What Actually Does Akpabio Want?

21 Dec

“We raised the issue of nepotism and chronic clannishness. We said that out of the 1400 secondary school teachers recruited from the 31 LGAs of the state this year, Essien Udim LGA (the governor’s LGA) 155 teachers were recruited. Compare this to a paltry 62 teachers that were hired from the five LGAs of Oro Nation. From the 12 LGAs of Eket senatorial district, 216 teachers were recruited while from only two LGAs of Essien Udim and Ikot Ekpene 252 teachers were recruited. Is this true or false?”

Oron Beach, Oron, Akwa Ibom State

What Actually Does Akpabio Want?

Governor Akpabio

Governor Akpabio

We read with amusement an advertorial in The Nation Newspaper of Sunday December 15, 2015, titled “Is Akwa Ibom the Personal Property of Umana Okon Umana”, by an apparently contrived group, Oron Solidarity Front, (a funny parody of our group), with fictitious names, purporting to be reacting to our latest message published in the Nation Newspaper of December 14, 2013. We are not against any group coming out to state their cause, but we feel outraged that those who are supposed to answer to the weighty statements we have issued in two straight treatises should hide under such amusing fake group and non-existent persons to cast aspersions on an innocent Akwa Ibom person, without as much as scratching the surface of the damaging issues raised. The continuous recourse to heaping blames of our writing to Umana Okon Umana shows the apparent fear people in government habour on an uncertain future that would one day come. Why do they really think Umana is the only person that can speak up against the impunity and bad governance going on in the state?
Rather than their fixation on Umana, let the appropriate persons and institutions that are supposed to answer questions thrown at government answer and leave the pretence of using fake names and spurious groups. Can people in fitting positions in the government of Akwa Ibom state answer the following questions we had earlier raised and will continue to raise? People in government should make direct answers and leave out Umana and Akwa Ibom people out of their answer. We desire and deserve answers and not some ridiculous name callings.
1. We raised the issue of nepotism and chronic clannishness. We said that out of the 1400 secondary school teachers recruited from the 31 LGAs of the state this year, Essien Udim LGA (the governor’s LGA) 155 teachers were recruited. Compare this to a paltry 62 teachers that were hired from the five LGAs of Oro Nation. From the 12 LGAs of Eket senatorial district, 216 teachers were recruited while from only two LGAs of Essien Udim and Ikot Ekpene 252 teachers were recruited. Is this true or false?
2. We said that the governor’s home local government has more Permanent Secretaries in the state civil service than the entire five local government areas of Oro nation. Note that while most LGAs have one each with Ibesikpo Asutan and Nsit Ibom LGA having none, Governor Akpabio’s LGA has seven, (including the state Accountant General and Auditor General). While the Governor’s Essien Udim LGA alone has seven permanent secretaries, including the Accountant General and Auditor General, Uyo Senatorial District made up of 9 LGAs, has 9 permanent Secretaries, and Eket Senatorial District with 12 LGAs, has 11 permanent Secretaries. Is this true or false?
3. We said that the Akwa Ibom representative in the Federal Civil Service Commission -Mr Simon Etim, is from Essien Udim; Federal Character Commission -Mr. Matthew Ukpong, is from Essien Udim; State Civil Service Commission Commissioner1, Essien Ubeng is from Essien Udim and governor’s brother-in-law; State Local Government Service Commission, Commissioner1, Mr. Mike Sebastine, Emem Akpabio’s brother-in-law; Monday Akpan from Essien Udim, is the State Auditor General; Chairman Assembly Service Commission, Mr. Cornel Udo is from Essien Udim; Aniedi Akpabio, governor’s brother, MD AKIIPOC, as well as a member of the board of Ibom Power Limited; Chairman of Christian Pilgrims Board, Rev. Fr. Prof Nyoyoko is from Essien Udim; Hon Nse Ntuen has been the Chairman of ALGON since 2007. Are any of these facts a lie?
4. Is it not funny that people who are not in government are contradicting what the government spokesman, Mr. Aniekan Umanah told journalists to the effect that government has approved the change in nomenclature of the Accountant General and that of the Auditor General? We still challenge the government to say that Mr. Udoh Isobara, who was brought in from the local government service to become Accountant General, and Mr. Monday Akpan, the Auditor General, are not from Essien Udim. Which other governor in Nigeria can take impunity to that extent of appointing Auditor General and Accountant General from among his brothers. Are there no other qualified persons in Akwa Ibom state other than Essien Udim people that alone can produce seven permanent secretaries?
