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An Open Letter To The Youths Of Akwa Ibom State

29 Sep
By Clayton ”Bane” Udoh
Clayton Udoh

Clayton Udoh

My Dear Brothers And Sisters,
                                                  The bible talks about the children of Issachar who were experts in discerning the times and seasons. Hence they were able to make educated decisions. 
So where should I begin ? I will start by saying I am not an elitist. I am someone who was whipped in Primary School back home. Went through all the rigors of doing Morning duty in boarding school and cutting grass with a highly barbaric cutlass in the name of compound duty.  I was a person who went to the stream like others and fetched water with a highly unsafe iron pail and walk with the water on my head uphill. Yes at some point, I had the size 50 container put on my head and I would need people to bring the water down from my head. 
I experienced the black outs and the lack of water running from a faucet.
My university days was something else and when I look back at the practices of the lecturers in the name of enriching themselves, and enlarging their lives, their freedom to sleep around with their female students, while we received a substandard education, it was as criminal as it gets .Then there was the lost,cult boys,future 419 guys, everybody thinking that you had to work for an Oil company to be called human etc. 
                              However, I finally went for my Youth Service and I met an Igbo guy that would forever change my life. We used to discuss and drink beer into the wee hours of the night. I told him I was an American citizen by birth and he made it clear to me that he had no story to tell than the fact that he would contact me once he was out of Nigeria. One thing was clear to both of us,we needed to get out. He always thought big and he refused to be a hero worshiper.
So what is my point in this story ? It was first a dream ,we held onto a dream and we believed that it will happen no matter what. Our lives were sworn to the dream and we made up our minds that we will rather die than the dream be cut short. Our drive was simple, we will not be involved in the corruption and that we want to live good too. Our dream was the only way our descendants would have a chance at a real life.
I had seen it all, the dehumanizing effect of fighting over money given to the youths by corrupt politicians. While I was standing in the hall, watching the youths engage in slapping the life out of each other over the crumb money, I would wonder,”How come he has the money and we are killing ourselves over the crumbs?” 
Yeah,after sitting in a Taxi cab that had us packed like Sardines from Abak to Uyo ,then you would finally make it to the “secret” location for a political meeting only to discover it was jam packed .Someone would come to address you , some political fat cat and you could see it oozing out of him. He is privy to information that is withheld from you,he is privy to funds that is withheld from you ,he is privy to opportunity that is withheld from you ,he is privy to the life you so desperately want to have. I mean the playing field is so uneven and you just stand there in the crowd listening to someone speak that in normal cases nothing he says would be worth your time and emotions. 
The person addressing you is not the sponsor involved in the scholarship that was awarded to you, or the Agricultural grant given to your Dad, or the new job your sister acquired and is packing her things to go for training in Germany. His standing to talk to you is based on a system in which he has taken all that rightfully belongs to you !
It was amazing that I would revisit the lives of such individuals while I was still in Nigeria ,teaching in a Senior Secondary School and behold even with all that they had acquired and had looted they had become broke like church rats. 
So what was the use ? The politics I was struggling for, is the same that my Father’s mates were trying to get into and is the same that men, old enough to be my Grand Father,were still marking time for. When would they ever retire and allow me to have a chance ? They hustle until the day they die and hence you hear of the professional politician ? People playing politics like it is an everlasting job ?
Today I would never describe myself as a millionaire but I can tell you that I am self-sufficient. I have seen enough that no man can wow me and I have developed myself enough to the point that I can never be under anybody based on a system that deprives me of all that I am entitled and gives it to the political fat cat. I can say to every youth I would meet ,that your dream should be about breaking out of the system and becoming sufficient to where the stolen money and the proceeds from it does not wow you. 
Last week in my Linked In account, I received an email from one Geophysical Engineer residing in Dublin working for Shell. It was Okoro the Igbo guy I knew during my Youth Service. He stuck to his guns and he followed his dreams and he made it. In the letter he reminded me about how stupid our dreams sounded then but like he told me, he was not going to sacrifice his dreams for a life of servitude to men. Nor was he ready to spend a whole lifetime regretting about what he could have been in the end. He stuck to his dreams and he pursued it relentlessly and one day he realized that ,” This is me drinking a glass of beer here in Scotland” . 
What is your dream ? When will you realize that no man on earth can make your dream come true?  When will you realize that there is always a price to pay for anybody who claims he will do the most for you (nothing is free) ? When will you realize that you are the only person that can execute your dream more than anybody can ever do for you,because only you can perceive the dream in your mind. 
I have heard the complaints about the lack of money and resources. What would you say ,if I told you, that less than 0.75 % of the successful people on earth, had the resources at hand to execute their dreams. For others,they knew there was a dream but how it would come to fruition was another story entirely. It was like driving in the night on a highway,you could only see so far, but as the journey continued the pathway was continuously revealed to you by the headlights.
Like the Children of Issachar could you ever study the system and the season and begin to make decisions that are not because of your own selfish desires but for the good of your descendants ? Could you explore and bring to bear a ruthless determination to succeed that overshadows the nonsense and darkness the politicians have brought on the land ? 
The internet has the phone number of  hundreds of  Admissions Officers for the myriads of university websites worldwide,could you rather call that number and begin an adventure that could surprise you ? Instead of recording another person with that phone to go and give to a political fat cat so that he could give you crumbs ?
