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Sycophancy: Akwa Ibom Town Hall Meeting With AIDN’S C Ikpatt

30 Aug

written by Dr Emenike Nwankwo

This is too good to be true. So there is not even one issue that is of concern in Akwa Ibom?  I just read and responded a Cross River State Commissioner accusing Akwa Ibom of exporting prostitution to CR State. Prostitution is not a noble profession and does not grow when the state is doing her best to empower people of all cadre. Those who go into this profession often do so out of desperation and destitution. I think this Clement Ikpatt of a guy is just drawing attention of the governor to his person like jobbers do. not even one concern of the citizens? If his people have no concern he will tender to the governor, then what are they meeting for ?  if all is that good and dandy, then he should be taking then to disney world to celebrate rather than trying to be defensive of the governor. He is a classic praise singer and the governor is not a baby. He knows the guys is just lying his head off. We know just by the fact that the governor is PDP and from Nigeria that he is not as good as this praise singer wrote. Did he say opposition is vicious? Democracy is created to make opposition vicious and possible thus the freedom of speech clause. This guy dos not know he is free yet to tell the governor the truth. If there is opposition and they have concern then his job as president is to address or table such concerns to the governor  so it could be discussed. What is a town hall meeting for  if there is no problem for the governor to explain and tackle. This is the kind of leadership that we do not need in Nigeria. If his state is perfect he will not be washing dished in USA or driving cabs in Houston. He will not be engaged in money fraud that is often an issue with Nigerians in Houston. If the state is now perfect he should be packing up and heading home and not here doing town hall meetings to engage the governor. Lying to himself is not how to help with solutions that the governor know must be sought and for which he is here to listen and ask for Help.


I was in Uyo for  university conference some years back, I did not like what I saw. Too much Okada that they were like swams. The university was filty and looked more like a homeless shelter. The buildings were like a secondary school from the 30s. No hotels of any quality standard in the capital city. No restaurants of standard quality in the capital city. As we headed out to a conference with the then governor, NEPA took lights and we had to wait for houses so they could run to aba to buy filament for the gas lamp to be used. There was no food served because preparation was haphazard and the staff did not know who was responsible for the failure. We have to go back to town mid night  in search of dinner. In fact the hall we used was cleans right while we stood a the doors and they governor was coming? there was still dus every where and the feeling was like the placed was never used and was left in dilapidation. The students were rioting agains a yoruba VC because they wanted a native son instead.


However, there was complication as no one clan wanted one from the other Tribe. It was not a happy going place in terms of politics locally.  The roads are very bad though better than what we saw on the Abia side. There were at least 4 dead bodies on the road decaying once we left Abia and entered Akwa ibom. Ikot Ekpene Motor park was like a mama put junction.  Even if miracle has happened, I do not know it will be of too much difference in terms of facilities today. So I do not believe this praise singer. I have no interest in Akwa Ibom politics and do not know who is who there. We have read stories that the guy in Cross Rivers is doing great but I do not know about Uyo. The last I read from their about governance was that posted by an Angry and now dead Christiana Essien Ugokwe who was accusing the governor of political atrociousness with very colorful languages. It was obvious they had some prior issues that made their cozy association a dicy one due to mistrust. Nobody is perfect and certainly not in Nigeria and not in PDP.


THis guy need to be more honest with his reality and speak to it. Over praising can be unnecessary when the governor came all the way to USA in search of honest truth to help him become better. If this is what he will ge then his journey is a wasted one. He wants to know what can make him better not to hear sermon of how might and perfect he has been.  if thisis all this body can offer then it is of no use to the people of Akwa Ibom. Mr governor should go home bank the state money in his account because the people have no more issues and problems to tackle. I hope that is the case but already you know it is not. All we can say from this is that they guy president is a weak leaders and may have been placed in Office by the governor himself. he does not represent the true state of the situation the state faces. I do not know where things are now but the mere fact there is opposition he must speak to is evidence that all is not well in Akwa Ibom yet. The Anans and the other group are usually not getting along. Has that been resolved? It was more like something out of the Isreali and Palestinian relationship history book. So if the governor is one of the clans, then he must be hated by the others and that is problem not solution material. He could not ignore it and pretend all is well with Rome. When was the last time this president visited home to see the reality and teeth gnashing on the ground. Akwa ibom by comparison is amongst the most backward states in the east.


Just last two months I was in Port Harcourt sharing drinks and watching folks from the Agip oil company play Tenis one Saturday morning when I visited a friend who is in management there. A few of the guys were from Akwa Ibom. They played their Imo colleagues in a match in which the Imo chaps defeated them. One of the guys from Akwa Ibom complained that he was not in the right state of mind because he got a message that there is serious problem at home and the government of this governor was a the center of it. The joke was about how they helped to elect this guy but that they regretted every effort and time or money put in. i did not follow the details because they were all speaking in terms of some prior issues I was not privy to.  Again no person is perfect in the eyes his people. It is possible this guy is doing better than who was there people but one common observation was that he has fallen out with the Essien Igbokwe group and has fallen out with the guys at AGIP I was with he complained and regretted supporting him. The young man who spoke more bitterly happen to not be from one fo the two warring tribes but was complaining that his issue is that his own people are not getting any attention even when they gave full support to the governor election. The exact date of this discussion was the Saturday of May 28 at about 8 am.  or there about. I was in PH on my way to Imo State to witness the Rochas&n bsp;Inauguration the next day. We even took Pictures – see 3 pictures attached. The others are the players with the first 2 from Imo and the ones behind them from Akwa Ibom.


“Competition is a by-product of productive work, not its goal. A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others”. – Ayn Rand


When the comes come to become, you will know the physicality of man” Political Jugernaut,  Kingsley O. Mbadiwe (K.O.)

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