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Senator Godswill Akpabio’s Local Government under siege as ‘Akwa Marine cult group’ attacks many

10 May

I really sympathized with pensioners - Akwa Ibom Former Governor, Senator Akpabio - thekillerpunch news

Dozens of residents have fled a community in Akwa Ibom after repeated attacks by a suspected cult group, locals and security officials say.

Residents of Midim Atan village in Essien Udim local government area of the state said at least two people have so far been killed and many more injured in attacks by a group known as Akwa Marine.

“Akwa Marine led by Emmanuel Ben has been disturbing our community for many years. The problem is not just the cultists but the people sponsoring them and that is why it has been difficult to clamp them down,” said a local chief, Efene Jeremiah.

The unrest has lasted years, and police have made limited success against the group despite an investigation by a team set up by the former Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase, to probe its activities.

The divisional police officer for Essien Udim, Alhassan Guda, said he was new at the post and could not comment on the activities of the gang.

But the spokesperson for the police’s Criminal Investigation Department, Chike Nwabuwa, told this newspaper that an investigation team had long been set up by Mr. Arase, to monitor and investigate the activities of the gang following several complaints. He declined to disclose the findings of the panel.

The Investigating Police Officer in charge of the case, Abdul Mohammed, did not also disclose the findings when contacted by PREMIUM TIMES.

Many residents say the group has been emboldened by police inaction.

The Office of the Attorney General of the Federation, which also received multiple petitions on the matter, also said police had not responded to its request for details of the attacks.

The civil rights department of the ministry told PREMIUM TIMES that the ministry had written to the Police IG’s office regarding the case, but had received no response for months.


Security officials and locals, many of whom had fled the community, blame the lack of aggressive police response on links between the group and powerful politicians from the area.

They say the group was set up ahead of the 2011 elections to go after perceived opponents of top politicians from the area, including former Governor Godswill Akpabio, whom they accuse of providing support for the group.

Mr. Akpabio denies the allegation. His spokesperson, Anietie Ekong, told PREMIUM TIMES the former governor, who is now the Senate minority leader, would not sponsor a criminal gang.

“It is pure political mischief to link the distinguished Senator to a criminal gang,” Mr. Ekong said.

He said several petitions sent by community members to different law enforcement agencies, linking Mr. Akpabio to the group, were “politically motivated”.

Senator Akpabio Local Government under siege as ‘Akwa Marine cult group’ attacks many - THEKILLERPUNCH NEWS
Members of Midim Atan community in Akwa Ibom, who recently travelled to Abuja to protest against incessant attacks by a group called Akwa Marine. [Photo Credit: Ebuka Onyeji]

“Any criminal who has been apprehended by the security agencies should be made to face the consequences of his action,” Mr. Ekong said, referring to the recent arrest of Mr. Ben.

Attacks and killings

Ahead of the elections in 2011 and 2015, attacks by the group largely targeted those perceived to support political parties other than the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, the state’s governing party, several security officials and witnesses told PREMIUM TIMES.

Victor Udom, a community member, told this newspaper how he and another resident of the community, Samuel Ikpa, fled the community after being attacked in 2015 on suspicion they supported the main opposition, All Progressives Congress, APC.

“On that fateful morning, we were suddenly surrounded by members of the gang led by Emmanuel Ben. Before we could say jack, kicks, hits and blows rained on us,” Mr. Udom, a former ExxonMobil staff said. “If not for some community members who saw what was happening and alerted the police on surveillance team on ground for the election, we would have been dead.”

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In recent months, the attacks have been more random, with gang members going after non-members suspected of supporting efforts to clamp down on the group.

Mr. Udom’s cousin, Udo Udom, was killed and set alight alongside another community member, Ekpenyong Uwa, in September 2016, by the group, this paper confirmed. The group accused them of theft, an allegation their families strongly denies.

After evading capture for years, Mr. Ben was finally arrested in February by the police, with the support of the State Security Service, SSS, and locals.

Mr. Ben was transferred to Abuja where he is currently being held at the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, office on allegations of terrorism and murder.

But some community members say the police, under pressure from politicians, are making efforts to send him back to Akwa Ibom on claims his offences are not federal crimes. Police did not respond to that claim.

Seeking justice

In recent weeks, attacks have escalated in the small community largely in response to Mr. Ben’s arrest.

A fortnight ago, members of the gang attacked the local market, called Urua Nsong Eto, and vandalised shops, sending traders scampering for safety. They also torched homes of those suspected to be in support of Mr. Ben’s arrest.

