
venues. The resistance of the ACN in the IbionoIbom Local Government Area
of the State led to violent confrontation which was only resolved by very
responsible policing by the State police command led by a very respectable
police commissioner Mr. Sanni Magaji. The police commissioner has issued
signals to police commands in the State to offer the parties a level
playing field, but this is severely spurned by the government and the
ruling party which continues to deny the ACN designated campaign venues
duly applied for. The government has fouled the political air and simply
will not condone a smooth ACN rally in the Local Government Areas of the


We are instructed that in Etim Ekpo Local Government Area, the ACN
congregated to open a new secretariat of the party at about 12 noon on the
11th of March 2011 in UTU NSEHE/ABAT boundary both in WARD 1 of the Local
Government Area.

The intention of the party was to hoist the flag of the party and plant
their sign board on the office.

The party’s candidate for the Abak Federal Constituency Mr. UDUAKOBONG OKPO
of ABAT Town was there.

So was the State Security Services officer attached to Etim EkpoLocal
Government Area and other party faithfuls.

As the ceremony kicked off, several youths emerged from the house of Mr.
Emmanuel Enoidem, the Commissioner for Housing and Urban Development in the
government of Governor Godwill Akpabio, a few metres away, with guns, axes,
sticks, matchetes, hammers, knives, bottles and other violent weapons and
ran down to the gathering. Among them was NSIMA IBANGA, the PDP CHAPTER
CHAIRMAN in ETIM EKPO. They began to matchet the ACN supporters, beat up on
them, shoot and hit them with hammer.

Many ran away but some stood their grounds and resisted.

Many are at the point of death now.

Soon arrived soldiers of the Nigerian Army, said to be guarding a SETRACO
construction site nearby.

The soldiers ordered away the ACN supporters claiming they received a phone
call that ACN was hoisting the flag and putting up their sign board on the
commissioner’s house.

When the ACN officers explained to the soldiers that they were
commissioning their office and pointed out the commissioner’s house to the
soldiers, the soldiers asked them to continue their ceremony and stood back
to provide them with security.

At the end of the meeting, everybody including the soldiers left for home.

But at 2 am the following day, men dressed in mobile police uniform and
armed with Ak 47 riffles raided the ACN office. They shot randomly. When
one ESANG UKO, the PRESIDENT OF ABAT Town Youths woke up to find out what
was happening, he saw the following indigenes of UTU NSEHE village:


2. IMEH IMEH IDUNG among the raiders .

He also saw the following indigenes of ABAT Town:



3 OKPONGETE EKURIKPA amongst them.They shot ESSANG UDOFA who pointed his
touch light at them for ESANG UKO to see. The bullet ripped through his
shoulders. He was rushed to hospital that same morning. They then removed
the flag and signboard of the ACN and carried them away.

Our further instruction is that Commissioner ENOIDEM had always maintained
that the ACN should never attempt to hoist its flag or plant a signed board
in that village.

He warned the village head, chief SUNDAY HAM UDOAKA ( alias AKPAN AHAM)
that the day that happened, he would pull down the flag, kill those who did
and burn down the house where it was hoisted.

The PDP and government functionaries enjoy the free rein because even the
authority of the police in the area has been denuded.

We are instructed that the nearest police station is in front of the house
of Rtd DIG Udom Ekpoudom who of course caused it to be established.

Our information is that he is a core loyalist of GovernorGodswill Akpabio and
had instructed that the police should not receive any report from the ACN.

Accordingly, formal report from the ACN could only be “smuggled” into the
police file and never freely.

As at the time of our instructions, commissioner Enoidem has already rushed
to lodge a report on the incident against the ACN, at the said police
station of course.

Unless your hallowed office makes a determined effort to track down the
culprits in this instruction therefore, there is no doubt that the
elections in Akwa Ibom State as would also be noted in the under listed
Local Government Areas would be a full blown war.


Our instruction in this Local Government Area are that in the course of the
campaigns, the PDP led by MR. Bassey Albert, the commissioner for Finance,
Akwa Ibom State, visited IKPANYA WARD 11 IBIONO IBOM Local Government Area
and held a meeting with his party faithfuls in a primary school thereat.

