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30 Jul
By Dr. Inyang Oduok
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Where are you going, Lord? Simon Peter Asked Jesus. “You cannot follow me now where I am going” Jesus answered Simon Peter, but later you will follow me.
Jesus knew he was on the way to the cross and advised Simon Peter against following him at the peril of his life. He knew Simon Peter could not endure the sufferings he was just about to go through on the cross.
The just-concluded Ekiti governorship race provokes similar question that Simon Peter asked Jesus, where is our nation heading to?
The result of the EKITI governorship race where APC is said to have defeated P.D.P. incumbent governor of the state, whose performances in office and personal attributes have never been questioned nor in doubt, provides disturbing and bleak answers as to what direction the Buhari Presidency is taking the country.
The incumbent governor is reported to have lost the election amidst widespread rigging, ballot stuffing, violence, murders, abuses and misuse of national law enforcement powers by Buhari administration.
Information reaching us is that it was like Buhari’s APC was marching to war and conquests. He dispatched in excess of 400, 000.00 armed officers to EKITI state during the governorship race. This cast a heavy shadow over the head of state’s intent in states such as Rivers, Bayelsa and Akwa Ibom states in the coming 2019 Presidential, Governorship, Senate, and House races.
Lawless acts taken in violation of free and fair election Act is void and so is the election result- the direct product of such unlawful acts. That Buhari administration has declared the election free and fair is of no consequence.
We saw it coming people. The concept of a representative democracy in Nigeria is over with a dictator as the head of state.
Ekiti governorship race is a harbinger of what lies ahead for the country. Our future is uncertain in the hands of a tyrant.
Buhari is on the move to undermine every institution that gives our representative democracy its true meaning.
We venture to predict that should the trend continue to 2019 Presidential and Governorship races, we will inevitably find the nation consumed in another bloody civil war.
Dr. Inyang Oduok
Atlanta, Georgia.

Fayemi insults Adeyeye over diversion of money meant for buying votes

23 Jul

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A mild drama ensued on Thursday, 12th of July, 2018 at the Isan country home of the APC gubernatorial candidate, Dr. Kayode Fayemi.

Premium Reporters learned that Prince Dayo Adeyeye arrived the residence of Dr. Kayode Fayemi on the latter’s invitation at about 1:13pm.

Our source said that Prince Adeyeye was ushered into the compound by security operatives and he proceeded to the living room of Dr. Kayode Fayemi.

“About 10 minutes after his arrival, there was a sort of kerfuffle as we started hearing the two men raising voice at each other and Dr. Kayode Fayemi saying: “What is your mission? Do you want me to lose this election?

I paid you ₦200M to decamp to the APC. How can you be so rapacious to the extent of diverting the ₦150M I gave you to distribute to all the defectors from the PDP; to woo PDP members votes at their polling units? You are becoming quite avaricious for my taste,” the source said.

Premium Reporters authoritatively learned that Dr. Fayemi was enveloped with fury after some PDP defectors visited him earlier in the morning to lodge a complaint about the covetous act of the former governorship aspirant of the PDP.

Prince Adeyeye who was quite visibly angry was seen leaving the living room of Dr. Kayode Fayemi at 1:56pm and shut the door with a loud bang.

Ekiti Poll: Gov Fayose And The Politics Of Bats

17 Jul
Ekiti Election: I will laugh last, Fayose tells Buhari, APC Ekiti State governor, Ayodele Fayose

By Franklyn ISONG

“…with all humility before Ekiti people. If I support anybody whether is from my household, they will still support that person. I am telling you. I am more than popular. I am with my people. I am the first Ekiti son to win and defeat two incumbents in this country at two different attempts. My name is Ayodele Peter Fayose. Despites all the wars they waged against me. I am the first Ekiti son to become governor twice in Ekiti. It might interest you again that I will be the first Ekiti governor that will have a successor from his own party. I am telling you again. Write it down, if APC (people) are mad in the head, their madness will not enter Ekiti. I heard all they are doing. I am watching them. I behave like a BAT (emphasis mine) looking at them, like this, like a BAT (emphasis mine). I don’t like all these questions, I am a politician of note. You see, yesterday I was frying garri with some women. Let them go and meet the people nau! This oyibo they are speaking all around will never do anything for them. I don’t have time for them. July 14 is almost here. Let them bring INEC behind them, bring Chief of Army Staff. I have heard all they are planning. You understand? But when you carry fire, the moment it comes in contact with water, that fire will die!” Governor Fayose had in one of his many interviews with the ChannelsTV ahead of the July 14, 2018 governorship election in Ekiti state boasted.

I decided to pick interest in Fayose’s mention of bat in the aforementioned interview. I checked the Wikipedia for the meaning of Bat and it said; “Bats are mammals of the order of Chiroptera; with their forelimbs adapted as wings, they are the only mammals naturally capable of true and sustained flight.
Bats are more manoeuvrable than birds, flying with their very long spread-out digits covered with a thin membrane or patagium.” I will return to the politics of bat, in this discourse.