Senator Akpabio Local Government under siege as ‘Akwa Marine cult group’ attacks many - THEKILLERPUNCH NEWS
Members of Midim Atan community in Akwa Ibom, who recently travelled to Abuja to protest against incessant attacks by a group called Akwa Marine. [Photo Credit: Ebuka Onyeji]

In a bid to get government’s attention on the activities of the gang, fleeing community members mobilised and travelled to Abuja for a protest march on April 27, but were denied permission by the commissioner of police, FCT command, Musa Kimo.Mr. Udom said police advised them to take the protest to Akwa Ibom. The community leaders later marched to Louis Edet House, the Force Headquarters in Abuja, where they narrated their personal experiences at the hands of the group’s leader, Mr. Ben.

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Amongst several crimes, Mr. Ben is accused of ordering the killing of the two men murdered in Midim Atan: Udo Udom and Ekpenyong Uwa.

Mr. Udom’s mother, Nse John, was one of the over a dozen community members who managed to travel to Abuja in April to seek justice.

She told PREMIUM TIMES her son was killed by the gang led by Mr. Ben on September 28, 2016.

“They came and took my child from the house at 7 pm. When they left with my child, I was not feeling well, I put on my clothes and walked gently. Before I could get there, they had killed him and cut him into pieces,” Mrs. John narrated amidst tears.

The community chief, Mr. Jeremiah, who corroborated the story, told PREMIUM TIMES the attacks have continued because of the support the group receives from powerful individuals.

“We have gone to many security agencies, when we call them, they will say the situation is a very bad one but nothing will be done,” he said.


By Ebuka Onyeji, PREMIUM TIMES


Assassination of Albert Ukpanah, A Pyrrhic Victory.

23 Mar
By Clayton Udoh.
Victory attained by violence, is equal in value to defeat
because it is momentary –Mahatma Ghandi.
I say this with great danger to me and my family. We cannot live in fear of what men can do. We all must die one day and that includes the Assassin. We must insist on what is right as a record for posterity.Abak’s demise is just deplorable and it enforces a really
bad proverb about “Abak Ntukeyen Ntukeyen” (Abak has no true elders)!
Between the 1870’s to the early 1920’s we have recorded history

of Abak being a very tough place to subdue. Abak was a very tough place to oppress.

The British Colonial Masters encountered very strong resistance from this region,

This is recorded by the Colonial Masters and in their mind it was intense and maybe

unified with the Arochukwu Confederacy resistance.
Now fast forward and we have an Abak in which a senate slot
seat will be taken away from them and given to a sector that would never allow
vice versa in a million years.
Let’s be real, nobody in Abak would ever be able to “seize”
a senate slot seat from the Ikot Ekpene –
Essien Udim-Obot Akara axis in a million years.

That’s bad enough as it is but killing people to add to the
stupendous situation is just downright nauseating.
Abak 5 should not end up becoming the toilet seat of
Annangland ! Abak should not become the place in which you can take the senatoe’s
seat and then kill as much people as you
like and then leave smiling and laughing at Abak. The so called “elders” have a

very serious problem in their hands. They are in danger of coming out of this

election cycle as the laughing stock of the land. The new proverb will be,”

Ours is better than Abak that lost its Senate seat and had all their elders


The assassination of Chief Albert Ukpanah is just the tip

of the iceberg. The system has been designed that assassins cannot be caught

and the command chain cannot be traced. In the same way anybody can be executed

and since the chain of command cannot be traced anybody can call for an assassination

on behalf of political advantage. There is no amount of “Chiefdom” that can

save anybody from assassination nowadays because their master has no respect

for the integrity and dignity of others. The more shocking the assassination, the

more effective in instilling fear in the populace which is the petrol for fueling

mass sycophancy.
Question for the elders: What prevents the other side from assassinating

you guys for just demanding the sellout money? It is better you guys took a

stand because receiving money or refusing to do so will not save you from assassination.

Actually the assassination of all of you may end up being the cheaper option.

