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Re-$29.2 Million Scam Hits Akwa Ibom Refinery, Petrochemical Company.

3 Feb

By Eyen-Isong

In a bid to get a clearer picture of the earlier reported scam involving so called Akwa Ibom Refinery and Petrochemical Ltd, I had to do a search for further information in the public domain that could provide a proper link to the story.

But I got what I never bargained for as my checks got trapped with loose ends that are begging for connections.

It might come as a surprise that on paper, Akwa Ibom state has over four refineries as projects under construction.
Amakpe Refinery, which story of its still birth is already well known to us, is one of them.

The other is Akwa Ibom Refining & Petrochemical Ltd with its Head office (wait for this) at 14 Ajose Adeogun street, Victoria Island Lagos. Phone nos 01-8043330, 01-2633465, 611085.
It also claims to have Abuja Office at Block M8, Flat 8 NNPC Housing, Garki, Abuja.

We are told it has its plant location is at Ibeno with planned capacity of 100,000bpsd.

We have yet another refinery called Resource Petroleum & Petrochemical Inc? This one is said to be located at Ikot Abasi with 100,000 bpd capacity. Its Approval to Construct (ATC) licence was said to have been “revalidated” in Jan 2010. The “configuration and marketing” details are also alleged to have been carried out but project description is yet to be ready and so its Eatimated Time of Completion (ETC) is also not available.

Again there is another Qua Petroleum Refinery sponsored by Eton Group of Singapore which said it got “security guarantees” from the state government and had sourced $1.7 billion for the project financing.

As one searches further, Akwa Ibom state Refining & Petrochemical Co. Ltd dies a sudden death but resurrected somewhere else as Resource Refinery & Petrochemical Ltd.

If you are not confused already then check this: there is another one called Resource Petroleum & Petrochemical Int. Inc. Do we assume that this has any link or indeed is the same as Resource Refinery & Petrochemical Ltd already mentioned above?

One more thing: Sometime in 2012 or so, the group Managing Director of NNPC, Dr Barkindo Sanusi was at Ibeno to perform ground-breaking ceremony for a 500mw power plant with its site at Ibeno and which was to have a power station in Ikot Abasi to be able to add the above volume (500mw) of power to the national grid. The project was listed as a joint venture between NNPC and Exxon Mobil. Even this one which by all standard should have come alive, nobody seems to know where it is. Or may be I have not searched well enough.

Again in 2008 or 2009, the FG announced awarding contracts for more power plants in the country. Akwa Ibom was listed as one of the beneficiary states It was considered a reasonable decision to site the plant along side Ibom Power plant in Ikot Abasi.

I do not know what has become of this FG project since there appears to be nothing on ground to suggest it has been carried.

It is pertinent to ask: where are all these “employment generating ventures” that so much noise was made about?

I am also appealing to members of the forum and indeed Akwa Ibom indigenes to seek clarifications on the status of these refineries some of which the state government spent money on.

Me I dey confused o!

Eyenisong PHC, Nig.

A’Ibom Info Commissioner-Aniekan Umanah, Akpabio’s Diaspora Spin-doctors in Massive Financial Scam.

28 Jan

*Clement Ikpatt, Uduak Ukpe, Ata Ikkideh, others fingered.

Hon Aniekan Umanah

Hon Aniekan Umanah

The botched Germany Expo organized by Akpabio’s men in America and Europe, is causing ripples in the state. Following an expose by a US based Akwa Ibomite, Uwem Sam, the state is abuzz with what a commentator called the scam of the new year.

It has been alleged that people who acted under the impression that the Akwa Ibom state government was going to bankroll the event are now counting their losses as money allegedly released to cover their expenses has vamoose into deep pockets in Uyo. It was further alleged that N10m meant to offset out of pocket expenses never got to those who spent their money. In a response, Aniekan Umana the commissioner fingered in the scam said that the said N10m has not been released, but that £10,000 had been sent to one Uduak Ukpe in London to cover printing expenses. But another source put the money spent on printing at a little over £4,000, adding that printing was not done in London as claimed but in Slovenia. We are still working on this interesting scam as it unfolds.

