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Apostle Helen Ukpabio Cancels Visit To US, Cites Threat to Life.

22 Apr


Mrs Ukpabio

The President and founder of theLibertyGospelFoundationChurch, Lady Apostle Helen Ukpabio says she has indefinitely cancelled her scheduled visits to theUSAwhich where billed for March and May this year.

Speaking through her attorney, Victor Ukutt, Esq., the Pentecostal Pastor and Nollywood actress, who has her church branches spread all over Africa, said her decision to cancel her trip was based on the series of death threat she received from organisations like Stepping Stones Nigeria a based in the United Kingdom which claimed to work as a charity to protect witch children in Nigeria.

“The woman of God has received written threat to life by several organisations and persons on behalf of Stepping Stones Nigeria. Such threats are very serious that they even say as soon as she sets foot on the US soil she will be killed; so we cannot take such when people determine to be violent because of one’s belief.” Mr Ukutt said.

In a chat with a US media conglomerate, Allvoice, Ukutt revealed that Gary Foxcroft has gone ahead and organised an online donation to enable his group to confront her if she arrives theUnited States of America.

“You see Gary Foxcroft is a criminal and opportunist. He avails himself of any slightest opportunity he sees to con people and make money out of them. Just on hearing that this woman of God will visit US he capitalised on that and raised more than £50,000 to enrich himself and his few online fraudsters. The fund rising is going on right now as I’m talking to you.”

The Nigerian lawyer questioned what such money will be used for now that Mrs Ukpabio has cancelled herUStrip, if not for personal use.

“What is he going to used the money to do now that she has indefinitely put off the visit; is it not to line his pocket or smile to the bank as he used the child witch story to become an overnight millionaire?”Ukutt asked rhetorically.

He further disclosed that Mrs Ukpabio was billed to organise a religious program inNew Yorkand Huston in March and May this year, respectively. But due given flurry of hostility created by the groups, she has been advised to stay put. And the group has written petition letter to US Department of Immigration and Naturalisation, US Embassy inNigeriaand other department to stop Mrs Ukpabio from entering theUS

He expressed bewilderment over what he described as malicious falsehood peddled by Mr. Foxcroft and his groups under the guise of child witch to fleece unsuspecting individuals and organisations of their hard-earned currency.

“Foxcroft knew that spreading malicious falsehood will enable him to achieve his fraudulent aim. This is because, he knows that people in the US, UK, Germany and other Western world will be captivated by such falsehood on putting children plight on the front burner.” The legal luminary said.

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