People have always seen me as a traitor of the Annangs because

I am not a blind supporter of Godswill Akpabio. I have taken my stand because I

know that government has a limit to its own tribal affinities (especially this

government). If I was in the way of

anybody’s ambition would it matter if was an Annang man? I would be as good as
However I wonder who advises Godswill Akpabio? You have so
many people in Ibibioland rooting for your failure. Never in my life have I
seen one person with so many enemies. So where do you go when you start executing
your own Annang people? Is your consolation that they are not from the Ikot
Ekpene-Essien Udim-Obot Akara axis?
Sycophants may applaud but in the world of sane men it
raises eyebrows, if so many people have to die for you to become Governor or a member
of the House of Reps, then so many people have to die for you to become Senator
and then so many will have to die before you become the Vice President and so
on and so forth. In the end, my question would be,” Does blood taste that good?”
Who is advising Godswill Akpabio and his political allies?
Here in the USA nobody dies in the election cycle. It is
you who claims Chief Security Officer of the state as the Governor. Can you
ever back up your claim of Chief Security Officer by having an election in
which nobody dies?
If the so called elders of Abak cannot protect the integrity
of the land and decide to be sellouts for the sake of money to buy Garri to
eat, the damage that will be done will last for ages to come.
What gives me the bravery to talk about the situation at
hand is the fact that nobody is safe in the present dispensation. It does not
matter, how old you are or who you are.

IBOM STATE. Your education is a shame if your right to live has been taken away
from you and you cower in fear.
No matter the excuses you have, fear is a choice! Acceptance
of the Status Quo imposed on the people is your choice.

Clayton “Bane” Udoh, Mesa,AZ

Killing Accusations Trail Akpabio’s Town Hall Meeting In Abak.

21 Mar

Eyen Isong, PHC, Nig.

In continuation of his Town Hall meeting project, Gov Akpabio and his team were at Abak Federal Constituency yesterday 20th March, 2014.

Governor Akpabio.

Governor Akpabio.

True to the unpredictable nature of the Town Hall meetngs since it kicked off, the people of Abak Federal Constituency probably got what they never bargained for as the Paramount Ruler of the area Edidem Christopher Ukpe caused tension and drama during his speech.

After heaping accolades on Akpabio for his “uncommon transformation”, the monarch started hitting targets that took everybody by surprise.

On a live television program beamed to the outside world, Edidem Ukpe complained of being bed-ridden for some time now, as a result of charms that have affected both of his legs, causing them to discharge liquid susbstance uncontrollably. He then appealed to the governor to asssist him get proper medical attention as all his efforts so far have yielded no significant improvement on the legs.

Just when everyone thought he had landed, he turned to declare: “this illness or charm was placed on me by the Clan Head of Abak (ObongFriday Uko), seated here right behind me. He had earlier killed the former Paramount Ruler of Abak through the same type of charm and now he is after me”.

Silence and tension enveloped the entire atmosphere of the meeting. He was not done yet. He continued: “I challenge him to come out and deny that he is responsible. If he does, the Annang nation would make him swear to an oath. If he accepts to take the oath, I will on that day resign from the stool of the Paramount Rulership. I challenge him to deny the accusation.” He went on and on, refusing to stop even when Akpabio had stood up to respond and perhaps calm tension.

Finally, Akpabio took the microphone and attempted to exonerate the Clan Head of Abak from the accusations. This only infuriated the Paramount Ruler the more as he continued to scream that he was sure of his facts and that the Clan Head of Abak should accept his challenge of swearing to an oath.

At this juncture, Akpabio turned to the thoroughly embarrssed Clan Head of Abak, asking him to respond to the allegations so levelled against him. Of course he denied being responsible, claiming that he is an Elder in Mount Zion church and cannot therefore indulge in fetish practices. He however promised to consult with his subjects back home after which he would respond appropriately.

Gov Akpabio then directed his Commisioners for Health and that of Local Government & Chieftaincy Affairs to process the Paramount Ruler’s papers for him to be flown to India for proper medical treatment.

But even after this, the monarch was not completely done yet. Next he tackled Abak Local Government Chairman whom he accused of not paying his monthly allowance. He complained he has only been paid three times since coming into office of the current Chairman. Governor Akpabio consequently invited the Chairman to respond on the allegation. Ruffled and completely taken off balance, all he could only stammer was: “Your Excellency & his wife, we have been paying but not very regularly; we have paid more than three times. The vouchers are there sir.”

Tension was to return again when former DIG Ekpoudom took to the floor. After praising Akpabio to high heavens, he said: “Your Excellency, I have an advice for you and it would be nice if you you can do something about it. Some of your aides are causing a lot of problems and creating bad image for you. Some of them openly boast to the people that what God cannot do and money cannot do, Gun can do. I am a security officer and I know what I am talking about. So please call them to order.”

Silence and tension again permeated the entire venue as everybody waited to hear what Akpabio would say. Trust him to dramatize serious issues. Akpabio simply dismissed Ekpoudom’s advice as blackmail. He proceeded to call out some of his Commissioners present. “Commissioner for Health, please stand up; Commissioner for Works, please stand up and Special Assistant to the Governor on Technical Matters, please stand up. They all did. Akpabio then asked the audience: “these are some of my aides, do they look like people who can shoot guns?”