2015 Election: I Believe In History

18 Nov

By Ekanem Moses
Propose Honest Things, Follow Wholesome Counsels, and Leave the Event to God -From AESOP’s LETTER to His ADOPTED SON

As my thought got raked, it took me to so many events, past, present and the future. In the cause of it wandering, roaming and sauntering to and fro met a hungry wolf which stalked a flock of sheep but couldn’t grab one because a dutiful shepherd watched over them. God is watching over the Ibibios, God is watching over the people of the state. Finding a discarded sheepskin, the wolf placed it over his own fur and slowly crept into the middle of the flock without the shepherd noticing. Instead of pouncing on the nearest lamb and making his escape, since God was with them, the wolf decided to wait until night time when the flock was locked up and the shepherd was eating supper. “Then I’ll have my pick of the flock, the wolf thought, enjoy a most delicious meal, and slip away unseen”. But God never thinks the way man thinks. Unexpectedly that evening, the shepherd decided to have a big supper before retiring. He went to the sheep pen in the dark reached in, and grabbed the first sheep he put his hands on-which turned out to be the wolf-and killed him. What a perfect piece of history, illustrating crawling sentimentality of a wolf. It is better that “The early birds get the worm but the second mouse in get the cheese.
We can all smile cheese! Of the bogeyman that is consistently inconsistent with 2015 sitting in a Limbo. 2015, barely 17 months from now is creating war of urgencies, which requires bold action than plans. It will not be more than enough to announce to Akwa Ibomites that our generals are panting over putting their plans in advance. But I tell who care to listen and take that Akpabio’s perfect plan towards 2015, will not be too good enough, and despite high level of financial involvement as it will meet with formidable floodgate of Allied invasion, and that will be another history as history was made in 2007. History is a wonderful phenomenon. History rekindles old story, it provides us the honest truth, reality, summary, compendium and narrative account of event. Now in Akwa Ibom State, despite those bitter smiles, it is expression of mass of false pretense and ideas, and beneath the false smiles are utter hatred laces with tricky phase. Besides all, there is God that keeps exposing the hidden plans of these evil men, who create fool paradise for Men/Women of same feathers to flock together.
Upon this, there is God. Definitely there is God watching over us and there is no point doubting if God is in Akwa Ibom. He is, having understood that Akwa Ibom State is peopled by the JEWs, mostly the Ibibios, therefore there is God, and there is that natural protection and affection for us. Others can boast of their history, if they have any, for I firmly know and believe that Ibibios in Akwa Ibom are the JEWs. And they are always undefeated; accept by their own mistake, which is also historic. Based on this the current circumstances of their fate is purely in the mighty hands of God. Ever since men who would have spoke for us failed in all ramifications in their responsibility by flocking together to kiss and fondle strange gods for POWER, by abandoning what they were NATURALLY GIVEN. The mouthing unity is now stark naked as the vail covering it has been ripped open and desecrated. From historical perspective, it is only sojourners that often crave for recognition, while an inhabitant remains confident because he knows his root. Most people do not know their root, that is why they are desperately perspiring amassing wealth to sustain them for their remaining years on earth.
The poetic application of this article is an answer to the desperate and effortless move or attempt by Governor Akpabio to hand down a successor to the people. May we know why it is all that necessary and important, to produce a successor. Though he has lied again that he has no particular candidate during the recent media chat, if it is true why did he give five hundred thousand naira to each PDP chapter chairman along with a promise of cars. I may not blame his flaws because Oscar Levant says that a politician is a person who will double-cross a bridge before the comes to it, upon all the “uncommon” incidents going on in the state, the state stands “uncommonly” transformed, albeit with loud mouth and grandiloquent verbosity. Akpabio has the ability to exhibit strength with brutality; courage with recklessness; honesty with priggishness; honour with frivolities and compassion with sentimentality.
Despite the unpleasant traits, they are those who still trust in him. If Akpabio has been getting into odd situation by mistake, couldn’t be seen to be in repetition. Is it not clear by now that Akpabio is promoting ethnic cause, that he is using his political power to gain undue control over others who so wish. This political recklessness of the highest order probably formed out of gutter is his uncouth brigandage and wanton display of the power through ethnic divide, before taking to AKHA, it steadily drove pass the civil service of the state. The elders have had their own share, youths and women have a story to tell, that is why some former political office holders in the state are dying gradually without their severance allowances. But it is a good thing that every sphere has tasted his acidic “uncommon” touch and treatment. It is good that what is happening is to the same people who regarded him as tin god. At least they can count their tales of woes and disappointments loudly. Their agonizing pains and experiences is extremely beyond their expectation. But how I wish Hon. Onofiok Luke was the speaker of the House of Assembly. He would have given him a good jolly ride by now.
