Umana 2015: Gov. Akpabio orders withdrawal of Police Protection

28 Dec
 Umana 2015: Gov. Akpabio orders withdrawal of Police Protection


– Hit squad on the Prowl,
– Intimidates Umana’s supporter,
– Ibibios….. we are not timid says…
The 2015 fever is getting Governor Akpabio paranoid. It would be recalled that in recent times, Governor Akpabio had sought to prevent Umana Umana from visiting Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District to consult with his friends from Annang Land. His arrowhead, Sunny Ibanga had used the Area command to prevent Umana’s team from entering private property, an act that was considered very provocative and uncivilized.On Christmas eve, news filtered in that Governor Akpabio had ordered the Commissioner of Police to withdraw Umana Umana’s Police security from his residence. This was promptly done as Akpabio was angry that Umana could only have visited Senatorial Districts to greet his supporters because of security provided by the Police.

Akpabio was particularly angry that Umana was able to have peaceful movement around Ikot ekpene Senatorial District without any molestation. He was reported to have raved that ”I am the Governor of this State and nobody should move around so freely if I don’t approve of his ambition! I would not stand by and watch Umana become Governor of this State. He has me to contend with and I will show him that I am the Governor of this State!!”Umana was however not in Uyo at the time of the withdrawal of securitymen.Close watchers have however observed the surveillance of Umana’s residence by people of questionable origin and fear that Akpabio may have released his killer squad to do some harm to the Nsit Ubium born politician.

Ibibio Elders have warned that the threat to the life of Umana Umana cannot be business as usual. They recall the tragic end of Ibibio sons in the past who had shown interest in the Governorship of the State and how nothing had been done to unmask the killers. According to them, the State had been in peace until Akpabio became Governor and wondered why he was so interested in who succeeded him as Governor. Akpabio’s inordinate ambition had placed the State in a state of coma, especially in the second term.
The 20th Century Hospital is yet to be completed and may never be completed, the Tropicana project is a conduit pipe and may never be completed, the 10th Anniversary Hotel built with the sweat of civil servants, sold to Idowu and later repurchased by Akpabio’s government at the cost of N2.5 billion is now home to miscreants and rapists,Oron Road, Oron cut into two by erosion remains abandoned while Akpabio spends another N2.5 billion Naira to enrich his brothers in the name of Carol Night, etc and he has the effrontery to want to install somebody to continue in the financial recklessness and keep the treasury open for looting by him and his family.As at the time of this report, Liberty Voice agents were investigating unfolding news that President Jonathan, upon learning of the plot to eliminate Umana, quickly ordered that the Policemen be restored to his residence, without any delay.

That development is reported to have angered Akpabio, who now complains to whoever cares to listen to him that Jonathan is interfering in his running of the State. Also, group of Umana supporters confided with our agent that Akpabio is fighting a lose battle which he himself will run to hiding when the final bell rings. Umana’s supporter from Ikot Ekpene declare that when God want to destroy a wicked man He first turn him to go crazy. The supporters state it very clear that “never again will Akpabio use us, we are not timid.”

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