The PDP WARD 11 Chairman there, one OKON AKPAFIN informed the commissioner
in his speech on the occasion that the IKPANYA ward 11 always enjoyed a one
party status but that the WARD CHAIRMAN of the ACN MR. OFONIME MARK
formerly of the PDP had brought in the ACN, into the WARD. He then asked
the commissioner to counsel on how best to deal with that situation. The
commissioner in response, instructed that anybody who convened a meeting of
the ACN ,should be stoned to death and that the government would handle the
consequences .

The ACN WARD 11 CHAIRMAN, OFONIME MARK heard this clearly because he lived
just by the school and the loudspeaker used was really blaring ,

He further heard the commissioner add that if he (OfonimeMark) came out on
the day of the election, he should be arrested.

Our information is that the commissioner is already very antagonistic to
the ACN WARD CHAIRMAN for soon after that visit he accused the ACN WARD
CHAIRMAN of sending him a threat message, an accusation which was meant to
lay the foundation for his arrest even early.

It is our instruction that on the 11th of March 2011 when the ACN held its
campaign rally at Ikpa, Ibiono Ibom, in defiance of the government’s
refusal for them to use the venue, the commissioner, commissioned youths
with axes, matchets, bottle and guns to disrupt the rally.

The ACN ward 11 Chairman was stabbed all over with bottle and clubbed on
the head also.

He lives to tell the story only on account of the excellent intervention of
the police leadership earlier alluded to. Many were wounded and are
receiving treatment now in the hospital.

Our further information is that the commissioner is chasing one OMA
JEREMIAH a friend of the WARD 11 Chairman around with the police claiming
he destroyed the PDP campaign office at OKO ITA , the headquarters of the
Local Government Council Area.

That same day and at the same Oko Ita, one ARCHIBONG OKOKON EDET of the ACN
, an indigene of Ifa Atai village inUyo, became marooned from the convoy of
the ACN by some mechanical damage to his motor cycle. He stopped to repair
his cycle.

The PDP youths caught up with him and severely beat up on him.

They seized his motor cycle and phone and went away leaving him for death.
He survives to tell the story also courtesy of the gallantry of the State
police command.

The PDP mob led by Ikpongke Dan an indigene of MbiakpanAtan village in Ward
6 and Savior Uwa of Ikot Ada Idem village in Ward 5 of this Local
Government Area have vandalised the billboard of SEN. John Udoedehe, the
Governorship candidate of the ACN erected same day in that Ward 6.


Our information is that, PDP elements armed to the teeth prevented the ACN
rally at the Civic Centre in the Local Government Headquarters at Mbak-Atai
, Itu inspite of an earlier application for the venue.

To save lives, the ACN opted for a Church venue to hold their rally.

Our client instructs that this shall not always be so.


Instruction from our client in this Local Government Area is that the PDP
has sown Mobile Police uniform and prospects to bring in kitted warriors
from Ika Local Government Area of the State reputed to have fought boundary
wars with the Igbos, to disrupt the ACN rally there.

This is expected to follow government’s refusal of any venue the ACN could
ask for.

Obviously, there shall be several loss of lives in this one.

Our client is afraid that she could be pushed to the wall here and what could
happen can only be imagined.


Our instructions in these Local Government Areas are that the PDP led by
Emmanuel Enoidem, the Commissioner for Housing and Urban Renewal, Sunday
Ibanga, the Ikot Ekpene Local Government Area PDP Chapter Chairman,

Nse Ntuen, the Essien Udim Local Government Council Chairman, and Etido
Inyang, Governor Akpabio’s Special Adviser on Technical matters, all of
PDP, have concluded plans to levy war against the ACN.

In a meeting held a few days before this instruction at Ukana, the
Governor’s village at Essien Udim Local Government Area, the parties agreed
to vote over #5billion naira in arms and ammunition to wage war against the
ACN in these Local Government Areas.

Here they do not want the ACN to campaign at all, even in alternative

Certainly, the Federal Republic of Nigeria must be interested in this.