I like courageous people who are not in any way human in a sheep and human parrot. If Onofiok Luke was the speaker, I am sure he would have used his daring position to streamline Akpabio’s egocentric manners and characters. For what took place in Ika, is dumbfounded for it means we have no organized and responsible men in the corridor of power. Doesn’t the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, have a better place than burial ground he would have summoned them to, if he was so keen to know what happened in the AKHA among them. How can a Governor of a state, took a decision concerning a whole state at an unusual venue, and how can he be trusted that the sword he brought out would be sheathed, is he not the one who opened the door for the division by having meeting with lawmakers from his own descent. The truth is, whether he is taking Hill Top Mansion to Ukana Ikot Ntuen or not, he can’t ever be in power for ever. For soldier come, soldier go, and barrack remains.
What are happened is billion experiences for the Ibibios and the entire state. Florence Lus comb says “there is no end to what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit”. This not so here, by Akpabio Ibom calculation every credit should be given to him, and him alone. Forgetting what Mary Waldrip says “When someone sings his own praises, he always get the turn too high”. But he keeps singing. Dying for an idea doesn’t make as much sense as letting the idea die – Wyndham Lewis. He does not want to let the idea of foisting a successor on the people die, rather he may be ready to die for an idea, why – a paradox of leader and power intoxication. May be Akpabio and co has forgotten these are the same people who resisted such attempt in 2007, that saw him in. As far as he has taught us how to climb, we will know how to descend by ourselves. Akpabio ought to know that war kills the captain and the river kills swimmers and even the cutlass kills the goat. 
There is a brief tutelage to learn from Yoruba stories as told by Bakare Gbadamosi and Ulli Beier titled: “When the man who knows no disaster hears weeping, he thinks it is song”. There once lived a brave hunter who used danger like others use water to wash. He went into the darkest forest where he met snakes and leopards and spirits and monsters: but when death is not yet ready to receive a person, he must think of ways to save him. The hunter survived the most difficult situation and began to think that there was nothing he could not do. When the hunters wife gave birth gave to a child he proudly announced that he would go and bring taro live baby leopards from the bush to be sacrificed at the naming ceremony. Nobody believed that he would be able to do it. But the hunter set out and went through the forest. In the end he found two leopard cubs that were playing in front of their lair. Their mother had gone out to collect some ford so it was easy for the hunter to pack up the baby leopards and drag them into the town.
There was a great surprise everywhere when he reached home, and the people praised him and said: “Whether it is medicine, or whether it is courage, surely God is on his side as well”. But when the mother leopard got home she could not find her children anywhere. In the end she went to consult the rabbit, who was versed in the Ifa Orade. When the leopard heard what had happened she ran to save her children, but as she got near the town she changed herself to a beautiful woman. She went to the hunter’s house and said she was a stranger in a town and could she stay with him to witness the naming ceremony of his child next day? Now the hunter looked at the woman and he did not know whether she could be trusted. He thought within himself: a woman is not a palm kernel, which you can cut open to examine the inside. Yet the woman was so beautiful that he forget his fears and he welcomed her in. in the night, when he went to play with his beautiful guest, she asked him to spare the baby leopards. “I have a ways wanted to won a pair of baby leopards”, she said, “and I want to bring them up like dogs”. But the man said to her: have announced to the whole town that I will sacrifice them tomorrow. Do you expect me to disappoint them all? “A word is like water-once spilled, it cannot be gathered again. Then the woman wept bitterly, but the hunter took it lightly and suspected nothing.
For when the man who knows no disaster hears weeping, he thinks it is song. On the next day he celebrated the naming ceremony of his son and he sacrificed the two little leopards as he said. The beautiful woman said nothing. But during the night, as he was lying with her, she suddenly turned back into a leopard and ripped open his skill. When the townspeople found him dead in the morning they said: “Death is a visitor who will always take us by surprise. All our lives we have been cooking for him and he fails to come and eat. But one day, on which we are not ready for him, he demands his share. Now that we have been weeping bitterly, like the hunter, Akpabio is taking it lightly. He has refused to spare the baby leopards like the hunter. In the long run, spoon-feeding teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon.

