Killing Accusations Trail Akpabio’s Town Hall Meeting In Abak.

21 Mar

Eyen Isong, PHC, Nig.

In continuation of his Town Hall meeting project, Gov Akpabio and his team were at Abak Federal Constituency yesterday 20th March, 2014.

Governor Akpabio.

Governor Akpabio.

True to the unpredictable nature of the Town Hall meetngs since it kicked off, the people of Abak Federal Constituency probably got what they never bargained for as the Paramount Ruler of the area Edidem Christopher Ukpe caused tension and drama during his speech.

After heaping accolades on Akpabio for his “uncommon transformation”, the monarch started hitting targets that took everybody by surprise.

On a live television program beamed to the outside world, Edidem Ukpe complained of being bed-ridden for some time now, as a result of charms that have affected both of his legs, causing them to discharge liquid susbstance uncontrollably. He then appealed to the governor to asssist him get proper medical attention as all his efforts so far have yielded no significant improvement on the legs.

Just when everyone thought he had landed, he turned to declare: “this illness or charm was placed on me by the Clan Head of Abak (ObongFriday Uko), seated here right behind me. He had earlier killed the former Paramount Ruler of Abak through the same type of charm and now he is after me”.

Silence and tension enveloped the entire atmosphere of the meeting. He was not done yet. He continued: “I challenge him to come out and deny that he is responsible. If he does, the Annang nation would make him swear to an oath. If he accepts to take the oath, I will on that day resign from the stool of the Paramount Rulership. I challenge him to deny the accusation.” He went on and on, refusing to stop even when Akpabio had stood up to respond and perhaps calm tension.

Finally, Akpabio took the microphone and attempted to exonerate the Clan Head of Abak from the accusations. This only infuriated the Paramount Ruler the more as he continued to scream that he was sure of his facts and that the Clan Head of Abak should accept his challenge of swearing to an oath.

At this juncture, Akpabio turned to the thoroughly embarrssed Clan Head of Abak, asking him to respond to the allegations so levelled against him. Of course he denied being responsible, claiming that he is an Elder in Mount Zion church and cannot therefore indulge in fetish practices. He however promised to consult with his subjects back home after which he would respond appropriately.

Gov Akpabio then directed his Commisioners for Health and that of Local Government & Chieftaincy Affairs to process the Paramount Ruler’s papers for him to be flown to India for proper medical treatment.

But even after this, the monarch was not completely done yet. Next he tackled Abak Local Government Chairman whom he accused of not paying his monthly allowance. He complained he has only been paid three times since coming into office of the current Chairman. Governor Akpabio consequently invited the Chairman to respond on the allegation. Ruffled and completely taken off balance, all he could only stammer was: “Your Excellency & his wife, we have been paying but not very regularly; we have paid more than three times. The vouchers are there sir.”

Tension was to return again when former DIG Ekpoudom took to the floor. After praising Akpabio to high heavens, he said: “Your Excellency, I have an advice for you and it would be nice if you you can do something about it. Some of your aides are causing a lot of problems and creating bad image for you. Some of them openly boast to the people that what God cannot do and money cannot do, Gun can do. I am a security officer and I know what I am talking about. So please call them to order.”

Silence and tension again permeated the entire venue as everybody waited to hear what Akpabio would say. Trust him to dramatize serious issues. Akpabio simply dismissed Ekpoudom’s advice as blackmail. He proceeded to call out some of his Commissioners present. “Commissioner for Health, please stand up; Commissioner for Works, please stand up and Special Assistant to the Governor on Technical Matters, please stand up. They all did. Akpabio then asked the audience: “these are some of my aides, do they look like people who can shoot guns?”

And the crowd yelled…. You know the answer.

The drama continues.

Eyenisong PHC, Nig.

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