DISCLAIMER: AIDN Canada Disassociates & Disowns AIDN Global For Deception.

4 Feb


Aniekan Umanah, Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for Information.

Aniekan Umanah, Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for Information.


The Office of the Executive Governor of the Akwa Ibom State
The Akwa Ibom State Government Ministries & Parastatals
The Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly
The Akwa Ibom State public
The Peoples Democratic Party – Akwa Ibom State Branch
All Print and Electronic Media and Houses in Akwa Ibom and in Diaspora
All true sons and daughters of Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria and Diaspora
We the undersigned members of the executive of AIDN, Canada Chapter, have hereby come together to issue the following declarations on behalf of ourselves and the entire members of AIDN, Canada Chapter thus:
We the sons and daughters of Akwa Ibom State were very happy when we were contacted to join AIDN and to establish a chapter here in Canada. We were informed that AIDN is an organization registered with the government of The United States of America as a non-profit organization whose mandate was to promote the well-being of all Akwa Ibom citizens both in Nigeria and abroad through political and economic strategies; work with the incumbent and future governments of the state.
It was a highly welcome idea in that we considered that it was high time we stood up and be counted among equals worldwide and that it would afford us the chance to contribute, time, efforts, financially and, in any ways possible toward the development of our home land. With that in mind we did not hesitate in forming the Canada chapter of AIDN. We did not only form the chapter but, contrary to the advice of the global secretariat, we opened an account for the purpose ensuring that all financial activities are recorded for transparency and accountability. Since then, we repeatedly requested the global secretariat to send us seed money to enable us set up an office, and telephone line so that we could do the AIDN jobs effectively, all to no avail.
We were steadily experiencing disappointments from AIDN leadership, but we were not deterred; we went ahead and taxed ourselves financially, and other resources to keep up service. We collected annual fees from members and informed global secretariat. When global secretariat heard that we had some money in our chapter account, they demanded that we send them 60% of our dues and to keep 40%, however we delayed action in that regard as a result of the then  unfolding debacle in Germany.
The global secretariat promised to reimburse us when we send ten members from our branch to the 2011 Houston Texas first expo. Our members left their work, duties and families to attend the expo and some of us had to borrow money to pay hotel and transportation costs, yet we left Houston with no money for hotel accommodation and transport that we were promised, until date. The same deceit happened in 2012 and none of our members was reimbursed as was promised.
In 2013 many of our members were tricked and promised financial compensation for those who would attend the Germany industrial and job expo. So many people bought return trip tickets only to be informed that the expo hit a road block and had to be postponed and would be rescheduled on a later date. This year, 2014 we were awaiting to use our flight tickets that could not be refunded, to attend the rescheduled expo. Instead of that we were saddened to receive information about the financial indiscretion of the President and Secretary and the commissioner of information to which no rebuttal by the trio has been issued.
We hereby state, that we members of the AIDN Canada chapter have been made victims of the financial trickeries of the global secretariat. Up till date we have paid all financial costs demanded from us by the global secretariat including our names, telephone numbers, residential addresses and other vital and personal information to the global secretariat for the purpose of registration as members of PDP and issuance of membership cards which have not been given us to date. Our chapter representative was invited to attend the 2012 Akwa Ibom Sate Silver Jubilee celebration with a promise of reimbursement of transport and costs to attendees. Our representatives came back with disappointment up till date.
We are very troubled that the AIDN leadership has betrayed our confidence. We have been deceived, raped, and betrayed. Our privacy and our lives are an open book to the world based on the publication of our personal information in the global media forum. We have received no money whatsoever from any entity as proceeds from AIDN, instead we have been falsely accused of wrong doings instead of the president and secretary of the global secretariat.
We hereby ask that our names be removed forthwith from the AIDN list of crooks and that those found guilty of financial embezzlement be made to refund all that they have stolen and that all that is owed to us be reimbursed immediately and save us from debts and all financial embarrassments.
We are responsible, respectable and law-abiding sons of Akwa Ibom State, Canada and indeed, the world. We made no mistake to support renaissance efforts for our people and we ask that our names be not associated with dishonest people and fake leadership.
 John J. Edem- Vice president
Bassey Ekong- Zonal co-ordinator
Edet Umoafia– Zonal Mobilization Officer
Ms Truddie Edem – Chapter Secretary
Dated the 3rd Day February, 2014

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