On Saturday, July 14, the people of Ekiti went out enmass to elect the next governor and deputy governor of the state who will take over from the incumbents, Governor Ayo Fayose and deputy governor, Prof. Kolapo Olusola, at the expiration of their four years term in office. The deputy governor was Fayose’s anointed governorship candidate for the PDP, while President Muhammadu Buhari’s minister of Mines and Steel Development, Dr John Olukayode Fayemi (who resigned from office to contest the election) was the APC’s governorship candidate. Fayemi, a former governor, had lost his second-term bid in 2014 to outgoing governor, Ayo Fayose.

At the end of the poll, INEC’s Chief Returning Officer for the poll, Prof. Idowu Olayinka, declared the candidate of APC, Kayode Fayemi, winner of the election. Announcing the results on Sunday in Ado-Ekiti, Prof. Olayinka said the former minister was returned elected having satisfied the requirements of the law and scoring the highest number of votes. Fayemi defeated the PDP candidate, Olusola, and 33 others in a keenly contested election.
He won in 12 out of the 16 LGAs of the state, polling 197,459 votes to beat his closest rival Olusola who got 178,121 votes.

I congratulate the people of Ekiti state on their peaceful conducts which led to a peaceful; and reportedly free and fair governorship election in their state. Even though, there were few incidences of reported ballot box snatching and vote-buying by political parties.

As a Christian, I detest the sight of bat. Bat to me, symbolises everything negative and/or evil. A bat is manoeuvrable. So the moment I listened to Fayose pride himself as a bat of all animals, I knew the PDP’s candidate had boarded a one chance vehicle that will take him to a colossal defeat at the poll.

I am particularly happy that the will of God is not the will of man. Fayose had assumed the status of a demi-god apart from behaving like a bat in Ekiti politics, and in the nation’s main opposition party, the PDP. He inadvertently reduced the exalted office of a state Governor to a laughing stock. He showed his emptiness in governance and lacked vision to drive the governance of Ekiti state.

Maybe, if Fayose did not behave like a bat by singlehandedly handpicking the PDP governorship candidate against the wishes of the other party members and imposing same on the people, PDP would have won the election.

Perhaps, if Fayose had not mocked Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, over the latter’s ill-health, God the giver of power and maker of kings would have stood by PDP at the poll.
Fayose behaving like a bat, desecrated the high office of Nigerian President. He did not accord the official protocol to Mr President when the latter visited Ekiti state to flag off APC electioneering campaign. And this was a big minus for the PDP’s candidate for the poll.

It is probably the politics of bat which Mr Fayose plays that is responsible for the unpaid 8 months civil servants salaries in Ekiti state, which could have contributed largely to the failure of the PDP at the poll – talking about sympathy/protest votes in favour of the APC. Don’t forget that the primary function of every government is to provide for the welfare and security of its citizenry.

Ekiti election has given me the hope that in 2019 and beyond, any political party, whose serving elected officials have refused or neglected the welfare and security of their people; taking the electorate for a ride, will not survive the collective will of the people at the polling units.

In conclusion, Election Petition Tribunal since 1999 has become part and parcel of Nigerian electoral system, hence, I would advise any of the 34 political parties that took part in the Ekiti election, and is dissatisfied with the outcome, to seize opportunity of the tribunal, and seek for a redress. Because hate speeches and inflammatory press statements will only heat up the polity instead of restoring justice.

“The worst thing that can happen to a leader is to be in the front without anyone following,” David Iluebe.

• Franklyn Isong is a public affairs commentator and write in from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

