To the Descendants of Evil Minds ~ Akpabio’s Politics of Desperado.

7 Jan
Ndueso Essien and Co.,



Let this serve you guys as an official notice that I don’t play games like you guys do. I don’t use pseudo names or fake identity and I don’t asked people to write fake report for me to post on the forum. What I write from the days of massive killing, kidnapping and wrongful imprisonment popularly known as – “Akpabio Genocide”, under Governor Godswill Obot Akpabio’s watch to the present day that Gov. Akpabio wants to impose his successor on the people to continue his evil act, is the ability of Liberty Voice to keep on exposing them.
 The good news is Liberty Voice is able to established wider access, and we have investigative team all over Nigeria and where Akpabio frequents outside Nigeria. When we were initially looking for people to be part of this team, some of you applied for the job but the price tag would have been too high and I also consider if you guys are not faithful to Akpabio even the commissioner that you worked under how will you be 100% faithful to liberty voice & the masses. That was the main reason we refused to bring you guys to the team.
Our main goal in this season is to bring a change and clean-up A’Ibom, this change is urgent. We don’t want to see group of criminals in hilltop mansion come 2015, that is the reason we call on all citizen of the State to rise-up and support somebody with a proven record and that is it, and I want you to know, either you like it or not change is coming to Akwa Abasi Ibom, even your pay master know about this and that is the reason he is so desperate to a point of abusing Priest, Cleric & Traditional rulers in the State.
Now, let me make this clear, once again, for you to accuse me of dealing with one Mr. Etim is nothing but inborn hate from you. I don’t even know the person that you are talking about and I will not want to deal with people that have/had anything to do with Akpabio, because I know when the rubber meets the road you may look for a sacrificial lamp. Imagine if you & Co. were to be part of liberty voice with the mess you guys are in now.
Ndueso Essien, you should know me by now, I don’t shy away from any criticism, I heard a lot about grammar, what you need to do if you have problem with my grammar is to push Delete button. You should know that I  don’t do this for a living like what you guys are doing. Gov. Akpabio stated this very clearly during his 2014 new year speech that about Four Billion Naira is spent on you guys every month to tarnish the image of decent and innocent citizen in the State. Liberty Voice does not subscribe to that, okay!
Ndueso Essien, I have said this before, you are not my problem and I don’t want you to think am your problem. You are too young to be in this mess created by Akpabio. I will advice you again and again to stay away from this evil act that they are trying to lure you in, am told in your recent meeting, they want to use you as “Uyire” of Dr. Ime Umana’s saga with your fake name’s “owoette”. Don’t think you can hide.
Be careful, as your pay master’s evil deeds are available to us to know, so are yours & Co.
uwem sam
liberty voice
los angeles

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