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25 Mar


By Umoh Cosmas

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It can be very ridiculous when a full grown man attempts to hide behind a finger. For sure, right-thinking members of the public will never take such a personality serious, no matter how much he tries to get attention, especially when his unstable antecedents are well known.
Hiding behind a finger is what Atta Ikideh has been doing ever since his failed attempt to swindle the Akwa Ibom State government through 419 proposals. He has over time latched on frivolous statistics and concocted ‘failings’ in his attempt to ridicule and downplay the achievements of the state government.

Rather than activate a self-destruct mode through blackmail and deceitful publications, Ikiddeh may do well for himself by utilizing his resources to resuscitate his stranded law career, which he abandoned here in Nigeria, having failed to make it to the Nigerian Law School. Since he made a fortune from the last administration as a willing tool of blackmail, he should make his late father and indeed the larger Ikideh family proud by investing in meaningful ventures.

Ikideh’s latest opinion piece where he asked “why is it all bad news about Akwa Ibom State from the National Bureau of Statistics?” exposes him as one with a warped imagination who eagerly awaits bad news about his native land, Akwa Ibom. He should be aware that his recent ignoble undertakings against the state government have kept right-thinking Akwa Ibom people at home and in the diaspora wondering if he does not need a mental check. They might just be right!

It is a sad commentary that one who claims to be a patriot would go in deliberate search of bad news about his state and would go further to give vigorous publicity to dubious and politically motivated negative statistics. The question is, where was Attah Ikideh when the same NBI rated Akwa Ibom state, under the leadership of Governor Udom Emmanuel as the second best destination for Foreign Direct Investment in Nigeria? How much publicity did he give to that rating?

The antics of Ikiddeh’s ilk are well known to those of us who have consistently follow developments in Akwa Ibom state. Once they fail to get what they want, they resort to blackmail and lend themselves to spent paymasters and drowning godfathers, whose trade in stock is to whip undue sentiments against a focused administration like we presently have in Akwa Ibom State.
It is public knowledge that Akwa Ibom government, through its Health Commissioner, has satisfactorily addressed the NBS rating of Akwa Ibom as the state with the highest prevalence rate in the 2018 national survey. In case Ikideh is not aware, HIV prevalence has been on the decline since Governor Udom came on board. While the state’s prevalence was 10.8% in the 2014 national survey, it dropped to 5.5% in the 2018 survey.
On the latest rating of the State as having the highest cost of living, the likes of Ikiddeh should be informed that it is not every statistics reeled out by agencies that should be taken hook, line and sinker. While an agency like the NBS may have done well in time past, it is not unlikely that its recent activities may have been politically motivated.

Dazed by the outcome of the last general elections in Akwa Ibom State, especially the sweet victory of Governor Udom Emmanuel, it is pitiful that Ikideh and his co-travellers are still befuddled, and therefore, have continued their search for anything that will keep them on the payroll of their equally stunned paymasters.
The pains of the resounding loss by Ikideh’s masters is understandable. Nevertheless, it is high time he turned a new leaf and team up with the rest of us Akwa Ibom sons and daughters who have vowed to stop at nothing is supporting Governor Emmanuel to realize the dream of a greater state, where peace, progress and development stand in bold relief.
A word is enough for the wise!

Cosmas is a public affairs commentator.


20 Jun


#ConArtist Ata Ikidde

#ConArtist Ata Ikiddeh

#ConArtist Ata Ikiddeh
I stumbled on the social media, across a post by Barr. Ata Ikiddeh Ikiddeh, former Special Assistant to the former Governor on Projects Monitoring. A lot of people may not know that Ata is a lawyer by training, and his mates in the Nigeria Law School include the likes of Senator Godswill Akpabio, Senator Liyel Imoke, former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Anyim Anyim, Senator Grace Bent, former Deputy Speaker, House of Representatives, Hon. Chibudum Nwuche, among other notable Nigerians.
It is unfortunate that someone with such a rich background could be the same person with an irreparable penchant and desperation for media consultancy. I dare to ask, was Ata a media journalism communication at the Nigerian Law School? If not, why is he not practicing what he was called to bar for?

So what are all these allegations and counter-accusations of media consultancy and desperation to be engaged in the Governor’s media team?

I am not against someone being engaged to work in government, neither am I saying he is wrong to propose to work and get paid by government as a media consultant, but one thing I am strongly against, is the idea of displaying such arrogance and desperate antics, “if I am not engaged, then the media team is not working.” If my boss, the governor engages Ata to work in his media team, I will work with him, but if that is not done, he should quietly go on with his life at his present port of call.

Ata could have quietly gone to Mr. Nsima Ekere and do whatever he is paid to do, but using the same breath to run down the Governor or his team, means he wants me to tell him enough is enough.

A professional media guy will not go on the social media to attack a media team, simply because his offer was not accepted, or approved. If it was in his original profession, will Ikiddeh write against a legal team simply because he was not allowed to join as a defense or prosecution counsel? I have written these lines to encourage our people to learn to get a life outside pulling others down. 

I believe if Ata was as good a media man as he makes people believe, His Excellency former Governor Akpabio, his former classmate, would have wasted no time in appointing him as a media aide. However, after much pressure, he was sent to the project team of the government. It is not a very good lesson in this #Dakkada period for one to dissipate his energy over his failure to be engaged or accepted immediately into a team.

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