BREAKING NEWS: Akpabio moves to stall Effiong Bob/Umana Umana reconciliation with 5billion Naira

19 Dec
–        Offers Effiong Bob 5billion to support Udom Emmanuel
–        Vows peace will not stand
By Ubong Nteyoho

Gov. Akpabio

Gov. Akpabio

Following last week’s open reconciliation between Mr Umana Okon Umana and Sen. Effiong Bob in Nsit Ubium, Governor Godswill Akpabio has offered Bob the sum of 5billion Naira to support Udom Emmanuel for the 2015 governorship. This paper gathered on good authority that Senator Bob was invited to the Akwa Ibom lodge in Abuja to be offered the money by Akpabio who became frantic after the unexpected reconciliation by the Nsit Ubium-born politicians.

Akpabio who political pundits say has been feeling safe with the frosty relationship between Umana and Bob is said to have become angry and felt frustrated when he received the news that the two men have reconciled.
Umana and Bob have been at loggerheads for over three years. The ill-feeling between the two political gladiators in Nsit Ubium was further heightened following Umana Umana’s alleged role in thwarting the third term ambition of Senator Bob. Umana is said to have favoured the candidature of Senator Ita Enang for the Senatorial District. The two men have since not seen eye-to-eye.
It would be recalled that during his second constituency briefing last week Friday, the member representing Nsirt Ubium State Constituency, Barrister Onofiok Luke, had called for peace between the two men.
Apparently embittered by the long-lasting hostilities between both men, Barr Luke, just before commencing the briefing, entreated Umana and Bob to make peace. The occasion turned dramatic when the lawmaker requested Bishop Isaiah Isong to seat between both men and mediate them to make peace. The eventual making of peace was greeted with wild excitement by the various political groups, youths and women who were present at the briefing.
Umana is one of those who have indicated interest in running for the governorship seat of the state in 2015. His ambition was clearly rejected by Akpabio. Umana was sacked by the governor in July this year after his six years sojourn in the Akpabio government as Secretary to State Government. Following the falling out, Akpabio had drawn Senator Bob close in order to create a formidable home-base opposition to Umana in Nsit Ubium and in Uyo Senatorial District.
The governor who has since become rattled by the reconciliation, called Senator Bob to offer him the 5billion Naira in order to keep him in check against 2015, and to be sure he remains one of his handy allies to fight Umana and all that will oppose Udom Emmanuel.
Our source who works in the Akwa Ibom lodge in Abuja disclosed in strict confidence: “I can tell you on good authority that Governor Akpabio has offered to ‘buy’ the Senator with the sum of 5billion Naira to support Udom Emmanuel come 2015. He is panicked by the reconciliatory move and has vowed to see to it that peace does not exist between both men.”
The governor is also said to be very bitter with Hon. Onofiok Luke for causing peace to return between both men. Luke had worked as personal assistant to the governor before proceeding to represent Nsit Ubium in the State House of Assembly.
It was gathered that in the bid to cause disaffection between the men, Akpabio attempted to blackmail Hon. Luke to Senator Bob, telling the Senator that Onofiok Luke will never support him. He went further to curse Onofiok Luke and said God will punish him for brokering the peace.
“If he (Onofiok Luke) hasn’t been previously loyal, is it today that he will be loyal? He will remain loyal to Umana Umana”, Akpabio is quoted to have told Senator Bob.
It was learnt just before going to press that Akpabio, after getting winds that his conversation and the deal he struck with Senator Bob had leaked, hired men of the State Security Service (SSS) to immediately overhaul his Abuja lodge in search of bugging devices. He accused his aides of bugging his office. The governor has felt very unsafe in the lodge and has vowed never to sleep there again.
“He is suspecting us. He says the place (lodge) has been bugged by his aides”, our source hinted yesterday.
It was gathered that after the 5billion Naira deal had been struck, the governor is said to have gone ahead to boast to some of his closest allies that he has bought Effiong Bob over with 5billion Naira. He assured them that with the 5billion Naira offer, the doors have been eternally shut against true reconciliation between Bob and Umana.
But when the information of the deal broke among top government functionaries in the state, Senator Bob, was visibly angry and embarrassed. Our impeccable source also hinted that the governor, following the leakage of the deal, went to Senator Bob’s house in Abuja this evening to tender apologies to him and promised to mop up the mess.

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