Could you learn another language or skill or do something that can put you in a position in which you are needed badly in Tokyo ? Do you have a dream fit for a living God ? A dream that makes God stand up on his throne because such dreams can only be executed by a God?  Or does your dream revolve around PDP and the political fat cats ? Does your dream revolve around four year political terms in Nigeria which involves you being covered in juju to survive every cabinet shakeup ? Does your dream involve you wishing  that the political fat cat depends on you to kill his enemies? Do you also feel those people you will destroy will die in vain and that your descendants will be blessed ? Does your dream revolve around Obong owo ? Honorable ?
I leave you with one fact,you cannot attain anything that you cannot visualize. The guy with a private Yacht worked towards it and knew that when it is time he will get it. The guy driving a Ferrari worked towards it with intent. That’s why a man can have a lot of money and drive a Lexus or Mercedes Benz while another would drive an Alfa Romeo or Maseratti,you can only acquire what you know. You can only acquire what you visualize in your dreams. For some of us our place of origin has become our death trap.
I almost fell into that trap when I was in Nigeria, trying to be the perpetual holy person, fasting, praying, attending prayer night, attending prayer convention, waiting for my message from Angel Gabriel. Using the blood of Jesus all over my body like one would use soap while bathing. Meanwhile faith without works is dead.
You have prayed for Twenty to Thirty years now. From the time you popped out of your Mom you have been taken to church and you have been in church ever since. Is God deaf? When will you finally make that move knowing that God is with you and it is time for you to rather put your God to the test as it is written in the scriptures ? I say this knowing that I received emails from my classmates in Uniuyo from places like Equatorial Guinea to Canada to Australia to Alaska to Algeria. What are you waiting for ????? 
On the other hand ,if your dream is in Uyo, for how long can you smile with the guy that behaves like you are a second class citizen?  You are not fit enough to be privy to information,you are not fit enough to be privy to funds like he is,you are not fit enough to have a job like he has, your right to begin to live a little bit decently will be considered based on how well you praise and worship him. You will spend your life watching every single project be completed in the state and you will not have any information to become part of it and you will not be allowed to even supply a pencil to the cause, there will be no jobs paying a living wage just so that you remain poor so that he can use you to do his bidding.
However a new day has come, you do not have a job and you are surrounded by a myriad of empty promises. Yep, you have fine roads in your neighborhood but it wil take a miracle for you to even have a car to drive on it. Forget marriage you cannot afford it. Paying the rent is like climbing a mountain.Your intelligence has been insulted, you are broke as hell, trying to survive by being a member of a facebook team of a political fat cat. He doesn’t care !!!
For sure when you see him you will call him “Honorable” or  “Obong” no matter his conduct as an administrator,so why should he be careful of how he handles your future?  Have you not stared at the Volcano enough? It releases smoke and shakes the ground and is huge and hot and releases lava with promises of an eruption or earthquake that never happens but what have you gained from it ? It is time you went and found your own fishing net and stop collecting fish from the fat cat.
At what point do you realize that it is time you stopped screwing around ?  “Honorable” never found you a dime when your Mom was on the hospital bed, he was no where to be found when you were trying to survive during Youth Service, he never paid a single dime towards your school fees and some of you have slept around enough to raise the money, In every key point of your life “honorable” did nothing to help. What makes you think he cares about you now? The governorship campaign crumbs ? Find your vision and run with it . Everybody cannot be a politician !  
When you are successful in life, it is hard for you to even consider getting your nice clothes dirty by running with the ballot box in your hands in the bush. You will not enjoy sitting on those low benches in the primary schools for those local political meetings,the only way to make you do that is to keep you poor and our leaders know this secret and will always give you the crumbs to eat. Then there is the thing Oyinbo call the “Butterfly Effect”. 
If you have spent your life worshiping a person it is most likely your children will also worship their children. It is the curse of the peasant.
You do not have to go far to see this, in London there are a lot of people who worshiped Queen Elizabeth and their children are now worshiping the Queen’s Grandkids(William and Henry).A worship that unfortunately has nothing to do with a personal knowledge of the character in question.
There are a lot of American Congressmen whose parents also served in the congress and their supporters now are the children of those who supported their parents. Guy claims he comes from a long line of pilots in his family and you claim that you come from a long line of those who sit in a plane as passengers !There is the butterfly effect and what are you going to do to make sure that your lot in life is not repeated among your children? 
The secret is you changing your dreams and your belief system and the world around you will change. The colors you see now is based on the glasses you are wearing to perceive things around you,change the color of the glasses and what you see changes also.   
Do not forget the children of Issachar,they studied the atmosphere and were able to discern things that looked flashy but had no iota of stability in it and rather made wise decisions not based on the hunger in their stomach but based on the love they had for their unborn children.
They knew what was worth taking serious and what was not worth taking serious and they pursued things that were honorable before God. Things that are pure and honorable devoid of bloodshed, juju, political nonsense and greed. The divine dream.
The nation perishes for lack of a vision and the people die for lack of knowledge as written in the scriptures. However there is salvation for the person who visualizes the pathway for themselves and their descendants and begins a journey with God to attain that promise made to them from the beginning of time.
 —Udoh writes from Mesa, Arizona

