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30 Nov


Oil Spill Impact, killing birds and aquatic animals

Oil Spill Impact, killing birds and aquatic animals

ON the 9th November, 2012, there was a major oil spill from one of the offshore facilities of Mobil Producing Nig. Unlimited and the result of the spill was conspicuous in and around the entire operational areas/ Core Communities of MPNU. Arising from the spill, the Core Communities made demands for the payment of adequate financial compensation on MPNU.
MPNU admitted the occurrence of the spill in its communication to the state, Local Governments and the Leadership of the various communities. MPNU at several fora made a commitment to react accordingly in due course as it contended that the process of determining the quantum of spill and the corresponding compensation sum and variables was still ongoing with the statutory regulatory agencies including the DPR and NOSDRA.
In the interface between the Core Communities and MPNU over the payment of the oil spill compensation, MPNU on a letter dated 15th June, 2013 and in a publication of Pioneer newspaper of 27th October, 2013, offered to carry out some projects in its Core Communities in particular and in other parts of the state as part of its Corporate Social Responsibilities to its Host communities and state. This may have been an attempt to redeem its failure in corporate social responsibilities for the last 15 years during which MPNU had been claiming that they have paid their statutory obligations to the various governments and contributed to the NDDC.
The demands by the Core Communities on MPNU for the compensation for oil spill persisted and this culminated in the peaceful protest by the communities which lasted for 10 days. The protest was suspended at the intervention of Akwa Ibom State Government after an offer to mediate between the Core Communities and MPNU.
The above mentioned offer to mediate led to the meeting between the Technical Committee of the Core Communities and the representatives of the management of MPNU on Monday the 4th day of November,2013 at the conference room of the Secretary to Government of Akwa Ibom state. In the meeting, the Core Communities presented its position paper and MPNU acknowledged the rights of the communities and therefore considered their demands reasonable but pleaded for time not exceeding Thursday the 14th November, 2013 to enable the Board of MPNU to meet and ratify the demands.
Oil Spill devastation in Nigeria

Oil Spill devastation in Nigeria

November 14th, 2013 has lapsed and communities have again become very restive arising from the intransigence of MPNU. We are familiar with all the antics of MPNU – divide and rule, delay tactics, sponsoring derogatory and inciting stories, seeking Government protection on its abdication of its Statutory Responsibilities, etc. it was this attitude that led to the kidnapping of the Paramount Ruler of Esit Eket L.G.A and attacks on other Paramount Rulers of Ibeno, Eket and Onna.
It has come to a point where the Core Communities can no longer contend these antics. We are also aware that Exxon being the parent company of MPNU has a notoriety of failure to meet its obligations such as payment of compensation for oil spill to the extent that they had to be sent away from other countries. This and similar attitude account for their consistent declaration of outrageous profit to the consternation of other oil companies and the amazement of the United States Congress.
Since 1998, the Core Communities have suffered sufficient deprivations and a near total exclusion from the benefits of its operation.
Consequent upon the fore going, the Core Communities wish to state emphatically as follows:
1. That MPNU should immediately comply with all the requests at the meeting of 4th November, 2013.
2. That failure to do so might elicit further very strong reactions from the Core Communities.

1. His Eminence, Akwa Edidem (Dr) Akpabio U. Ukpa,
Oku Ibom III, Chairman of the Forum
Paramount Ruler of Onna.

2. HRM Edidem Ubong P. Assam II
Aso I of Esit Eket
Paramount Ruler of Esit Eket.

3. HRM Edidem N.J.E Oduenyie Jp
Atara Ekid, Enin Akwa Afaha III
Paramount Ruler of Eket.

4. HRM Owong (Dr) Effiong B. Archianga
Akwaha Owong Ibeno – Spokeman of the forum
Paramount Ruler of Ibeno.

5. Rt. Hon. Chief Nduese Essien
Attah of Ekid
Chairman Technical Committee

6. Pastor (Hon) Isaiah W. Abia
Coordinating Secretary

7. Proffesor Etie Ben Akpan
Member Technical Committee

8. High Chief Williams Mkpah
Member Technical Committee

9. Chief Okon Akpan Owong
Member Technical Committee

10. Barr. Bassey Nkanang
Member Technical Committee

11. Chief Ime M. Utin
Member Technical Committee

12. Chief Bassey Udo Akpan
Member Technical Committee

13. Rt. Hon. Imo Udobia
Member Technical Committee

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