Culled from Radar Newspaper, online


12 Jul


Politics is a game for the wise and the foolish, but who eventually wins is the one with the smarts. For months now, the intrigues of parties participating in the Ekiti gubernatorial election have dominated the nation’s news cycle. It’s normal because the election is happening at a time no other election is scheduled. It’s come down to Governor Ayodele Fayose putting forward his deputy, Professor Kolapo Olusola for the position and strongly standing by him, while the APC and the federal forces have lined up behind Kayode Fayemi, a former governor, who lost all 16 Local Governments of the state to Fayose in 2014. In the intervening period, Fayose has been a torn in the flesh of the federal forces and a sort of battering ram for the PDP that lost the presidency.
Up to this point, the race has been too close to call. Fayemi has attempted to present himself as a new man. When he picked up his party’s ticket, he apologized to the Ekiti people for his mistakes in the past because he was seen as aloof and arrogant, something unforgivable in politics. Yet, in his march towards taking the ticket, he exhibited all the characteristics of a bully, all the arrogance and pomposity of someone who thinks stolen money and federal power will win it for him. He used these blatantly at the party primary and now, at the real election level, they’ve wheeled in all the instruments of violence, force and coercion into Ekiti. However, possibly unknown to them is the fact that the militarization of the state before the election is a signal that Fayemi’s party is desperate. Fayose has taken to playing the politics of the underdog punching above his weight and despite his many faults, he’s kept a tight ship and a consistent message, which is that the federal forces are presenting Fayemi as the Trojan Horse to conquer Ekiti state.
Then, Buhari and the APC bigwigs came calling. And now what have we got? The federal forces trying to humiliate a sitting governor by using force against him! He wants to do a rally and the police are saying they would have none of it. There is no law stopping the PDP from doing any rally today when the election is still Saturday, but they would not allow him. They barricaded Fayose and his supporters inside Ekiti Government House. Whether on the street or inside Government House, teargas was used. The earlier pictures on social media are showing Fayose sitting on the ground suffering effect of tear gas, surrounded by some seemingly frantic others. Some of his opponents are all guffawing at what they consider to be some amateurish drama. How is it that only Fayose amongst those standing with him and captured on camera is suffering this dramatic effect of tear gas? How is it he’s the only one being reported to have been taken to hospital?Image result for ekiti election
Okay, I have made inquiries with people on the ground in Ekiti and they are all saying it really happened and that Fayose was not the only one affected by the tear gas, but that he was the one people not affected ran to when it happened and all that. Some sent me other pictures of people they said were affected and all. But in all honesty, I was not about to determine the validity of all these since they were all still shots and not videos, but now videos are circulating showing it’s worse than we thought. At any rate, whatever anyone thinks, the only unquestioned part of the whole story, even from known APC supporters I spoke to is that there was in fact teargasing. Indeed, the case of the APC supporters who claim to be on the ground is that it was not such a heavy teargasing that could have affected Fayose the way he’s making out. Amidst guffaws, one of the fellows told me Fayose was rehearsing for his post-governorship career in Nollywood.
But, they miss the point. Whether Fayose is acting up or not is not the issue. The issue is that the federal forces ostensibly put on the ground to ensure a secure, free and fair election have showed their hands and it is not a good show. There was no reason to barricade the Government House; there was no reason to be lured into a Fayose trap, if indeed it was a trap. There was no reason to dispense teargas anywhere around there or near anywhere the governor was! It’s never happened in the history of our country! Whenever high-handedness had been applied against a governor who disagrees with Abuja, they’ve used the mechanism of the law, even when totally mangled to effect their aim; it’s never come to physical force against the governor or around him. A governor is not a slave of the president or federal forces. He is the executive head of a federating unit of the federation with all powers therein. There is a reason the Constitution grants the governor immunity; he’s protected by our laws against anything like this. This should not happen to him or around him, especially when perpetrators can be proved to be persons or security officials acting at the behest of Abuja.
Now, does anyone at the federal level fighting this Ekiti election on behalf of Fayemi think this will win them any vote? Do they think any genuine Ekiti person seeing their governor and their state humiliated like this would be clapping and hailing them for a job well done? Well, except for those who’ve taken partisanship beyond common sense, I do not see many supporting them. They have just lost this election because no matter how they frame this, it is out there that the Buhari presidency is treating Ekiti like a conquered territory and as far as people still have their PVCs, they will fight back. Why, because the national political atmosphere does not favour the APC amidst the hardship and all the killings going on in the nation under their watch and with the president unable to hide his bias for the killers. Whatever anyone thinks of Fayose, majority of the Ekiti people see him as their protector against the rampaging herdsmen via his anti-open grazing law and his proactive actions against elements who want to flout it. The last thing you would expect is for people accused of being thieves to be found with the blood of the stolen meat dripping from their mouths. APC just nailed it’s own coffin. What we see here is enough to send them back to the wilderness in Ekiti. And no, it may not be because they ordered it or want it; it would be because they allowed themselves to come out on the wrong side of the optics.
Image result for ekiti election
Yes, optics matter in politics and they’ve just given Fayose the opportunity to not only create it, but to also define the immediate post-election narrative on his terms, while putting the APC off their game. That’s a huge unforced error, a terrible giveaway by APC! For instance, whether in support or against, this would be the talk in Ekiti before the election. Not every voter is on social media or savvy enough to look at things beyond what they are told. Most would buy the more dramatic versions and spread them far and near. What most rural voters would be hearing is that Buhari attempted to kill their governor when he sent in his goons to attack him and bomb him at Government House. They will hear that their governor escaped an assassination attempt and is now in hospital. Meanwhile, I’m hearing there are processions going to the Ewi of Ado-Ekiti palace to protest this. In the midst of this drama, the APC message will never be heard. They will not add one single vote to their tally, but the PDP might be winning the sympathy vote and some via the propagandization of this matter. In a close election, these little margins matter.
In my view, the APC has scored an own goal and the referee is waiting to blow the final whistle after this tight game where no one had seemed capable of making any headway. For Ekiti people, this is no longer about Fayemi; it’s about sending a message to Buhari and his goons that they are not a conquered people. No matter the machinations of the APC, including any attempt at rigging, this is already a lost cause. I, Kennedy Emetulu, a Nigerian, have called the election for the governorship of Ekiti State for the PDP candidate, Professor Kolapo Olusola. You heard it here first. Thank me later.
NB: There’s a caveat. There are things I know APC can do right now to turn this around or limit the damage significantly, but, unfortunately for them, I do not support the APC in this election, even though I’m not exactly a PDP supporter as well. So, no, I wont give the suggestion here for free. They should go and think and try to save their hide (I’m guessing anything they think up on their own will be tantamount to them digging themselves deeper). As things are, this election has been won and lost already.
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