Gov Godswill Akpabio’s Secret Plot To Shut Down Diaspora Voice Fails

9 Nov

Written by Asuquo Okon
Good people, a month ago, Gov Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom state, called on his puppet State House of Assembly to enact a law on an outright ban on print media that publish news or features that are critical of his government. As I write now the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly (AKHA) is tirelessly working on a legislation that will ensure that no media in his state publish information that is critical of his dictatorial government is given a space.

Though as counter-productive as this act is and inimical to the newly established Freedom of Information Bill of Nigeria, yet the AKHA which seems to be made up of ‘yes’ men and in the wallet of Akpabio could not have a second thought over their ill and conspicuously denigrating action.

Sadly, though, journalists or columnists who write to criticize the governor are either kidnapped or assassinated. Politicians and ordinary citizens, who do their private business and whom the governor feels their action may not help in whitewashing his image, face similar fate. In view of the dire consequences facing such writers, they have either kept silent or left Akwa Ibom State to hide with their family; because leaving their families behind means an ample opportunity for the governor’s brewed cult gang to mow them down in cold blood.

Few hours ago, I found in my inbox a letter of petition by one Ata Ikiddeh sent to Yahoo praying her to terminate the activities of the Diaspora Ibom Forum and Ibibio Nation discussion groups; the only online groups that give the Akwa Ibom people and their friends the alternative and opportunity to make public their views. Ata Ikiddeh as we all know was based in Romford, and Essex, United Kingdom, but ran to Akwa Ibom since last year when the UK police were ferociously looking for him in connection with his Non-Profit organisation, Global-Media-Europe-Int and with link to child trafficking. Since then he has not set foot in the UK.

