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Gov Akpabio and The Loose Cannon In Akwa Ibom State‏

27 Apr

Written by
OduduAbasi Nicolas Edet

“Your Excellency, like I Imagewrote in my last letter, going after me(or my family members), will not solve the problem and I am not afraid to say it like it is.” – Idiongo Clayton-Thomas Udoh

So it is common knowledge even among die-heart supporters of Gov. Godswill Obot Akpabio and his government, that whoever opposes or complains against Godswill Obot Akpabio stands the risk of loosing life or that of a family member!

Whoever would have thought that at the rate in which they have espoused Godswill Obot Akpabio’s infallibility, that any of them would admit to the obvious truth? Whoever would have believed that the likes of Idiongo Clayton-Thomas Udoh, a fellow Annang with Godswill Obot Akpabio, would inadvertently admit that the likes of Mrs. Udonwa was murdered because her son indicated his intention to contest election against Godswill Obot Akpabio? Whoever would have thought that sectionalism and sycophancy could give way to truth? This is where personal set-backs even if they do not match the personal tragedies suffered by many who have lost lives and loved ones to Godswill Obot Akpabio’s criminal-minded ambition, have forced genine thoughts to coincide with the truth long spoken by “Thompson Essien and Co”. Not even the treacherous Ibibio men lined at Mr. Akpabio’s side at Miami, who at various times will deny the fact in evidence – that hundreds of Ibibio people have been murdered by agents of Godswill Obot Akpabio!!
Indeed when Mr. Idiongo Clayton-Thomas Udoh’s first open letter to Governor Godswill Obot Akpabio appeared in this forum, my first reaction was ‘let Idiongo now taste a little bit of the insidiousness, untruths, bribery, mayhem, outright lies, victimization, insincerity, and criminality which governor Akpabio and his government have been dishing out to others”. On this second note to a man – Godswill Obot Akpabio – who is desperate to make the population believe his every word, words punctuated by lies upon lies upon lies whenever Mr. Akpabio opens his mouth, even over the simplest thing there is to talk about, I am beginning to feel sympathetic towards Mr. Udoh; minus his still condescending attitude towards the evil that is certainly Godswill Obot Akpabio.
A toad does not run in the daytime for nothing!!!
Aniekan Umanah who is reported to have stolen the intellectual property belonging to Clayton-Thomas Udoh could not have done that if Mr. Akpabio had set down good examples for his followers to copy. As it is, nobody among the crowd of not only yes-sir-men-and-women but the crowd of lie-learners and practitioners, cultist hoodlums and deceivers; are learning at the feet of a master. That master is Godswill Obot Akpabio. Has anyone ever wondered why Godswill Obot Akpabio’s past life before he became an official of Akwa Ibom State government has remained untouchable and secret till this day? Idiongo Clayton-Thomas Udoh’s experiences with the men who rule Akwa Ibom State is a little tip of the iceberg of evil which prevails amongst the men and women who do and copy from their master and leader.
Out of curiosity I watched Godswill Obot Akpabio’s speeches at Miami on U-tube. With the yes-sir, and the clapping and the cheering of the yes-men and women who clapped and chaired over Mr. Akpabio’s every word, the smooth talking Godswill Obot Akpabio failed to notice the stone-faced, un-cheering and un-clapping men lined closer to his podium. Godswill Obot Akpabio must have left that meeting very satisfied at his performances; after-all there were retinues of sycophants to feed his faltering ego. Like his fellow Nigerian criminal, the 419 scam artist, investigated by ABC News on the same U-tube line up with Mr. Akpabio’s speech, Mr. Akpabio’s is a smooth talker. It is common knowledge that smooth talkers are deceitful people. And like that Nigerian was exposed; Mr. Akpabio will hide his face similarly when his scams, lies and insidiousness find enough public challenges and courtroom presence.
Godswill Obot Akpabio was so involved in his lies at Miami, that the men who did not smile escaped his approval-seeking eyes. When the women and some of the men cheered his “tafioka” remarks, did they bother to ask him if that word was Annang, Oron or Eket not to mention Ibibio, Akpabio’s target of hate ? Are these not the component communities of Akwa Ibom State? Do they lack words with which Mr. Akpabio could have used to express his sentiments? This preference for everything foreign to the State is greatly reflected in the inflated contracts which Godswill Obot Akpabio awards to outsiders and foreigners who promise to hide his loot. A rehearsed performance based on lies is what Godswill Obot Akpabio does best. All smooth talkers become good at what they do – lies dissemination – as they move from practice to performance. I thought that Mr. Akpabio and his lieutenants had dismissed the power and the effect of social media on their governance. Yet here we are, Godswill Obot Akpabio is complaining bitterly over the things written about him on the “Internet”. What a lying and deceitful bunch. Which one are we supposed to believe – that our writings are meaningless or that Mr. Akpabio has felt the weight of such writings?