Should this happen, our client ask, would the April elections still be
considered as elections?


We are instructed here that the Council Chairman, one MrVictor Bassey publicly
proclaimed to the delight of his guests, the wife of Governor Akpabio, the
paramout ruler and other dignitaries in a reception, that no other party
would be allowed to campaign in that local government area. This our client
says, is on video. He added that such would be considered a crime and
treated as such.


The Commissioner for Youth and Sports , one Oyong Asuquohas already warned
off the ACN campaign team.

At the burial of former Chairman of the PDP in Akwa IbomState, late Tony
Emenyi a few month’s ago, he successfully turned back the luxurious buses
and other vehicles directed by the former Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Obong
Victor Attahto convey mourners to the venue.

They were apprehended, prevented from entering Oron town at the Uyo – Oron road
in Akwa Ibom State by men instructed by Commissioner Asuquo.

They were assaulted, raided, robbed and were forced back.

Commissioner Oyong vows to repeat this on the day the ACN campaigns at Oron.


Our client’s final instruction is that the activities of the PDP and her
government in Akwa Ibom State are clearly calculated to overawe the State.
They are lawless, reckless, and bloodthirsty.They have no love for the
people of Akwa Ibom and would do anything to keep power. Nothing, not even
life would be so sacred to prevent their cravings..

Surely, no free and fair election can take place under this atmosphere.

Our client is aware that under the Electoral Act, the INEC has powers to
void elections in violent areas.

However, this will be grossly unfair to parties who are victims of violence
particularly in areas they are popular.

We are therefore under instructions to ask that you apprehend all violent
elements in government and place them under security watch.

The ACN must not be allowed to be pushed to the wall and tempted to react
in kind.

Moreover, the party may not be able to rein in supporters who could no
longer tolerate the excesses of the PDP and her government.

Our final instructions are that we ask and we do hereby ask that all venues
the ACN ask to use for campaigns be completely secured for use of the
party, by all the security agencies in Nigeria, particularly where the PDP
herself had used the venues, and that adequate security be provided for all
parties equally and fairly in the campaigns.

It is certainly not fair to assign the governor and his aides a platoon of
security while assigning light security to our client’s supporters and
encouraging them to resort to their own devices.

Our client sends you her warmest regards.

For Francis Efanga & Co
Francis Efanga

Eno Adams, San Francisco, USA


Gov Godswill Akpabio’s Secret Plot To Shut Down Diaspora Voice Fails

9 Nov

Written by Asuquo Okon
Good people, a month ago, Gov Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom state, called on his puppet State House of Assembly to enact a law on an outright ban on print media that publish news or features that are critical of his government. As I write now the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly (AKHA) is tirelessly working on a legislation that will ensure that no media in his state publish information that is critical of his dictatorial government is given a space.

Though as counter-productive as this act is and inimical to the newly established Freedom of Information Bill of Nigeria, yet the AKHA which seems to be made up of ‘yes’ men and in the wallet of Akpabio could not have a second thought over their ill and conspicuously denigrating action.

Sadly, though, journalists or columnists who write to criticize the governor are either kidnapped or assassinated. Politicians and ordinary citizens, who do their private business and whom the governor feels their action may not help in whitewashing his image, face similar fate. In view of the dire consequences facing such writers, they have either kept silent or left Akwa Ibom State to hide with their family; because leaving their families behind means an ample opportunity for the governor’s brewed cult gang to mow them down in cold blood.

Few hours ago, I found in my inbox a letter of petition by one Ata Ikiddeh sent to Yahoo praying her to terminate the activities of the Diaspora Ibom Forum and Ibibio Nation discussion groups; the only online groups that give the Akwa Ibom people and their friends the alternative and opportunity to make public their views. Ata Ikiddeh as we all know was based in Romford, and Essex, United Kingdom, but ran to Akwa Ibom since last year when the UK police were ferociously looking for him in connection with his Non-Profit organisation, Global-Media-Europe-Int and with link to child trafficking. Since then he has not set foot in the UK.

