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How Saraki Got to Control Buhari’s Kinsman, Lawal Daura #illuminatipolitics

8 Aug

-Gimba Kakanda

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I know a lot of you don’t know the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, beyond the media. He seems like a normal person, but if you’ve watched him closely, you would’ve noticed that he closes one eye too often. Why? Saraki is an Illuminati agent, and only a few people knew about this.
Those of us who knew Saraki’s Illuminati background are hardly shocked by how he outsmarted every politician from his father to President Buhari. Of course, it’s not ordinary. You don’t need any proof. You only need to study how he has maneuvered his ways to power over the years and managed to resist any gang-up.
After the 2015 elections, the CPC and ACN blocs of APC invited Saraki to a meeting. “We don’t want you as Senate President,” they said. Saraki paused as though to reflect, stood up gently, and chanted, “Novus Ordo Seclorum.” They froze. “What did you say?” Saraki asked.
“N-nothing, nothing,” they stammered. He nodded and smiled.
These CPC and ACN errand boys who met Saraki became his supporters from that night. Everyone in APC was shocked. Our journalists who had interviewed those men in the past couldn’t connect the dots. It didn’t make sense to them, that sudden support from his erstwhile political foes.
What Saraki did from that point was the move of an Illuminati master. He visited his senator friends one after the other to appeal to them to support him. All the ones he got to look at with one eye closed while chanting “Novus Ordo Seclorum,” ended up supporting him.
Saraki was always smooth. Once he identified a threat, he cast his Illuminati spell to neutralize it. It’s how he got his fellow senators to be submissive. However many of his colleagues know about his spiritual powers, and so they avoid his gaze. Guess who told them. Tinubu!
Tinubu too is an Illuminati agent, that’s why the war was tough for Saraki. Tinubu was always quick to reveal Saraki’s secret. It’s the reason Fashola and others didn’t look Saraki straight in the eyes when they were being screened as Ministers. They knew about his powers.
Why do you think Hamid Ali was avoiding the Senate? Why do you think the Inspector-General of Police was also afraid? Because they got scared when Tinubu told them about it. That’s also how Danladi Umar of CCT trial was neutralized. He was forming gangster until Saraki got him.
Supreme Court justices were the easiest for Saraki. He invited them for tea, one after the other, a day to the judgement in his asset declaration trial. He got to look into their eyes and took possession of their mind. The next day, they unanimously acquitted him of wrong-doing.
Now you also understand why Saraki often stared at Buhari, especially when they’re seated in the same row, either at an event or in the mosque. If he could get to our IGP and make him stutter “transmission of transmission” repeatedly before the camera, imagine what would’ve happened if the IG had met him face to face.
Since you yet make sense of how Saraki got Buhari’s kinsman, Lawal Daura, to do his bidding, this is how it happened. Unlike the Customs and Police bosses, the DSS boss was naive. He looked into Saraki’s eyes and lost control of himself. And the rest, as they say, is history.
If you believed this before you got here, I’ll advise you to first quietly mail your certificates back to the schools that offered them to you. You obviously don’t deserve them. Shebi you see that we all can write nonsense! 🙄

Akpbio angles Victor Antai for Governor, Jettisons, Ekere, Udoeghe.

8 Aug

…Unoama Akpabio for Deputy Governor

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Senator Godswill Akpabio is strongly rooting for Hon. Victor Antia, the just relieved Commissioner for Culture and Tourism to become the APC gubernatorial candidate and subsequently the governor of Akwa Ibom State. A close source to Akpabio told Mega Times that Akpabio has vowed to oppose the NDDC Director, Mr. Nsima Ekere and Chief John James Akpanudoeghe.
“I can confirm that Chief Akpabio is strongly eyeing Honourable Victor Antai with the condition that his wife, Ekaete Unoma Akpabio is made the Deputy Governor, a position he wanted Governor Udom Emmanuel to accent to curry his support but Udom turned down.” the source said.


6 Aug
-Grace Akpan
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In the light of the rumour making the rounds on the defection of former Governor and Senate Minority Leader, Senator Godswill Akpabio from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to the All Progressives Congress, APC, Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly members, today 6th August 2018, paid a solidarity visit to the state Governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel at Government House, Uyo to reaffirmed their unalloyed support to his administration and his second term bid come 2019.
The members of Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly were led by the Speaker Hon Barr Onofiok Luke on the visit.
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6 Aug

By Amah Jones

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Goodwill Akpabio is doing what’s best for him personally. Yes, it’s all about his personal interest, that’s all. It has been said that he EMBEZZLED in excess of $2 BILLION from Akwa Ibom; and, with the DARK CLOUD of EEFC prosecution hanging around his THIEVING NECK, he has succumbed to Janjaweed Jihadist Buhari’s “TRUMP CARD”—a well-calculated political BLACKMAIL scheme.