5. We said that Unoma Akpabio, the power-craving governor’s wife took advantage of her husband’s birthday to publicly at the Uyo Township Stadium lift the hands of Udom Emmanuel, in contradiction of relevant sections of the Electoral Act. Why is it that Aniekan Umana, who was quick to issue a statement that Unoma led security details to seal up the former SSG’s office on the false pretence that the former SSG made a declaration of intent to contest the 2015 governorship election? How come Unoma Akpabio could close down streets of Uyo with security agencies to celebrate her husband and make open public campaigns for Udom at the Uyo township stadium, where she took time to talk down on our people and threaten them? We have the video recording of Unoma’s campaign outing on Monday December 9, 2013. So they should tell us why they allowed her to kick-start public campaigns before INEC’s whistle.
6. On the sack of the deputy governor, we wonder why these paid agents keep insulting our governor. Are they telling us that the governor we elected cannot take responsibility for his actions? What is the concern of an SSG, a mere appointee, on who is appointed a deputy governor and how he leaves government? Are they suggesting it that the Akpabio we know has no mind of his own? We may disagree with his actions but we will not be happy for faceless signatories to suggest that we have a lame-duck governor, who has actions dictated to him by appointees. We want the government to call people who make such insinuations to order.
7. We said that Akpabio contested the 2006 governorship primaries alongside 58 other contestants, including Udoma Ekarika, who came a close second, Larry Esin of Eket Senatorial District, who came third and Nsima Ekere, also of Eket Senatorial District, who came 5th. If it was not an open contest, how come two Eket Senatorial District persons could make the first five persons? Is it not also true that Frank Okon of Eket Senatorial District and Imo Udoh of Uyo Senatorial District are still in court challenging the outcome of the 2011 primary elections.
8. Why does it take fictitious names to respond for the governor on whether he went to Calabar or not? They made fools of those who are using their name as Akpabio and Emma Isong had never been classmates in the University of Calabar. While Akpabio studied Law, Emma Isong studied Banking and Finance. See the lies with short legs! Let security agencies carry out investigations and we are sure the truth will come to light. Let fake names shut up and allow the governor talk.
9. Why is Akpabio spending billions of money advertising himself in Channels, AIT, Bells TV etc? Which other governor is spending so much on advertising an exiting government? We ask, what does Akpabio want?
10. Which other governor has visited all the Emirs in the north, including the Sultan? What does Akpabio want?
11. Akpabio is the only governor that has a personal anthem. Recently during one of the visits of the Senate President, Senator David Mark, the guests were made to stand to attention while Akpabio’s anthem was going on. In his remark later, the Senate President “The anthem by Gov. Akpabio is another of the uncommon introductions by this uncommon governor”. The sarcasm in Senator David Mark’s remark was not lost on the cream of Nigerians at the venue, except our governor, who took it for praise. Again what really does Akpabio want?
12. Why is Akpabio the only governor whose executive council has held only five executive council meetings out of the expected 52 meetings? Again we ask, who forges the approvals he uses for the contracts he had been awarding, when these meetings of state exco are not regularly held?
13. Why do Akpabio and his wife think that they can think for the people of Akwa Ibom state and dictate to them what should be done and who should be elected? Why are they campaigning as if they are the ones going for the governorship election in 2015? What actually does Akpabio want?

Rather than make use of fictitious names, let government come out and tell Akwa Ibom people, which of these facts are false. Let them come out and supply answers to the numerous questions and stop pointing desperate accusing fingers at innocent individuals. Let the government try and proffer answers and stop hiding behind fictitious names. Akwa Ibom people cannot be intimidated into silence by those who think the state is their personal estate. The time to liberate Akwa Ibom state in now!

Victor Unuyu. Bassey Uwe
Chairman. Secretary

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