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Christian universiti​es in Nigeria and their worship of Mammon

25 May

‘BOWEN UNIVERSITY charges N650,000 per session. ‘

Evils pervade Nigerian society with impunity. These churches still collect money from the poor and dejected, deceiving them into believing that “heaven” is awaiting them when they die. For the time being, the owners of these churches and their preachers enjoy the heaven here on earth. Fortunately for them, the society is so ignorant that while they are being cheated and used, they keep praying for salvation!

How long it will take before the average Nigerian will wake up from this dream and mental incapacitation to challenge these abuses from those they look up no no one knows. Confounding is that most of the diaspora Nigerians who should be educating the people on the evils of these churches and related institutions are as corrupt and ignorant. So Nigeria remains a country that could have been with Nigerians are scattered all over the globe languishing while waiting for miracle to happen. Where such miracle has occurred no one can say but somehow, Nigerians believe that this their God will soon answer their prayers. Talking to even college educated person in Nigeria now is so hard because every statement is full of God this and God that. A very entrenched belief system that further
destroys the country and the people……but one that makes lots of money for preachers (of all faith!), church leaders and leaders of other institutions who nurture such belief from a business perspective. This is sad. But what these fools fail to understand is that as long as the people and the country are suppressed as they are, everyone therein, rich and poor, is suffering. After all, the richest Nigerian cannot get good medical treatmentwithin the country; cannot drive on a dust-free road, is not assured that medicine, food, and related items made within the country or made for Nigerian market and brought into the country is safe. Sure, he may get these services when he travels outside Nigeria but that is only when he travels

Being a fool, he forgets that although he may have access to a private plane, heart attack and many other acute health conditions require only about 5 minutes of immediate medical treatment for one to survive. (And there is no such plane that can get to Europe from any Nigerian city in 5 minutes!) Being a fool, he believes that such emergency will not be needed because “his God” will not allow that to happen. But being a fool and ignorant, he forgets that one just happened a day before (of course it was blamed on “voodoo”, “attack” sent by someone who probably was murdered or made an outcast for doing nothing!) This fool fails to understand what is meant about the average life span in Nigeria in the 21st Century being below 50 years! Being a fool, he quickly reminds you that he knows of this man and that woman in his town who lived to be 100s (of course he has no proof of that; Nigerians rarely have proof of what they state!) forgetting that even if such were true (IF), one or two in the midst of many who die young is nothing. But being a fool, he does not care after all, he is rich amidst many who are poor so his view of the world is that narrow and already severely distorted! In his foolish delusion, he believes that since at his funeral, there will be many ignorant mourners, pastors, priests, bishops, etc, his place in heaven is assured. That is this heaven that Nigerians and other Africans foolishly believe await them when they die! Mind you those who actually came up with the concept of heaven, built their own heaven here on earth, knowing, as their forebears knew, that heaven is just a concept. Too bad most Africans find this fairly simple concept hard to understand! As a result, the pastors, priests, etc continue to collect money, goat, etc from the poor and the hungry who cannot afford to send their children to the schools built with same money.

If this is not an injustice, I wonder what is!

BOWEN UNIVERSITY N650,000 per session. COVENANT UNIVERSITY N640,000 per session. BENSON IDAHOSA N500,000 per session. BABCOCK UNIVERSITY N450,000 per session. REDEEMERS UNIVERSITY N450,000 per session. AJAYI CROWDER UNIVERSITY N350,000 per session. MADONNA UNIVERSITY 350,000 per session


Where is the morals of the church gone? These schools were all built by the sweats of their church members who kept sowing seeds, special offering seeds, first fruit seed, redemption seed, thanks giving seed, harvest seed, tithes, pastors birthday seed, church building seed, evangelism seed, fathers day seed, mothers day seed, children day seed,pastors cake seed,olive oil seed, etc. These schools are now elite schools, only for the rich politician children. The gainers then use the proceeds to buy private plane and jets to fly up high in luxury while their members sleep hungry and the next Sunday, they will read Malachi 3:6-12. If you think this is unfair, like me, please pass on this message…

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