The petition was written on Tuesday, 26 October 2010, 11:33, about a year ago, and however got support of one Clement Ikpatt who wasrecently appointed a Senior Special Assistant on Diaspora Affair by Akpabio’s administration. Ikpatt, a deserted Nigerian Police officer who left the country twenty years ago and took refuge in the US has equally not set foot in his father land, Nigeria since then. And yet is used as one of the chief propagandists and a coordinator for Governor Akpabio’s burgeoning money laundry empire in the United State of America, under the aegis of Akwa Ibom Diaspora Network (AIDN).

We are told AIDN has been under investigation of money laundry and terror-related activities by the US government.

A certain Uduak Ukpeh, based in London and a nurse by profession who operates a drug company, Virgin Investments Nigeria Limited, for governor Akpabio in East London and Nigeria, also signed one of the petitions together with Dr Ezekiel Umo Ette who heads part of drugs conglomerate in Atlanta, Georgia.

The petition, written one year ago, only came to the fore when Ata Ikiddeh wanted to forward it to one of governor Akpabio’s hatchet men to show the Pay Master that they are executing his plans to the letter, and therefore need more logistics to accomplished it, but as fate will have it, he mistakenly forwarded it to Ibom Global Forum discussion group. A Diasdpora group sponsored by Akpabio himself to counter any claims or publication coming from the very discussion groups that Akpabio wants Yahoo to exterminate so that his reign of terror and unmitigated mayhem will continue unabated and indeed unchallenged.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED:Ata Ikiddeh wrote the governor On Thu, 28/10/10,to intimate him of his job well-done! See part of the letter: “ Your Excellency,Yahoo sent me a mail this afternoon informing me they had taken “appropriate action”, but would not disclose what action they have taken. I went through their Terms of Service (TOS), it only sets out violations. I have been monitoring Ibom Forum the whole day. I have sent 3 different complaints-this particular complaint focused on the threat to your son. (KMM118129344V62633L0KM) This is the file name and complaint serial number which will always be used.Clement says yahoo will close Ibom Forum down. Thanks Ata”

This might have been the reason for Ata undisclosed appointment as one of the Pas. When Ata said: “I have been monitoring Ibom Forum thewhole day.” when he is not a member of the forum that means he has a ghost name in it as they have ghost names in the Akwa Ibom State payroll which in spite of the call for investigation, no action has been taken.

Announcing the discovery of the petition, Dr Tom Mbeke-Ekanem, the President Ibom People’s Congress (IPC) said: Ladies and gentlemen, I am sharing with you below the activities of the evil forces that have since taken over our state. We knew long before now the havoc wrought on ourstate by the present administration and its agents that span across the globe. We are all aware of the uncountable deaths and untold hardship Akwa Ibom people have been made to face for no false of theirs but simply because they have yearned for a true and credible democracy…

He continued: Today, the government of Akwa Ibom State and her paid agents in and outside Nigeria plan to carry out the same repressive tactics they have used in Akwa Ibom State for nearly five years now out here in United States. It is good that they have now invited FBI, Homeland Security, the State Department, CIA, and SSS in Nigeria into this deplorable state of affairs in Akwa Ibom.And I strongly hope the activities of this evil administration will be thoroughly investigated by both the FBI and CIA.Thank goodness that United States is a country of law. Freedom of the press is guaranteed in the Constitution…..

Nonetheless, it is hard to believe that with all the crimes against humanity and the glaring human right violation that are being committed by governor Akpabio, many Nigerians seem to be interested in the oil money that flows in to Akwa Ibom State and how they can organised an event then called Akpabio to come and get an award in order to carve a niche of the Akwa Ibom oil money.

They seem not ask question about the people who are being kidnapped or sent to their early graves by the governor’s killer squad who are licensed to kill. They are not interested in the number of children who have been orphaned not by HIV/AIDS but by men paid with the only official dutyto kill perceived adversaries of the governor.

The president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan cannot continue to pretend that he and his government are not aware of the mounting atrocities of Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State against his own people. He cannot continue to turn a blind eye while one of his governors is having a field day losing count of the number of people being sent to their early graves.Mr President, A WORD IS ENOUGH FOR THE WISE!