The petition was written on Tuesday, 26 October 2010, 11:33, about a year ago, and however got support of one Clement Ikpatt who wasrecently appointed a Senior Special Assistant on Diaspora Affair by Akpabio’s administration. Ikpatt, a deserted Nigerian Police officer who left the country twenty years ago and took refuge in the US has equally not set foot in his father land, Nigeria since then. And yet is used as one of the chief propagandists and a coordinator for Governor Akpabio’s burgeoning money laundry empire in the United State of America, under the aegis of Akwa Ibom Diaspora Network (AIDN).

We are told AIDN has been under investigation of money laundry and terror-related activities by the US government.

A certain Uduak Ukpeh, based in London and a nurse by profession who operates a drug company, Virgin Investments Nigeria Limited, for governor Akpabio in East London and Nigeria, also signed one of the petitions together with Dr Ezekiel Umo Ette who heads part of drugs conglomerate in Atlanta, Georgia.

The petition, written one year ago, only came to the fore when Ata Ikiddeh wanted to forward it to one of governor Akpabio’s hatchet men to show the Pay Master that they are executing his plans to the letter, and therefore need more logistics to accomplished it, but as fate will have it, he mistakenly forwarded it to Ibom Global Forum discussion group. A Diasdpora group sponsored by Akpabio himself to counter any claims or publication coming from the very discussion groups that Akpabio wants Yahoo to exterminate so that his reign of terror and unmitigated mayhem will continue unabated and indeed unchallenged.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED:Ata Ikiddeh wrote the governor On Thu, 28/10/10,to intimate him of his job well-done! See part of the letter: “ Your Excellency,Yahoo sent me a mail this afternoon informing me they had taken “appropriate action”, but would not disclose what action they have taken. I went through their Terms of Service (TOS), it only sets out violations. I have been monitoring Ibom Forum the whole day. I have sent 3 different complaints-this particular complaint focused on the threat to your son. (KMM118129344V62633L0KM) This is the file name and complaint serial number which will always be used.Clement says yahoo will close Ibom Forum down. Thanks Ata”

This might have been the reason for Ata undisclosed appointment as one of the Pas. When Ata said: “I have been monitoring Ibom Forum thewhole day.” when he is not a member of the forum that means he has a ghost name in it as they have ghost names in the Akwa Ibom State payroll which in spite of the call for investigation, no action has been taken.

Announcing the discovery of the petition, Dr Tom Mbeke-Ekanem, the President Ibom People’s Congress (IPC) said: Ladies and gentlemen, I am sharing with you below the activities of the evil forces that have since taken over our state. We knew long before now the havoc wrought on ourstate by the present administration and its agents that span across the globe. We are all aware of the uncountable deaths and untold hardship Akwa Ibom people have been made to face for no false of theirs but simply because they have yearned for a true and credible democracy…

He continued: Today, the government of Akwa Ibom State and her paid agents in and outside Nigeria plan to carry out the same repressive tactics they have used in Akwa Ibom State for nearly five years now out here in United States. It is good that they have now invited FBI, Homeland Security, the State Department, CIA, and SSS in Nigeria into this deplorable state of affairs in Akwa Ibom.And I strongly hope the activities of this evil administration will be thoroughly investigated by both the FBI and CIA.Thank goodness that United States is a country of law. Freedom of the press is guaranteed in the Constitution…..

Nonetheless, it is hard to believe that with all the crimes against humanity and the glaring human right violation that are being committed by governor Akpabio, many Nigerians seem to be interested in the oil money that flows in to Akwa Ibom State and how they can organised an event then called Akpabio to come and get an award in order to carve a niche of the Akwa Ibom oil money.

They seem not ask question about the people who are being kidnapped or sent to their early graves by the governor’s killer squad who are licensed to kill. They are not interested in the number of children who have been orphaned not by HIV/AIDS but by men paid with the only official dutyto kill perceived adversaries of the governor.

