28 May

By Thompson Essien.

Akwa Ibom House of Assemly: Faces of Shame

Immediately after the House passed the Pension Bill into law, Sam Ikon—the Speaker of the House—was asked why he supported such a Bill. This is what he said: “The amended law for pensions and other benefits to elected former Governors and Deputy Governors of Akwa Ibom State is not intended for Governor Godswill Akpabio, but to save the wealth of the State.

Forwarded here are the faces of the men and women who, in all their infinite wisdom, want Akwa Ibom people to believe that helping Akpabio to extort them is to save their wealth. What an insult!
These are the faces of those who have helped Akpabio to steal from the people. These are the faces that have helped Akpabio to drag Akwa Ibom State into a N300 billion debt. It has been speculated that Akpabio bribed members of the House up to N5 billion to pass the Pension Bill into law. If the allegation is true, these are the faces of those who received the bribe money from Akpabio.
These are the faces of evil. These are the faces with no conscience. While the salaries and wages of Akwa Ibom workers have not been paid since God-knows-when, while the youths, who had graduated from universities since ten years ago, are roaming the streets and villages and are still being supported by their loved ones as a result of high unemployment in the State, the faces shown here are colluding with Akpabio to reap-off the peoples’ resources in the name of governance.
Indeed, these are truly the faces of shame. There are 26 of them—men and women. Look at their faces. These are the faces of those who have banded together to punch the people of Akwa Ibom State on both sides of the jaws. Shame on all of them!
Say no to imposition, Akpabio must be probed.
Ikpafak Thompson Essien
Portland, Oregon




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