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This is a serious concern to Akwaibomites both at  home and aboard, and we must chase these crooks to the gate of hell if need be. It is sad to see how a Gov. Akpabio will breed criminals such as Clement Ikpatt (P/A to Gov. Akpabio), Uduak Ukpe ( P/A to Gov. Akpabio) Ata Ikiddeh, (a fake UK lawyer)  and Hon. Aniekan Umana (AKS. Commissioner of Information) under a fake organisation known as Akwa Ibom Diaspora Network (AIDN) to invade the State Treasury and also invade the pocket of private citizens from afar country with the THEME: Uncommon Transformation, for no just cause, but scam.  LVIT  discovered that there are many victims to the scam scheme organised by Gov. Akpabio boys, many of the victims decided to remain silent to avoid their family member being KIDNAPPED back home in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

     The lamentation below is from Mary Umoh, please read on and be the judge. For how long shall we allow this VIRUS to infect us.



On Jan 20, 2014, at 2:38 PM, mary umoh < <> > wrote:

My Dear GS  Colleagues

A very happy new year to you all.
I believe you all had a lovely Christmas break and for those who have returned from Nigeria, I hope you have settled back into various your daily routines.

I will get straight to the purpose of this email – the long outstanding and over due money Christie and I have been owed for almost 8 months now.
I choose to believe I do not need to state how disappointed, anxious, worried, upset and desperate I have become. It is difficult to believe that I have so far had to make payments on my own for 8 months to maintain my credit rating – all on my own. No help offered what so ever by anybody.
Please I hope you all recall the conditions under which I finally succumbed and agreed to use my card to secure the hotel reservation -I was called several times, received numerous texts and email messages and while it is correct to say no-one put a gun to my head, I only paid this at the last minute so we do not loose the booking. I did this for the collective good of AIDN and AKS. I did this not because I was going to personally gain anything, I did this with no extra cost implications to anyone, this money was to be paid even before the credit card statement for that month would have arrived. It was to be paid back within two weeks, however, 8 months and still counting, I am left alone to deal with the hardship caused by my stupidity to have allowed myself be cajoled and deceived into making this payment.


It is now only Mary’s problem, I have been chasing around for this money, no-one has bothered about the adverse effect this may have on my credit rating. Sad that I should loose my good credit record for AIDN and AKS.

I have repeatedly begged Christie who is copied into this email to bear a little longer  with the GS as I stupidly believed the refund was being processed and I was certain we would be paid before the end of 2013, particularly as there was a planned Diaspora visit to HE at the end of the year. That meeting has since come and gone, Christie and I are still having to manage these finances on our own. As we are now approaching the end of the first month of 2014 and there is still no news in sight, I am now genuinely worried that this is a terrible and undeserved cross both of us have been left to carry.

I am please appealing first to this forum, please in the spirit of brotherhood / sisterhood, please forgive all my past stupidity and please join hands with me to get this credit card payments sorted.
Please remember AIDN did not ask either Christie or I for any loan and we did not give loans either. If these were loans, we would have added some charges, we gave out of the goodness of our hearts, we did this for the good of AIDN, we did this to save the embarrassing situation AIDN found herself, we were the stupid ones. The more intelligent colleagues refused to offer their cards to be used.
As we feel abandoned and desperate, I hope any further actions we may choose to take will be received with empathy, rather than anyone accusing us of bringing the organisation into disrepute.
God Bless as you all share our burden with us.

By Mary Umoh

LVIT ~ commissioned by:

uwem sam

Liberty Voice

los angeles


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