You see, Jihadist Buhari has always had the CORRUPTION thing on AKPABIO. When he talked about having the government of Dubai seizing more $800 Million in stolen funds hidden away there by a former Nigerian governor, he was basically referring to Godswill Akpabio. Now, It’s quite conceivable that Akpabio will give up a good chunk of his LOOT to the A PC in exchange for freedom from EEFC prosecution for agreeing to decamp from PDP.

If Jihadist Buhari approves that arrangement, like he’s already expected to do, that’ll amount to nothing but a RE-LOOTONG OF STOLEN WEALTH—-MONEY THAT REALLY BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE OF AKWA IBOM STATE.

In fact, Janjaweed Buhari threatened to expose Akpabio earlier on in his presidency but cleverly chose to wait until this moment—-a time when he, Jihadist Buhari, fearing a real REJECTION by NIGERIANS, chose to rein in AKPABIO in a desperate move to cling on to power.

It was the MAJORITY IBIBIO who gave power to AKPABIO in Akwa Ibom, but he so rudely BETRAYED the IBIBIO after becoming governor. He supervised the MURDER of more than 300 IBIBIO CITIZENS.

That, we shall never forget. Not today, not in 100 years. Somebody must be held accountable at some point.

Bottom line, Gov. Udom Emmanuel DOES NOT NEED AKPABIO, period !!!


2 Aug


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Attah received meager N800m monthly allocations and was able to performed the following :

(1)increased workers salaries 3 times in 8yrs.

(2) revamped the moribund champion breweries and privatizated it for the state interest

(3) Constructed a 4 land dual carriage -Edet Akpan avenue,
Atiku Abubakar way,
Nsikak Eduok avenue,
Dualized Udo Udoma avenue,
Dualized Oron road to Airport,
Dualized Nwainba road down to Le Meridian
Dualized Abak road to Ekom Iman junction and constructed a state of the act bridge in Ibakwa,
Rehabited/tarred internal roads and streets in the state capital and other environs

(4) Constructed brand new 4 General hospitals which include that of Abak, INI, Okobo LGA and Orukanam

(5) constructed a low cost housing unit in all the Federal constituencies of Akwa Ibom State

(6) initiated/built Airport, seaport, Science park, State University, Ibaka industrial free trade zone, Ibom Plaza, 4 new world class standard motor parks in Mbiabong, Itam, Ikot Akpe and Nung Oku.

(7) Rehabilitated the Idongesit Nkanga Secretariat to a world class working environment, Rehabilitated all the primary and secondary schools across the state.

(8) Constructed water-board drilling & processing facilities in all the LGAs.

(9) Initiated Rice farms in ONNA, INI and IKONO in corroborating with world bank but unfortunately its now abandoned by succeeding governments .

(10) fought and Achieved a 13% oil derivation benefits for all the 9 states that made up the Niger Delta through the abrogation of onshore/offshore dichotomy.

11) Empowered local contractors/ construction companies, urging them to aspire to become multi Nationals .

12. Built and equipped Akpan Andem Market in Uyo to reduce traffic congestion along Ibom plaza .

13. Built Shelter Afrique Estate and security villages in all the 31 local government areas in the state

14. Built Industrial layout in mbak itam were we have the timber market and other, opened ring roads.

15. trained indigines graduates abroad (some) are now lecturers at AK University.

16. Built Banking layout, established peacpark and Brought Nigeria stock exchange to uyo, akwa savings and loans

17. Built the independent power plant at Ikot Abasi .

18 constructed Internal roads in Nsit Atai,and the Nung Udoe Ikot Oku ubo Eket Road
Indeed, Arc, (Obong). Victor Bassey Udo Adiaha Attah, is a living legend worthy of emulation.

You can add other achievements

BREAKING: Buhari to visit London on a 10-day #MedicalCheckup Visit.

1 Aug
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President Muhammadu Buhari will begin another round of medical check vacation from Friday.
The Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina, disclosed this in a statement made available to journalists on Wednesday.
Adesina said Buhari would be away for 10 working days.
He said Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo would stand as the acting President during the period.
The statement read, “President Muhammadu Buhari begins a 10 working-day holiday from August 3, 2018.
“In compliance with Section 145 (1) of the 1999 Constitution, a letter has been transmitted to the President of the Senate, and the Speaker, House of Representatives, to that effect.
“While the President is on vacation, the Vice President will be in an acting capacity as President.
“President Buhari will be in London for the holiday.”
An Aso Rock eye-witness said President Buhari fell twice this week while walking to a conference room for executive briefings and was rushed to the Villa clinic. And Buhari was visibly sick.
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