‘‘Gary Foxcroft Is A Fraudster, A Leech And A Scavenger…’’ – Barrister Ukutt Spits Fire.

10 Oct

By George Baldwin


Barrister Victor Ukutt

  In this interview, a Lagos based constitutional lawyer, Barrister Victor Ukutt talks to a USA  based journalist,  George Baldwin, about the activities of British national who fronts multiple organizations in the name of charity, whom he describes as ”a fraudster, a  leech and a scavenger”.



George: You have written several articles about Gary Foxcroft, in the past years, how do you know him?
… I know Gary Foxcroft as a man who has never worked in his live time except making a living in a fraudulent way while posing as a charity worker. He has never worked before throughout his lifetime. He came to Nigeria through a student link program of the University of Lancaster and the University of Uyo, for O I L and gas studies in Nigeria. My state, Akwa Ibom is an oil producing state in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. That study took him to some of the oil communities in Akwa Ibom, mainly, Eket, Esit Eket and Ibeno in the South East Nigeria. In the cause of that he was staying in one hotel Called, Royalty Hotel in Eket. He could not have money to pay for the bills and the hotel management asked him to leave the hotel. He was then roaming the streets of Eket. He met one Mr. Sam Ita-Uma who runs a school for the less privileged children because Mr.  Ita-Uma is a local teacher who owns a charity school in the area, basically, meant for orphans and some less privileged children.  For instance, if a conventional school was charging $1 Ita Uma will charge like charge 30cents to 40c or less, Foxcroft now came, grudgingly and say okay, I want to take your school for a business; and make it a witch children school, and by then there were isolated cases of child witchcraft in Nigeria. Coincidentally the British government had budgeted about our £500,000,000 for Congo DR, meant handle the persecution of child witch offenders and to support such children in the country. So Mr. Foxcroft wanted to tap into that fund of the British government. So before he can do that, there must be cases of child witchcraft. So if there is no such thing he will not be able to access the fund. So when he couldn’t do that.He now asked Mr. Ita Uma, to permit him to use the centre to tap into the British fund.


George: Have you met Foxcroft before?

Yes! You see Foxcroft over stayed in Nigeria and he had no money to pay back to the England. He now came to our church the Liberty Gospel Church, where we contributed money for him to pay back to England. He came through KLM flight, He went back to England he went and registers the organization called Stepping Stones Nigeria to enable him carry out his scam and defraud people of their hard-earned money around the world

He did not have money to register their organization, he had to contact one organization called, the Red Rebel in England owned by one film maker, Mags Gavan’s to help him registered organization. That is how he came about the fraudulent organisation to dupe a lot of people across the globe

George: Who is the head of the church?

Ukutt: Apostle/Mrs Helen Ukpabio. Foxcroft is even using her name to make money via the internet. Last time she was planning to travel to the US for a religious program, he took advantage of that to use her and make money in form of online protest which Foxcroft collected almost a million Dollars. Ask him, where he keeps the money after the lady cut short her travel. He takes advantage of every slight opportunity to hoodwink the public.

He even used that to call for a petition to be forwarded to the American Embassy in Nigeria to stop her. He went as far as organising some hit-men to kill Mrs Ukpabio as soon she gets to the USA. He has a group of some British fundamentalists to do the dirty job for him.

George: What of the allegations levelled against her that she killed children or encourage them to be tortured?

Ukutt: They are not true! How can a woman of God do that kind of thing? He came out with such allegation in order to deceive the public in order to defraud them. The state government under Mr Godswill Akpabio even commissioned a panel to investigate the child witchcraft activities but Gary and his accomplices did not show up. The Witchcraft commission came out with a report that they were using the witchcraft issue to collect money by false pretences. Truly Gary Foxcroft did show up in Nigeria. He claimed Nigeria was no longer safe for him to come. The Governor of Akwa Ibom State wrote an undertaking to the British government that they should release him that the government of Nigeria will provide security for him, he re refused. I have a copy of the letter written by the Akwa Ibom government asking him to come for questioning as there was security for him, he refused to show up.

George: What did Commission do as a result of his refusal?

Ukutt: Eventually, the government said ok, since you have refuse to come to Nigeria. The commission had to move to London just to interview him. He showed up for just one day and the commission had to return to Nigeria without completing their assignment. Foxcroft and his ally are running a documentary from one country to another. They been in New York, Colon in Germany, 
The government discovered that Gary Foxcroft is running a scam with his Nigerian accomplices declared him wanted! A man who could not pay his bill is now flying all over the world on business class and no longer economy class which he was used to, sleeping in 5 Star hotels

George: How will you describe Mr Foxcroft?

Ukutt: Gary Foxcroft is a crafty and a fraudulent man that is just looking for an opportunity to feed on. In short, Gary Foxcroft is a fraudster, a leech and a scavenger.

George: Has there been any action against him from you?

