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Akwa Ibom State Politics: Godswill Akpabio’s Strategy for 2015 Election

13 Oct

By Thompson Essien

Udom Emmanuel, Akwa Ibom State New SSG

Udom Emmanuel, Akwa Ibom State New SSG

Godswill Akpabio is laying the ground-work for his successor. It’s no longer a secret that he wants a politically unknown person (Udom Emmanuel) to succeed him. But what Akpabio has never discussed in public is who will be the running-mate of Udom Emmanuel.

Reliable sources have confirmed that in the wee hours of October 9, 2013, a meeting was held at the residence of Emem Akpabio. Among those in attendance were all members of Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly (AKSHA) of Annang extraction and all the Annang Local Chairmen.

Reports have confirmed that a fresh oath (mbiam) was administered to all the attendees by the Chief Whip of AKSHA—-Elder Emmanuel Akpan. The oath commanded them to pledge allegiance to the Udom Emmanuel in order to frustrate the emergence of a stronger Ibibio candidate from Uyo, or anywhere else.

At the meeting, the attendees, who were all indigenes of Annang, were persuaded to inform people in their respective Wards to support the emergence of an Annang person as the next Deputy Governor of AKS because, according to them, the Annangs cannot afford to be out of power for eight (8) years.

It was immediately decided that Emmanuel Enoidem, who was also at the meeting, should be supported as a running mate or a Deputy to Udom Emmanuel.

At the end of the meeting, each of the attendees was given N2.5 million. It has also been confirmed that very soon, a similar meeting of all the PDP Wards in the entire State will be convened.

Essien writes from Portland, Oregon
Follow-up Notes:
Nobody is mudslinging Udom. Ibibio people have learned a lesson; we are not going to allow any mad man to impose on us another square peg in a round hole. We cannot afford Akpabio coming to kill Ibibio people and then turn around to thumb his chest that it is an Ibibio person who is the governor.

It may interest you to know that Ibibio people are working behind the scene to bring one of its own, who will be a consensus candidate of the Ibibio, chosen by the Ibibio, to represent the Ibibio.

Akpabio is an Annang man, let him go and chose one of his own people to come and contest for the governorship. Ibibio people do not want and do not appreciate his patronizing attitude.

Akpabio can go to hell. At the appropriate time, Ibibio will foist its own candidate and when the right time comes, every Ibibio people will rally around whoever he or she may be. When there is a united strength, money becomes trivial. If money could have been a surety for attaining the governorship, Umana Okon Umana would never have parted company with Satan Akpabio.

No we are talking about collective strength of the people. When there is an existence of such strength, no individual can break through. Remember, Akwa Ibom State is too big for Akpabio and I think the time has come to let Akpabio realize this fact.

Mr. Udom has done no wrong? Well, let that be regarded as entitled opinion.

But there is an old adage which says that show me your friend and I can easily tell who you are.

When Akpabio was killing, kidnapping, and assassinating the Ibibio what did Udom say? When Akpabio was laundering Akwa Ibom State money, was it not Udom who used his position at Zenith Bank to facilitate all the transactions for Akpabio?

Udom Emmanuel is Akpabio’s stooge. Who wants a stooge as a governor?

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