The president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan cannot continue to pretend that he and his government are not aware of the mounting atrocities of Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State against his own people. He cannot continue to turn a blind eye while one of his governors is having a field day losing count of the number of people being sent to their early graves.Mr President, A WORD IS ENOUGH FOR THE WISE!

Recently the US warned its citizens not to travel to a few states in Nigeria’s Niger Delta and a few states in the east. Akwa Ibom State was the first to mention. If all is well why must the US issue this warning? President Jonathan will not go to heaven to look for an answer to this question. Will he?

Some hours ago, I was jolted out of my revelry which did not spell well for my country in antithesis of the way which I am praying for.When I opened my email, the headline that was very conspicuous read:PLOT AGAINST IBOM FORUM & AKWA IBOM INDIGENES IN DIASPORA.When I finished reading the plot and failed intrigues of Akpabio, I rinsed my mouth and got some drinking water. I remembered I was in Uyo whichmight have prompted me to get a half sleep. Since I always sneaked in and out of Uyo, I prepared for my flight ticked online via Calabarairport instead of Uyo – a usual case of mine. Then I sat in front of my laptop and scribbled a few lines of encouragement to all thefreedom fighters in my state below:

Dear All, Akpabio boys asking Yahoo to shut down the Voice of the masses!No shaking whatsoever. It was a ploy to get plump jobs!May be time has come for Godswill Obot Akpabio, the Kidnapper-in-Chief in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, with his notorious group of assassins andabductors to be fully disgraced. This is the time to put on your girdle and amour of the Lord to fight the devil; I mean the real DEVIL and get him hook, line and sinker. God is alive. I mean the time to bring out fact to bear. Time to put up petitions in various human rights websites and blogs. It is a deliberate ploy by the anarchists to carry out their 666 plans before the time of rapture comes.It is a way to blind-fold and shut people’s mouth then continue to terrorize, intimidate, coerce and kill innocent people with impunity

Akpabio, the man whose head has gone haywire and mouth blood-tasty, just as it happened to Idi Amin Dada of Uganda, Adolf Hitler, Sanni Abacha, and most recently, Muammar Ghadafi of Libya and presently Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad. A despot who once tested blood cannot be normal; he will continue to get more and more ferocious as he suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. Godswill Akpabio, has gone beyond this. To say that Akpabio needs a rehabilitation centre or remand home, is making an understatement. Calling Yahoo to sanction all the groups that criticize his killing of innocent people in Akwa Ibom State and beyond through his killer squad in street cloths and uniform men, and mere perceived enemies, is more than meet the eyes. No other time has been so ripe than this. Never fail to brace up for the challenge. It must be fired from all cylinders to bring down the monster. You must do this to ‘send the dragon to where it belongs’. Remember Raskimono?These guys know that all these their tricks are a failure. It will not work at all. Since 2010 yahoo is yet shoot its bullet to these forums that protect human lives from the dragon mouth of Godswill Akpabio. These forums have helped saved a lot of lives; and so shall it continue to do. Can you see? This is the very forum that some of them come with fake and phony names to spread the falsehood of their pay master, arsonist and murderer.I have been saying that they make this to deceive and lure Akpabio into giving them a job; and have succeeded in getting it by all means. So what else? Yahoo is a constituent of people who use their brains to think. And I can assure you, they are looking at this issue, they know that Akpabio is killer. Yahoo should Google the name of Godswill Akpabio, it will see how psychopathic sycophants have done their best in praising him, but it will also see massive abuse of office, violation of human right, and degrading treatments that Akpabio has meted out to many unarmed civilians, including children.It will see hundreds of lives that Akpabio has wasted in a land that there is no civil war or civil unrest; except that Akpabio has turned the once most peaceful state of the Niger Delta to a mind field and death traps.

Since they are calling on US FBI to join the Nigeria SSS for investigation, this should be a welcomed development. This is the time for justice to begin fish out Akpabio and his gang of terrorists. Ever wonder why more than five thousand Akwa Ibom people have fled their state to different states and countries seeking refuge here and there?Those who don’t have the ability flee, remain and get killed.

Keep on the good fight for your people.
— Asuquo Okon Centre for Ethics and Justice (CEJ)Nigeria

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