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Muslim soldier convicted of bomb plot in US

25 May

Muslim soldier convicted of bomb plot in USA

Abdo was arrested July 27 at a discount hotel in the nearby Texas town of Killeen

A serving Muslim soldier Naser Jason Abdo, 22, of the United States army has been convicted of developing a bomb and planning to blow up a restaurant near the Fort Hood Army post in Texas. The jury convicted the soldier on Thursday after examining all the available forensic and circumstantial evidences against the soldier and the culprit now faces life imprisonment for the crime. The security agencies arrested Abdo last July following a tip from a gun store owner. The owner provided all the details about the culprit and his designs. Abdo wanted to buy smokeless gun powder and weapons from the shop but was denied for certain reasons.
According to the officials of security agencies and evidences served to the court suggested that Abdo was planning to blow up the Fort Hood Army post in Texas as he wanted to avenge killing of fellow Muslims in the Middle East. In his views, Muslims of the Middle East are suffering at the hands of the US army and its stooges based in these countries. The court has now convicted the soldier of attempted murder of the United States army officers or other employees. He has also been convicted on four counts for possessing a weapon to commit a crime. The sentence to the convict would be awarded on July 20 when the court would resume hearing of the case.
The security agencies of the United States have definitely averted a big disaster to take place by arresting the culprit. We should also applaud the citizen who tipped the security agencies about the suspicious soldier that ultimately led to his arrest. As terrorists linked to al-Qaeda and other militant outfits have failed to enter the US despite their repeated attempts; they have been trying to recruit misguided youth from the United States for potential terror activities. The security and intelligence agencies of the US should remain extra vigilant about their citizens and soldiers; so that they could not land in hands of the terrorist outfits.
The Congress of the US should also legislate for awards to the citizens who tip off the security agencies about suspicious bags, luggage and men. The security agencies claimed in the court of law that they recovered bomb making items from Abdo when he was arrested at a motel room in Killeen, Texas. They also claimed to have recovered an article from the culprit that he had taken from an al-Qaeda publication, entitled: “How to Build a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom.” It is alarming indeed not only for the US citizens but also for the international community.
Following arrest of Abdo, it is strongly recommended the US security agencies should make a thorough scrutiny of all the Muslim soldiers in the army and make sure they don’t have their links with terrorist outfits like al-Qaeda.

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