Ukutt: Yes! We took him to court, he ran away. We asked him to come and prove the allegation. In fact there were allegations against him that he was trying to bribe the government officials who went to interview him with about Fifteen Million Naira. A government official confirmed to me that the bribery allegations were true; as they even asked him to come and stand trial for that he refused. He ran away. As I speak with, the Nigerian security agents are looking for him. He is a wanted person as we speak with you. His co-accomplice is also wanted by the police. He is hiding in New York. When the truth now became open, ita-uma has now come out to say the money Gacy Foxcroft was collecting from for the children sake, was not being remitted to them. yes said, look, Gary Foxcroft also undercut them. He never remitted the money as they agreed upon in their agreement. That Foxcroft was not faithful in remitting the money. The government wanted to put Ita-ma too on trial. He ran away. He hiding with his sister called Elizabeth in US who is either a doctor or a nurse. 

 George: How is getting the money?

Ukutt: He uses his fraudulent organization called Stepping Stones Nigeria and other multiple organizations like to solicit for fund. 
By the time people start donating hundred pounds, 50 pounds 20 pounds; around the world and money start sending to millions and the money busy smiling to the bank, and he doesn’t mind some people are crying some where’s they cannot come to Nigeria in the water and you.

Ok, why do you say Foxcroft is wanted person?

Foxcroft is a wanted person, for this he cannot come to Nigeria. If he wants to come to Nigeria he will either take the bush track or bribe his way through some winding parts. All he will do so by using   pseudo names or disguise himself with false name and that is the only way he can come to Nigeria.

George: Why is he so interested in Nigeria?

That is a good question! That is the same question many people are asking. He is taking advantage of the situation he saw in Nigeria. There are many cases of witchcraft in UK and other countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria but he cannot go and make his fraudulent money because he knows he will be caught; and they will cut off his hands. Here some criminals like him are hiding him. But I promise you that once he sets foot here, he will be arrested. There are multiple cases against him in court in Nigeria. We took them to court like I said earlier. So he is a wanted person

George: If he comes tonight what will you do?

Ukutt: He will be arrested at the airport, at the point of entry; except is coming you will be under a false name false identity, using false passports. He could be  using a passport with a different name, or trying to take the black market root or coming illegally like people using the Mexico border to enter into US illegally. That’s what I mean by this man entering illegally. If he enters the country, legitimately, he will be arrested at a point of entry. That’s all. I can assure you of this. As I’m talking to you now, the international police is looking for 
Gary Foxcroft; he is hiding; he has changed all his numbers but I have one that I’m going to forward to you.  I got it from one of his friends in Nigeria here.


George: As I’m talking you now, there available record here shows that Foxcroft is coming this week or he is in Nigeria; and Nigeria don’t have many roots…?

Ukutt: (cuts in) I know! We’re waiting for him. The EFCC is waiting for him. I and other groups who had early written a petition to that effect; have I recently sent another petition. Look let me tell you, that man called Gary is a notorious criminal and a practicing fraudster, that’s why he can’t come here and advertise himself anymore. We’ve been monitoring him. If he thinks he is not a criminal or a fraudster, let him come here and run any program; he will be arrested immediately. 

George: What’s EFCC again?
Ukutt: Economic and Financial Crime Commission. It’s a special government commission monitor, arrest and prosecutes fraudsters, Internet scam, and money launderers. It’s a commission that deals with fiscal issue that’s gone wrong!

George: About two years, Foxcroft was in Nigeria, why didn’t you arrest him?

Ukutt: Look, George, let me tell you, that man had been hiding when ever comes to Nigeria this time. No body knew he’s around then because he used pseudo names. So this time round, there’s a case against him on fraud related issue in court as I’m talking to you.
George: Can you give detail?
Ukutt: no no! Not at this time.

Has Ita Uma said anything regarding all this scam deal of Mr. Foxcroft?


Of course! He has made series of press statements about this but since that Gary is always hiding in United Kingdom; I don’t know what action he is taking.  .

What is mindboggling is that despite the fact that the duo were working in unison supposedly for the interest of the so called stigmatised witch children, investigations had revealed that Foxcroft was not only swindling unsuspecting donors world wide but was also undercutting Ita-uma. Ita uma has come out recently to openly confess that Gary Foxcroft was working hard only run away with the money of the witch children. I will forward some of the links to you. It’s published in different newspapers and internet. Ita-uma said that he didn’t know that Gary Foxcroft was a fraudster. He’s regretting now because Foxcroft went away with three millions pounds (£3 m) meant for the witch children.


George: Thank you so much. Nice talking to you.

Ukutt: You are welcome! Call me anytime you need any more information.


Gary Foxcroft of Stepping Stones Nigeria & WHRIN




8 Oct

ImageAt least four persons, including a Police Corporal have been confirmed dead by the Police in Akwa Ibom during a gun dwell with suspected kidnappers on Monday.