Back to the Miami crowd – did the cheering men and women notice the governor’s use of the words ” – – – – whether these are the people we sent to the United States”? That laden insult could not be missed by any person or group free to think for himself or themselves. Can it be asked of Mr. Akpabio and of his cheering crowd of supporters who and how many people governor Akpabio or his government have sent to the United States? What Godswill Obot Akpabio fails to understand is that many of the people in the United States came here through their personal efforts, not on scholarships, not through parents, and certainly not through Godswill Obot Akpabio or by his government. Such outrageous lies have marked Godswill Obot Akpabio and his government from inception. This is the reason it has become pertinent to research Godswill Obot Akpabio’s past life in order to find out the type of man he is. That he cannot be trusted has been established beyond every doubt. His words and deeds have proven Mr. Akpabio’s insidious character – that his con-artist performances were not learned after he became governor. Godswill Obot Akpabio must have grown up the con artist he is today!!!!
When the orgy of lies and crimes practiced by Gov. Godswill Obot Akpabio and his troupe become public knowledge, as they soon will be, even those who worship at Akpabio’s feet will cringe in horror. Never in the history of Akwa Ibom State has there ever been a more insidious set of men and women at the governing helm. When it comes to disseminating truth or fearing God or governing well or practicing a semblance of democracy or being personally honest or sincere or patriotic, Godswill Obot Akpabio and the men and women who work with him, follow him, eat with him, laugh with him or sympathize in any manner with the governor, are the absolute vipers in a vipers’ brood. Slithering like snakes over each other, attempting to out-do each other as competitors seeking to win favors with their master, these men and women present the very picture of smoothness as that smoothness which oil polishes well smoothed cemented floors. Be careful, it is slippery!!!!!
Water stands out from oil and oil from water. That is the niche that Godswill Obot Akpabio and his lying followers cannot hide away from a discerning public free enough to think for itself. Godswill Obot Akpabio’s lies are as bare as his insinuation of “these are the people we sent to the United States”. What a man!!!! What a pathological liar!!!!!!!
Akwa Ibom State falsehood practitioners and disseminators, despite having lived in the democratic countries of America and Europe have continued to feed the ego and lies of Godswill Obot Akpabio as if they have never heard of what befell others in whose footsteps Godswill Obot Akpabio has walked, is still walking and will continue to walk through out his life-time on earth. It was difficult for Sanni Abacha, Mobutu Sese Seko, Idi Amin, apartheid practitioners led by Verwoerd and co, to mention the vicinity closest to Mr. Akpabio, to give up evil practices. A few voices of truth continuously heard, was what it took to bring down the evil empires led by these men. Thank goodness there are still a few persistent voices nudging at Mr. Akpabio’s insidiousness, lies and criminality!!!!!!!!
It is the unquestioning attitude and the morbid fear of what the powerful may do to the less powerful, the greed for political power and wealth which have kept the likes of Godswill Obot Akpabio and his lies on top of a suffering people. Such attitudes are born out of timidity and backwardness, when it be remembered that most who live in the civilized societies of Europe and America, and who worship Godswill Obot Akpabio as depicted by some at Miami, went there to seek the Golden Fleece. It is the Golden Fleece seekers who are most corroborating in the lies told by Godswill. It is for the same reason of subservient obedience, even to evil and corrupt authority, which has kept our people down and enabled other sections of Nigeria, even less civilized than Akwa Ibom state, to stereotype and to lord it over our people. For confirmation one can look at the performances of those Akwa Ibom State men and women in federal legislatures. The State legislature has an established pattern of house-servant subservience to whoever is governor, particularly when led by sycophants as has been the case with the current and immediate past Assemblies. Brazen lies as Mr. Akpabio uttered in Miami (quoted above) were left unchallenged. If anyone asked Mr. Akpabio how many of those he referred to as having been sent to America by them, were sent by Mr. Akpabio personally or by his government, such a questioner was never shown in the pictures.
Throughout history it has always taken long struggles to change attitudes, win freedom, and stand up for what is right. Standing Godswill Obot Akpabio for trial in a court room, in a society noted for its Rule of Law preference, is one such struggle. It will take time. Luckily there are a few voices of TRUTH patient enough, willing enough, sympathetic enough to the orphans, widows and widowers robbed of their loved ones and bread winners , who are prepared to wait for as long as it will take to bring Godswill Obot Akpabio to justice and thus teach his followers that God is Truth; and that HE still Exists, still does what HE has been reported to have done for Israel. Godswill Obot Akpabio referred to having hired Israeli intelligence to unearth his atrocities in Akwa Ibom State. What a mockery of that is just and intelligent!!!!!!!!!
It will be the same few voices of truth, castigated at Miami by Godswill Obot Akpabio and his bestial followers, like the voices of Nelson Mandela and Gandhi and Martin Luther King, who will bring about the downfall of a governor and government built on hatred, lies and criminality!!!!!!!!!

Edet writes from DFW, USA

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