Recently the US warned its citizens not to travel to a few states in Nigeria’s Niger Delta and a few states in the east. Akwa Ibom State was the first to mention. If all is well why must the US issue this warning? President Jonathan will not go to heaven to look for an answer to this question. Will he?

Some hours ago, I was jolted out of my revelry which did not spell well for my country in antithesis of the way which I am praying for.When I opened my email, the headline that was very conspicuous read:PLOT AGAINST IBOM FORUM & AKWA IBOM INDIGENES IN DIASPORA.When I finished reading the plot and failed intrigues of Akpabio, I rinsed my mouth and got some drinking water. I remembered I was in Uyo whichmight have prompted me to get a half sleep. Since I always sneaked in and out of Uyo, I prepared for my flight ticked online via Calabarairport instead of Uyo – a usual case of mine. Then I sat in front of my laptop and scribbled a few lines of encouragement to all thefreedom fighters in my state below:

Dear All, Akpabio boys asking Yahoo to shut down the Voice of the masses!No shaking whatsoever. It was a ploy to get plump jobs!May be time has come for Godswill Obot Akpabio, the Kidnapper-in-Chief in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, with his notorious group of assassins andabductors to be fully disgraced. This is the time to put on your girdle and amour of the Lord to fight the devil; I mean the real DEVIL and get him hook, line and sinker. God is alive. I mean the time to bring out fact to bear. Time to put up petitions in various human rights websites and blogs. It is a deliberate ploy by the anarchists to carry out their 666 plans before the time of rapture comes.It is a way to blind-fold and shut people’s mouth then continue to terrorize, intimidate, coerce and kill innocent people with impunity

Akpabio, the man whose head has gone haywire and mouth blood-tasty, just as it happened to Idi Amin Dada of Uganda, Adolf Hitler, Sanni Abacha, and most recently, Muammar Ghadafi of Libya and presently Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad. A despot who once tested blood cannot be normal; he will continue to get more and more ferocious as he suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. Godswill Akpabio, has gone beyond this. To say that Akpabio needs a rehabilitation centre or remand home, is making an understatement. Calling Yahoo to sanction all the groups that criticize his killing of innocent people in Akwa Ibom State and beyond through his killer squad in street cloths and uniform men, and mere perceived enemies, is more than meet the eyes. No other time has been so ripe than this. Never fail to brace up for the challenge. It must be fired from all cylinders to bring down the monster. You must do this to ‘send the dragon to where it belongs’. Remember Raskimono?These guys know that all these their tricks are a failure. It will not work at all. Since 2010 yahoo is yet shoot its bullet to these forums that protect human lives from the dragon mouth of Godswill Akpabio. These forums have helped saved a lot of lives; and so shall it continue to do. Can you see? This is the very forum that some of them come with fake and phony names to spread the falsehood of their pay master, arsonist and murderer.I have been saying that they make this to deceive and lure Akpabio into giving them a job; and have succeeded in getting it by all means. So what else? Yahoo is a constituent of people who use their brains to think. And I can assure you, they are looking at this issue, they know that Akpabio is killer. Yahoo should Google the name of Godswill Akpabio, it will see how psychopathic sycophants have done their best in praising him, but it will also see massive abuse of office, violation of human right, and degrading treatments that Akpabio has meted out to many unarmed civilians, including children.It will see hundreds of lives that Akpabio has wasted in a land that there is no civil war or civil unrest; except that Akpabio has turned the once most peaceful state of the Niger Delta to a mind field and death traps.

Since they are calling on US FBI to join the Nigeria SSS for investigation, this should be a welcomed development. This is the time for justice to begin fish out Akpabio and his gang of terrorists. Ever wonder why more than five thousand Akwa Ibom people have fled their state to different states and countries seeking refuge here and there?Those who don’t have the ability flee, remain and get killed.

Keep on the good fight for your people.
— Asuquo Okon Centre for Ethics and Justice (CEJ)Nigeria

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