Although the Police identity was not known at the time of filling this report, Daily Champion gathered, the Policeman died in a cross-fire with the kidnappers during a combined security operation to free erstwhile Ikot Ekpene council helmsman, Hon. Usen Ekene, who was abducted by the suspected kidnappers three weeks ago.

A source, who claimed anonymity while speaking with our correspondent on the telephone in Uyo said, the council Chairman was later killed by his abductors, when the police attempted to rescue him from their custody.

It was also learnt, the kidnappers allegedly demanded for N50 million ransom to be paid before their victim could be released failure to pay before the rescue operation led to the incidental killing by the hoodlums as they sited the police squad.

Police Public Relations Officer [PPRO] and Deputy Superintendent of Police [DSP], Mr. Etim Dickson of the State Police Command, Ikot Akpan Abia confirmed the incident on the telephone.

He said, though they lost one of their men to the struggle noted that, two of the suspected kidnappers were also killed during the encounter, while a State Security personnel [SSS], and member of the joint task-force sustained serious injury.

According to the PPRO, “Well, not only the man was killed. We also lost one of our police Corporal in the process. It is a big blow; you see these are some of the things we suffer as a result.

“You know this issue of rescuing people at a joint operation. The story is true, our police, one of them died, one of the officers in the SSS who was also in the operation got injury: the two corpses of the kidnappers had been picked.

“The kidnappers had the boldness at firing at the police and the police shot their colleagues down. We were unable to rescue the man. But what I am not sure whether the man died in the process.

“What I am told is that the man is an old man, kidnapped for three weeks, keeping him in that forest, the man might have been exhausted.

“I understand from friends that they were demanding N50m which was too high, when they were calling some of his friends. The man died before they could rush him to the hospital”.

