Do Not Be Used: An Open Letter To The Youth Of Akwa Ibom State

10 Jan

By Clayton Udoh

I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.”

― Thomas Jefferson 
Nigerian MapAkwa Ibom State Map
Yes the quote above was pondered by the great Thomas Jefferson. As a founding Father of the USA, author of the Declaration Of Independence ,Third President of the USA and a generational leader of The Enlightenment. This extraordinary man saw the enslavement and the anti-progressive results of the norm being made as the Modus Operandi of the society .

Hence he proscribed that rebellion was needed to breakaway from the asinine, primitive Neanderthal elements of the system and their ideologies. We are not talking about childish riots on the streets. We are talking about a general rejection mentally of the shoddy treatment of your person

The Neanderthal element, coated in buffoonery, is led by one and one instinct alone. The instinct at survival. Nevertheless the superiority of man is based on man being able to rise above the animalistic selfish will to survive alone. Based on this fact the only truly thinking organism is man . 

However we see the first signs of a battle in which enormous pressure is being brought to bear, to ensure that the norm, is a manifestation of buffoonery, devoid of thinking.  

So therefore let the Youth of Akwa Abasi Ibom State, refrain from the mechanizations of evil that will be perpetuated by the political class. As the election cycle approaches let every youth be a beacon of light in the land. Do not be “used”.
Money will be offered to you to kill your fellow man. Tell the politician to go and do it himself. 
Honestly, why does he tell you to go and do it? For the sake of the party? Those who killed for parties that existed in the past where are those parties now ?

You will be asked to go and burn bridges on a massive scale. Go into the forums and shoot wildly with the stupid belief that ” I am now taking center stage”. You will be asked to insult people on the internet and perpetuate false stories. You will be commended for making fake email identities.
Why don’t you let Godswill Akpabio, Larry Esin,Umana Okon Umana and all the other men that will come forward on the premise that they are Akwa Ibom’s solution to do their own dirty work ? 
The fact of the matter is simple ;The Peasants will always be controlled by the Masters.

Observe carefully; none of the present day political aspirants will be involved personally in insulting people in the forums or fake vendettas against Diaspora or assassinations or fake email identities, blackmail and all the other things that will begin as we get closer and closer to the election cycle. However a lot of you will be asked to rather go and do this. The million dollar question is ; Why do they never ever do the dirty work but relegate it to you?  The simple answer is that there is spiritual implications to all that you do and the rich and mighty know this secret.

Another secret that the high and mighty know, that the poor and desperate are unaware of is the “Power of Intent”. 

For example ,an individual could be very good in running around with the Ballot box in the bush with a gun in his hand killing everybody that gets in his way. If a situation arises that names are submitted for future Commissioners or Senior Executive officers ,such a character’s name will never be included in such a list. On the other hand ,will his name be referred to as a hired help for chaos ? Absolutely. 

 The woman who stands every night somewhere waiting for men to pick her and go and ram her in a hotel room will not be recommended for Ambassadorship of a country. Her intent determines the path her life will go.
The secret is simple; our intent determines our destiny.

So for those who go around killing people and kidnapping people and  imposing on their own future generations the blood of innocent people ,some of them have been deceived to the point that, what they were paid for,could not buy them a plot of land in Shelter Afrique or Asong Ama. Nor could they come out into the public domain as a PA or SSA.
You would think that people are smart but common sense is not that common. You went into politics to improve your life only to be asked to swear on Mbiam. Meanwhile the political aspirant who made you swear on it will not swear on anything (He used Akamba owo level to push you into fire). In your little mind you conclude that as long as I keep my promise to return Abak to the Governorship aspirant I will not be affected by the Mbiam.
Mbiam is simply a demon brought in to oversee a contract between you and a governorship aspirant that will forget you once he wins the elections.However based on your intent you have brought something into your family that will never go away.

You have guys in the forums, Praise singing and licking people’s shoes; greatest I have seen for them is PA. Maybe if you licked the person’s shoes and armpits till it was real clean and shiny you could get SSA. Intent is everything .

For all the big positions like Commissioners and above, prospective candidates are not in the forums .In fact they have not even come into the forums to wish somebody Happy Birthday which is a legitimate act of friendship !!!!! Like they say ,” Everything get level” !

Youth of Akwa Ibom State do not get used. There are people I know personally that have built both residential and commercial property in all the prime real estate locations in Uyo and abroad. For the eight years of Godswill Akpabio’s administration they have made a real fortune without killing, kidnapping or  insulting nobody or making a fake email address or burning bridges with Diaspora or praise singing or spouting tribalism or doing the reckless things that we see right now.

Wisdom is needed now more than ever. You will go and join Udo Tommy’s International Facebook friends for Umana Okon Umana. I will still be here to hear that on the day of your association’s payoff you could not find your key officers to get a penny! Afterall the money was not enough for everybody!

Stop repeating the practices/mistakes that happens to the youth in every election cycle. You guys will flock to the so called “Party elders” and “Political Aspirants”, You will get the same answer that has been given in every election cycle,”There is no money”. Some of you will congregate in people’s compounds and residences and stand at the gates staring in.  In the end you will get nothing out of it. They will divide the millions among themselves ,then the winners will also receive their stabilization fees for winning .Then they will also begin getting the contracts in line for kickbacks to loot their way to glory. Nobody will remember you.So be wise and do not get used this time.

Better still you will be told that before you get a penny ,go and attack so and so or go and betray him/her. Swear on something ,kill somebody, say things that when you finish speaking people start wondering if you are a human being or a goat. Just to get an amount of money that would finish if you did just six trips in a Keke Na Pep.

Let me not belabor the point .Youth of Akwa Abasi Ibom State.Do not get used this time.

Clayton “Bane” Udoh

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