Re – Go to Akwa Ibom, weep for Abia State!

21 Feb


“Ebere Wagbara is just a puppet playing the paid tune of the puppeteer, Aniekan Umanah and his government. He is a shameless writer who does not understand that the four years budget of Abia is just one year budget of Akpabio. For him to describe Obong Attah as the worst governor begs for further explanation. What objective criteria did he use to arrive at his assertion. And he thinks himself a great writer. Shame on him. Akpabio will pay him all he can, but he should not patronize us.” -Udeme Usen, Uyo
“This is a befitting reply to such idiots who now believe using pseudo names in the social media to black mail decent people in Akwa Ibom, is fast becoming their stock in trade. 

We are aware that these men, who are now megaphones of public falsehood survives only by such means and will die by it except they repent…” – Den Udo, Uyo.

 Akwa Ibom State Map

The best place to practice yellow journalism, is Akwa Ibom State. It is a place where all kinds frauds go to make uncanny sort of sycophancy and return with Ghana-must-go sacks or brown envelop with Swiss checks since 2007.

There is a lot of competition out there as hungry journalists have taken over the state like swarms. They falling among themselves.  But the good news is that, there are honest and credible ones too. But not the like of  Ebere. I don’t know who will bail my state of these daylight robbers in the name of journalists. There is one Osundu Ehirika playing this same ignoble  role too there
They all know themselves, the trade works better there, they take advantage of the most poorest hungry people on earth. people who see only painting and lush grasses adorning the streets, with hunger and diseases stampeding the entire state. A state where people sleep only with one eye closed and  scared of armed bandits, kidnappers, assassins, ritualists and child traffickers. A state where children are now targets of kidnapping for juju and ritual for politicians. A state with no functional industries, and all the existing ones have gone entirely moribund. Do you have these kind of indices in Abia State Mr. Ebere?
Is this where you, Ebere Wabara wants to belong?
There is nothing bad about that, come and join us, but know that killers have taken over the strategic and vantage points so that your state will not accuse us of killing their own son. It is one thing to curry favor from any government, but  another is to eulogize killers, to mock the dead. Don’t try to pour encomium on high profile kidnappers, political robbers and at the same time trying to kill your own state which is not known for hacking to death political opponents, killing young men or giving them arms to kill their relatives in order to make it to the government house.
Ebere Wabara, I have a lot of friends in my school days from Ndi-Igbo (even today).
They were very honest, dependable,  entrepreneurial. But for you to come out with such mountain of lies, I doubt if you are truly a blood of the Ndi-Igbo DNA test should be conducted on you. I’m ready to pay for that. But honestly,  you have not shaken my view and belief about the Ndi-Igbo with your new found gold mine. Go and get your fat check from Governor Godswill Akpabio, but never again should you try to come out with such mountain of lies. He who wears the show knows where it pinches. In your next voyage for praise-singing and gold mining, please, take a trip to Eket, Ibeno, Eastern Opolo, Mbo, Uruan Ini Local Government Areas to see the decay there. Don’t stop at Uyo circus or round-about.
 Sin no more; big thief!
Essien Ubong
Anyin  Akwa Ibom
On the galloping road of Etinan to honor an IV for a friend’s wedding

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