Charity Racket: How a Briton Defrauds Akwa Ibom Government of $2.5M

20 Aug

By George Baldwin


A British charity worker, Mr Gary James Foxcroft has been reportedly plotting  a $2.5m fraud on Akwa Ibom State government in Nigeria with  inside accomplices . A high ranking official working in the Ministry of Education divulged this  to our reporter in a recorded  phone conversation.
“Yes I can confirm to you that a senior government official is colluding with Mr Gary Foxcroft to commit a grand larceny and fraud  with the hope of getting his own cut; and some documentations have been procured to that effect so that it will look genuine. They termed it ‘Grant for training of teachers and children.’ Right now, part of the fund will be committed to their hands in a week from now, the rest will be disbursed after three months,” the official said
Under the aegis of  a not-for-profit organization, Stepping Stones Nigeria (SSN),  Mr. Froxcroft fronts his wife, Mrs Naomi Foxcroft  to the volatile Niger Delta region only with one object: to swindle the Akwa Ibom State government of a whooping $2.5 million US Dollars.
Mrs. Foxcroft who uses her maiden name,  Naomi Chapel under the cover and impression that Stepping Stones Nigeria (SSN) was now under a new leadership after it fell apart with Akwa Ibom state government in 2010; and that Mr. Foxcroft resigned from the organization  since 2011. This gesture will be returned in kind by way launching a wide media praise singing once the money is shared
However, a volunteer with SSN  in Lancaster,  United Kingdom who spoke on account of anonymity revealed that Mr. Foxcroft only stepped aside temporarily to enable him fully develop his two new organizations, Witchcraft and Human Rights Information Network (WHRIN) and Universal Learning Solution (ULS), a borrowed plumes from Jolly Phonics in the UK,  both equally based in Lancaster (with undisclosed addresses); and in order to douse tension that   has greeted SSN over the N15 million bribe scandal that rocked the organization about two years ago.
“No, no, he did not resign from Stepping Stones Nigeria! He only took a sabbatical to relieve himself of the tension and to use that period to develop the two new organizations I just mentioned to you. Check on their website and Facebook pages I gave you,  you’ll see what I’m trying to say,” the volunteer stated.
Checks confirmed that, apart from SSN which Naomi Foxcroft is now posing as the Acting Director, both Witchcraft and Human Right Information Network (WHRIN) and Universal Learning Solution (ULS) are both headed by Mr. Foxcroft.
Checks also reveal that Mr Foxcroft  is also the head of Jolly Phonics Nigeria, one of the four Foxcroft-led  organizations packaged in the said proposals to defraud Akwa Ibom government.
Though Foxcroft refused to respond to the various overtures including phone calls and emails  for  an interview, an SSN official said  that they applied for grant from Akwa Ibom government and they were in the process of getting it.
“Listen, I don’t know what you call scam or where do you get the version of your own story! We’re registered charity and have the right to apply for funding from any organization,” she fumed.
On why Foxcroft is no longer the spokesperson of the organization, she said.
“Whether it’s Gary or not, it’s  under a charities and  he’s still part of SSN if that’s your problem! Emily Secker is the new spokesperson and Naomi Foxcroft is the acting Head” she explained further.
In 2011, the Nigerian arm of the SSN, called  Stepping Stones Nigeria Child Empowerment Foundation (SSNCEF) based in Eket, Akwa Ibom State won a $150,000 rising star award grant from Star Foundation, a UK charity foundation   meant for 2012 year. But in a swift turn of events, Mr. Foxcroft reportedly pocketed $20,000 from the grant on what he called “one-off payment” for his role and effort to secure the grant.
This development did not go down well with Mr. Lucky-Imo Inyang, the founder and then Program Director of SSNCEF in Nigeria who vehemently challenged Foxcroft  for the pocketing of such a staggering  amount of money, which was never included in the proposals during application. Piqued by this affront, Foxcroft mobilized a few hands of the SSNCEF Trustees in Nigeria with financial inducement to compel Mr Inyang’s resignation on a flimsy ground of what he called “incompetence and lack of qualification” to head such organization.
When Inyang refused to resign, Foxcroft was said to have bribed the Nigerian Mobile Police picked on the roadside  to terrorize Inyang. In order to concentrate with his studies, in the University of Uyo and students union government election which he subsequently won as president, Inyang threw in the towel, and a certain Utibe Ikot whose father is a former secretary  of Esit Eket Local Government Council was horridly drafted as Acting Program Director which gave Foxcroft an easy ride and leeway to  pocket his controversial ‘one-off payment’ without question. But Ikot resigned and skidded to Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) when Foxcroft again accused him of what he called ‘massive fraud and gross misconduct’
However,  within  a year of Inyan’s exit, the SSNCEF suffered a setback and was closed down. A check on its office at #2 Clinic Road Extension, Eket shows that the place is now under locked and keyed with morse and rodents the only official inhabitants of the place. Yet the $150,000 grant from Star Foundation which remained unused was not returned to the grantor as charity law demands, as investigation has revealed.
A former SSNCEF staff, who merely gave his name  as Effiong Umoh, told our reporter that Foxcroft who was the intermediary for collection and release of the fund kept 3/4 (which is 75%) of it, pending reports of the first quarter, before the final collapse of SSNCEF
“If he’s not returned the unused fund to the donor, that means he’s lining his pocket as usual  with the children money, that’s too bad… Even the children who’re abandoned at Eket Stadium did not get a dime from it” the ex-SSNCEF staffer decried.
As the day closes by, the Briton by the name Mr Gary James Foxcroft and his co-accomplices in Akwa Ibom government employ, are waiting to smile their way to the bank using the name of charity work. This is no doubt, a grand charity racket!


16 Nov

By Michael Ukanga Ekpo
Samsung launches solar powered computers & laptops, Nissan launches Nissan Leaf (a car that can run for years without fuel – electric car sold for less than (N4 million), Airtel & other telecom companies to launch solar powered base stations worldwide, Nigerian banks and many more Nigerians clinch to solar & power inverters too. From the foregoing, very soon, our oil will be needless & useless. Now is the time we need to quickly fix Nigeria’s big challenges fast & then start shopping for alternative means of livelihood & source of income b4 it’s too late.

We must not continue to tolerate our figureheads & watch this great nation fall flat because ONLY we the masses will suffer it as they have all stolen monies enough to cater for even their generations unborn. We have to take after Egypt & Libya on peaceful demonstration but if they continue waging war against us, we might have to take the bull by the horn & begin to respond violently. Enough is enough. Boko Haram, Fuel Subsidy Removal, No Light, No Roads, ASUU on Strike, No Water, No Health Care, No Education, No freedom of Speech, Bad Governors, Bad Senators, Bad Rep. Members, No Government Airlines, Even Police & Army are used against the poor alone. Innocent boys & girls have turned Kidnappers, Scammers, Fraudsters, Armed Robbers, Prostitute & other alternative means of survival! How long must we continue 2 suffer in abject poverty even when we are naturally blessed by God from origin?