And the crowd yelled…. You know the answer.

The drama continues.

Eyenisong PHC, Nig.

Re-Akpabio’s N25m bribe fails to convince Abak 5

2 Dec
Chief Godswill Akpabio

Chief Godswill Akpabio

“While the people saw the N500,000.00 bribe as a mockery and attempt to twist their conscience, according to our source, they nevertheless said they would still have collected whatever millions he offered since it is not his personal funds after all…”- insight weekly

Honestly,  I really don’t think Akoabio meant business when he tries to parade the  banker, Udom Emmanuel as his coming Mesiah, to take over from him as governor of Akwa Ibom State.

Akpabio might be looking for a subtle way to land or best to deceive Udom to believe that he actually wanted him as governor. This perhaps is just to ensure that Udom Emmanuel never opens up regarding Akpabio’s mega and multi loots.
Udom, for one, is not a politician; Akpabio will not stand any chance of getting any visible supporters anymore as he’s going to be out of office! His political brinkmanship is waning off. He will no loner have the uniform and straight cloth thugs, assassins, and snipers around him anymore.. So what aparatus will he use to fortify himsel for the all-coming fight that will not only submerge him but expose his past criminal records.
Those who know Udom should tell him that Akpabio is a gambler, a pathological liar and a serpent that can never be trusted.
Udom should know that if Akpabio meant well and remains sincere about his love for Eket Senatorial District, he could have supported one of those who’d worked with for longer period  and supported him all this while. Rather, he’s tactically and strategically booted them out or forced them to some sorts of oblivion. Are the following not from ESD: Assam Assam, Ekpenyong Ntekim, Udoma, Bishop Akpan, Mrs Esuene, Dan Abia…you name them?
People are sick and tired of Akpabio’s continued burgeoning interest in governorship position after he’d left. Why is he spending mouthwatery sum to bribe people just to give a nod to his desired or  anointed would-be successor? History has not thought Ahkpabio any lesson; otherwise he could have learned that the beloved ‘Sense of Geography’ Governor Attah, tried this, but the people of Akwa Ibom resisted; and it didn’t work out for Attah. Those who know Akpabio well should advise him to concentrate on his greedy and egocentric senatorial ambition; as that too  might not be in his favour! I’ve have a strong belief in the adage that “no one carries load with both hands while climbing a tree.” Definitely he will not make it with loads in both hands.
I think the good people of Akwa Ibom state should now be weary of Governor Akpabio’s double standard and deliberate deceit scorecard.
 80% of the people of Akwa Ibom state have no food to eat and are wailing loudly about starvation and diseases. Death rate continues to plummet in geometry, even as death announcement takes over airwaves of AKBC Radio and TV while a few beneficiaries of the unpopular administration continue to duplicate an outdated cliché: “Akwa Ibom Ado Ok” in the media. But if you ask them privately if Akwa Ibom state is really okay, they tell you that it’s just a promotion of the name of our state and governor Akpabio. Can such promotion bring about any good thing to the state?
Ailing industries continued to be inhabited by rodents, reptiles and other wild animals in the state. Recently, Akpabio took billions of the people’s money to buy 50 bullet-proof cars for the distribution of his family members while hunger and disease continues to send the people of the Akwa Ibom to their early graves. When shall you differentiate between a devil’s incarnate and man with a large of heart? What is happening to Peacock Paint?
Sorry I forgot to ask you about Qua River Hotel and Qua Steal Limited in Eket. These are part of the industries and busses that glow smiles in the face of our dear dear state. The much touted Ibom Power Plant has gone to sleep. This, Akpabio’s stooges can never mention  again but are now reverting to an unfunctioning Pipe Jacking Drainage system in Uyo which recently created an unprecedented flood, submerging houses beyond the roofs with destruction of property worth billions of Naira about two weeks ago.
Yes, Ibom Power Plant is no longer a singsong. It’s forgotten issue. Last month I was at home, I never had electricity for 14 days that I slept for a project in the village I embarked upon. I’d to move to a hotel. But when I hear some foolhardy individuals telling me that there’s “uncommon transformation” in Akwa Ibom State,  I could not blame them because they all enjoy and are used to  uncommon poverty, uncommon diseases, uncommon prostitution, uncommon flood, uncommon hunger, uncommon school dropouts, uncommon child trafficking, uncommon child ‘witches’, uncommon child kidnapping, uncommon ritual killings, uncommon failed education policies, uncommon criminal activities, uncommon unemployment, uncommon political thuggery, uncommon lies of Akpabio!
Essien Ubong
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