Re-$29.2 Million Scam Hits Akwa Ibom Refinery, Petrochemical Company.

3 Feb

By Eyen-Isong

In a bid to get a clearer picture of the earlier reported scam involving so called Akwa Ibom Refinery and Petrochemical Ltd, I had to do a search for further information in the public domain that could provide a proper link to the story.

But I got what I never bargained for as my checks got trapped with loose ends that are begging for connections.

It might come as a surprise that on paper, Akwa Ibom state has over four refineries as projects under construction.
Amakpe Refinery, which story of its still birth is already well known to us, is one of them.

The other is Akwa Ibom Refining & Petrochemical Ltd with its Head office (wait for this) at 14 Ajose Adeogun street, Victoria Island Lagos. Phone nos 01-8043330, 01-2633465, 611085.
It also claims to have Abuja Office at Block M8, Flat 8 NNPC Housing, Garki, Abuja.

We are told it has its plant location is at Ibeno with planned capacity of 100,000bpsd.

We have yet another refinery called Resource Petroleum & Petrochemical Inc? This one is said to be located at Ikot Abasi with 100,000 bpd capacity. Its Approval to Construct (ATC) licence was said to have been “revalidated” in Jan 2010. The “configuration and marketing” details are also alleged to have been carried out but project description is yet to be ready and so its Eatimated Time of Completion (ETC) is also not available.

Again there is another Qua Petroleum Refinery sponsored by Eton Group of Singapore which said it got “security guarantees” from the state government and had sourced $1.7 billion for the project financing.

As one searches further, Akwa Ibom state Refining & Petrochemical Co. Ltd dies a sudden death but resurrected somewhere else as Resource Refinery & Petrochemical Ltd.

If you are not confused already then check this: there is another one called Resource Petroleum & Petrochemical Int. Inc. Do we assume that this has any link or indeed is the same as Resource Refinery & Petrochemical Ltd already mentioned above?

One more thing: Sometime in 2012 or so, the group Managing Director of NNPC, Dr Barkindo Sanusi was at Ibeno to perform ground-breaking ceremony for a 500mw power plant with its site at Ibeno and which was to have a power station in Ikot Abasi to be able to add the above volume (500mw) of power to the national grid. The project was listed as a joint venture between NNPC and Exxon Mobil. Even this one which by all standard should have come alive, nobody seems to know where it is. Or may be I have not searched well enough.

Again in 2008 or 2009, the FG announced awarding contracts for more power plants in the country. Akwa Ibom was listed as one of the beneficiary states It was considered a reasonable decision to site the plant along side Ibom Power plant in Ikot Abasi.

I do not know what has become of this FG project since there appears to be nothing on ground to suggest it has been carried.

It is pertinent to ask: where are all these “employment generating ventures” that so much noise was made about?

I am also appealing to members of the forum and indeed Akwa Ibom indigenes to seek clarifications on the status of these refineries some of which the state government spent money on.

Me I dey confused o!

Eyenisong PHC, Nig.


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