Time to act is now!! Even the kingdom of God suffereth violence & violence taketh it by force. We need to do it at least for our children & grand children. 28th JANUARY 2012 IS THE BIG DAY. Make plans 2 join other Nigerians in Abuja as we storm d FCT to demand our rights. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan & his CLUELESS team have to work or GO! Please support this move by keeping this message circulating till every Nigerian has read/gets it. Signed by all Nigerian youths! Kill that fear & pass this on.

Michael Ukanga Ekpo
Accra, Ghana

The Earth is the Lord…


28 Sep

By Assam Abia

Worried by the non-payment of approved claims and compensation for the septa Energy Gas pipeline route which traverses Ikot Abasi local Government Area through Mkpat Enin, Onna,Eket and Esit Eket Local Government Area, youth of the affected host communities are poised for war with septa Energy Nigeria and the state ministry of lands if the said claims and compensation are not released to the  communities through their various consultants before the end of September, 2011.

The youths under the auspices of youths of affected Host communities in septa gas pipeline project in Eket Senatorial District vent their anger while reacting to a publication in a local tabloid in which one Barr. Ime Ndon of the Ministry of Lands and Town Planning was quoted as saying that the Ministry of Lands and Town Planning had paid the sum of six hundred and Eighty Million naira to the affected host communities in the five Local Government Areas.
Speaking to newsmen, the chairman of the youth group, Obong Oku Edoho described the said publication as false, misleading and an imagination of the said staff of the Ministry.
Obong Edoho recalled that since the Ministry hurriedly convened a meeting to publish the schedule of payment in July, 2011, it had only unilaterally paid what it termed community interest to the communities without taking care of individual claims and compensation.
The group wondered how Nine Hundred and Thirty Thousand Naira paid to each of the seventy one villages cleared by the Ministry could translate to six Hundred and Eighty Million Naira.
They claimed that they have been denied the right to use the large expanse of affected land for farming and other means of livelihood thereby causing them untold hardship, even as the second season planting had commenced.
They also wondered the foot-dragging in the payment of the claimed sum of money even though they are aware of the huge amount of money septa Energy paid to Government as compensation which was in billions naira.
The youth group therefore threatens to do everything humanly possible to make sure they get what rightly belongs to them.
Collaborating, the position of the youth, some traditional rulers who pleaded anonymity described the situation as an abuse of the patience and understanding of the affected host communities.
They lamented the stress and vigorous efforts they had put into restraining the youths, and called on the relevant authorities to act rightly before the matter gets out of hand.

Amakpe Refineries: CEO Describes Akwa Ibom Govt Divestment As Unfortunate

25 Sep

Eket (Akwa Ibom, Nigeria) – The Management of Amakpe International Refineries in Eket, Akwa Ibom, has described the withdrawal of the state government from the project as unfortunate.
Mr. Nsima Ekere, the State Deputy Governor, on September 12, announced the pull out of the state from the proposed 12,000 barrels per day (bpd) refinery project.
Ekere directed the management of the refinery to refund the state’s equity contribution within 21 days, saying it discovered that the promoters lacked the funds to undertake the project.
In his reaction, Chief Usua Amanam, Chairman/CEO of the project, told newsmen that the decision of the government was unfortunate.
Amanam said that the withdrawal of the state came at the time when the refinery had been fabricated and ready for installation, adding that the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) had certified the design and fabrication.
He said that raising capital from financial institutions to finance major projects was legal if the company could meet the lending conditions and stressed that the refinery had the confidence of both Nigerian and U.S. financial institutions.
The chairman said that although a consortium of Nigerian and US banks approved 24. 6 million dollars loans, the refinery drew down only 14.02 million dollars from Sterling Bank and NEXIM Bank in line with the resolutions of the board.
He dismissed allegations that the promoters took loans without the consent of the government, saying that Akwa Ibom Investment Property Company (AKIIPOC) represented the interests of the state government on the board.
“There is absolutely no basis for the decision to divest and ask for a refund of government’s investment within 21 days when we have deployed the finances in addition to the project loans and promoters’ equity to fund fabrication of the first phase of 6,000 barrels per day .
“The U.S lenders required evidence of full application of promoters’ equity contribution of 12.3 million dollars and AKIIPOC ‘s investment in the refinery project as condition precedent to disbursement of approved loan.
“How can anyone say that we lacked the requisite funds; bank loans are indispensable for projects of this magnitude.
“We think that the reasonable thing Akwa Ibom government has to do is to negotiate the divestment with the Amakpe promoters and majority shareholders to allow for other Niger Delta states and foreign investors that have indicated interest in investing in the project,” he said.
He said that a three-man delegation from the state, led by the secretary to the state government, visited the U. S to verify the status of the fabrication in 2010.

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