Re-The Unity of the Ibibio: Sen. Effiong Bob and Obong Umana Okon Umana in Context

30 Dec

Former SSG, Umana Okon Umana

Former SSG, Umana Okon Umana

I am in agreement with your suggestion. I hope Sen. Bob finds it in his heart to forgive. But Mr. Umana has to understand why some of us do not buy into his excuse that he was set-up to deal a wrong hand to his fellow Ibibio brothers and sisters. A self-acclaimed “midfielder”, if he were still the SSG and buddying with Akpabio and not looking towards becoming the next governor perhaps this would not humble Mr. Umana. He’d still be “passing the ball” to Gov. Akpabio, “the captain” to score against Ibibio people. If he wants us to believe that he was set-up then he is telling us he is a man who has nothing to stand for hence he falls for anything including the destruction of his fellow Ibibios. However, I support his every move on this reconciliation project and agree with you Sen Bob is not the only person hurt by his actions, the bell is ringing about that around the state.

Many of us have been saying it for years that an inescapable day of reckoning will come and that day is here. As far as Akpabio administration is concerned one cannot separate Mr. Umana from the exploitation, maiming, torturing, kidnapping for ransom, political assassination where many women are left widows today. Many innocent Ibibio people were thrown into jail for crimes they did not commit including Sen. Udoedehe, Dr. Chris Ekong, and Sen. Bob recently has informed how Mr. Umana implicated him in the death of Edidem Robert Okon. This chief operating officer of Akpabio administration for more than six years did not say “pim” or did nothing to protect his people. I suggest he expands and leads a Truth and Reconciliation Commission among Ibibios people in all Senatorial Districts. This may be a good thing for his political fortune. Let him consult Gov. Amaechi administration and Bishop Desmond Tutu to borrow from their Truth and Reconciliation templates to help people get their atrocities and pain inflicted on them on the other hand out of their chest and start again.

Finally, I am not against house-cleaning provided the rule of law is adhered to. Having said that I must remind that after the civil war Eyo Uyo used elements of the Nigerian Army who liberated Uyo to settle political scores with real or imagined enemies and many innocent lives were lost in front of Uyo post office. Not again!

Eno Adams
Hayward, CA


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